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  1. Humans used to eat far more roughage than we do today, everything from exotic forms of plants and roots we don't even consider food today, to bones and organ meats for certain nutrients, along with insects such as grasshoppers (which is in fact why they try to escape from us), which is why we have supplements today. Heck even many supposedly healthy plant based foods are fortified with vitamins, and milk has been fortified forever as have cereals. Salt has been fortified with iodine forever also. I would agree most supplements are not required, but some are, and if they aren't hurting anything I don't see the big deal. I think certain forms of medicine such as Chinese medicine are perhaps overlooked.
  2. Bloodwork isn't enough to test the heart, you should get an echo to check the size of your ventricles, see if your valves are working properly, etc. I have a bicuspid aortic value that regurgitates moderately. At some point it will need to be replaced. This can cause the symptoms you describe. You could also get a calcium CT score but if you are under 35-40 it's fairly pointless to do so. It could be thyroid, stress, any number of things. It might not even be heart related, it could be GERD, ulcers, gastritis, high sodium diet, mineral deficiencies, etc..... Stress causes many modern illnesses, but if you have a congenital issue, it's unlikely any amount of "acceptance" or other spiritual work will fix it.. for example Leo's thyroid issues, my bicuspid valve, type 1 diabetes, etc. Acceptance will allow you to be at peace with what is, which in itself helps. Resisting what is, creates stress...
  3. I don't necessarily think Trump is the best president and thought Obama was a good president but the left and their emotional instability scare me more, so I did vote for Trump again. (He would have won South Dakota anyways so it doesn't matter.) Also I'm not in support of them allowing these protesters to just burn away cities without arresting them and I don't agree with their whole "black lives matter" movement given most of these people who were shot by police were resisting arrest or doing foolish things to bring it on. Now they are talking about stacking the courts if they get elected. I just don't trust emotionally unstable people and the left as a whole seem quite unstable. Yes Trump is unstable too. Both parties are terrible, however I see the left in their current state as trying to undermine the system of checks and balances and take the power they want. I see them brainwashing people in college campuses and not allowing conservative opinion or any sort of political debate. It used to be about freedom of speech and coming to a consensus, now it's all about doing it their way or you are a racist, hater, and get ostracized from society. The polarization is just obnoxious. People act like whiny spoiled brats these days. Honestly I don't particularly care who wins, I'm more interested to see if Amendment A, the legalization of marijuana, passes in my state (South Dakota) I would really like the left to "be that which they wish to see in others" but that's not how I see the party.. I see them to be a dysfunctional, emotionally unstable mess that doesn't have a clear vision they are trying to project.. just "wear masks" and "allow protesting" along with preaching and moralizing to the masses about how racist and bigoted they are (when most of them really aren't) ...until they get some vision, I'll pick the party that is at least psychologically stable (minus their president) .. in the end I usually hope for gridlock.. that way neither party can get much done. Honestly I wish we had 3 or 4 viable parties like in other countries. I won't lose much sleep if Biden wins though. In the end the world won't come to an end either way. I just find stage greens emotionality to be... somewhat off-putting. I am curious to see what this emotionally unstable party would accomplish with Kamala at the wheel and both parties under their control and a stacked court. I would enjoy seeing the result just for curiosity sake.
  4. Here we are... all I really care about is checks and balances... I don't like it when a single group of people has too much power, no matter how well of intentions they think they have. If that means progress isn't as fast as some of the progressives would like, so be it. That said, there's a lot of things Europe does better than the US so eh, I'm open to new ideas and ways of doing things, but still mostly believe a majority consensus is important. That said being we have a global economy I think it's all kind of interconnected anyways... they benefit from our capitalism. We benefit from inexpensive Chinese labor. The system surely isn't perfect. I think someone as neutral as myself would make a good leader. I have no hidden agenda... I see myself more as a diplomat or ambassador.. I would do a good job getting 2 opposing sides to come to an agreement on things without emotional bias... What I see are stage greens that don't have any patience and want this socialist Utopian paradise and want it NOW, when that's simply not realistic. Many cultures the world over have a lot of growing to do on the spiral dynamics scale to be able to achieve that, and we shouldn't rush them. I always liked the Star Trek Prime Directive for a reason... This is the long version....
