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  1. How will you use this information kind sir?
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    Coming out as awesome
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    Listen to one whole album with Christmas lights hung up in your room and then you can talk shit.
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    Literally eat my ass, not answering your stooopid questions
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    Oh shut the fuck up she has some tunes
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    Not what Lana Del Rey says....
  8. This made me laugh
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    Yeah I'll try not to become a literal zombie when I walk by peanut butter, pop tarts, or chocolate :^) Wow love you too such nice words sweet like cinnamon
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    Goals day 9/66 Finding myself a bit extra happy at random times throughout the day, it seemed almost unfair to my ego. Also random times throughout the day I'm not really sure if I am suffering at all or conceivably could in that state. I had an enlightenment experience where I was actually having fun finding my suffering in my direct experience and dissolving it, when I ran out I was like shit I was just starting to have fun. I thought to myself "I thought for a second I'd be enlightened tonight" then I remembered there wasnt anyone to be enlightened and I got into that state again. I dont want to dive into non duality though, I see enough of that shit on here. I dont think I'll post on that experience just cause it's a bit long and I already got too much lined up I want to talk about Need to get better about junk food, I bought oranges instead of pop tarts yesterday so that's a step. God damn the last batch of pop tarts I got was just so good. I've also been getting up right away usually which is great. Overall doing really well but could refocus on not eating soo many snackies B+ feels good maybe A- if the teacher is nice
  11. I remember maybe a couple of months ago I was feeling particularly lonely during an acid trip, I was laying in my bed crying a bit or at least had tears in my eyes. Then kind of a motherly ethereal entity came and tucked me in so to say, let me know everything was alright, gave me a bit more love and left. On one had I felt so grateful for this love I had received, and on the other it was never about that. I wanted someone by my side in life, not someone to come cavalier into my life for 30 seconds just to show me what I was missing out on. But at the same time, I really did appreciate the love she gave me. The loneliness for me went away largely after I was done tripping, and I have friends I can talk to all of this about if I need, so I don't really have any right to lecture you on loneliness, my environment is just different. I would say there have been periods of my life where I wasn't super social and didn't have a lot of good friends right in front of me, but I'm happy I didn't take up bad friends during that time as a band aid fix. Don't let weeds grow in your garden, they'll take up room for all the flowers you want. Also you're definitely not against the world, you at least have this community, which at times can be a huge pain in the ass, but a lot of people genuinely care. Wish you the best
  12. Fine I'll just have to put a curse on you
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    With a little bit of work, anxiety will become more like a spiritual compass than anything else. It takes you directly to the place in your direct experience you might be resisting reality. It's not like you're going to be repressing good emotions and happy thoughts, or repressing the idea of you fucking someone right? Your lack of surrender to reality is probably going to be in the shitty emotions that no one likes by default, so stop trying to repress your compass and go Christopher Columbus into your anxiety