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  1. This is probably going to be a long thread, I think I've become disillusioned to the idea of romantic love, and I'd would like to have some outside perspective. I've been thinking about this topic for a while, my thoughts are pretty jumbled on the topic, so I hope as I start writing this post I can make clear my thought process on this subject. So to begin here's a video from the school of life on Arthur Schopenhauer, this video predominantly covers Schopenhauer's views on what we refer to as "love". Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read “I was gripped by the misery of life as Buddha was in his youth when he saw sickness, old age, pain and death. The truth … was that this world could not have been the work of an all-loving Being, but rather that of a devil, who had brought creatures into existence in order to delight in the sight of their sufferings.” - Arthur Schopenhauer So why am I starting with this quote, not only because its the first quote in the video, but because it ties into this next one. "There is only one inborn error, and that is the notion that we exist in order to be happy... So long as we persist in this inborn error... the world seems to us full of contradictions. For at every step, in things great and small, we are bound to experience that the world and life are certainly not arranged for the purpose of maintaining a happy existence... hence the countenances of almost all elderly persons wear the expression of what is called disappointment." - Arthur Schopenhauer In the Western World we have an obsession with the pursuit of happiness, we are a collection of self-indulgent, individualistic societies where everything is about happiness, and specifically your happiness and that you're special. We hold this collective and childlike notion of unconditional and romantic love, that somehow, someone will love us for who we are, despite our faults and that this person will look into our soul and see the true version of who we are and love us for it and love us without condition, without hesitation. This (I believe) is bullshit, what in any way, by observing reality, would lead you to believe this, besides, I don't know, maybe a Disney movie. All love is fundamentally conditional, why? Because we are animals, as covered in the video, we are governed by what Schopenhauer refers to as the "Will to Life", but takes many different names, the Darwinian process or if you believe that god created man and the animals, god has clearly imparted us with a nature, so its gods imparted nature. It makes no difference what you call it, we are controlled by meta physical forces outside of our direct control, nature, gods will, the universe, Darwinism, blah, blah, blah... The name its given doesn't matter, what matters is what is. When does one to stop to think why one does what one does, or why one is even reading this post. The answer is, you don't, for the most part throughout our lives we are blind to why we do what we do. The only real brief lapses in this are meditation and consciousness work e.g. psychedelic experiences. In the becoming of a sage as mentioned in the video. These are seemingly the only time we get a pause from what is our continual striving to fulfill our biological imperative. We are slaves to this biological imperative. This biological imperative is not compassionate, it is not caring, it is not paternal, its brutal and does not care for you, or your happiness. To realize this just look out our fellow animals/mammals, and see how uncaring an uncompassionate they are even to their own offspring, IF the circumstances lead them to believe that there own offspring are a detriment to their reproductive success. How are we to learn our own biological imperative if we don't look at the primitive behaviors and patterns of others imperatives. One such attempt at securing the biological imperative is lion infanticide, which perfectly illustrates the brutality for which we as creatures, strive to pass on our genes, and remember we're under the exact same fundamental pressures by nature, a nature which by its nature does not care for ethics. https://africageographic.com/blog/understanding-lion-infanticide/ As mentioned in the blog, when a new coalition of males takes over a pride, in doing so killing the alpha male lion, they almost always kill the prides’ cubs, since they are not biologically related and do not want to spend energy ensuring that the other lions’ (now killed) genes will be passed on. In addition, female lions will not be receptive to mating while they are nursing, so killing the cubs enables the male lions to procreate. After the females cubs are killed the female shows heightened sexual activity, being more active in initiating copulations