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  1. I just found this content creator tonight and was looking for his chart and this forum popped up in google search, lol. By his definition I have an intellect at level 8 with an emotional/limbic response as low as level 1. Having the intellectual understanding of how I (and everyone else) respond to stimuli but having the cravings, impulses, or emotions control you and take you down a selfish, hedonistic route is obvious something that is harder to master for some rather than others. I know what I need to do, it's a matter of doing it and breaking the addictions. We are all genetic computer software shaped by DNA and culture. I would argue there's not much free will, even among people who have access to this content... they are still being "programmed" by a particular philosophy... who's to say that philosophy is "right" ... one's feelings? The release of oxytocin from a bonding reaction or using shrooms? Logic would dictate radical true love rules all, but in a matrix like this universe with these natural laws including evolution and natural selection, our species would eventually go extinct with such a philosophy. Ultimately it takes all types to drive a specie's evolution especially homo sapiens. Natural selection is savage and doesn't care about a specie's overall morality, if it's successful and passes on it's DNA to subsequent generations. His more recent videos go into why "doing whatever you want without anyone judging you" can lead to cultural collapse. Spoiler alert he references a lot of stuff regarding terms that aren't necessarily very popular among people here. I myself have gotten warned on this forum for posting about this stuff. Free speech is not free. I mean, given his youtube username is "hoe_math" it shouldn't be that surprising his content would have some of this. Honestly, it looks like he's using spiral dynamics to promote "that" type of material, if you get my drift... .that matrix reference we can't talk about. Still, his first video posted by the op was quite informative. Will strive to continue growing my aspie brain. Just another tool in the toolbox to try and understand this constructed reality, the known universe, this dimension, whatever it is, whoever created it, along with why we are here, probably just a video game for some energetic intelligence. Who knows.
  2. New evidence suggests that a lot of rental firms are using the same app known as "Realpage" that suggests rent prices and that this could be a stealth form of collusion, despite vacancy rates going up the price of rentals has not come down. The government agencies have been investigating. What's insane to me is that one investment corporation would own 85,000 apartment units. Is this consolidation of wealth into the hands of giant corporations going to pose ever more growing problems going forward?
  3. The problems of wealth concentrating have been with us through most of civilized human history. The "middle class" is a relatively recent thing. There's no easy or perfect system to manage human nature, much less monetary policy. Here's another documentary on fractional reserve debt based banking: 24:30 in the video explains why the debt goes up at an annualized percentage rate, and will keep going up forever. By 2050 I would estimate the US National debt will be somewhere around $100-125 trillion and the purchasing power of the dollar will be probably 25% of what it is now, assuming the system doesn't implode by then. The fix for the interest problem is actually zero or negative rates, but that creates problems of it's own. It's all quite complicated and not even those who run the banking system have full control of outcomes, because of the chaos and entropy built into life itself and of course human nature, our genetic wiring.
  4. Depends on the total out of pocket costs in your market. From 1950 to 2005 and again from 2010-2020 houses were reasonably affordable and in decent supply where the market between buyers and sellers was balanced. Now houses are what I would call "overpriced" where it's a seller's market and are not even worth buying unless you have significant cash saved up for the down payment, say from your parent's net worth. I've never been one to enjoy chasing scarcity or getting in bidding wars with individuals who are so desperate to own something. People think it's bad in the US when it's worse in many other nations. It's to the point where homes may never be affordable again in some countries. Where I live the cost to rent is less than half compared to buying at the moment. I was looking to buy but at current pricing I've basically decided not to participate in the system. I still have a bit of emotional charge (negative feelings) on government overspending, modern monetary theorists, quantitative easing, and the whole bailout mentality. I believe they should allow deflation and liquidation events. This monetary policy the west has adopted since 2008 concentrates wealth up to the top 10% and inflates asset bubbles that don't really help the lower and middle classes.
  5. Watch red pill content to unwire the "provider male" conditioning in your brain. SSM has some good stories. You don't want to be the first to say "I love you" and put her on a pedestal and let her have you wrapped around your finger. You might have "mommy issues" which is the male equivalent to a woman having daddy issues. There's nothing rational about romantic relationships... they are mostly based on evolutionary impulses. You can study our psychology to distill down our traits but for normies that spoils the "mystery" and the "fun."
  6. If you are able to sleep for 6 hours, meaning your nervous system is healthy with good parasympathetic activation, it doesn't really matter as much if you maintain a consistent schedule. Even with a fixed bedtime there are some who suffer from insomnia for various reasons but most of them involve nervous system overstimulation.
