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  1. You always need to remember in what times people lived back then. The warning of hellfire was more to stop people from commiting atrocities like crucifying or stoning people to death which was extremely common. Just remember that Jesus came to teach love and love your neighbour and the consequence that happened to him was that they nailed his feet and hands to a cross and let him die in the worst manner possible. So in my humble opinion the whole Idea of hell is exactly for the worst of the worst of people that embody pure evil, as we still see today, and the hell idea was to warn them, that their joy of commiting crimes in this world wont be unpunished in the next, which many say could be Karma. I was once in a holy islamic shrine in Iran of the sister of one of Muhammads descendants and I had a clear and loving feeling that I felt in that moment. which I could only receive through psychedlics And heard of other miracles, so clearly these descendants of Muhammad and Muhammad himself had a special position in this world, also all the other prophets. People were sick and evil at that time which is impossible to imagine nowadays, allthough nowadays its not much much better. Nonetheless the quran has this for example; Everywhere you turn is the face of Allah (Sūrah Al-Baqarah 2:115). We are closer to you than your jugular vein (Sūrah Qāf 50:16). That clearly shows his level of awakening and even Jesus referred to God as the Father, because its just impossible in that society to claim that you are god and everything is good. Even now claiming that seems crazy because even being god, none of us is able to stop any kind of war or disease in the world, so these prophets didnt declare themselves as god but described it in other ways, as the surahs above mention.
  2. I honestly think, semen retention while having sex is bad. I did it for years and then I did the opposite and the opposite is much better. When you cum after sex it rewards you and your body. It makes you happy for having resolved the issue and be able to relax. You are also much more able to talk to any kind of girl afterwards for because now you are relaxed and have done your job, which is to get rid of you semen into a female body. That is the best and most pleasant experience ever. When you try semen retention it actually becomes very difficult for you to speak normalle to women because you are still not done and basically horny all the time.your mission has not completed at all. Being spiritual in my opinion has nothing to do with doing things which aren't in our nature. Or nature is to find a female or male and to get the damn job done, which Inthe past was reproduction and basically still is today, but with all the ways to prevent a pregnancy. Nonetheless things like that or fasting are not to be done all the time, but sometimes, just to get an idea of how it can be. I had a time where I wanted to fast all the time for a prolonged period of time because once in a three days dry fast I experienced God everywhere. But I never managed it again, it was just difficult. The same with semen retention. We always try to be stronger than anybody else but at the end that comes with a price, because having a goddamn orgasm is one of the best feelings of the world on the first place second place is sleep and third place is a good deep sneeze. But at the end of the day I don't want to hold the truth for everybody, as every ody is different and has other physiologies
  3. I think I know what the thread creator wants to say perfectly I hav not reached that kind of enlightenment just glimpses of how everything is me but still that shocked me. And it still shocks me I can't wrap my head around it even if it is me who creates this actual moment. So I think my higher consciousness is just perfectly brilliant and me as a human or let's say my imagination of being human cannot understand a single molecule in this world. Let's make ourselves much more honest and figure out that we in our current position have no power at all, if yes I beg someonr here to end all wars and famine on earth, if you cannot do it at least tell me when it can possibly be that we'll live in a world without war? Any of these questions should be able to be answered by anybody here, because we are god, but it can't so we should really reconsider how we see ourselves in the world. We are all god but none of us can heal a person In a wheelchair. There are only a few people In the world and throughout history that can do that and all of them prayed to God and said it's not their working but that of god. We on the contrary cannot perform such a miracle but just blatantly say we are god all the time repeatedly, which might be true at the end of all our stories, after our death,but currently we very really experience life in the least powerful state possible, I cannot heal, I cannot fly, I cannot even get my stomach fat away instantly or anything else, I can merely breathe and act as my body is perform to act, I don't know when I have the urge to eat or to do sports, it can just come and go. If God gave me a high IQ I'll be so intelligent that makes me invent things and discover new things, which ultimately is what God creates. Maybe I'll have a low IQ and become a pimp, I have no clue over my destiny. So all these miracle healers like Jesus and others that lives even in the last century, they all prayed to God and said their healings are god's work. God sent down so many prophets to make us believe in God. Before I came around psychedelics I didn't even believe in God, now it's supposed to be me? How didn't I know that if I'm God hahah. The whole thing is paradox complicated and maybe at the end just a fun fact rather than somethin practicable to use in order to be able to heal people and end wars and suffering.
