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  1. Haha that's why guys fall asleep after sex and the girl being annoyed is a trope in movies
  2. Yea, with porn, you just don't know if the women are a victim of human trafficking or domestic abuse or blackmail. They look like they like it but you do never know and the amount of women who will do out because of such reasons is crazy high
  3. I wonder the same as well sometimes
  4. Damm, this should be in the quotes in the blog imo Hits hard
  5. The latest video about Andrew Tate blew me away in so many ways. I kind of knew that Andrew was bad news so I wasn't interested in the video in first place. But since Leo made a video on it, I decided to watch it! In past, Leo's videos are mostly abstract and a bit mentally draining for me to watch (For eg, Sameness vs Difference, dualities, etc) This video, however, was very entertaining to watch. The moment where Leo said "Guys, I decided to rob a bank. The matrix is after me now!" was really funny. I was laughing literally out loud. Lots of personal stories made this video like a movie for me to watch. Also just going through Tate's life and giving comments kept me hooked and I rarely felt "bored" or overwhelmed by the information. Additionally, the insights were very short and sweet, but very profound. His hammering the point about not controlling people reminded me of Alan Watts, who literally said the exact same thing! When Leo made the promise to make the videos better, I was wondering how he could make these abstract concepts entertaining, well this video was a eye opener! To conclude, really liked this video in terms of it's structure and presentation I wonder what you guys noticed about his teaching style?
  6. Lester Levinson, the guy who mentored David Hawkins and the guy from Sedona method
  7. 1. Make some parts of the forum not anonymous
  8. funny story: My morning routine is to check the forum, click on leo's profiles and see the comments The way it came about this is, some years back Leo was doing psyc subs and was off YT for the first time and didn't post like for 2 weeks. I used to check every day just to see if he is alive or not. Then that slowly turned into habit and now I just do it. Wake up, Leo is alive, nice, do my other stuff
  9. l love rick and morty
  10. @Leo Gura that's where you get your iron balls from. No wonder it's easy for your to approach people
  11. so now what? like as a human-level consciousness, what choices will you make and what are you going to do now?
  12. what time will it be out approx? or like what phase is the course creation is in?