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  1. Being hairy doesn’t mean being unclean - of course trimming down the bush and keeping maintained is nice. But mostly it’s down to the fetishisation of young girls, and of course, porn being so ingrained into society. Society wants women to stay young. It’s only very recently that very young girls have been less and less sexualised by the media and Hollywood. There is an interesting podcast series called ‘lolita podcast’ it delves into the depths of Hollywood and the sexualisation of children, pretty much up until the 2000s. Discusses the book Lolita and how the story was twisted from the original meaning, it was so common for much older men to be sleeping with teenagers 13+. Anyway I don’t want to detail the thread but just thought yous might be interested in that podcast
  2. I mean, is it not supposed to be a fun thing where everyone takes turns dancing and switching partners? Like a class or is it a dating thing for meeting partners? Maybe you are thinking of it too much in the way that whoever you dance with it means you like them and are afraid they get the wrong idea and then you get trapped by them or something. Try and just have a good time and maybe you can learn something from older women
  3. Friendzone isn’t also the same as being rejected outright by someone you don’t know well. Friendzone is so infamous because It usually happens after 2 people have been hanging out together a lot in a friendly way, then one person makes a move, and then they are told ‘sorry but I only like you as a friend and nothing more’ and that’s when you have been friendzoned.
  4. Friendzoning is done before anything sexual happens. Basically you get friendzoned if the other person has no attraction for you. You feel attracted to them but it’s not reciprocated and nothing more happens. Friendzoning would be the same for guy and girl - they like someone but the other person doesn’t feel the same and nothing romantic or sexual pursues. The example you mentioned where the girl is used for sex, that’s just normally where there has been some attraction initially, but then the guy or girl doesn’t want to commit. Maybe they liked each other at first but then one person didn’t want to pursue the relationship or something. And that would be more of a situationship and not the same as friendzone.
  5. Is going through a lot of emotional turmoil and anxiety about making a decision a sign that you should let the choice pass? I’m under pressure to decide on whether or not to take a job - but there is a lot of resistance I have against it. Ultimately because it’s not in alignment with what I want to do, even though I would be in a better situation that what I am in now. The person that wants me to work with them is very persistent about me going there and keeps making different offers and really wants me to go there. But I don’t feel totally happy or excited about it but I’m considering going simply because it would be a change and I would learn new stuff. But what they want is that I am committed to being on the team where as what I want is more independence. I’m trying to understand if if the resistance is a sign not to accept or if it’s just anxiety and inability to make a decision. Or even commitment phobia. ???
  6. @Roy it’s called ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ and it’s on Netflix. yeah I know all we see of him is what is portrayed in the media, he seems like a nice guy in this documentary, it is before he got famous. I always liked his music although I haven’t really kept up with his more recent stuff.
  7. The new doco on Netflix shows old footage of him before he hit the big time in the early 2000s. Crazy to think how big he became. As annoying as Kanye can be these days and the huge narcissist that he became, it’s fascinating to watch that raw ambition and creativity in the early days.. Great example to see of someone who has a vision and doesn’t give up on it.
  8. I don’t think these things you listed are about being stage red per se. Actually, I think this is more about developing healthy masculine traits and feeling more empowered as a woman. People in general who possess more feminine traits lack these positive masculine ones. If there is no balance then that is when you develop shadow feminine traits like lack of assertiveness and weak boundaries. You can be in stage red and still not possess these qualities you speak of. For example a stage red woman might have weak boundaries and be a doormat to an aggressive and abusive stage red man whilst she is also engaging in toxic behaviour. Then as she learns to stand up for herself and develops more strong boundaries I think especially for women these assertive qualities develop more in stage orange along with feminine empowerment. i grew up in a stage red environment and still didn’t learn assertiveness or how to deal with confrontation or standing up for myself. I was still misbehaving and rebelling against authority whilst being quiet as a mouse and having morals. But this also has to do with the fact my mother was very stage blue and also feared confrontation so she passed that on to us. what I suggest you do is read or listen to some positive, non-aggressive feminist podcasts etc. to help you with feeling more empowered as a woman and help you develop those masculine traits.
  9. Good, and yes, you are one of the biggest examples here and people look to you with a lot of authority/guide so would be nice if you would also take more responsibility for things you say. Especially in the dating section and with regards to women in particular. Infact, let’s be honest, one of the reasons for a lot of the drama going on there is because of things you’ve said which trigger the girls here. ? I’ve said it before many times, maybe I should move on and quit the forum for a while. would be nice to see the forum growing in a more loving direction. the forum is a reflection of you, so when you are seeing us as immature or causing drama, or saying vulgar things, it’s you too.
  10. Thanks. Well Tangerine Dream is a German electronic band from the 70s, and at the time I made this account my hair was a peach colour and I was listening to one of tangerine dreams albums.. lol
  11. It can both be true. I’m not trying to blame him, just calling out stuff he says. He makes a lot of claims about Women so don’t be surprised when women have something to say bout it lol
  12. Yes. Why do you think so many women fake orgasms? Because they aren’t turned on enough to be able to cum.
  13. Yes I agree with you here. It’s so hard for people to form any real connections these days, everyone seems so shallow, yet also not willing to put effort in a o getting to know someone, people treat eachother as disposable garbage. Mix all that in with the brains addiction dopamine, It’s the same way we are all addicted to social media. It’s not even about the sex or the relationships anymore, it’s only about the quick dopamine rush. That’s what makes porn so appealing. It’s easier and less effort. You don’t have to try and connect with someone. What I experienced in the past was when I just casually started to watch porn, it became a habit, and every night before bed it was like I had to watch porn, as casually as checking Facebook. I was single at the time, was finding it hard to meet people to form real connections with. I didn’t get any kind of connection or needs met from watching it though. it was just quick transaction. I actually started to recoil at the idea of sex with a real person. It seemed easier to watch porn.
  14. There is no point trying to convince him, he would rather blame the woman than face that his brain is hooked on the stimulation of porn.. I mean why not tell the woman what you want her to do in bed? Some girls are also inexperienced. It’s just stupid to blame someone else.