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  1. I usually have pretty vivid dreams, however, I was never lucid dreaming until today. I found a technique that would let me go lucid. I basically count my fingers and if I have 6 fingers on each hand, I realized that I was dreaming. Now the problem is this, I am lucid in a dream, I intuitively know all of this is my imagination since it is a dream but when I look at any object I can feel a sense of separation and objects being not a part of me. Even though this is my dream and everything is imaginary. How should I do to realize that everything is imaginary? More experiments are needed on what I can do in this
  2. @Girzo have you read the workbook?
  3. Sounds Exciting! Start the project and I feel people will join! Sadly, my Arabic is non-existant
  4. I recently picked up the course in miracles (I'm not Christian myself) because after watching Leo's definition of God, it makes a ton of sense If you take the word Father, Christ, God, holy spirit and replace it with Leo's definition of God which is Truth, Love, etc The book is a beast! For some reason, the book makes WAAAYYYY more sense with Leo's definitions rather than the conventional definitions. If you guys watch Leo's video and are thinking to pick up the book, goo for it!
  5. I used to live in India! We could have met up
  6. Windsor ON Canada If you live nearby please ping me
  7. The thumbnails are super amazing, especially for the 5 Meo MALT video. Who makes it?
  9. What do you mean? In Germany, my friends get those and LSD. I think you have to meet the right people
  10. I understand. The beauty of that videos is you can just apply those strategies to figure out letting go and self-actualizing as well!