  5. You know what's so fun? Zelda, Breath of the Wild on a powerful PC using texture mods. Replaying Final Fantasy 10 HD steam version... Far Cry Primal... but I can't. I have different priorities now. I can revisit that stuff perhaps in a decade. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that in 10 years I'm going to have super powerful hardware to use and tons of new content to discover, that will likely surpass these two favorites of mine. No, I probably won't buy that 3080 or Big Navi... why tempt myself to game more? Winters are long and cold though.. I may set up some rule that allows me to game during certain time periods.. for example if the temperature is under 10 degrees F... that way at least I can set limits to make sure I don't backslide into addiction.
  6. They don't take life too seriously and can see things from another person's perspective without getting all butt-hurt by their opinion. It's actually possible to have this ability and be stage blue/orange/green, but it would be more common going up to yellow methinks. I try to accept all points of view and find the nuggets of truth in them if I can.
  7. I don't read 15 page threads and thus tend to be a "hit and run" poster but from what I have read it seems like most of this thread is bickering about things that don't really matter. Like I've said in other posts, "world events" are a distraction, and everyone here just confirms my statement. True growth is seeing how unreal all this is... why make it real? Were the true masters out there campaigning for causes? They lived by example... they didn't preach and moralize to others how wrong they are and engage in bickering. I have to believe listening to all of Leo's spiral dynamics videos that he is aware of this also. "world events" are ego candy. If you want ego candy for your dream, by all means eat away, stage green tards.
  8. Here's where I think much of the forum goes wrong.. trying to wake other people up via causes and preaching and moralizing to them... if you work on yourself, your higher vibration will naturally emanate to others. All these causes just serve to distract the ego, make it bigger, and fill it with negative emotions which doesn't help the cause in the end if you are all depressed and angry about the state of the world.... I get there's lots of stage greens here and that's fine... if you feel like you need to get all political and campaign for causes, I wish you well, but it's not the only path that can be taken... and if you are angry and depressed about the state of the world, I would ask yourself why... "world events" are a distraction. All of nature just Is... God Is... it's one reason I limit my time here.... for me it's a distraction.... it just gives me a bigger "spiritual ego."
  9. World events are a distraction.. I wouldn't try to change his mind... ever try to give anyone advice? Most people tend to resist it. Focus on your own goals. My father is big into the idea of Germany winning world war 2 (starting their own government run bank and eliminating all the existing privately run central banks of the time) and jews controlling the planet also, and I used to share his beliefs until I came to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter if they do or not. Many big breakthroughs in science have been by these "ashkenazi" bloodlines. They clearly possess above average intelligence. I give them credit for their achievements. He's also big into "How not to die" and plant based eating.. go figure from a guy who believes in a worldwide jewish conspiracy. He ignores that too much fructose in the diet can be harmful and just because sugar is "natural" such as from dates, doesn't mean you should eat half a bag. To him the book says chicken contains cancer viruses and dates are fine, so he won't ever eat chicken again. I'm not going to try to change his mind on anything. I love him and ultimately I'll let his experience be his guide. He is happy, has a stable girlfriend, and a good retirement though. He doesn't overindulge to begin with so he'll probably be fine. He's more open minded that most and we throw ideas back and forth to each other. I'm glad to have someone as open minded to deeper topics of conversation as he is. My mother browses godlikeproductions, a conspiracy forum. Likewise I can throw quite a bit of unusual shit her way. It's all in good fun though. Her husband (step father) believes in bible prophesy and "Jack Van Impe" is something they used to watch in year's past. It doesn't really matter what they believe as long as it isn't harming anyone else. They are happy together also. They don't take life too seriously, which is perhaps something most content people have in common.
  10. Some jobs are genuinely stressful. I find it's best to practice self acceptance of the stress.. my job is not really stressful most of the time I just have a stress prone brain wired to trigger the sympathetic nervous system more easily. It's a long process to reprogram this and exposure therapy is the best way to manage fear and anxiety... If the job really does push you to the bone... for example I hear they give UPS delivery drivers about 12 hours worth of deliveries and expect them to finish in 10, or you work at an amazon warehouse or somewhere that really pushes productivity, or they want overtime you don't want to work, I would quit. It's not worth it. Find an easier job that pays less, live a cheaper lifestyle. Move to a more boring part of the country and start over. Having a good network of friends or finding a way to cultivate playfulness within yourself is very important to psychological health also. Watch funny movies, not violent ones. Expose yourself to playful content, not stuff that makes you angry. Do things in your free time that strengthen the parasympathetic. I found Leo's "body awareness" video really stress relieving, the first part where he guides you to relax all your body parts. I know this is nothing new but for some reason the way he talked through it, and the rest of the video, was quite helpful.
