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  1. Heavy metals really aren't as big a thing as is made out to be unless you eat a ton of fish. I would be careful not to get caught up playing "Doctor Google" like I did and spending too much time in health forums. Most people's chronic health problems are actually stress related. I know mine were. I manifested all sorts of phantom symptoms caused by stress. Gastroparesis caused by stress. GERD. Phantom heart attack symptoms. Headaches and migraines. If you are young you probably don't need any bloodwork done for any particular items, especially if you are not overweight. If you are older, you can test kidney and liver function, check your cholesterol, check your A1C levels for signs of pre-diabetes, thyroid function, and check your bloodwork for signs of anemia.
  2. I got the bivalent booster a couple weeks ago. I've done a lot of back and forth studying data by the vaccine conspiracy theorists and the conclusion I've come too from observing people around me in real life... nobody around me or in my area or social circle has croaked from the mRNA vaccines, but a number of unvaccinated or undervaccinated people have gotten nasty cases of covid that have lingered for some time afterwards. At this point in my life I prefer to go by real life experience over hearsay because talk is cheap and I don't trust basically anyone as an authority on anything. Being I am a science geek and have that science programming installed in my brain, to me it makes sense to subject the body to a little bit of inflammation from the covid vaccine spike protein over risking a potential mega-dose of inflammation from getting covid itself. There's a lot of reasons the spike proteins produced in the vaccines are going to be less harmful than the ones allowed to roam the body unchecked with a full infection. I'm not going to paste a bunch of links. Do your own DD. As long as they keep offering free boosters, I will keep taking them. I got the flu shot also. I've been generally pro-vaccine all my life, pre-covid as well. My armpits were sore for a couple of days. I felt like crap a single day. Was back to biking 30 miles the day after. There are some cases in which the vaccines carry more risks. I believe that the full size dose is too large for adolescents and young people with strong immune systems, which is why you see the increased risk of heart inflammation in these people. It's still only around 180 cases per million though. It's not really necessary to vaccinate anyone under 18, because their bodies generally seem to take care of the virus before it ever becomes a problem. There was a lot of pushback against a lot of the authoritarian style mandates that I would argue were unnecessary that made people trust these vaccines less, but that's a topic for the political subforum.
  3. That would be protein powder, whether it's whey or plant based. I have a costco membership specifically to get the Orgain Plant Based protein as it's the only protein I enjoy mixed only with water. Compared to the price of a typical item at work from the vending machines, paying $1.25 for a delicious nice sized protein drink isn't bad. Whey protein is easily digested by most people also. I'll mix it into oatmeal or berry smoothies with ground flaxseed and other items.
  4. I find the American left, not necessarily the ones abroad, are rather low consciousness. When I watched Leo's video on socialization making you stupid, the first thing that came to mind are the left, because they are collectivists and too much trust so called "experts" to tell them what to think rather than coming to their own conclusions. They tend to go along with whatever their leadership tells them to think. I don't even think they are necessarily much higher in consciousness than the right. I see way too much identity politics and division promoted among them. Why the need to divide people up into a million different groups and tell some of them they are victims and get them fired up? Why all the reverse racism of punishing whites and asians for being "too successful?" I see both the extreme left and extreme right as being low consciousness. The only people approaching sane are moderates. Go on reddit and look at the typical leftists there. They are like whiny children. I really wish the left would improve and grow past this stage, for the good of society... this victimhood, hating the haters type of mentality. This undeserved sense of moral superiority they have. They need to be more tolerant, to lead by example. They act like their cult political party is the answer to all of the world's problems. They act like they are never wrong. Hopefully with time we can evolve. In the meantime I basically have to flip a coin at the polling booth when I go and vote... I can't stomach either political party. All I know is that I'm voting yes in 27 to legalize marijuana, and yes on medicaid expansion (South Dakota)
  5. I would legalize prostitution and encourage the setup of regulated places to rent women for sex that are tested to be clean. It would really help the problem of thirsty incels in society or socially awkward people who can't get their biological cravings met. I think this is going to be a growing problem going forward, I really do, as men are becoming more feminine in their demeanor and women's biology still craves the dominant male. More and more men are being simply left out of the loop, and it's going to cause problems. It's just a matter of time. I believe it contributes to the labor shortages we are seeing. If a man doesn't have a family to work for, what's the point of working? For many of them there is no point. Of course the piss pour wages relative to the price of housing would be the other major component. Porn can lead to unrealistic expectations in relationships, but so do Hollywood movies. Content in general I believe is poisoning people's minds. We are a generation of dopamine addicts, always looking for our next fix. How many hours does the average person spend on a screen these days? I've found that to be toxic. I so enjoy my time I sit in present moment meditating, it makes me want to buy a cabin in Northern Wisconsin and live the simple life sitting in the back yard, or along the beach, just being... this hamster wheel chase for more and more "things" or even more and more "experiences" ... eventually it just becomes taxing...
