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  1. Here's a video of a person who feels dan Lok is a cult. Now, I want to test Leo's cult videos ans see how many points match up. This could be an amazing learning experience for everyone.
  2. @ds300 You might believe that you are too old to have a career in DJ but that doesn't mean that you can't learn it and use it to express your soul. I also wanted to learn music and I'm 22. I never started learning it because when I see 14 year old kids shredding guitar, I feel like "What's the point? They will always be better than me and I can never compete with them or have my dream career in this..." But then I realised, I'm going to die anyway. I would rather learn it and die than living in regret of not learning it. I realised that I will learn guitar because I love it and because I can. Doesn't matter if I'm good at it, doesn't matter if I suck for eternity, doesn't matter if all the people in the world will look at me with disgust because I know for a fact, that alteast the person in the reflection will be my biggest fan and thats all that matters.
  3. @Toan Yeah, but I realised something while doing this. If I want a good painting, it doesn't happen. Only when I let go of the outcome, meaning I'm okay even if all the painings that I'm painting will suck, only then a good painting just happens. So if I start looking, I won't find it. If I just keep doing what I like, hopefully it will find me. So I try not to find the niche and let life die it to me...
  4. Hey guys, Recently I realised that while watching Leo' video, if I start doing calligraphy, then for some reason it is very soothing. I think it's not the most efficient way to learn but is certainly very relaxing. If you are going through something stressful, you might try this. Here's what I came up with. Hope you guys like it
  5. In competitions, everyone has a desire to win. To win, they would have to increase consciousness. So, the question is is there any field where you can win it by only increasing consciousness? The problem that I have is, people, increase their consciousness to be happy. And as happiness can't be quantitatively measured, it can't be rewarded the same way that competitions can. What're your thoughts?
  6. @pluto Will check him out! do you have any video suggestions?
  7. "Mirror will never smile back first" That's a powerful line.@pluto What's your thoughts on Abraham Hicks? I personally love their teachings
  8. @CaptainBobbyOlsen Agreed. It is certainly a tricky problem to solve. Need to find a way where children can develop independently.
  9. Has anyone checked out Objective Personality? It's amazing!
  10. @CaptainBobbyOlsen Very insightful. The question is redefining the proper of the school. I have few amazing ideas like implementing "Objective Personality" in education system. What would an ideal school have for you? No limits, unlimited money and unlimited imagination. I would love to know.
  11. @Pacific Sage Alright, thanks. I'll check it out. I have a request, could you please just try out what I said and tell me how you feel? I would love to hear your experience of it.
  12. Hey, If I do shamanic breathing for a minute then tighten my core/abs* and squeeze my butt cheeks and stretch, my mind goes blank to the level where everything just faded away. I don't know if this a good thing to do or a bad thing or is it similar of any kriya yoga experience? Please let me know. Thanks
  13. Just watched the Video! Whoa! Many people got it right! Noice
  14. Not only the book but also the recording makes a lot of sense if you look at reality through their lens. I'm amazed that books like these exist and I have been indulging in their teaching for awhile. I have this theory where if I had a vivid image of this end result, then I can use that to invoke the emotion that I want to create and thus manifesting what I desire. I still have to use this and see if it works or not. If you have read the book then could you please provide me examples of how you used their concepts to manifest what you want?
  15. @John Lula @Dan502 Leo mentioned before that Truth, love, and Consciousness are synonyms. So all of them might be right. Also, I'm new to this forum. Could you guys tell me how to put the quote that everyone has? ( For example, John has a quote from Terence McKenna ) Thanks