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  1. All I know is that the democrat party in the US has burnt bridges with me, and it's not because of conspiracy theories.. the media constantly tells half truths and lies, has a bias towards a narrative they promote, and the ruling class constantly break the rules they make for everyone else and almost flaunt that they do this. I don't believe spiritual growth necessarily means adopting progressive values if the people with those values believe the ends justify the means which many of them do in the US. We have much more toxic stage green here than in other countries. Playing dictator to force people to assimilate to your value system is not something I believe in. Lying to achieve an objective is not a valid approach from where I stand. Nor is cherry picking the parts of the story you want to promote. I've come to see a healthy assimilation of all the spiral dynamics stages is more healthy than person who is radically indoctrinated to believe in one stage. The ability to see things from multiple perspectives is very important. The ability to take criticism is important. The ability to question oneself and one's beliefs is important. I get the impression that many progressives want to spare people from this hard emotional labor and just tell them what to think... assimilate them to be radical greenies from a young age. I wouldn't have grown to the extent I have if I hadn't walked through all the shit I have in life... if I didn't have the ability to see things from a blue/red/orange perspective.
  2. My father's girlfriend coddled his son and always makes excuses for why he can't be independent and thus he's 41 years old living with his grandma working part time. My one big criticism of stage greenies is they've forgotten the concept of tough love and emotional labor.. I mean Leo mentions emotional labor in his videos and yet we live in a culture where more and more people preach equity and want to coddle everyone and umbrella parent all of society. It's not healthy. The most healthy children come from having a strong father figure and mother figure in the family. When either is missing, the kid is not raised on a optimal setting. I'm not saying kids can't turn out well with a single parent, especially if that parent has strong masculine and feminine traits, but it's not ideal or optimal. It would actually be healthier for the child if they were raised with parents that were hard on them and caused them to leave the house early and become independent versus a household where they are coddled so much they never leave, in my opinion. The harder the life, the more bullshit one goes through, the greater capacity for growth. Hardship creates growth opportunities.
  3. That's very location dependent. Housing costs vary wildly right now as do rental costs even from city to city based on supply and demand. I pay $750/month in rent while making around $30/hour and can easily get by in my situation, but I live in South Dakota. You can find employers now that will pay more than $20/hour starting around here, but you'll likely have to work full time. Looking at Rentals in Tucson AZ, I'd say it may be doable, especially if you get a roommate. There are rentals that are alright in the $700 range there.
  4. Evolution of DNA occurs constantly. Read the book Evolution 2.0. Good read. If you don't use it you will lose it. Things we can expect... weaker immune systems from being in more sanitary environments, more pale, easy to burn skin from more time inside and use of sunscreens, changes in the shapes of our feet due to the use of shoes, and likely more and more loss of hair over time as we don't spend lots of time in cold environments outside. Larger brains and higher IQs over time. Better control of our animal impulses over time, as they are no longer necessary to propagate the species to the degree they were. We'll also likely lose our keen senses over time as we spend less time requiring them for survival. All this changes if we start to genetically engineer though... or even if all we did was copy the DNA of modern humans to preserve a lot of our positive traits like our acute senses. 100 years from now we'll likely be able to customize our children with any variety of traits. DNA is really just complex computer code created by some intelligence we are not aware of.
  5. I got the vaccine but clips like this make me not feel overly confident about the decision. I'm just joking.. I've done my DD on mRNA vaccines and don't fear the Moderna shot I got. My mother is staunchly anti-vaccine because she visits Godlikeproductions a lot and has swallowed a lot of the anti-vaccine Kool aid. My father hasn't gotten it either as he eats plant based and believes the high amount of anti-oxidants in his diet will be enough. I don't really care and don't push it on people. Get it or not.
  6. I feel sorry for you that you don't see any beauty in this world, that you only see the negative. That kind of karma will almost ensure you will be back here again. It's the trap many in this forum fall into I notice... they can't get past what they perceive to be the bad state that the world and humanity are in, and can't make that leap to radical acceptance. You'll have other chances.... peace and love. I'm working on trying to integrate all spiral dynamics levels in a healthy manner myself. It's a process.
