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  1. Wait so I’m confused. It’s neurotic? I don’t do it on purpose , it’s just comes out. So how should I refer to my self then? Like when you guys say I’m going to wash the dishes. Do you just say I am going to wash the dishes and know that it’s you the Self doing it or something? Please explain. edit: like I said I don’t do it all the time, it just comes out sometimes. edit 2: referring to myself as we is a rather new development.
  2. For example just now I was talking to myself and said “we are going to get up and make some breakfast”. It’s like I see there’s the me that I am and the separate self. How I would say it consciously, like literally speaking from the ego wanting to do something? Like “me and the illusory self are now going to..”? That doesn’t feel good I guess it’s closer to the truth? Thank you very much.
  3. How are you doing with the dropshipping business if you care to share?
  4. So you are saying the bashar civilization suffers. According to bashar (us way in the future) they live in continuous states of bliss and oneness, while living a “life”. i think one can mostly transcend fear, anxiety, control, etc.
  5. That’s a big trap. That’s spiritual ego. Again refer to the OP and some of my replies. You can stay conscious while living this life. Living life one will grow most.
  6. You are god and it’s a knowing. “You might be stuck in an infinite game that you cant leave.” that’s just the mind talking.
  7. I feel like I’m going around in circles with all the replies here. The OP says everything.
  8. You were the absolute for eternity hence my OP. Saying you will suffer every second is just a story and you are wrong. This life is amazing. See my other replies for more on that.