  7. Honestly I got tired of listening to both sides peddle their cult mania. The ones trying to force the vaccine were the ones who lit the match though. It's human nature to want to resist authority figures forcing you to do things. Honestly I've gotten like 5 or 6 covid shots by now and I'm fine. I get them with the yearly flu shot, but I was one who heavily criticized the masks and mandates, especially as it was clear that this virus wasn't particularly lethal. However, it will cause far more inflammation than it's vaccine will, and the anti-vax crowd is being fed a pile of misinformation by their right wing media sources. One of the major problems with social media is the polarization created by content creators who monetize people's emotions. Both sides took their polarized positions and began the attack like monkeys, each so insistent they were in the right. Dance puppets! There was also lots of pressure by people in government jobs who wanted to get paid to sit around and do nothing. Let's be honest here. Quite a bit of psychological damage was done to adolescents from the lockdowns in the school systems, something many of us predicted, but we were too worried about the morbidly obese and people in nursing homes, in which the lockdowns did little to help anyways. Damage was done to the supply chain, not only causing inflation from handing out money without an increase in economic output, but from producing input shortages from industries deemed "not essential" stopping production. Combined with the already underbuilding of homes in the 2010's and it was the perfect storm for the current housing price crisis. Now starter homes are being priced at $300K due to pandemic lumber and copper costs. I don't really blame anyone... people did what they thought was a good idea at the time, and used their emotions in a lot of their decision making processes. It was also big money printing scheme in disguise. The central banks in late 2019 had problems in the repo markets and had to restart QE. The pandemic gave them an excuse to print to oblivion, and they took advantage of it. Here in 2024 they are printing more than ever, with no signs of stopping, so don't hold cash dollars. Cash is trash. Stay invested. Stay in debt. Our government is in the process of debasing the US dollar with it's excessive government deficit spending, and it's only a matter of time before the bond auctions yield poor results, and rates rise to the point where the Federal Reserve restarts QE. Inflation and stagflation will be here to stay, because in my opinion they won't allow deflation... they won't create any laws to keep the middle class afloat, and wealth will continue to concentrate upward as the rich buy all the assets.
  8. It's a fine goal but we still have our genetic limitations that get in the way. We shall see if we can overcome our own nature or not. Doing something like this will likely involve various levels of discomfort... changing people's cultural values to "evolve" them to what the state deems is "good behavior" ... hopefully they achieve a nice balance between personal liberty and control so we aren't controlled to the point where we stifle human creativity. There's also the matter of natural selection... stage green values tend to be incompatible with the harsh laws of evolution that run this physical reality, so it will be interesting to see them try to integrate all these variables. In nature, the Lions will still keep eating the Gazelles. These same instincts are wired into us. Good luck suppressing them.
  9. I like Orgain plant based powder because it can be mixed in just water and still have thickness and good flavor/mouth feel. Whey proteins are objectionable to me mixed only in water. I use orgain powder as a self contained snack on breaks at work. Mix with cold water and enjoy. Currently on sale at costco for a couple more days. I've found the more I use plant proteins the more I enjoy them. I don't particularly enjoy whey protein. When I want high protein that's not a powder, I use cans of costco canned chicken (drained because they add sodium phosphate to it) $2 per can in store price for around 45 grams of protein per can... not too bad. As for a "quality car" I like toyotas because I love Japan's conservative mentality where they focus on build quality and longevity. I have a 2012 Camry with the V6 engine that at 140,000 miles is not even halfway through it's life. If I was to buy a vehicle now I'd get a 2020-2024 lightly used Camry Hybrid and then get a comma 3x unit for it's self driving capabilities. These vehicles are bombproof.. the transmissions are very simple and will outlast the batteries, just about every component will last forever, and the batteries are warrantied at 10 years/150K miles and typically last much longer. I care little for status symbol items that the unwashed masses by to show off, but to each their own. People incarnate on this planet to experience the variety that comes along with the capitalist consumption hamster wheel. There's no right or wrong to it, it just is. DNA and culture program us to like what we like.
  10. I had the opposite problem... I got insomnia and an overstimulated nervous system. All the content peddlers said to take magnesium... didn't help. I recently figured out that adding in calcium (in the form of calcium citrate) fixed the insomnia. Especially in people who don't eat dairy, added calcium important... basically it's this setup: 800MG/day calcium citrate 400MG/day magnesium citrate 200 mcg/day Vitamin K2 MK/7 1000+ IU/day Vitamin D3 3-5MG of Boron Make sure you are getting calcium in your diet. It's not something mentioned much by today's longevity content peddlers. It's the missing ingredient in those who take D3, Magnesium, K2.... D3 and Magnesium by themselves gives people insomnia. The body uses calcium to make tryptophan which is used to make melatonin.
  11. My last addiction is still video games and screens, LOL. Habit change can be gradual. Set aside an hour each day to be mindful, to practice purposed relaxation. Sit in an empty room, do nothing, and observe the cravings that arise as your body is addicted to it's habitual state of arousal. I now have 2 videos to remind myself what I need to be doing that open when my web browser opens... despite the clickbait nature of the titles and screenshots they are actually good videos. Key takeaway from second video... just because something is "relaxing" doesn't mean it clears your "allostatic load" ... think hours binge watching TV series... you actually release cortisol and stress hormones engaged in stimuli like screens.
