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  1. Lucid Dreaming & "OBE's"
    Instant OBEs and Lucid Dreams whenever and how long you want
    The technique takes some months to learn, but once mastered, you can have instant OBEs and lucid dreams whenever and how long you want.
    The technique is mainly from John Kreiter's book "Out of body experiences". (I just give a brief explanation of it and elaborate on some more points, so definitely buy his book, it is invaluable.)
    When you have an OBE, there are basically 3 places to go. 1. you can explore our physical universe 2. you can go to paralel universes/ other dimensions and 3. you can go to what John Kreiter calls the Grey zone. Every daydream or night dream takes place in this Grey zone. So dreams are a kind of OBE . Whenever you daydream you already have a very very faint OBE. The difference between a daydream and a lucid dream is that daydreams are way less vivid and your consciousness is not fully established in your daydream body, but is still in your physical body to a large degree. The difference between normal visualization of your neighbour's house and a real OBE in your neighbour's house is that the visualization is way less vivid and that you visualize the house, so you don't yet see the actual house. 
    - The technique:
    Upon closing your eyes, you visualize your etheral/astral body in your room. You try to perceive everything from this new body through the new sense organs. Over the course of weeks and months, it gets more and more vivid and your etheral body starts to perceive the actual environment instead of visualizing it. You probably say that this is not possible but I believe it is. Google thought-forms/servitors/tulpas then it's easier to understand. A servitor is a real entity in the astral realm which you create through visualizations. The difference to your etheral body is, that the servitor has its own will and consciousness, whereas when you have created an etheral body, your consciousness can access it, such that it will eventually make no difference in vividness and realness whether you are in your physical or etheral body. If a servitor can pick up legitimate data from the physical world then so can your etheral body. If you doubt that a servitor can do that then google, there are too many people talking about it as that it could be untrue.
    Once your consciousness establishes more and more in your etheral body, your physical body will be in a trance and eventually enter sleep paralysis.
    - So are these OBEs actually as vivid as classical OBEs (including lucid dreams)?
    according to John Kreiter's book, it seems so Someone on the forum dreamviews says: "my level has increased tremendously, but I am not quite at the max. Right now, within 10 minutes of sitting down for a visualization, I can enter into a lucid dream, any time of day (...) I am hoping to be able to, with persistent practice, take this down to an almost instantaneous WILD at any time.   https://www.dreamviews.com/general-lucid-discussion/163199-how-effectively-visualize-part-1-incubation.html and I have read similar things by other people  but I do have a small doubt. Because - even though your body is in sleep paralysis - you are not in REM compared to classical lucid dreams (and OBEs in general I guess). I am very sure that you are not im REM, because these OBEs you can do as long as you want, longer than any REM phase would allow. So perhaps these OBEs are less stable or less vivid. I don't know, but according to the above-mentioned it seems that they can be equally vivid. But even if not, then it wouldn't be that bad. The solution: OBE-WILD - OBE-WILD 
    This is the most instant and reliable WILD variation. Wake up in REM. get into your etheral body. Now you already have an OBE (potency depending on your level of mastery) but within a few seconds/minutes your body enters sleep paralysis, you are in REM and have a very vivid lucid dream. If you want you can use this lucid dream as a gateway to a classical astral projection.
    - Advantages of OBE-WILD (compared to other lucid dreaming induction techniques)
    Far more reliable then any other technique imo (if you already have a strong etheral body). You can probably reliably WILD in every REM (if you wake up). The problems with the classical WILD variations are that you either can't enter sleep paralysis because you are too conscious of your physical body (which is solved with OBE-WILD because your full consciousness is established in your dream body and your physical body would enter sleep paralysis anyways even if you weren't in REM) or you fall asleep because you can't stay conscious (which should be solved because being in your vivid etheral body, it should be more easy to stay conscious) you don't need to be in REM. you can have non-REM OBEs whenever you want and as long as you want (during the day, not during non-REM sleep). I guess that you could easily do this 10h a day if you wanted Full day-time consciousness, very stable and high dream control (just like every WILD, because you directly enter the dream with your day-time consciousness, unlike with DILD) Very vivid. Because your OBE is already very vivid and then gets potentially amplified by the REM phase you are (almost) instantly in the dream, compared to other WILD variations which often require you to lie still for 15-60 minutes  
    - How long does it take?
    Let's assume that you have average visualization skills and practise 1h daily. So here are my assumptions:
    1 month to build a strong etheral body. that means that you truly feel like you are in that body and not the physical body. These visualizations will probably feel like a very weak DILD. That also means that now you can start trying the OBE-WILD during the night in REM phases.  But it will probably be still very unreliable  2 months: When on the physical plane, you start picking up legitimate objective data from the physical world. And many of your OBE-WILDs will be successful   
    - Enlightenment
    Lucid dreams are a powerful tool for mysyical experiences. 
    If you master the OBE-WILD technique, you can have mystical experiences every night. On top of that, I guess that you can have mystical experiences in the non-REM OBEs as well. But I am not sure because you are not in REM. Perhaps you would just get thrown back to your physical body because the OBE might be too unstable if not during REM (even though your physical body is in sleep paralysis during these non-REM OBEs). But if you can have mystical experiences there then that would be a game changer. You could induce any kind of mystical experience like a zen master (probably more instantly amd more reliably than the zen master) without decades of meditating, just some months of practising the OBE technique ( for non-REM OBE induced mystical experiences, you probably need at least 6 months of 1h daily practise). The reason that we can't easily have a mystical experience is because our consciousness is so firmly bound to and identified with the physical body. With these OBEs you instantly go around that problem by leaving the physical body and entering an etheral body. Once in the ethereal body it is way easier to induce an awakenig because everything is less dense on this plane. 
    - Some Resources:
    Book: Out of body experiences by John Kreiter https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1535560479/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1576691019&sr=8-7  or kindle edition $3.61  https://www.dreamviews.com/wake-initiated-lucid-dreams-wild/128996-mancons-simple-visualization-wild-technique.html That's basically the OBE-WILD, he calls it V-WILD (I don't call it V-WILD because in the above-mentioned technique you actually have an OBE to induce the WILD)  https://www.dreamviews.com/attaining-lucidity/141703-ldd-lucid-day-dream.html make daydreams so vivid that they are like lucid dreams https://www.dreamviews.com/general-lucid-discussion/163199-how-effectively-visualize-part-1-incubation.html  visualization to WILD, so the same again.  
    I have found out about it just a week ago. I am on day 6 and already see many improvements. I currently practice as many hours a day as possible. I have already tried the OBE-WILD during REM but without success so far, my etheral body is still too weak.