  6. I think there's going to be a major problem funding social programs in all western nations in the future. We have low birth rates, high levels of aging population, and labor shortages in the medical field basically everywhere. It's going to take major inflation and central bank QE to fund all these social programs and has been seen post pandemic, wages don't keep up with the inflation squeezing the working class majorly. If you continue to spend more money than you produce, you will keep having inflation. Central bank quantitative easing has been the new magic trick post 2008 to keep the system solvent and liquid. Central banks control interest rates and buy surplus government bonds in all major countries now. It's the new normal... basically a form of debt monetization, as these bonds will never be wound down or paid off. We also have a housing affordability problem. Too many investors buying homes like stocks, and renting them out or turning them into AirBNBs. The good old days of baby boomers being able to pay 2.5X their annual income for a home are gone, and probably not coming back. A good start would be to have a higher top end income tax... we survived for 75 years in the early part of the 20th century with a top tax bracket of well over 50% and this nation did just fine. CEO pay is now at 400 times the amount of the typical worker, a new record. I also believe people should be banned form owning more than 3 homes, and that corporations should not be allowed to own single family residential real estate, nor should non US citizens. That said, aren't taxes in Europe more regressive than progressive? Does it vary by country? If I was president I'd peg the capital gains tax rate to the income tax rate, meaning no discounts on long term capital gains or dividends. I'd also lower the 22% tax bracket to 18%, raise the 35% bracket to 38%, the 35% bracket to 42%, and create a 50% tax bracket for all income over $2 million, and a 65% tax bracket on income over $5 million. I'd eliminate itemizing. Business deductions create too many opportunities to abuse the system. People want to brag about writing off their new boat as a business expense? Eliminate that loophole. It's also way too easy to use LLCs, trusts, and other vehicles to shield and hide assets. I'd largely eliminate these loopholes.
  7. I see this forum isn't immune to long videos posted in threads that have no synopsis and give you no clue as to their subject matter in the topic or post. Here's a couple of good ones. The Changing World Order... talks about looking at the past to predict the future, that the things that surprised the author the most are things that did not happen during his lifetime, and that by looking at history, you can predict the future. He basically predicts the fall of the US Empire as the global superpower and the rise of China. and The Century of the Self ... a great BBC documentary on how the masses are manipulated by the people in charge, focusing on the early 20th century.
  8. Becoming Supernatural is literally a how-to guide of how to both reprogram your ego and transcend it for the science minded person. It talks about the why of our behaviors using brain chemistry and brainwaves and how to reprogram the ego using a combination of getting into the present moment combined with visualization. I find it incredibly useful, just like The Power of Now. When I read about the author's enlightenment experience in his "Becoming Supernatural" book it reminded me of Leo's newer videos on the topic such as "An Advanced Explanation of God Realization" where he talks about multiple levels of enlightenment that can literally go to an infinite level. Just like Leo, the author said his enlightenment became so strong it was almost painful... he described it as "electric." It's often said that you need to build up your lower needs on Maslov's hierarchy before trying to achieve enlightenment, which means basic ego needs and ego reprogramming. Though it's possible to achieve enlightenment through ego death during a "dark night of the soul" experience, it's often spontaneous and won't occur if you try to force it. If you'd rather not hit rock bottom, reprogramming the ego with positive habits, emotions, etc. is what this book covers. Meditation combined with creative visualization and mental rehearsal. It's necessary to free up all that energy that is used on "past, future" baggage in order to achieve that creative flow state where change is possible. Activity plus repetition equals habit. A lot of people are stuck in their thought/emotional addictive loops, and this is the easiest way to break those and reprogram. I was going to make my own thread, but I searched for one I could bump.
  9. Seems to me believing in soul mates could turn into infatuation, unhealthy obsession, or a co-dependent situation that is not healthy. The brain tends to get addicted to it's own thoughts and emotional states and pining over a person can literally turn into an addiction, particularly crushes and fantasies.