and seeking a greater number of mating partners as to increase the likelihood of her reproductive success (practically getting aroused by the fact that the new male lions killed her cubs). If the male or female was to develop a conscience for infanticide, what would be the likelihood of their reproductive success, it would be drastically diminished. Why, because a moral conscience is maladaptive to a lions biological imperative, so a lion is conditioned by nature to not care for ethics. As in many ways we are also, not conditioned to care for ethics, especially not to be actually cable or even care for abstract notions of unconditional love. The idea of unconditional love is a helpful tool, a generally new tool, an irrational tool, but one which in many ways compels us to keep the human race going. “Why all this noise and fuss about love? Why all the urgency, uproar, anguish and exertion?” he asked. “Because the ultimate aim of all love-affairs… is actually more important than all other aims in anyone’s life; and therefore it is quite worthy of the profound seriousness with which everyone pursues it.” The romantic dominates life because “what is decided by it is nothing less than the composition of the next generation…the existence and special constitution of the human race in times to come.” Most people have this idea of romantic love, because it serves as an unconscious ego defense mechanism, why does it defend the ego. Because it makes us feel special, and it makes you feel that your impulses and biological imperative matters. But it doesn't matter, neither does the person you "love". We'd much rather believe all this bullshit about love than the reality. The bullshit is just more palatable for people to buy than to accept the reality, that their lives aren't special, that you're not special, you're not going to find you're soul mate, there is no such thing as a "soul mate" to begin with. The reality is this - probably, in all incredible high Vegas odds, nothing of any significance will ever happen in your entire boring life. This reminded be of a post I just read on the forum, which in part sparked this post. https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/45296-why-are-you-guaranteed-to-get-one-girl-to-sleep-with-you-eventually/ Why is it likely that you'll eventually get a girl to spread her legs for you, because its our nature, its biology, its why we even fucking have instinct and inclinations to do anything in the first place. They all exist to get you to the point that you "spread your seed" and "leave a legacy". But why even bother, especially if there's no such thing as romantic or unconditional love, and all your doing is what dozens of billions of people have done before you. The truth is this if you care about "leaving a legacy" and having a family, eventually, yeah a girl will be nice to you, and for some reason she'll like you, you'll fall in love, she'll probably break your heart, later on in life you'll settle for less, find a new girl, she's not so much of a looker, not high on the personality scale but she's stable. You can start a family with her and you'll push out rotten kids and you'll get some awful job and you'll give up your dreams and sit in a cubicle for this family, but for what really. Have you done anything special, pursued anything special or transcendent, do you think your going to be the exception to this rule, find the perfect magical wife who actually cares about you more than lets say her car, or have a kid who grows up to cure cancer or become the next Nikola Tesla, your not, your just like every one else. Romantic love is nothing more than a narcissistic fantasy that we delude ourselves into believing, if its not please tell me why not, I'd genuinely like to know. I like my narcissistic fantasies intact. So I'm going to end this post with another video and some quotes Now give me one example of anyone who meets those four standards The quotes : "As rain pours through poorly thatched roofs, so does desire overwhelm the undeveloped mind." - The Buddha "I have yet to meet a man who is as fond of virtue as he is of women." - Confucius "The difference between the worldly and the saintly … depends solely on the elimination or not of sexual desire." - Buddha Thanks for reading Godspeed & Godbless
  2. Fascism Political Test: https://www.idrlabs.com/fascism/test.php Lot of overlap with most ideologies, I see a lot of people on this forum are very left wing, Trotsky esque, I want to see how highly you score on a fascism test Just got reminded of this movie clip lol Anyways here’s my score
  3. It’ll hold up in court Rape is okay if done in self defence
  4. Amen That’s what liberty all about What is freedom if not the fucking freedom to rape @Opo You know what I’d do if Uncle Larry starting raping my bride and soon to be wife I’d rape Uncle Larry Its rape self defence
