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  1. Without having much experience, I personally like this one.
  2. Currently reading The Law of One and watching Mindscience. The book is amazing (I will certainly reread it). I'm drawing all sorts of connections with other things. Specifically, there are bits and pieces concerning occultism and a few practices mentioned there. It was so weird when Ra mentioned them.
  3. I've been recently reading his books and find it really fun. Something else I also enjoy is that once you start delving more and more into these occult books you begin to form connections about things or people mentioned.
  4. How's it going man? Tell me you're keeping strong. If you're aren't take it up again!
  5. @Leo Gura Thank you for the insight. I will pursue ego-death.
  6. I have a question as well. The video has me quite troubled. I thought one of the purposes of pursuing Enlightenment was to alleviate yourself from the fear of death. A minute awakening experience of mine (while on surgery they had to stop my heart and let me turned off for some seconds. I felt the void and it was wonderful.) did indeed lessen my fear. However, I find it stressful to think that someone as Leo, who's had so many awakenings, still gets terrified from an experience such as this. I'm not trying to put him on the pedestal but you get my point. To the readers with more "intimate" awakenings: How do you fear death? (Does that make sense?) I've contemplated posting this comment. Of course I need to find out for myself. But still the thought lingers...