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  1. Say want you want about Musk he exposes human nature for all to see. Forget about left vs right vs this group or that group, the predominant group in power will use suppression and censorship to get the masses to try to do what they say, and it's obvious the democrats and the left also do it. It could be called the ends justifying the means, and NO, the ends doesn't justify the means. Just because you think conservatives are evil, doesn't give you the right to do whatever it takes to stop or silence them. If you think this, you are dangerous, period. You are no better than your opposition. Many here are just as brainwashed with leftist dogma as the right are with conservative dogma, and I acknowledge that. Any strong ego position for any position is in effect just programming. The ultimate reality just is, and requires no trying to bully and pressure others into compliance. What I dislike about leftists in the US in politics, they think the ends justify the means. Not all of them of course, these are generalizations... and human nature. If Musk can expose how people censor things to protect their herd, all the better. Yeah, he's a bit of an unusual character, but most social misfits are (aspies, autists, etc)
  2. I consider myself to be fairly moderate. There are plenty of conservative leaning people into personal development. I won't be bullied by the liberals who sometimes appear to have this superiority complex I've noticed. That's to be expected though because stage green is still going to be subject to collectivism. It takes tier 2 thinking to transcend that, and I'm not saying I'm tier 2.. I'd rather not give myself a label because I don't want to develop this inflated spiritual ego. It would be more accurate that I can see a blending of many stages in myself, including blue and some red. Do I see many highly developed conservative commentators? Not many, I'll be honest. There are more on the liberal side, but many (most) liberals still come off as having their own fundamentalist collectivist belief system from my perception... again, just part of being a green. I listen to Mark Belling out of Milwaukee for my conservative commentary, and don't agree with him but find him mostly a straight shooter. I come across more average everyday people in real life that are more developed, people who don't subscribe to politics or try to fit themselves into a box. Genetics, upbringing, luck, culture, so many factors to it. Being 2 hours into Leo's conservative video, he's a straight shooter on the subject. Respect.
  3. There are bad apples in every profession. Often bad cops can push out the good cops. Part of human nature. It's our job to find them, but sometimes we are complacent or the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Seems like this is universally true in every country... they are varying degrees of corrupt, of course the lower the spiral dynamics stage of a nation, the more concerned you usually have to be with their populace in general, with a few exceptions.
  4. To me traditional conservatism is about embracing the eudimonic aspect of life, if you watch Leo's older video on the happiness spectrum. When I think of "liberal" I think of rampant hedonism, people who like to experiment with drugs, have wild sex, party, and chase short term dopamine hits over long term goals. They want to be lazy, sit around, get paid to do nothing by the government. The reality is that these are black and white definitions and the truth is somewhere in the middle and more blurred. It takes self discipline to not chase hedonism. I know plenty of "conservatives" (or more accurately said "republicans") that chase hedonism, so my definitions are just a perception, and much like language, imprecise. My father and I are are both very environmentally conscious and go out of our way not to waste food and energy, and we both tend to be more frugal with our money. Most republicans I know are anything but.. they blow all their money, buy fancy carbon emitting toys, live paycheck to paycheck. How do you define a conservative? I know a lot of liberals who are picky eaters and will go to a buffet and throw away half the food on their plate, must have the temperature just so and will pay to keep it that way, among other things. What of the wealthy people flying private jets while they preach about climate change and carbon emissions? I always say talk is cheap. Look at what someone does, not what they say, and then forgive them, because they are only human. Should we be regulating what people can and can't do for their own good? Each "side" (two sides of the same coin) wants to tell people what to do, how to live their lives. Culture is a living, breathing, constantly changing entity. The base argument comes down to order versus chaos. What should people be allowed to do, what shouldn't they be allowed to do? How much power should one person be able to have over another? I'd say the terms "liberal" and "conservative" should not be linked with "democrat" or "republican" because there are plenty of each in both these parties. There are infinite perspectives. I hate being told I must pick only 2 options. I don't want to part of a herd, collectivist mindset. Maybe it's good to keep the sheep thinking they have a choice, but it doesn't work for me. I enjoy consuming Leo's content in Audio form during a relaxing, 45 minute drive each way to Sioux Falls on I-29, so I might just plan an impromptu Costco run just to enjoy his newest content.
  5. When spiritual teachers become too caught up in the trees over the forest is where they lose their way in my opinion. David Hawkins in many of his books such as "healing and recovery" will mention that once you advance enough in your calibrated level of consciousness things that used to affect you no longer will. If you are doing this work correctly, you are not worrying about what color shirt you are wearing, because it's trivial and doesn't matter. You become immune to things that used to affect you, because you see they no longer matter in the way you used to think.
  6. Trump may end up fracturing the republican party because some of his followers simply won't give up and move on. The amusing thing about his most hardline supporters to me is how they are all anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists despite the fact Trump has taken the vaccines and boosters and promoted them as safe. I'd say they need to push a Desantis/Noem ticket as their best chance of winning. I don't care if they win or not though. Like Leo said in part 2 of his video on the left, the republicans would at least present some value if they promoted fiscal conservatism, but most of their base are modern monetary theorists who want to use the central banks to do more QE and keep pumping asset bubbles and overspending. As it stands what do republicans actually bring to the table? They want to ban abortion and pot. Yawn. Trump killed his chances by saying he'd dig up things on Desantis. He's done now. It's time for his base to move on.
