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  1. Perhaps these “collisions and interactions” are happening all the time but we are just perceiving them as normal physics?
  2. There is no reason why, which is why you are in every body.
  3. If you want something very practical and effective, look for a Krav Maga dojo. It implements all of the most effective martial arts into one style. But if you just want to go for something more mainstream, boxing and brazilian jiu jitsu are some of the best to learn if you really want to know how to throw down. Only down side to doing that is you might have to find two different gyms. Then of course there is an MMA gym that can teach you basically everything.
  4. @Vision Well with a normal book, you can just flip back and forth through the pages and find an area in the book fairly easily. With the kindle, you can technically skip to certain sections in the book, but then to find the exact place, you can only tap the screen in order to turn the page. So it just takes longer.
  5. Yeah, I tend to agree. That has always been my biggest issue with them, and I wish they would create a way to “flip through” sections. I still like e-readers tho, just because I’m a sort of minimalist, and I like the consolidation. Having hard copies just takes up so much space. I saw that huge ass library behind you during the TOE interview, haha. Which is honestly pretty dope. I just don’t have the space for that kind of thing.
  6. Embrace the absurdity and let go. Your mind is trying to cope with Infinity and it simply can’t. Learn to let go and let reality unfold as it is, or you will go mad. Or as it is put in the Bible: ”Be still and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10
  7. I plugged some 5-Meo-malt and basically nothing happened. Going to try to vape it soon to see if I can get a significant effect.
  8. Our hunter gatherer ancestors would be like “Peace?? Bruh, my niece just got eaten by a lion last week!”
  9. @Someone here You are the most confusing person on this forum.
  10. Yeah I just kinda don’t act like a jackass, so I don’t really have any issues.
  11. 30mg of 5-MeO-DMT/MALT in the ass.
  12. Social stigma is pretty powerful. It takes time for it to fade.
  13. The data shows that it does wonders for depression, or in some cases just straight up cures it. Possibly more effective than psilocybin.