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  1. The question is, if it is the mind that thinks it is individual and separate and there is no body. Can it be that even when the body dies and the mind has not awoken up yet, can it keep identifying as an individual after death linger around in other virtual realities? I am asking as I hear these stories that people die either in a sudden accident or even otherwise and cannot let go and dont know that they died. Is it the mind that has not awoken and keeps an identity? Or else if you do not let go while on a 5 Meo Dmt trip what are the effects, other than keeping your identity? Cab it be that not letting go in a psychedelic awakening experience is similar to the mind not letting go while actuallly dying? Are our lives here a result of our mind not having let go of a previous identity?
  2. I hear from several sources that Salvia Divinorum will be mostly abused as an extracted substance to smoke and panicks alot of users through the experience. This though is not the way it was intended to be experienced. The traditional way is chewing the leafs, and it is supposed to be a new plant, new means it has no ancestral history and was discovered out of nowhere, please correct me if wrong. Also it is said that it is the strongest entheogen nmthat occurs in a natural form, besides from the bufo toad, but here natural would mean through plants. Id be curious to know somebody's experience on this
  3. Liberation is such a weird termn, its better realization. Amazing plant
  4. So you mean with your later Ayahuasca trips you did not get back to the ultimate state you had with Bufo alvarius?
  5. I think the absolute just makes normal logic understanding of life so extremely complex to understand if all you know is the relative. Like it seems there cant be straight explanations anymore. reports of people who experienced the absolute I hear differing accounts on this free will issue. Before it was so easy, you have free will and decide and have responsibility, it gives you freedom of your life but you can also heavily lament decisions taken in the past, and experience even non-acceptance of your life and the responsibility you have with it. Then you have mystical experiences, and suddenly you only have questions but at the same time you get healed being reassured in your life. Then you meet the absolute, and people that have not experienced it cannot truely understand you anymore. They say things like, free will and no free will are dual concepts that do not exist and collapse in the absolute, you are god and you determine the future and at the same time you are nothingsness and what you thought you are is an illusion and therefore you do not exist and there is nothing to determine and nothing to do as there is no-doer and no-chooser(?). Confusing, confusing. At the End if there is only awareness being aware of itself and there is nobody to decide or take responsibility, how does life unfold then, who takes the decisions every moment for the whole universe? If it is God and therefore you, how can the average person not being aware of being the whole universe partake in that decision taking consciously? Can he freely as god take decisions, or is he not even in control as he is the dream not being aware of that he is the dreamer too. Is awakening the key to obtaining free will and real responsibility? There must be an answer^^ It cannot be a paradox. If I have the choice between coffee and tea, and decide for the tea, could I have decided in any way other than the tea? I say to myself yes I am god I easily could have decided for the coffe, but wasnt it through my subconscious and the decision was made with utmost certainty whereas I as a human did have uncertainty in choosing between coffee and tea, but my subconscious was absolutely certain. If there is only now and every decision is made now, it needs to be made instantly with total certainty, god wont have a nanosecond to be uncertain and indecisive. therefore god taking all the decisions all the time with all the certainty through our subconscious would say we humans dont have a responsibility, and just let the dream happen (but maybe I follow too much the relative perspective and the absolute cannot be described this way) and following the chain of decision taking with certainty should even lead to some predictable point in the future.
  6. Wow, what you say sounds unreal, doesnt this imply a plan or a determined unfolding?
  7. They say, there is no I, no doer, no chooser only awareness being aware of itself. If awareness is only aware of itself, who does the creating the choosing the coming into a particular life, particular nationality, particular family. So awareness must be more than only being aware but also choosing and doing and talking, laughing, creating the perfection of nature, flowers, bees, insects, flowers, cells, atoms, does awarenees create this all simultaneously in harmony or does it subdivide itself in autonomous awarenesses that create and unfold a unique story? If we awaken as god, can we then create the story? If we can never create it as there is no chooser, no person ever, only awareness, how is there no divine plan then, a determined unfolding of the one awareness? @Serotoninluv If you have awoken already and you found out there is no-doer only awareness. Do you mind to tell me what you have realized how decisions and actions are actually taken?
