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  1. “Death” is the simply end of whatever you were identifying with. If you identify with your body, your thoughts, memories, behavior patterns, etc, you will die. But if you identify as consciousness itself, (which is of course you true identity) you are immortal.
  2. Yeah, all of that is just a thought in the present moment.
  3. Well for that, you need awakening, so I guess you’re shit out of luck.
  4. You’re right. It’s true whether or not you’re personally enlightened.
  5. This question cannot be answered verbally. Awaken and you will see exactly how you created everything.
  6. Very good post. This is why I am working my ass off right now to save up for an off grid tiny house. This will get my yearly expenses down to a minuscule amount so that I can work much less and eventually be able to focus the majority of my time on awakening.
  7. I listen to Alan Watts a lot to this day and the more I listen to him, the more I think he was far more awake than many people realize.
  8. Reality is nothing. And you could say in a sense that nothingness is “unstable”. It’s so nothing that it immediately has to inflate into everything possible. Reality is nothingness inverted or turned inside out so to speak into everythingness.
  9. I honestly really want to see how he will react as well.
  10. Lol, yeah I getchu. That kind of thing can happen on N,N,DMT as well though. When I’ve smoked it, I perceived myself as some completely different alien being. Not a cartoon wolf, but my sense of self was very altered.
  11. Honestly just sounds like N,N,DMT. The character of trips on DMT can be very cartoony.
  12. @Henry234 are you consciously firing the neurons in your brain that send a signal down your nervous system and into your hand that contract the muscles?