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  1. @mandyjw I've seen a big cloud that FULLY resembled the classic devil holding a pitchfork, like wtf, did not know what to make of it. Then, few weeks later had an intimate encounter with a UFO, again wtf, no clue what to make of it. Life's weird.
  2. @Nahm ? Thank you for highlighting the power of dream boarding, I am excited to see where it will lead. ? Will keep listening to Esther ? I want what she's got haha. @Loving Radiance The more perspectives the better ? Would you say this is about writing the desire that fills me with the highest goodness/inspiration?
  3. @Nahm Wrote 'camping' on my dream board, probably less than one week later I was invited to a camping trip. It seems too crazy to attribute that to the dream board because it feels like I did nothing to manifest that. Regards to the things that you write on the dream board, is there a specific orientation you have towards what you would like to manifest? For example: Do you write something down while at the same time knowing that you will experience the thing you have written down? Like if I write 'camping', should I have an underlying expectation that I will go camping? How much mental energy do you put into the things that you want to manifest? If you wanted to be at peace with all of existence, what would you write on your dream board and what sort of actions would you undertake to manifest that specific desire? I feel like what I am asking I might have to figure out for myself, it feels like it is hard to pinpoint the exact question I want to ask. I basically want to be at peace with absolutely everything but how would one approach manifesting that desire? I understand my questions are extremely convoluted.
  4. Did a 1 hour float, came out and was in a state of mindfulness that was way more powerful than I was expecting. Also felt extremely refreshed. I would say it's the closest I've gotten to experiencing psychedelic awareness while sober. Highly recommend.
  5. I am a complete newbie, so I only know a few notes but I enjoy playing around on the guitar. ?
  6. I'm not sure this is true, I'm pretty sure after a week you would need a dose that is ~25% more than the initial dose to get similar effects. Although you cannot be certain and it is probably best just to wait at least 2 weeks and fully reset your tolerance.
  7. I had an explosive poo yesterday, sorry bout that.
  8. I think life is a precious gift. I think you can make it as serious or as carefree as you want.
  9. Occasionally I use a VPN to access the site if I'm having trouble loading in on regular ISP.
  10. Point to the line of separation between the two.
  11. +1 on taking psychedelics patiently and methodically. I have been stupid in the past and taken a silly dose of mushrooms. It felt like all of the dimensions in existence were about to merge. Take it slow and steady.
  12. Float Tank- Came out of a 60 minute session and everything had a certain vividness and clarity plus a peacefulness. Almost felt like a very clear low dose psychedelic trip after. Would highly recommend anyone to try it! Also makes me excited for how deep the purification would be on a meditation retreat