  12. Seems like it's a combination of factors... large numbers of old baby boomers taking from social programs, still living in their homes, low birth rates, underbuilding of real estate, allowing people to "invest" in residential real estate, foreign investment, turning homes into rentals and AirBNBs. Housing is the real problem as far as costs go. I see lots of people spend money recklessly and they always have. A lot of items people don't have to overpay for, they choose to pay what is being asked.. that's on them. If people had impulse control and said "no" when something is being overcharged, the price would come down. If you own the latest $1200 iphone and then converse with me about how tight finances and living costs are... likewise if you have heated steering wheels on your $50K+ vehicle. You did that to yourself. I think there's too much emphasis on supporting the top and bottom and no political party anymore represents the middle. What really hurts morale where I work are the 5% of employees who abuse paid FMLA to get months per year off, and they never get fired for it, or the work from home types who hardly have any actual work to do. The average person who actually shows up for work is busting their butt for crap wages. If they are talking about lacking productivity why don't they start with the FMLA/disability users and work from home types, and maybe cut CEO and upper management pay and give more of it back to the employees. It may also be because much of the boomer's world was built on foreign low wage labor, and many of those nations are trying to improve their living standards, so we can't live like kings in our western nations as other nations try to modernize and strengthen their middle classes.
  13. There has to be something in our genetic makeup that craves adventure and excitement especially women's genetic makeup, because it makes no sense to have everything provided for you, have a loving husband and family, and yet still want to die. It seems like our genetics are wired to want what we don't have, seek novelty, variety, adventure, and have "grass is always greener" syndrome along with a sense of purpose. If we do the same thing long enough or don't feel like we are "contributing to the tribe" we get depressed. I know many here don't subscribe to genetic reasonings behind behavior but to me genetics are everything, and if we could learn to distill every piece of DNA down to it's constituent function, eventually we could reverse engineer every behavior pattern and drive our species have and the reason behind it from an evolutionary perspective, and then do genetic engineering to make the perfect human being, free from our evolutionary shackles. Our brains are habit forming machines too and if a person gets stuck in the same pattern of thinking unable to escape thought thought/habit and emotion/reaction loops... I do think it's a bit silly to obsess over other people wanting to take their own lives. If you're not willing to fix them, let them take their lives. There's 8 billion people on this planet... the planet won't miss one. As others have mentioned, there is a component where people are "too comfortable" in life and you present them a life wrapped in bubble wrap with no challenge... or they are like my sister and spend their entire lives on government disability which enables them to never leave it, to never push themselves.... one of the areas I believe leftists go wrong, thinking that all "discomfort" should be eliminated from life, and that you can save everyone... that simply goes against the laws of nature. Trying to coddle and spoil people makes them hypersensitive and more prone to psychological conditions in some cases. Sometimes you just need to be thrown to the wolves and learn how to fend for yourself... in the long run that makes for a healthier species.
  14. I like Lizi's stuff. Zeitgeist. A few standalone videos as well... also diddly. ASMR must be done with headphones, if you are not familiar with it... the higher quality the better, such as a pair of Sennheiser open back or equivalent. Here is one of the older ASMR videos that really started it all...
  15. Could be anything really... microplastics, pesticides, drug use, smoking, eating lots of charred and burnt meat, pollutants in our food supply, stress. Personally I believe the main driver is obesity. They should measure the BMI of everyone getting these diseases. Our level of bodyfat is unprecedented compared to any time in evolutionary history. Also, many more people used to smoke in the past than they do now. My grandmother lived until 85 smoking 2 packs a day and she was never a person I would call "playful" either though she craved drama and worked hard. She was thin and stayed generally active despite her smoking. Genetics has a role, letting people breed who have sub-optimal genetics because we want to be compassionate, the society of coddling people, but mostly it's people are fat and don't move. It's really that simple. Anyone who chews tobacco is at enhanced risk of cancer of the mouth and throat as chewing tobacco is FAR worse than smoking it. Every single person I've known who is a long time chewer develops precancerous growths in their mouth... so if you are reading this, don't be a fucking idiot... stop chewing tobacco. Smoke it if you must. The synthetic polymer problem is not really anything anyone has really thought about yet... it's not just microplastics in food, but on clothing and fabrics that doesn't just end up as dryer lint, but often ends up in the air. There's no easy solution to this. Where I work I breathe in a cellulose based fiber called "lenzing" as part of my job... I often wonder if it's bad for me long term and I should find a different machine to work on. "Lenzing™ fibres are man-made from natural wood cellulose molecules derived from renewable sources and are eco-consciously manufactured with innovative and sustainable processes. At the end of their lifecycle, Lenzing™ fibres are fully biodegradable."