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  1. I think this might be true, I think it might be possible that being a bit of a zen devil is just a really common part of development that occurs in a lot of people, and only those who have really read the warning signs avoid it. If you're having enlightenment experiences and have an ego, of course that ego is going to try and take credit for spiritual gains and be a little douche bag to others
  2. It is kind of ironic that treating the journey as the goal often makes your goal more achievable as well though, one of the things I'm more grateful for about reality
  3. I would say I enjoy it more than everyone labeling each other on spiral dynamics based off of almost no information, also slightly better than conceptual enlightenment arguments
  4. That sounds about as tricky as most relationships haha, hopefully that all works out for you
  5. So what happened? How does the story end? Just friends?
  6. I didn't realize you were Norwegian, I have family that lives in Stavanger, but yeah you should link us the channel
  7. I apologized to a girl I fucked over a bit after five years of not talking to her, and it felt good for both of us to bury the hatchet
  8. Easy bub, I coulda been in public, this aint the wild west you can't just go around making dudes hard
  9. forgetting is fine, repressing isn't. Enjoy the tea! Even though we both know tea isn't real and neither is enjoyment but that's not necessarily true either, I will keep thinking about how to communicate that, you enjoy your tea!
  10. Cats, on the other hand, are symbols of the instinctual feminine. They can symbolize our feelings, but also the maternal instincts of nurturance, self-protection, and protection of offspring. Cats are excellent hunters and admirable fighters, and often retain a certain wildness and independence despite their domestication. Having ready access to the instinctual wisdom of a cat can be a great asset. Shin, lets have a deep talk about your instinctual femininity, I think it may have some deep meaning. How well do you feel you are nurturing any/all of anything you would potentially categorize as "your offspring"?
  11. Well of course it depends on how far along the path you are, and what you define as serious stuff, because all stuff kind of has a bit of truth, some statements more than others. My point is it's a spectrum so it's really up to you when you define serious. But as far as teachings, if it doesn't resonate with you yet, it ain't legitimate to you yet. I'm not saying you're doing this, but don't accept stuff that seems like it is accepted by people who may be further along the path than you. I would just read the bible and see what you right now personally agree/disagree, I personally found a lot of cool non-dual teachings so maybe you will too
  12. Oh fuck I will write her an apology letter and overindulge myself five times in a row to make it up
  13. So rude to the devil, he has feelings too jerk