  8. I have two experiences with ayahuasca, indeed it gives you terror, it is not calm it is quite harsh, you need to gain control over the experience by your breath. I do not know if it is for everyone similar, but the first time I just let the visions take control over me and I was in total confusion, the second time I knew I had to solely meditate concentrate on my breath and let go of the fear. Did you do it this way? Enjoy the experience, when it gets too much concentrate on breathingfor a bit, do meditation and let go
  9. Hmm well yeah it all boils down to there is no human^^ It is just complicated to find out who takes the decisions, who is in control. It is easy to say you, but I am not conscious of being the all, and I have no idea how I move the earth around the sun each day, I have no idea how I create thunder and the sounds of the birds everyday. But they are me too, so how dont I control them If I am god. Maybe I only control this particular human experience as Schahin and you only for @Serotoninluv and basically we are the same but have separate autonomy over assigned human stories? But If the human has no autonomy and is not in control and remains solely an illusion of the godhead, then it leads to the idea of a divine plan again, because if there is no plan, then every single human would have an autonomous authority of gods will. If it is only gods will exerting everything, then the human just follows the instructions of his subconscious "plan". If I get a mental illness now, who planned it for me as a not conscious human? The godhead/real me. but I am not yet conscious of real me. Does it mean my level of consciousness is gods level of consciousness or does it mean that god is always superconscious independently of the human character? If yes then my higher consciousness regulates all happenings in the world superconsciously trying to get "somewhere" and not my lower conscious human self, and therefore this must direct to a plan, or could there be another explanation? It seems to me that the godhead is not separate of the human character, but does this mean the human does have control over whatever happens to his life or is it the superconscious godhead giving subconscious instructions to the lower conscious human character. If it is not the superconscious godhead deciding on the human, but the lower conscious not awoken god in human form then how did he receive the debilitating mental illness? It did not occur with his wanting or will it did occur out of nowhere. If I do not exist as a human but have total autonomy over my human dream as I am god, then how come I end up with a severe debilitating mental illness, which involves paranoia, delusions, panick, anxiety (I dont have a mental illness, but know someone that has and it bugs me to know if its his own fault, which does not make sense to me). Is the mentally ill person responsible for the illness as he is god, or is he not in control and should only trust and accept the "plan" of its superconscious higher self, or is there no superconscious higher self as long as the person has not awoken and the person has total autonomy as god in human form and needs to take 100% responsibility for his illness and realize its his own fault? But that does not make sense, how can he realize the mental illness is his own fault, when it came out of nowhere? I hope it makes sense
  10. I am just asking if knowing you are god or even realizing it, if you then need to take 100% responsibility for everything or if the "universe keeps doing these things without your control for example you getting mentally ill. If you realize you are god I am sure you will be cured of any mental illness, but if you have not become conscious yet that you are god, but you heard it several times through enlightened people that you are god and now you are asking yourself should I just accept, trust and accept my illness as a divine order, divine plan or divine lesson that I God want to go through? Or should I totally do something against it right now, as this suffering is incredibly debilitating and there is nobody else here than me and I am fully in control of everything in my life, because whoelse should be? How must your attitude towards you illness be? I am god and I have this illness all alone and there is nobody but me so I am totally under control and having this illness which I cannot do anything about it (allthough I am god), I am screwed because I am god and totally by myself, how can I be god and the only one and gotten this illness but didnt even want it, how did this happen? -->>Or: I might be god but it is not under my (human)control that I have become ill and it is the overall encompassing consciousness which is my higher awoken self that wanted my human story to go through this illness, and I am not alone even being god, but I am also still a human with a severe mental illness and the godhead (which is ultimately me but I am not conscious of it now) must have had a good reason to give me this illness and I just need to accept and trust, because I ultimately wanted this illness ( I just cannot be conscious of it now, maybe god wants to see how a life with mental illness is). I hope it makes sense What attitude is one supposed to take knowing that you are god. Trust, accept and let things happen because it could have not happened otherwise -->Or: It could always have happened otherwise