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  1. Hrmm, you ever tried the “Wake back to sleep method”? It works nearly every time for me. You wake up around 6-7 hours of sleep, stay up for about 30 minutes to an hour or until you’re basically awake, and then lay back down to try to go back to sleep. Preferably in a position that you usually aren’t comfortable sleeping in. I’m not too good at sleeping on my back, so that usually works for me. Sometimes sleeping on my stomach with my arms tucked underneath me works very well too. Huperzine-A, Galantamine, and 1mg of melatonin as supplements work wonders as well. While you’re laying down to go back to sleep, try to meditate. Stay as mindful as possible as you doze off, and you just may start to see a new reality materialize right before your eyes.
  2. No conscious beings here. Just you talking to yourself. ;P
  3. What about lucid dreams? Not all sleeping dreams are the same. I’ve had dreams where I was almost if not entirely as conscious as I am now and could recall past dreams and basically anything else. In fact, this is quite a normal occurrence for me.
  4. An interesting thing that people report about their DMT trips is that while they are in this “DMT space” or “Hyper Space”, they have this undeniable sense that the reality they find themselves in is “more real than real” and that the life that they came from(this reality) was just a dream relative to the DMT space. So in the same way that we say that our sleeping hallucinations are a dream relative to this reality, perhaps you could say that this reality is a dream relative to Hyper Space(or whatever you want to call that place). But of course, here in this reality, we want to be able to say that the DMT trip is the dream or hallucination, and that this reality is somehow more real or more objective. But while on the other side, many people have this intensely strong sense that it’s the other way around. So on this side we feel that this is more real, and on that side we feel that that side is more real. But what are we basing that on, other than just a feeling in either state? Now, of course, it’s all a dream ultimately. Any dualistic phenomenon that arises within consciousness is a dream, and the only actually true reality is Oneness, but perhaps there are many layers to this dream, and a hierarchy of “realness” if you will. Dreams within dreams. Simulations within simulations. I’m not necessarily committed to that idea, I just think it’s interesting to think about.
  5. Funny, I was just watching that the other night. 😅 It’s a very quirky documentary.
  6. No one can be God itself. So be No one.
  7. Whereas you could say that Gaia is a stage green network over all, with some yellow and turquoise sprinkled in, most of the shows are produced by people who have stage blue cognition or epistemological understanding who have just adopted stage green+ ideas. You can just tell many of the people who make these shows are not very critically thinking people, but are mainly just incredibly gullible
  8. I’ve been subscribed to Gaia for a while now. I’d say it’s worth it, as it definitely has some high consciousness programs, but there is a LOT of nonsense that you have to dig through to find the gems.
  9. Connor is speaking from the level of awareness whereas Alex is speaking from the level of pure thought and concept that was spoon-fed to him by myopic western philosophy that assumes the duality of self and other. Alex doesn’t have a clue what he’s missing because he’s never actually connected experientially with the fact that he doesn’t exist as an entity. He still believes he is a self and that that self is somehow separate from everything else. There is no way to talk anyone out of that illusion. It will only be understood when experienced directly. Now on the concept of God, Alex here is trying to say that you can’t say that God both does and does not exist because you are not actually saying anything if you try to make that claim. But the problem here is that once again, he is assuming that if there was a God that that would mean that that god is somehow separate from himself and that there is something that is NOT God. God escapes the need to be logically consistent in the way he demands it should because there is nothing that is not God. God encompasses all, including non-existence. This of course cannot be understood by the mind or through concept, but the only thing Alex knows how to do is think and conceptualize, so he cannot see this. This is of course like I said previously because he assumes the existence of the self and that all of his concepts surrounding the idea of himself are real “things” that have real identity. He is, like most academics and western philosophers, a sleep walker. He is lost in the conceptual dualistic dream.
  10. Well apparently UFO’s have turned out to be real and are actually flying around in our airspace, so that kind of opens up some possibilities. What is meant by UFO is craft that astronomically outperforms anything in our inventory and move in ways that seem impossible to us based on what we know about physics. Now whether or not these UFO’s are occupied by “Aliens” is another question. But the debate as to whether or not these crafts are real and are flying in our skies is over. If I had to bet money this instant, I would actually bet that humans built them and that it’s some kind of secret technology, just because I’m a big proponent of Occam’s razor when forming hypotheses. But I don’t see the alien hypothesis as unreasonable by any means.
  11. Look into near death experiences and maybe you won’t feel so bad about it. Here are some good ones.
  12. Oh I know what you mean. Trust me. It’s pretty cray-cray, lemme tell ya
  13. Notice how there was music playing over to drown out any sound. Or there was probably no sound happening at all. Since we only had this super close up view, and no sound, we couldn’t see(or hear) what could have been happening above that close up. My guess is they might have had a torch blowing at it from a distance until it ignited. The paper would have shielded his hand from the heat until it ignited.
  14. But trying to understand it with our puny little minds is fun. ;P Its quite, *ahem*... mind blowing.
  15. @randomwanderer123 Just saying that if he wanted to make it more believable, he could set it up in a much better way. That is by holding up the bowl with his other hand, or proving to the audience that there is no cymatic frequency happening under the bowl. But that would require him to actually have psychic powers. If he could actually do this with his mind, it really wouldn’t be that hard to demonstrate. If he won’t let anyone else set up the conditions, you should be very skeptical. We should not abandon skepticism and rationality just because we are more open minded than the average individual when it comes to things like this. It’s great to be radically open minded and I am actually very open minded to psychic phenomena. In fact, I think we have sufficient reason to conclude that it is a real thing, but as the saying goes, don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out. There is a fine line between open mindedness and naive gullibility. Try not to fall on the latter side.