  5. They’re a bunch of pussies lol All Uncle Larry is trying to do is bring the party to the wedding Cant fault the guy
  6. Hey @Forestluv I’m not pissing In anyone’s punch or starting any fist fights I’m just talking politics in a politics section of a forum I didn’t know it was a crime to be arrogant on this forum, in which case I’m guilty, that’s not gonna change Consequences for what, saying Im a libertarian lol Also this is fine, don’t take something seriously when it’s meant for humour, that ain’t the one whose cracking the jokes fault, take a joke or take a shuttle P.s. Uncle Larry seems like a lad, kinda guy I want at my wedding
  7. I say it in tongue and cheek really I’m a firm believer in irrational self confidence Well white supremacy is a no no Shouldn’t be
  8. @Boethius I think it was because as Leo read this thread and he construed me as being as you said Which was not my intention, but you know sometimes there is a place for being provocative and to arguing. “You keep acting with obnoxious arrogance and closedmindedness in the politics sub-forum. This is your final warning. If you don't correct your attitude, you will be banned. Be here to learn, not to spread an ideology.“ I am here to learn, and you know how I do that, by voicing my opinion and having people tell me where I’m wrong, not by shooting me down for expressing my views “obnoxious arrogance” Thats just my personality my man And it’s not arrogance if it’s true “closedmindedness“ Im not closed minded, you’re the one acting closed minded, it’s not close minded to express an opposing view Are the screenshots below open minded? That was 9 hours ago, guy only asked a question What’s closed minded is turning this forum into a echo chamber I’m not trying to spread anything If you want to ban me ban me I don’t care, I’m not walking on egg shells every time I make a post because I might offend your sensibilities, it defeats the purpose of the forum If we’re gonna play these stupid games just cut to the chase and ban me already @Leo Gura
  9. Lol I’ve got 5 points for this thread Thats 14 points on my account I don’t think I’m long for this forum lol Guesiing it was this guy @Boethius tsk tsk Anyways if I get banned bye bye people
  10. @Opo I don’t know Fascism is extreme right wing jingoistic authoritarianism So the opposite would be extreme left wing peace loving libertarianism
  11. When Mr FBI man sees you’ve scored low on an online fascist test
  12. Lol mr fbi man may be watching you
  13. I agree, a lot of the question have loaded premises But these are the best quick tests ive been able to find on the internet so far The leftist value one was so bad that it’s uncompletable with all the loaded questions
  14. @Roy Most people share some similarities with fascism, it’s just all about degrees
  15. @louhad Its seems you’re taking things personally bud lol Ive never said I understand everything about politics or society, I’m just giving my opinion I’m sorry if I’ve offended you
  16. @Boethius Buddy I’m not picking a fight lol What it’ll achieve is it’ll show your political scores on a fascism test Just trying get the nogging jogging Case and point
  17. I see nothing wrong with this thread Unless you guys are a bunch of secret fascists lol If this is okay Don’t see why this isn’t
  18. @louhad Probably lol Fascist hippie is an oxymoron, I don’t know about cuck you let other guys fuck your girl when you sit an masturbate in the corner? Whatever
  19. @louhad I Watch the video, he covers this in the first 20 minutes
  20. @Husseinisdoingfine Peter Schiff is the man Besides his constant shit out about investing gold Schiff predicted the 2008 financial crisis, and we’re gonna have another believe me, I say within the year with Covid, and it’s gonna make us wish for the days of 2008 lol
  21. @Opo The worlds a negative example, everything starts with the child Yeah, and only those conscious and educated people should breed Also hail lord Keanu ?
  22. @Kross Yes, best model for intelligence we have currently is IQ The scientific process and don’t say whom, it’s antiquated, makes you seem pretentious Death and suffering @Moon It’s a stage correct tool Words and concept aren’t useful if they’re not limited, they get there uses in their limitations Sure but it does correlate with civility, industriousness, pro social behaviour etc... that you would generally consider to be more conscious than your average person That’s where women come into the picture Joking kinda Yeah that’s nature, most people want their own clone Wanting to have a happy life isn’t a bad reason to have kids
  23. @tesla wooooosh No it doesn’t you have to marry one
  24. @commie Yeah, syllogisms my favourite drug It’s good to recycle