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  1. I know brother. Its is just a curiosity, I find it extremely curious to know how the "mechanics" of awakening work. Awakening means you start to realize that you are existence itself. So now I become curious about this amazing reqlization. Is it a gift being granted by your own highest authority in a complete conscious "act" or is it accidentally realizing it or rather stumbling over it. It is just a curious curiosity what is your opinion?
  2. I keep having these small tiny breakthroughs that I am pure awareness and not a human. But they keep coming and then going away also. I just wonder is it a gift of god (my higher self) at the right time in this lifetime to awaken, or is it purely because I (human self) keep working hard towards this attainment? I know at the end it is both, but the main impulse for beconing aware of it and then losing this attainment for a little while, is this gods will, a gift of god? I hope you know what I mean. Is it that god (higher self) is sneakily wanting to awake now and I (human) am pretending that I am working hard towards it? Are all mystical experiences a conscious act of god or is it a coincidental stumbling over it by the human self? Cause I remember I once read here in the forum: Until you havent awoken god hasnt awoken either. Sometimes I have an insight (reaching small enlightenment insights) that god is infinitely intteligent, but awakening is still rather a coincidental act of the deluded human self finally realizing it never was a human. How else does god live a life, when it is deluded and isnt deluded simultaneously? This sonehow sounds like as if there are two gods, one conscious and one unconscious. I HOPE THIS THREAD MAKES SENSE
  3. This is exactly what I find so confusing. There is no external god, yet there is no free will, and no determinism, and no plan or destiny either
  4. I see what you are saying. Id still argue that in gods infinite mind a world with no illnesses is also possible. No need for there to be cancer, illnesses, homelessness, and so on... Ultimately it is all imagined so why imgine suffering in such an extent, cause its mostly humans suffering of animals under humans. Wild animls dont develop these civilization illnesses. The question though is, can someone that awoke to its nature of god change things in the dream? Or is the dream preset and if god decides for someone to be mentally ill then no magical action can change ght even though yiu are intimately god (but you cannot change a thing)
  5. I imagine a perfect utopian dream with no illnesses, where noone "suffers". Sure it might be an experience for god to experience homelessness and illnesses. And when it isnt in our close proximity we just discard it at beneficial to the absolute. Ultimately when you have a close family member that suffers tremendously 24 hours due to a mental illness, then I as a human would just like to stop. What is the ultimate benefit of suffering so tremendously for a lifetime anyway? Mental illnesses are only amazingly disturbing illnesses, no cancer family involved to take care of (lol). Also cancer is a parasitic form of something that did not exist before and was creates due to environmental poison, bad health, stress, emotions, severr trauma and so on. So basically the ideal would be to keep creation healthy because these illnesses are also very typical of humans and are mostly civilization illnesses. Wild animals almost never have to deal with any of these things. So yeah the fundamental question would also be, is god consciously wanting to experience that kind if illness, or does it give enough power to its creation in order for the sick person to take care of his/her health? And if that person ultimately succumbs to illness anyway coukd we fellow humans help in a magical divine way as we ourselves are intimately god? Is it so weird to desire perfect health for all of our creation after one has awoken?
  6. Hey there, So you are god, and dreaming your own dream. To what extent is it possible to manipulate this dream? Can you as god eradicate illnesses, disorders, homelessness, corruption, poverty etc? To what extent is manipulating possible or isnt it possible? How about eradicating an illness in yiur closest proximity like within your family? Lets say your child/husband or wife developed a mental or physical illness. Can you as god heal that person consciously, magically? I imagine that god is dreaming but once god awakens, he or whoever awakens can like in a lucid dream change the dream to help others. Or is it ratger that God is already awoken and dreams it exactly as it should be dreamt and we cannot change a thing? That somehow is paradoxical because it is your/my dream, you and me we are god so shouldnt we be able to change it once awoken from it?
  7. Nice hehe well I tried LSD once and DMT. LSD is weird in my opinion hehe but opinions differ. Its so edgy and not natural, shrooms on the other hand have all to do with nature and plant consciousness. DMT was also strange I like LSA alot. It gives you major nausea but it is the knowledge seed, it gives you so much true understading straightaway with no need to die
  8. I ate the seeds plenty of times, honestly the nausea passes and if not just an orange or honey to calm down your gut. If you start low with 2 seeds most things are fine and amazing. Exaggerating is the bad thing here. Just chewing on a single seed instantly makes me laugh ans realize being and perceive the devilish things I do. I find complex extraction methods highly weird and not good because it goes against the traditional and natural way these things are meant to be consumed. Seeds are to be eaten and not to be raped by different kind of chemicals. That is why DMT is also so weird, in that it acts way too fast and has no guidance whatsoever.
  9. Sure but how would you answer the question then? Do you agree that it is confusing, of course I am god but havent the insights told us that an individual human will nevertheless does not exist and it is all gods will? Thats what I have learned so far, which doesnt mean I am not god (allthough you might think I am still confused). But it means that I as a human only am performing whatever my highest conscious self wants to and that I will never figure out how consciously it unfolds step by step I just perform according to thoughts, Impulses, conditioning. .. And so on. If I am conscious enough through lots of training I manage to supress thoughts and mostly be and witness and remain in bliss. Then there are people that are highly unconscious but still perform according to their/my/our highest self who still makes the decisions with utmost intelligence, do you agree? So how does suicide fit into that highest conscious intelligent decision performing? Its a really old curiosity which could be interesting to dissolve, because it seems paradoxical that we have no individual free will but still when it comes to suicide suddenly we have it.
  10. This was your first psychedelic and you started with 8 seeds damn. I know a few psychedelics and first time I did baby woodrose I used three and it was amazing and difficult as well. Two to three seeds already are great I prefer two also. Baby woodrose is damb nice once yiu are aquainted with it. It is actually smooth but the nausea increases the more seeds you take and the nausea is quite a confusing state
  11. We talk alot about how free will does not exist, and cannot grasp it remaining in the ape/monkey mind. But over time we have glimpses of god and realize that its all god and we dont exist and that ll our suffering was also due to the will of god. But how extreme is suicide? What does it imply in terms of gods will? Is it god wanting to experience such an extreme state of darkness and desperation that he ultimately kill himself? So why do all religions judge suicide then? It seems paradox under these premises, what could suicide significantly show in terms of gods will, in terms of human free will (where ultimately the human doesnt exist and god does) ?
  12. Hey people of the good, Can sb supoort me and telling me advices on how to do self inquiry? I have tried it these ways so far: Asking "Who am I" , and then just remain silent and wait for something to happen. Asking "where does my next thought come from" (from the book quantum healing) and then observe the silence in between the thoughts And asking "who is aware of these thoughts" (that I an thinking right now) and then also observing the silence that comes afterwards. So far i keep trying but I imagine that these methods all lead to awakening, in the search of the dreamer of this dream, and probably awakening is like really waking up. Do you have more and better advices?
  13. Wow interesting. What do you exactly mean by random destiny? If makes a real good title for a book, but how would you summarize the book?
  14. Lets talk about destiny. Who is talking about destiny? Well it is your imagination so be kind to yourself and see what you think about it yourself for yourself To what point is the life of one person ruled by destiny, certain experiences god wanted to undergo beforr incarnating? Would the lack of destiny imply randomness in life?