  7. Read this thread. It's not mine but good advice. It's perfectly possible to be totally content doing nothing in life with the right perspective and mindset. Jed McKenna mostly lives that type of lifestyle with his small group of followers. That guy strikes me as a guy who would have been an incel had he not reached the void state and come back to talk about it and write books about it. I don't think he actually reached true enlightenment as described by David Hawkins by the way... seems to me his books talk about the path of intellect, which David Hawkins calls "the void." It's also mentioned by Gary Renard.. the state of no mind versus the state of oneness. The line between someone who has "success" and someone who doesn't really isn't that obvious, and much of it is a mind game. A person can be quite rich and quite unhappy. Look at how many wealthy celebrities end up overdosing and dying. Mindset is the first big thing to work on. Habits are the next. Leo has so many videos on this subject... the happiness spectrum is one of the best... you can be happy with hedonism but as you get older will you be able to stay content that you spent your life chasing hedonism over eudimonia? That's the tricky question. Does it really matter what you do? Bottom line, it matters to you.
  8. I use credit cards because in theory debit cards it's easier for a thief to drain your account balances. Credit cards are unsecured debts. In practice you are mostly protected from all forms of fraud, but I have never had a problem of controlling my spending. I've never actually been in debt at the age of 40 besides mortgage debt. I've never had to check my bank account balance to make sure there's enough money in there. I use an ATM only card along with my credit cards. I can use it to draw cash to a daily limit without worrying about the account being emptied by someone. It IS good to build credit when young. Get a credit card, pay it off every month.
  9. I'd say condescending can be good in measured doses. I work with someone where we've both helped each other grow through blunt, honest observation of one another. I have an ego that can be whiny, entitled, and defensive, as does he, and we both poke at each other's egos as a way to try to break them down. People are going to say things you don't want to hear. Discomfort is a part of life. When typical men, the type of men women love to be with, are bullshitting with each other, it's really a form of therapy for the ego. It helps a person learn to not take things so seriously, get butt hurt over little things, lower their defenses, and be relaxed and playful, which is what life should be about... confident playfulness. Most personal development gurus can come off this way to one degree or another. Like Gary Renard's masters said in his original book... they're not there to coddle you... your approval of what they have to say is NOT required. If you are so upset, ask yourself why you are upset... is it your ego defenses? For me the best growth comes when I ditch all the defenses and psychological barriers and just dive head first into an activity and if I screw it up, fuck it... get up and try again.
  10. The humor becomes more subtle because addiction to lower level emotions of Tier 1 living become less prevalent. The bipolar and manic emotional swings that come along with excessive attachment to the mind are replaced with a more balanced peace of mind that comes with present moment awareness and being, generally speaking.
  11. The body's alkalinity is maintained through breathing and carbon dioxide levels in the body. Diet has little to nothing to do with it. I would say follow a balanced diet that isn't extreme and doesn't make you overthink or fuel your ego too much thinking you must overly micromanage your diet which isn't really necessary, and use common sense. There's no one size fits all diet...everyone's body prefers slightly different food groups. I'd say a Mediterranean diet is probably best. The single most important things to do for a healthy body are address stress levels, toxic thinking, and lose weight if you are overweight. Also, coffee is generally good for you, so no need to give it up. Get a V60, burr grinder, a gooseneck kettle, scale, and learn what excellent freshly ground coffee tastes like.
  12. I never used skin products or even washed my face with soap until I discovered retinoids (tretinoin) ... I would argue less is more when it comes to skin care. Just use sunblock and don't go out of your way to tan or burn your face with UV rays. If you don't have any major problems like acne or dry skin, don't introduce genetic cleaners or moisturizers you don't really need. If you must, retinoids combined with a basic moisturizer are by far the most effective.
  13. I wouldn't eat highly processed, charcoal grilled, or heavily smoked meats on a daily basis. I would argue eating beef once a week is perfectly healthy. The main damage from meats come from how they are cooked combined with what they are eaten with. Lots of carbs and fat in the same meal can cause problems long term. Basically use common sense. Everyone reacts optimally to different diets based on genetics and blood type.
  14. Bar none the best thing for facial skin is a combination of tretinoin, moisturizer such as cerave, and a sunscreen in the summer months such as P20 kids cream. You can order genetic tretinoin pretty cheap from online pharmacies. For best value get the .05% or .1% and dilute it with cerave when applying. You don't want to start out with .1% undiluted. Do your DD. You apply once every 2-3 days before bed at first and don't overdo it. You build up gradually over time. See reddit's skincareaddiction subreddit for more details or google. Basically we're talking about retinoids here. Apply sunblock to your face, for life. Tanning and burning age skin more than any other activity. It might make you look good when young but you will suffer the affects of increasing aging as you get older.
  15. Making music, understanding the language of music, or musical theory, is something a person could spend a lifetime trying to do. It's a worthy endeavor and a way to be artistic, but as far as monetizing it, it would take considerable practice to get good enough. The people who are content creators, rather than content consumers, usually spend thousands of hours on their craft, as Leo can attest. Leo's already become master of the game for the most part... seems to me he could dabble in a few side hobbies, but to dedicate himself to making really good music starting from scratch would take considerable time that could be used learning other skills. It's all in what he feels like doing in this playground. The sky is the limit. Here's a master of his game: