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  1. Hello dear people, If consciousness is prior to thoughts, that means that thoughts are created consciously by consciousness and even the most destructive or negative thoughts? Or do thoughts like an unwanted waste product appear in consciousness?
  2. Can somebody recommend a book about experiments and explanations of quantum physics and the relations to the nature of reality?
  3. When you say it gets in the way, and the egos grasping and desires. Does it mean it hinders the the universe intelligent move, or cant it even do it that?
  4. Leo said in one of his videos that there is no end in realizing god or in awakening (at least thats how I understood it). So whenever he had a total awakening that could not even be called a total awakening if it goes infinitely deeper. So what is total then? And is godhood really just going infinitely deeper? Interesting also would be to know fron which "point" does god Or consciousness operate when it is just infinitely deep? Or be it, when you die and awaken do you totally awaken at all because it continues infinitely deepee how do you totally awaken then? I hope my question makes sense. If consciousnss is me and everytime I awaken I just go various layers deeper into ubnderstanding and realization and there is no end, where would I end up the day I die? At which awakening or realization point would die towards or awaken to, if its infinitely deep? If leo everytimes he psychedelicelly dies and just awakens infinitely more, what happens when we really die, and how can one awaken totally when it goes infinitely more? At one point Leo said, that he couldn't ever imagine how anything could be alive, so what more can come after such awakenings? What actually happens deep down there towards understanding, what more can one understand when one has understood totality or the absolute?
  5. You said no to that consciousness is not all there is, and also that consciousness is noy creating everything. Confuses me a bit, would you like to explain or rather not?
  6. Why did you no everything, some no's make no sense together with the other no's
  7. So consciousness is really all there is? So karma is also created consciously by consciousness? Can I as a human ever burn karma or meditate to burn my karma only if consciousness consciously wants that or does human I have some separate decision space? Every bad and good deed is consciously created by consciousness? If I help out a homeless person or if I refuse help to a homeless person it is all consciousness consciously wanting or not wanting that? Me being a naughty person or being a really nice person is all consciousness consciously deciding for my human me to be or not to be nice? Is consciousness ever unconscious or is unconscious behaviour an illusion and unreal and all there is exists is consciousness consciously creating?
  8. Dry fasting or at least water fasting and little water intake. It helped me to avoid becoming paranoid schizophrenic after a terrible psychedeluc experience. Trust me paranoid schizophrenic is real and is the most frightening experience in the world
  9. Hey people, I find it good to have soothing sounds with special frequencies to meditate, I reommend you watch and listen to this and if you have some cool sounds please share here for me and others to listen to them.
  10. What happens when you wake up from the dream, will you be able to change the course of your destiny or is enlightenment merely a form of understanding who you are?
  11. But how am i actually creating then? Either is not me creating, or i should create everything distorted due to my not awake state and not create absolute perfection and beauty. So sure I am not awake as i am searching for the god mode constantly but simultaneously I theoretically and through some psychedelic glimpses know that I am creating all my surroundings in a perfect way, so how is that possible if I'm not awake, some part of me must be in awake mode
  12. So it's one of those infinite paradoxes. That I am not awake and awake at the same time?
  13. That sounds logic. But how do you answer me being an actige creatoe of reality then? If I am actively creating everything that is happening around me and us, how is it that Im not awake then? How can I be asleep and create everything in a non random perfection?
  14. I am searching tor myself as god the all. Sometimes I have a few glimpses but it always somehow fades away and when the glimpse comes back it is si fascinating that I am god. This brings me to the question. I am god, but I am obviously asleep and trying to "find" myself, find myself means to discover that I am god. But.. Am I really asleep? If I am asleep how do I create? How do I create constantly all of this beauty? How do I create Coronavirus, nature, the constellation of the planets, birdlife, languages etc? Am I eventually asleep or am I not asleep? It seems that I am asleep because I am obviously not knowing that I am god and searching for myself, but also I am creating somehow in the background of my mind all that is happening. How can I be asleep then?
  15. Well said. What do you mean with Black hole remembering part infinite love first