  7. I have nothing against vaccines and got my second Moderna shot back on April, but one should take into consideration that the idea that the unvaccinated aren't necessarily harming people, that the virus is most likely to mutant among the vaccinated group, because it will be looking for ways to adapt to the vaccine. An organism will take the path of least resistance unless it has to adapt for some reason, it's basic science. If an invader comes upon force, it will look for tactics to try to get past the defenses. Plain, basic law of nature and evolution. If the virus is getting killed by the vaccine, it's among the vaccinated new strains will emerge. I believe the virus is here to stay, and as a society we will have to learn to accept it and get on with life, and I just have to say, I am done with masks and will not spend the rest of my life with a mask on. I don't care what any progressives think about it. It's not going to happen. I think it's a form of psychological abuse to expect that out of an entire planet, to expect kids in masks at school all day long, forever? For the next 100 years? No. Just no. I will not comply. My kids will not comply. I'll take natural selection and take my chances. You do realize doing that would just make the immune system less able to defend itself over time and we'd end up with the same problem. If you don't use it, you're going to lose it. It's the same reason people in third world countries tend to have much more hardy immune systems that can withstand the garbage they have to eat and drink compared to modern countries. In the end, natural selection is going to win out at least until we get the technology to play God and re-write the rules, which will come in time.
  8. All I've seen is from youtube videos of people who traveled there. Seems like a dystopian society to me. Information is heavily controlled to control the population. I mean, life as a whole is what you perceive it to be, and you don't miss what you don't have. It's easy for westerners to sit outside and judge, but when you're dealing with a nation that monitors every app you have on your phone and makes you use their own custom operating system, well it doesn't seem like a system to me that would encourage self discovery or personal growth.
  9. I was tempted to start a thread here asking people what they think of equity. Do people think giving equal outcome without equal effort is a healthy solution to cultural problems? I haven't spend a ton of time here yet but enough time to know there's lot of progressives with ideologies I don't necessarily agree with but that's alright.
  10. You don't need to give everything up, in fact giving everything up may be counterproductive because you're still going to carry an ego and DNA that has basic cravings to have Maslow's Heirarchy of needs met. The reality is there really are no rules for this simulation. If you reincarnate back here it's inconsequential. Just live your life and try to bring as much happiness to yourself and others as you can. The way you perceive the world will determine the frequency at which you vibrate. Make the dream real and pine about all the "suffering" in the world and that is the frequency you will emanate. Choose to see the good in others and practice radical acceptance and forgive our human failings, having to incarnate into a primitive species with a lot of primitive animal drives, and that is the vibe you will put out. Literally anything you do in life, your interactions with others, you have a chance to learn, improve yourself, undo karma, or create more karma, depending on your reaction. I've turned my real life into an RPG game of sorts, as I gradually give up time wasting distractions like video games.. my reactions determine whether my character advances or regresses, as do habits and other things.
  11. For what it's worth, burn cycles are a natural part of forests in the western part of the United States. They are bound to occur, and have always occurred. They are part of the natural life cycle of a forest. Until we start seeding clouds and producing rain, burns will be around.
  12. Live minimalist. Consume less. One irony of the elites is they want us to be more green, yet still need us to consume because without liquidity and economic activity they can't afford all these social programs, so they will still demonize savers and promote consumption at the cost of carbon emissions.
  13. Agreed. The overly judgmental demeanor here is one reason I haven't embraced this place. It's more of a gathering ground for socialists to pine about how everyone doesn't think like they do and brag about their supposed stage green superiority. Of course I acknowledge my own politics don't really make me happy or help my growth. Politics is inherently divisive by it's nature, and holding one's political beliefs as superior is inherently egotistical. The progressives in the US give the vibe of being neurotic and emotionally unstable, blaming society for self created problems and projecting their unhappiness onto others. That's not to say conservatives don't have their own problems.. but the truth is a grey area to me, it's not left or right.
  14. It fulfills Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It's hard to focus on higher spiritual pursuits when you are lacking in your base needs. It's much easier for a typical man to practice tolerance, acceptance, kindness, and selflessness when he finds his "twin flame" ... at least this is the case for many men. It helps you grow.. all interactions do in my opinion. It helps if she is more mature and deeper versus pop culture indoctrinated of course and not overly materialistic or shallow. Our DNA is wired to want that connection.
  15. Intellectual knowledge is not the same as getting your emotional animal (limbic) brain along for the ride, or getting the learning incorporated into daily habits (the subconscious mind) ... a basic premise of personal development and mentioned by Leo in many videos... intellectual knowledge is not substitute for practical experience. The experience and the repetition gets that programming into the part of your brain that is impulsive and acts on habit. My intellect might have lots of stage yellow "beliefs" while my subconscious still has lots of revenge and anger thoughts from past traumas. Getting through those is the "emotional labor" that Leo talks about. His video on addictions and his video on how to deal with strong negative emotions, where you just sit there and feel them without letting them control you, while changing your mind about the whole scenerio... takes time, not easy, especially the older you get....