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  1. @Leo Gura I think it's 30 days
  2. You can download ReVanced, which is an moded YT app with no ads. In the setting, you have option to remove the short shelves. I have been done this and it works great. I don't know about ios, you have to try it on your own
  3. Could you please share the links that you are planning to watch? That way we can all watch the same video and then discuss here. Like a schedule will be amazing. I'll just piggy back on your plan
  4. @Manny there is a book called love yourself like your life depends on it. Get the audiobook version. Helped me a lot. ~ Sending love
  5. @Leo Gura Who ever gets this gif and knows what it is, we are friends automatically
  6. why do you feel she's a spiritual freak? Like how much above is she compared to normal people
  7. @Yali lol just watch any tate's old video and he will tell you, or the documentary in leo's blogs. Also, its not like tate is the one who came up with this model, it's quite common in the pimp world, especially in Las Vegas
  8. @Leo Gura x D hagagagag i feel love does exist, just do shrooms, and watch the video on self love when tripping. Easy
  9. @GLORY would you allow your sister or daughter to be seducedby a guy, make him cut all her relationships including yours, beat her and then force her into sex cam? If you belive that's good then sex trafficking is good