as you are god you are totally under control of everything because there is noone else here than you, (then the human asks: But how did I give myself this severe mentally disabling illness, it must have been a higher force, how can I be god and not be able to resolve this illness?) I know brother, thought stories and more thought stories ,but I would just like to know how must I be knowing that I am god am I responsible for everything that happens 100%? Let's say you @Serotoninluv have a severe debilitating mental illness, and you have realized you are god and there is noone else here than you. What attitude would you take? Would you say allright I am god but as long as I am in this story I am definitely not constantly conscious of the godhead nevertheless the godhead is always there and made me have this illness and I accept it and be fine with it. Or would you say, allright I know I am god, it is only me that exists, nothing and no separate godhead actually cares about my illness or had this "mission" planned for my particular human life, because there is nobody than me and I am experiencing some really debilitating stuff and dont know what to do as I am god and its all in my responsibility, and me knowing that I dont even exist is not getting me out of this illness in any way. If I suffer extreme paranoias right now and come here on the forum for example and ask what to do about it, and will be told that I dont even exist, that would not make any sense to me even if it is the truth, but even realizing we are in a dream, we still dont exit the dream and therefore we exist within the dream and how do we react in these situations then? How can someone who is mentally ill be responsible for his illness?
  11. The question did not really get answered though. Whose fault is it that the human is mentally ill? Is the human responsible for his mental illness and his paranoia and delusions? Suppose I were a mentally ill person now it wouldnt make sense for me if you told me now that I do not exist, because apparently I am struggling with the illness :))) I hope a better answer about life and responsibility as being god can come through here. If form and formless are the same and reality that we see is god itself as changing forms it wouldnt make sense to say we dont exist, because we obviously do and have our worries and when we find out that we are actually god and all one and that reality is an illusory separation, it still does not make us leave the dream because otherwise we would not be here talking to each other. So considering all this. Does the mentally ill person have to take 100% for his mental illness as he is god and how does he do that? or should he just accept and know he is god but certainly the godhead is under control and not the human.
  12. Being god and the only one would mean taking 100% responsibility for literally everything, is that correct or are there other opinions on this? Here some examples: You study from a mental illness, which brings brings you severe panick and anxiety and paranoia. Is it your own fault from the perspective of the ill human? How can you even take responsibility in such a situation and do something about it? Manye severe cases are totally dependant on caretakers. Or does being god not mena that yiu are responsible for things that happen to your life and to the world ans therefore a message to lay back and let the universe happen, which woulld imply that you have no control over anything
  13. I am curious to know this, i had one experience with 5 Meo Dmt but it was very frightening even if it in the longterm definitely stilled my mind. Buy I am eager to finish this but in a much more gentle way. Just wanted to know if peyote and ayahuasca lead to the same realization of oneness and nothingness or if they lead to more illusions, maybe in combination with food fasting and meditation. What I an concerned of is people say after a 5 Meo experience every other tool or medicine will lead you to that same experience. So me having had the experience of losing my mind, could another psychedelic just lead me to that Bardo state again or will it be alright
  14. It would be so interesting also to know how god incarnates into a particular story. Yes I know god is all the stories and therefore you are all the stories, but nonetheless I think you as god still wake up every day in your particular story, even if we are the same, at the end we are all one but I still wake up in my family and never wake up in yours, therefore i think there must be a process of some imaginative soul creation or something. Once a certain person told me when he smoked 5 Meo Dmt he remembered being a rose in a past life. There is So much more mystery I think and realzing oneness and god is the ultimate one but before that there seem to be subrealities and submysteries, and soul creation. This is just na opinion I would be totally happy to hear others more enlightened ones. Also how come Ayahuasca cerimonies also involve death of the user, and they come up with all sorts of past live and post life stories. Past life and post life not being the same as death and birth but rather postending and prebeginning of a story
  15. What Insight do you have? And how did you find is the best Way in Directly experiencing it? Would you agree That prelife and afterlife are Simply dissolving into oneness? Sorry for asking too much here