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  1. @Parththakkar12 yes I can understand if you know the girl a bit. I feel like most girls would give a reason if asked, but I’m sure many of them will not feel comfortable with doing that. You don’t know how the guy will react, he could get aggressive or something. I had this happen before when I rejected a guy, he got nasty and started calling me a bitch. sometimes it feels safer to give no explanation. and if you are doing pickup and approaching ppl you can’t expect explanations in that situation.
  2. How many women have you been rejected by ? and how many told you the reason for rejection ? how do you want them to take responsibility, what should they do? For example: Boy: Hey do you wanna go for coffee with me? girl: no I’d rather not, but thanks for asking. What would you do in that situation? Demand an explanation?
  3. Hehe. battle of the egos. But of course, This could also be incompatiblity. But this stage could be more or less skimmed over if both ppl had already did the finding of themselves and self love part. the way I see it tho is more like facing challenges along the way, but coming out stronger on the other side.
  4. Hard to say, but most important thing is meeting and spending time together in person, so you can see what his behaviour is like. take off the rose tinted spectacles and observe his behaviour and how he makes you feel. Do you feel safe or anxious around him? Really try and observe how you feel in his presence… Love is something that develops over time, it can’t be rushed. Take it step by step!
  5. It’s a rugged road that gets better, it’s not easy. Many relationships stay around the power struggle point… never growing past that (they never find themselves so can never accept the other) so therefore don’t reach stage of divine love.
  6. You don’t until later. In the beginning it’s all lust and fire. After this wears off reality hits and this is make or break point of relationship.. this is when you find out and decide to move forward and accept eachother warts n’ all.
  7. The question is what level of consciousness are you operating these choosen relationship types at… for example, both types can be toxic depending who the people are… because usually the polyamory that ppl say they are into is really just a way of emotional avoidance. Then when you ‘fall In love’ with someone you realise how messed up you are and shadows you’ve been avoiding (like the person found out in comment from the video) …for sure there is more to be learned from an intimate relationship, if you do it consciously and face your shadows. but by sleeping with lots of people you don’t learn so much because no1 is challenging you and it’s easy to run away when something comes up.
  8. I would take it with a LARGE pinch of salt. If someone whom you have never met is showing excessive praise, sounds like love bombing. this clouds your judgment and it’s why you are losing all inhibition and acting ‘crazily’ around him.
  9. This is a common trap of talking with someone only over Internet or phone calls without ever meeting them! imagination can run wild! Then when you meet them in real life it’s not the same, so it’s better to meet in person ASAP. I remember once a guy I was texting with whom I had only met one time at a party, told me he was falling in love with me and he was imagining that I was perfect for him etc. I was like ‘you don’t even know me, how is that even possible’ It was too intense for me, and when we met again in real life it was so awkward.
  10. I feel the same! I think most girls go through a phase where they have some casual encounters. Although I had a few fun times, overall I didn’t feel good about it and it brought out all of my insecurities. Which was also good for my growth… Actually, one of the worst time for me was trying to have a friends with benefits type relationship… because you have to try and keep emotions out of the picture (easy for guy to do) so after a certain amount of times it just isn’t fun anymore without going deeper with emotions. It’s very easy for a girl to feel used from casual sex! Being in a safe relationship where you can feel comfortable and be yourself with a guy you trust beats any casual sex 😊
  11. Kourtney kardashian Is a single mother she had no problem pulling Travis Barker of blink 182. Travis Barker could have had any young, hot 20 year old, but he chose her to partner up with.
  12. Yea you are right. I missed that one.
  13. Why sleep with them at all then? Why get involved in the first place? That would be most responsible choice, leaving them be and not fucking with them.
  14. There is some toxic comments going on in the other thread the ‘broke up with my older girlfriend’ one