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  1. There are so many stories online, with people getting into the psych ward and experiencing super trippy stuff, when they've opened their 3rd eye or have had a kundalini awakening etc. It seems like these people who opens these things, are most of the time not really able to handle what comes with it. So this made me curious, because I believe it's a part of the path to experience this crazy, sometimes paranormal stuff. If someone can help me answer these questions, I'd be super grateful! Is it possible to awaken 3rd eye or kundalini and stay sane, in our society today? What kind of work / "groundwork" does one have to do, in order to not freak out totally? An open 3rd eye and or a kundalini awakening, is not the same as a "real" enlightenment, but is it enhancing the path to real enlightenment or is it completely unnecessary? What are the benefits of opening the 3rd eye and kundalini? If the 3rd eye opens or the kundalini awakens, and you aren't able to handle it, what is the best thing to do? Thanks!
  2. He always tries to hit the subject from many different angles so a wider audience can understand it.
  3. So true mate, I feel like a lot of people are just skipping over Leo's content without appreciating it.
  4. I have always been different, my entire life. I've been called weird a few times, but mostly, I just try to go under the radar, so I can fit in and be "normal" and accepted. As I was contemplating today, I found out, that my entire identity and ego is revolving around being better than others. And I figured out that I wanted to be better than all my friends, old friends, and all the people from my elementary school class incl. their parents. I want so bad to be better than them, in terms of personal development, to be more evolved than them, so that I can "prove them wrong" in a way, and show them, that there was never anything wrong with my "weirdness", I've just been a creative and clever kid. I believe I am doing a lot of personal development (mostly just buying books, reading them and posting them on Goodreads, but also meditating a little etc.) just for the sake of proving people wrong, so I can become better than them, and they can look up to me and envy me and all the work I've done. That's my egos fantasy. Now, luckily I know that this is a dangerous path to go on, and I have never ever in the last couple of months, felt so sad, so hopeless and lost, probably because I am not living for me, I am living to get acceptance from others, so they can see how good I am. The problem is, I am also intrinsically motivated to do personal development, but not enough, I really want to live a better life, be a lot more conscious, have much more self-acceptance, self-love etc. But I don't know how to flip this current extrinsic motivation to something intrinsically, so it comes from a deep desire within, instead of a desire to be better than others. Do you guys have any idea, on how to reframe my ego/identity so it's not about becoming better than others, and also, to reframe my motivation, so it's coming from the inside, rather than outside?
  5. Awesome thanks blowfish!
  6. Hi all, I am currently struggling with creating new habits, as my schedule is very fluid and not structured at all. Do you know any good books, videos, courses or other resources to learn about creating strong habits, so you don't fall off track? Or any other tips, tricks or good advice, please feel free to share! Wish you all a wonderful day.
  7. Amazing, thanks :)!! Have you used this one or did you just find it randomly?
  8. The book Mr. Nice Guy by Robert A. Glover, is also very popular! Awesome thanks bro!
  9. Hey all, Do you know any good blogs, youtubers, etc. who has some good content or primarily focuses on helping one with escaping the lifestyle of being a people pleaser / mr. nice guy? Thanks!
  10. Leo never responded to these replies
  11. I believe this is true, but do you know any books that mentions this? This is a major isssue for me.
  12. That man is so off.
  13. That books has a lot of mixed reviews can you give me a recap? But i'm not sure if I want to let go of my ego, I feel waay too vulnerable for this atm. I'm not sure what is right for me right now. I don't want to lose my girlfriend, nor my family and my illusion about the world, but maybe I do want to give it up.. I don't know. I used to be super curious and deep into enlightenment, reading books, watching Leo's video all the time etc. Until I met my girlfriend, and now I for the first time, feel like I have something to lose. I know Actualized.org isn't a cult, but Leo's statements are so god damn convincing, that I can't stop believing everything he says. Also, I am way too naive. Is it possible to reach a state of consciousness, where you're mostly happy/satisfied/fulfilled, but not totally WOKE? I feel like all these other-world dimensions etc. are scarying me away. I should also mention, that I'm currently recovering from a traumatic experience that happened new years eve 2019/2020, which made me realize that my self-worth was at around 0%, and has been so for my entire life. I've always kissed peoples asses and been the biggest people pleaser. So I think I should focus on building this up right now. But somehow I also feel it is pointless, as nothing matters, in "Leo's worldview". But I guess my vulnerable feelings, could stem from that traumatic experience. That experience showed me a really ugly side of the human race and the world, which I don't like to face.