  11. I enjoyed his video on libertarianism. It confirmed many things I suspected about the philosophy but couldn't put into words. He has a conspiracy video? I'll have to give it a watch, given I hold some beliefs that might be considered "conspiracy" though I fully admit it doesn't really matter if 9/11 was an inside job or not.. "world events" don't really matter, they are a distraction that fuels the ego, in my opinion. I still think some here on these forums hold positions that are too strong and dogmatic in some respects, and they'd be better served by relaxing a bit and realizing that they can't force the entire world to be like them, nor should they get upset if they can't. It does no good to "hate the haters."
  12. Dopamine stimulation and consumerism. Corporations play on our inbuilt biological drives and market products around them. This is especially true in the US where Hollywood, Media, and corporations sensationalize and play on our emotions even moreso than in foreign countries. It's one reason half the population thinks the world is 'going to hell' .. because they watch the news. All of it is based on Freud and Yung and evolved from much of their works. Give people what their inner ape inside wants... leo's video on the happiness spectrum correctly talks about the types of happiness that would be more worth pursuing, but really what makes something "worth" pursuing? Are we just kidding ourselves? Maybe the people who stuff themselves and watch Football all day have it right.... maybe most of us here are the neurotic ones and the "sheep" are the ones doing it right... something I ponder from time to time... Would you take the blue pill? I often ask myself that....
  13. The way I look at conspiracy theories, is it doesn't really matter if they happened or not... I personally think 9/11 was an inside job but I really don't care... it doesn't matter in my personal growth. Just a distraction from what I'm trying to accomplish in my life. I used to be into that conspiracy stuff more. The one mistake I think people make here in this forum is getting too caught up in world events... especially if they fill you full of negative emotions... they distract you from personal growth, unless you were put on this planet in this life to help others and fight for a cause, then by all means I wish you the best. As history is written by the victors, I do believe a lot of conspiracies end up being true. But again, it doesn't really matter what is true or not in our "history" ... it's done. I've learned in part thanks to Leo I'm too analytical for my own good. The biggest progress I've made has come in moments when I quiet the thinking mind and go into a complete state of mindful self acceptance of the present moment. From there I build my house on a solid foundation rather than one made of quicksand.
  14. We are animals. As a guy who believes in evolution first, you just have to look at the animal kingdom. Nature is not really pure and innocent. In reality the roots compete with each other for resources.. some trees are better equipped to handle an area than others. If you get a hard freeze in an area not equipped to handle it, massive amounts of plantlife can die. Lions kill zebras to eat. Nature basically recycles itself through a harmonious process that can appear from an outsider's perspective to be immoral. What human beings do is take nature and try to make it fair, like that song "The Trees" by Rush talks about. In my opinion nature is amoral.. it's only our human perception that gives it morality, and since everyone is developing at their own pace, I don't sweat the so called bad things that happen in society nor do I worry about waking other people up. If a human being acts "evil" it's because their brain chemistry is fucked up. Chances are they might not even like the person they are and wish they could take the "blue pill" .. Leo posted a great video on psychopaths vs sociopaths vs narcissists.... I suggest watching that one and related videos to get an understanding of human psychology. Our brains are complex and it doesn't take much for them to get messed up with such a complex species. These are the people who have no remorse for what they do.... so they are wired that way, sometimes from birth. The media takes the worst cases and bombards them with you daily, which is why I recommend limiting how much news and media you consume. It really makes the world seem worse than it is, when in reality our species has never been more peaceful and tolerant in it's history.
  15. Pretty dry material for most of the video but provides more evidence that the progressives simply run with this pandemic stuff as though it's gospel and think anyone who disagrees is flat out wrong and immoral, and they seem to think we should lock down the entire world for a year over a virus that mostly affects the elderly. There in fact some very powerful corporate interests that are making a killing off the reaction to the virus. I'm not staunchly anti-mask but I like to keep an open mind. It's easy to use the media to manipulate people. See this much better video (not related to covid) that talks about that... BBC documentary that has 4 total parts, the first 3 in particular are quite good. These guys were the pioneers of modern psychology...