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  1. Wow sounds really good, I want your 1g trips jesus. Would just make sure you addressed any and all fears and anxieties from the trip, but I wouldnt be surprised if youre already on top of that. Hope all is well
  2. With all due respect he ain't an alpha. If there is such thing as an alpha, he doesnt need to flex on his girlfriend and put her down constantly. He's probably scared of you leaving him because he knows you are much better than him, and if you ever realized that, youd break up with him immediately. Seems like a weak, scared little boy trying to convince his girlfriend not to leave because he think hes worthless and depends on your emotional support, and if you get away from him, his worthless ass wont be able to land a girlfriend ever again, especially not as good as you. Your husband is about as alpha as spongebob in the episode he gets blow up muscles, I highly recommend breaking this off immediately based on what I've read Edit: read further down and your broke it off, hope you're doing well!
  3. I think when you feel like you've addressed the contents of your last trip, are feeling emotionally up to it, have addressed your emotional need and want to use the drug to continue on your path and learn more about yourself as opposed to running from how you feel currently
  4. It really hinges on her personal motive on why she voted no for, and knowing her turkish relations I definitely assumed the worse of the options. I definitely respect other reads on the situation though
  5. It should have happened before, but it didnt. Just because it's obviously used to punish the Turkish government/Trump, doesnt mean that Armenian Americans havent been pushing for this for decades. Still means a lot to them, and they would've appreciated solidarity from atleast one of the parties
  6. I think she was just an idiot and that's the best she could come up with to be honest to save her ass. While I agree using political recognition of a genocide as a tool to spank countries you think are out of line is a bit ridiculous, it doesnt mean that this wasnt super important to some people, especially Armenians. I'm sure it makes it harder to grieve knowing the atrocities that you had to suffer are denied/belittled by arguably the strongest country on the earth. This was a chance to right our previous wrong, and even though it comes at a time where it's being used as a slap back, it doesnt mean it's any less important to the people who have been trying to get it recognition for so long. I think shes just an idiot who was either trying to preserve her own ties in Turkey, or try and stand out and try and be special by being the only Democrat to vote that way, and give some bullshit explanation about how she's above everyone else by not using genocide as a political tool. We all do stupid stuff sometimes, I think this was just one of them for her to be honest
  7. Its hard to say. I think for part of my life I was emotianally numb, so it was just natural for me not to react too much to things. Narcissism was one component, I finished first in class and was always at or near the top so I thought I was smart enough to not have to worry about other people's opinion. It probably got ingrained into my identity when I was a young kid you was prone to crying and showing emotion even when i felt like internally i was only feeling a small amount of emotion, so I got good practice repressing away even the tiniest bit of sadness/anxiety which followed me for a while. So for me I keep calm due to that response being ingrained when I was young, narcicism, and more recently, I view my negative emotions as an avenue for growth so if someone can make me uncomfortable or offended, I'm usually pretty happy/comfortable putting myself into those situations knowing I'll grow from them.
  8. Hell yeah, leo just doesnt understand his genius yet
  9. My opinion is women are usually slower to enter into a sexual relationship with another person, but once she is comfortable with that person atleast in my case every girl has had quite a hit higher of a sex drive. But only once they are comfortable with you and it's kind of routine, based off who wants to hook up it might appear as though guys have higher sex drive
  10. Most homeless who ask me for money give me some bullshit about needing a bus pass to a nearby town etc, I lie and say I only have my credit card when in reality I have plenty of money. I usually only give to the ones who are much milder in how they ask, or maybe feel embarrassed about it, I dont recognize them as one of the homeless people who have been around my area for years. Usually people who I think are interested in using my money in a way that benefits them and gets them out of homelessness. But there are some people who seem only interested and only know homelessness, you could give them a million dollars and they'd be homeless in a year again, I dont give people who for whatever reason I believe fall in this category. It's almost like giving these people money is allowing them to be homeless and live off donations more so than helping them get out of homelessness
  11. Congrats on the results and thanks for the advice!
  12. Reminds me of the ridiculously bitchy teacher from Matilda, mrs. Trunchbull or something close. Did it feel systematic at all or was it just this one lady who had it out for you? Also sorry you had to deal with that, that's insane to me, I didnt know people even existed that would do stuff like that so thanks for the eye opener. Hope you enjoy your new teaching job more, you certainly reach a lot more people than you would in a class room, so atleast there is that
  13. I dont even know what that means, is that just supposed to mean they didnt like you and wanted to bundle it up in a more professional sounding way? Crazy enough they called when you were 8.5 months, seems strange to add a lot of stress on you around childbirth which I've heard is stressful enough. Glad it worked out for you though, and your channel is great, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who wouldnt ve able to get on their feet as well, which is concerning for them if this is happening