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  1. Does this remind anyone else of the language "Newspeak" from Orwell's book 1984?
  2. When you don't know what direction to take, choose the path of the least suffering and the most love. Or in other words, choose the path that does the most good. and prevents the most bad. Our intentions are what matter. If you do a good deed for the sake of bettering the world (or even bettering one person's day) then you are sharing love ten-fold. Your intention to do good will affect others and create a cascading effect. You never know how much love a single simple act of kindness can share.
  3. Maybe it means: What you're after (what you seek) is to be searching (seeking) yourself idk, it doesn't really make sense to me either
  4. Okay, this makes sense. =) Do either of you have any resources you could share that go deeper into this idea?
  5. I'm fascinated by the idea of reality being created by your consciousness. Are dreams just as "real" as "reality"? Do they simply exist on a different plane of reality, also created by your consciousness? Can two people share the reality of one dream as we share the reality of "real life"? Is "real life" simply a plane of reality that is experienced outside of even another "reality" of which we don't have memories of in this reality? What are your thoughts on consciousness and reality?
  6. Have you ever listened to guided meditations? Is it kinda like that?
  7. I think rather than you "losing all consciousness" when you get knocked out, I think your state of consciousness changes into a very inactive one.
  8. Today I was able to successfully get some reaallly high quality 'creative herb' for the first time in a while
  9. I would just switch to a web based alternative. Google Keep is good
  10. Nice thread. I like boys and girls I wouldn't tell my parents, they're quite old fashioned. Otherwise I guess it's not a secret
  11. A great ted talk about improving conversations:
  12. There's a practice I've been doing lately and it has really been helping improve my conversations. I have always been a bit socially awkward, having difficulty maintaining "normal" eye contact and whatnot. Since I've been trying this practice, I've noticed a definite improvement. The idea is to have definite positive thoughts about whoever you're talking to during the conversation. For an example - you're talking to a coworker about their weekend and while it's their turn to talk, you form a positive thought in your head about them. Like, "you're really a sweet person" or "I always love your attitude". Something simple, true, and positive. I've noticed that since I started doing this that my eye contact has improved. My responses to whatever they say are more positive and constructive. I smile more. My general aura seems to improve and I have better conversations. Of course make sure to actually listen to whatever the person is saying (this is always very important) but try to slip a positive thought in here and there.
  13. Sorry I guess it was a bit cryptic. I mean basically - how can we keep strong when we're put in situations of temptation? Situations in which we can satisfy our greed for power/wealth at the cost of our own morals. How can we continue to deny ourselves when the "reward" for going against your morals is really big? I believe that God is a sentient, omnisciente, and omnipotent being that listens to us. So I talk to him and I believe he listens. I don't like religion though