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  1. My opinion is women are usually slower to enter into a sexual relationship with another person, but once she is comfortable with that person atleast in my case every girl has had quite a hit higher of a sex drive. But only once they are comfortable with you and it's kind of routine, based off who wants to hook up it might appear as though guys have higher sex drive
  2. Can probably just show them love, and not get dragged into violence or harsh words and they'll realize eventually that that way of communicating and living is better in terms of being happy and emotional well being. You don't really gotta show them how bad they are acting as much as how much better it would be for them if they acted a different way, it's less of dragging them across the floor and more of trying to convince them to come on their own free will, which is the only way any change was gunna happen anyways most likely
  3. Most homeless who ask me for money give me some bullshit about needing a bus pass to a nearby town etc, I lie and say I only have my credit card when in reality I have plenty of money. I usually only give to the ones who are much milder in how they ask, or maybe feel embarrassed about it, I dont recognize them as one of the homeless people who have been around my area for years. Usually people who I think are interested in using my money in a way that benefits them and gets them out of homelessness. But there are some people who seem only interested and only know homelessness, you could give them a million dollars and they'd be homeless in a year again, I dont give people who for whatever reason I believe fall in this category. It's almost like giving these people money is allowing them to be homeless and live off donations more so than helping them get out of homelessness
  4. Congrats on the results and thanks for the advice!
  5. My only criticism is that your target audience is a non native English speaker, and a lot of information is not going to get to the audience with the language you chose in parts of your response, after this section the language use was much better but maybe something to consider in cases where your audience probably is not at a high reading level in English, although he did great as a non-native and was completely understandable. Your analogy of swimming/walking gave me some happy mental images so thank you for that
  6. Nope just a massive dick
  7. Reminds me of the ridiculously bitchy teacher from Matilda, mrs. Trunchbull or something close. Did it feel systematic at all or was it just this one lady who had it out for you? Also sorry you had to deal with that, that's insane to me, I didnt know people even existed that would do stuff like that so thanks for the eye opener. Hope you enjoy your new teaching job more, you certainly reach a lot more people than you would in a class room, so atleast there is that
  8. I dont even know what that means, is that just supposed to mean they didnt like you and wanted to bundle it up in a more professional sounding way? Crazy enough they called when you were 8.5 months, seems strange to add a lot of stress on you around childbirth which I've heard is stressful enough. Glad it worked out for you though, and your channel is great, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who wouldnt ve able to get on their feet as well, which is concerning for them if this is happening
  9. One of those quotes has to do with giving food to orphans, what definition of Love are we working with?
  10. I would just say dont try to please her or make the date go well, just give her as much of your authentic self as you can and if she likes it great. If not, well it was only one date and it's good practice nonetheless. Probably much better than forcing the date to go well by acting a bit different than normal and figure out in the future that on a deeper level yall arent compatible
  11. Absolutely not, ever.
  12. Ehh youd just be able to play only one note