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  1. Hello dear people, My question is more towards people that have reached ultimate truth and knowledge of emptiness in order to find out if it is is possible to never ever get bored again no matter the circumstances? I am asking because imagine you are somewhere totally alone, you are unemployed, you have no friends, no pets, no activities. But you are experienced in enlightenment techniques that showed you the emptiness of reality that actually nothing exists. Basically you shouldnt get bored in these circunstances. But why did we incarnate in the first place? In order to experience something, in order to do something, to interact with others. What is your opinion? Can total enlightenment make it impossible for somebody ever get bored again with nothing to do nothing to interact with but still experiencing the existence as a human being? I am asking this because I sometimes imagine living alone in naturr and not even sell anything but just to live off the air and nature around me. I know it's possible due to the prana energy from the plants but is it possible not to get bored also?
  2. Thank you @Swarnim That sounds like an interesting read
  3. Hello dear people, I discovered two great methods (both are actually from Master Ramana Maharishi) to be aware of awareness. What is great about ramana Maharishi is his simplicity, no great learning and doing is initially needed although he says that that is quite useful too but just something very simple and that is to always keep your awareness on the self. That might sound too simple but it's actually it. Just remain always aware of the self non stop like flowing water. I have been practicing that with great achievements already, of course in order to be successful at it silence and humility are helpful but these automatically develop while being aware of the self. Another of his teachings I combine with this method is surrendering to God which is simple. By saying the folowing: not me but God. Which Basically means that you (ego is not what is of importance but God is) eventually that leads to self-realization.
  4. Hello dear people Are there Any good videos illustrations or books to start the path of jnana yoga or bhakti yoga or even karma yoga? Greetings
  5. I heard from a serious kriya yoga practicioner and teacher that Kriya yoga can only be taught from a teacher to a student. Does anybody here have great experience in anyhow any learning it through illustration or videos and made serious advances?
  6. I have found some music and sounds of nature to wake up the spirit in you and wanted to know if you have favorites and recommendations? I found this one nice:
  7. Is it possible to live in constant father God consciousness or will we only perceive the world in a consciousness which feels like the "child" consciousness. Can we stay in a state of consciousness where we are constantly aware of the creation process or is the maximum an awareness of being the creation and not the creator
  8. @Kamran great recommendation, I will look iut up. Do you prefer it with or without music (atmospheric sounds) .
  9. Hi there Is there some kind of meditation music to bring forth mystifal states while meditating or induce a more aware state? What are you favourites?
  10. Hey there people, What can one do when the legs fall asleep while meditating. It really hinders the process. Is there a type of sitting where this does not happen anymore?
  11. I saw the spirit of jesus once after a bad psychedelic trip. Trust me he is Jesus, he appeared for 5 seconds only or even less. But those seconds were the most conforting and amazing once I had. Just him appearing in spirit, you are totally sure its him there is no doubt. You feel his infinite love in person? Who was Jesus? In my opinion the one human being which impersonated total and infinite love in a person. Maybe there were others too, but it is not without reason that he is the most significant example of our lifetimes and appears ever since we are born in so many different stories. He is the example of how the human being should become and what the most perfect human being is like. He is infinite love in person and spirit radiating infinote love and when his spirit appears before you as happened to me, you will know him as if he was your brother since you were born. The reason why we hear so much of him our whole life is in order to imitate what he taught and said, not only to use his name in order to start wars^^ Love your neighbour as yourself, love god (father, mother consciousness) with all you heart and therefore all of creation. Forgive so you will be forgiven also. And one which many cannot accept to obey is when somebody hits your one cheek, present him the other one too. That is complete selflessness in person, becoming like him is possible to accomplish without any psychedelic, his teachings are with us since we were born
  12. Hello dear people, If consciousness is prior to thoughts, that means that thoughts are created consciously by consciousness and even the most destructive or negative thoughts? Or do thoughts like an unwanted waste product appear in consciousness?
  13. Can somebody recommend a book about experiments and explanations of quantum physics and the relations to the nature of reality?
  14. Leo said in one of his videos that there is no end in realizing god or in awakening (at least thats how I understood it). So whenever he had a total awakening that could not even be called a total awakening if it goes infinitely deeper. So what is total then? And is godhood really just going infinitely deeper? Interesting also would be to know fron which "point" does god Or consciousness operate when it is just infinitely deep? Or be it, when you die and awaken do you totally awaken at all because it continues infinitely deepee how do you totally awaken then? I hope my question makes sense. If consciousnss is me and everytime I awaken I just go various layers deeper into ubnderstanding and realization and there is no end, where would I end up the day I die? At which awakening or realization point would die towards or awaken to, if its infinitely deep? If leo everytimes he psychedelicelly dies and just awakens infinitely more, what happens when we really die, and how can one awaken totally when it goes infinitely more? At one point Leo said, that he couldn't ever imagine how anything could be alive, so what more can come after such awakenings? What actually happens deep down there towards understanding, what more can one understand when one has understood totality or the absolute?