  4. But I suppose the question hasn't been answered yet. So it's everything including the entirety of the energy of all the suns. But can one feel that absolute enormous infinite energy which a sun radiates times infinite? If you get what I mean. I'm not sure it makes sense what I am are conscious of everything but at the same time you are pure energy in some way, infinite energy of creativeness which includes the entire energy of all the suns and more to the infinite which is not in anyway comprehensible
  5. Actually I wanted to know if the energy one experiences during infinite godmode is somehow able to compare and say it is the infinite times greater than the energy of all the suns in our finite world? Just to grasp a glimpse of his the feeling of energy is like during that experience and absolute enlightenment
  6. So you say experiencing the energy infinity and godmode is even greater than experiencing all of the suns energy in all of the universe? How can that feeling be remotely imagined? Does that give you somehow much greater energy in your human life after the experience?
  7. A peculiar thought went through my mind as I have experienced some psychedelics but never the godmode. So we are the living god in flesh expressing energy all the time. The sun is also the living God giving life to all of nature whenever it shines its warm rays. So the energy of the sun is basically incomprehensible to us as it's a lot lot bigger than the earth and pure heat energy with light that creates life from death which turns the dead nature in winter into sprouting colours and sounds and smells in spring and summer, just pure life giving Energy which is so enormous that we cannot ever grasp it and it even takes eight minutes to reach us on earth. imagine now the amount of suns that exist in our galaxy and not even to mention the billions of other galaxies. It's an energy which just seems to go towards infinity. So is experience like experiencing all of this energy as you are still alive as a human? Or how is it?
  8. True but see we people are the dominating species and there are no other Animals roaming around other than birds because we eat them all. The domesticated animals other than dogs and cats we imprison them all. We totally live out of harmony, when you just take a walk into the forest you quickly realize what is peace and harmony, and we are very, far from it. We people have the immense need of imprisoning Animals and destroying nature why the hell? Why do we simply not live in harmony of God's love? Sometimes this existence frightens me, cause I don't know what I could be in the next life
  9. It just passed me in the head, how sick or existence is. Imprisoned animals, cruelty like that of fritzl who imprisoned her daughter in the basement for 24 years,racism, destruction of forests and nature. What the hell? Why is ihr existence so sick and how can we avoid a bad rebirth for the next life? Does anybody have an insight?
  10. @Nahm I did not understand quite well what you were trying to say. @Psych2Awak3n look at nature there barely is an animal that gets to become very old, most are preyed upon by other animals its just an eternal cycle which is very necessary too. I suppose that we have come to live in such a peace for such a long time that we barely see death ourselves that it becomes something bad, although spiritual teachers say that death is not that
  11. But there is no life in that meat. The life which inhabited the meat left it the moment it died. I suppose that as human beings are never confronted with death, we start to develop ideologies about it but at the end of the day when we die we will get eaten by animals in the ground and it will happen certainly. I find it difficult only to eat fruits, the sugar content quickly makes me crave for other food, and bread and lentils only exist because of agriculture, so eating meat must be something important maybe
  12. I'd like your opinions about something. I have been advocating peace and non violence to all beings and been living as a vegetarian or pescatarian at least for a good while now. But I see that in Africa many deities are being nourished with animal blood of course that is only the ritual but the animals serve as food for the community but they thank their deities giving them their blood. So that is African spirituality in some places and it really works because I have had contact with one of the deities too. Other than that death is not real and while looking at nature eating and being eaten is fairly common. So why is it that psychedelics made me feel bad about eating animals?
  13. What do you mean by creatinf duality? Yes it just seems logical to not talk about yourseld too much because you are an illusion and therefore you are creating a lie towards yourself and you could be further on the natural spiritual path? Any insight?
  14. I will explain the question. As the truth of nature is that there is no you. Would it be more spiritually progressive for "you" never to talk about yourself. That means always change your way of talking that you don't talk about yourself. For example: I am hungry. I like this and that. I have had a great night yesterday. Would it be more spiritually of advantage not to mention the "I" and therefore not to talk about yourself but focus on talking about objective things with other people or ask about the other people's interests but try to not mention yourself, because that would be basically wrong as the "I" does not even exist and aside from being less egoistically also being closer to the Truth of reality.