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  1. @Leo Gura Do you happen to know if 5-MeO-MALT is a respiratory suppressant in the same way 5-MeO-DMT is? Could you stop breathing if you take too much?
  2. It will also be so without this “limiting belief”. Meditation will not take you to these levels of consciousness in reasonable time. If you’ve reached 5-meo-DMT levels of consciousness without the help of substances, then either you’ve spent every second for the last 67 years meditating, or you have some very, very unusual neurology. I don’t have that kind of time or that kind of neurology, so I’m going with psychedelics. Actually, yes, Infinite consciousness = Ego death. The ego and your identification with it is the very thing that keeps you from being conscious of your infinite nature. However, I’m not convinced you can actually fully kill the ego unless you’re physically dead. So ego death while your alive or during a trip is just partial ego death to lesser or greater degrees.
  3. @r0ckyreed Though I understand your perspective, I personally would just like to be able to experience infinite consciousness while here in this incarnation. Meditation is simply not going to get me there and I just don’t want to waste time. I want to be able to have these peak experiences in my lifetime, otherwise I’m basically just waiting until my actual physical death to have a full blown ego death and to truly get what it was all about. If I actually have the option, why would I deprive myself of the most profound mystical experiences and realizations? I just want to know the truth above all else, and if there is a magic pill that actually works for this purpose, why would I not take it? It’s like saying “I refuse to take any medicine for my disease that could cure me instantly, because it’s not real healing unless I get better without any medicine.” The goal is just to get better! The goal is just to get to the truth! And meditation just doesn’t cut it. It. Just. Doesn’t. I still meditate 1 to 2 hours a day and I think it’s an important practice to be able to calm your mind, but it simply is not going to get you to the deepest levels of awareness. And that’s all I want. So psychedelics it is.
  4. You think maybe these healers were already bias towards the vaccine? Many new agers of that caliber are.
  5. Because he has become conscious that as God, everything and everyone are his children.
  6. I like how his conversations with Leo are the longest ones he’s had so far on that channel. So looking forward to it.
  7. @SQAAD Haha, it certainly will come, but you probably won’t appreciate it the way you might hope you would. Many billionaires are unhappy, stressed out and never stop working. And they always want more. Which is why they got to where they’re at. It may sound silly, but I want my “next” life to be the life of one of these aliens flying around in the flying saucers. They gotta have a super profound existence. Who knows what kind of states of consciousness they can experience.
  8. @SQAAD It’ll be alright. You’ll forget this life and the fact that you live all lives once you enter the next, so you won’t be stressed out about it. Until you figure all this stuff out again, that is. ;P
  9. I’m not going to give you some cryptic answer. The short answer is: Yes. But more accurate then to say you are going to live their lives is that you already have lived their lives, you are going to live their lives and you already are living their lives. You are Infinite Consciousness, and Infinite consciousness manifests all things at once in the Eternal Now. You are the present moment itself which is infinite and eternal and so every possible thing that can be experienced is being experienced Now.
  10. For me, prayer is simply connecting with Love and the beauty of what is. And in that process, I am sort of consulting with my “higher self”, if you will, to advise me on what is the best thing to do in any particular situation. Even if the answer is that there is nothing I can do and I just have to find a way to make peace with what’s going on within myself. I’ll find the beauty in it.
  11. Oh these silly scientists. It’s funny how some of the “smartest” people can say some of the least true things.
  12. I dunno… … Satan’s pretty cool.
  13. Here’s a great example of the typical uniform NDE. One of my favorites. To me, the most fascinating part is what people report when they enter “the light.”
  14. All I can tell you for sure is that it will never stop being Now. And since you are the Now, you will never stop existing. What exactly is experienced at the point of bodily death, who knows… ? Perhaps these reported Near Death Experiences can give us a clue. If you haven’t already, you should look into the phenomenon. It’s utterly fascinating.