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  1. Yes! God/Nothingness/Being is a container It includes Everything.
  2. "So profound" ?
  3. Idea: Become good at something that you are already doing If you are a teacher, a doctor, or you are working in the food industry or in the marketing industry, whatever... you can master your skills there. Just be as mindful as possible while doing your work. Integrate orange state of consciousness and go to green and beyond (spiral dynamics). In other words, think of the ways you can really influence society and make positive impact with your work.
  4. Currently - Online Support
  5. Ukraine
  6. Idea: Opening a meditation retreat center Something similar to Vipassana centers. The point is to have more people know about meditation. Here in Ukraine, for example, not many people know about Vipassana retreats and even about meditation in general.
  7. Thank you @ajasatya , @Girzo , @Nahm for your thoughts.
  8. What do you think would be a good way to contribute to society? What positive impact on the world one can have? Let's brainstorm a bunch of ideas here.