  10. I guess I enjoy being a contrarian and getting a person to open up their minds and think about another person's perspective rather than getting stuck in their own echo chamber. It doesn't matter what cult they subscribe to. It's good to have an open mind. I chuckle sometimes at the smug self-righteousness of the modern left. It reminds me of the religious right of 40 years ago who always thought they had the moral high ground on everything. They are so convinced they are right on everything and they want you to be assimilated into their collective. I find in the United States both political parties rather low-consciousness.
  11. They either talk about gossip because people like to compare each other which allows them to give each other some idea of where they stand in the social hierarchy or they'll simply talk about things that are fun from hobbies to stories to movies and sports. A big one is people love to tell stories about their past especially their youthful antics. Since I don't really have any youthful antics I admit I do struggle with small talk because though I'm a good listener I don't really have a lot of stories to tell and stories spur the emotions and spur the imagination stories provide a sense of adventure and novelty. Men also joke with each other at least the type of men that women are attracted too. They poke fun at their flaws and personality quarks and don't take things too seriously or get butt hurt over a comment or a joke. People who are good Jokers and can make others laugh are going to be popular all around. I get more stimulation from deep esoteric conversations and science discussions but any form of socialization is really simply an acquired taste that comes from repetition. I don't know if I'll ever fully become a flaming extrovert who wants to while away my day talking that's very unlikely.
  12. Our thoughts are the major cause of most of the upset in our lives the fact that we are plugged into this matrix and fed this narrative by social media that the world is falling apart. There is plenty of happy and well adjusted people raising families out here in the upper Midwest in South dakota, wisconsin, and Minnesota, we just tend to see what we want to see and we have this bad tendency of spinning narratives in our heads about past and future circumstances when really the solution is to be in the present moment and to be that which you want to see in others. A lot of people don't focus on news or world events because they believe that garbage inputs equals garbage outputs. If you really look objectively this planet and our evolution as a species we've always been kind of a messed up species there's never really been a long stretch of thousands of years where there been some Paradise on this planet nature and evolution are all dog eat dog, natural selection, and survival of the fittest. If you take a look at a forest floor the trees are literally competing with each other for nutrients, like that song by the band Rush called the trees. The trick is keeping a positive mindset and choosing to react differently to situations rather than being angry, jealous, upset, guilty, etc. Also stop worrying about what everybody else is doing and focus on your own personal development. Too many people think that trying to change other people's behavior is going to make them happy and that's simply not going to work nor is it really feasible. The urge to procreate is the most basic urge in evolution that will likely be pervasive among every single life form in this universe ... There's no changing this urge and it's best not to worry about things you can't change and focus on what you can change.
  13. I like Eastern Wisconsin where I grew up though I'm sure there's other areas that are just as beautiful. I like areas that are scenic, semi forested, with a moderate population density that is not too high but not too low, and I like low crime clean areas where people maintain their properties and are considerate towards one another meaning they don't leave their dogs out to bark all day or start their motorcycles at 2:00 a.m. I grew up in ozaukee county which is one of the more wealthy counties in the state and to me it's God's country. I like being right next to lake Michigan or some large body of water that you can't see across. I like how there's a big bluff along the Lakeshore in the area where I grew up so there is privacy as you walk the lakeshore. I love the parks and natural scenery of Eastern Wisconsin which includes all the way up to Green Bay Appleton Oshkosh Manitowoc and fond du lac. It's a hikers Paradise, a cross country skiers paradise, a road bikers paradise, and a motorcyclists Paradise because all the roads in the state are paved and there's so many parks and forests to go and do all these activities. There's also plenty of beauty to be found in the western part of the state including devil's lake State Park the driftless area up North it just has everything that appeals to me. There's lots of small glacial lakes hidden away in various areas where you can just take a kayak out and drift around and meditate. There's always things going on during the summer autumn such as local concerts, fairs, summerfest, and often lots of major rock concerts as well. For me it just has everything that I would want. I also like the political gridlock because I don't like either political party so not having neither of them is a large majority to me as a pro then you get the best aspects of both political parties.
  14. If you really study evolution you see all behavior is driven by DNA. Our culture is pushed more to be stimulation seekers because it sells products, but you can condition animals in a similar manner. Fr example it's said laser pointers are bad for cats because it stimulates their hunting instinct but they can never actually catch their prey.... This can make them hyper anxious and neurotic stimulation seekers compared to housecats that are raised without excessive stimulation. Same with well meaning owners that leave screens of mice or other apps going. It's not really necessary. We have what leo calls hedonic adaptation in our culture....we have gotten used to the excessive stimulation that boredom is basically a dopamine deficit. We are all drug addicts. Boredom = drug withdrawal symptom. Self mastery is breaking free from being a slave to ones emotions and drives and being able to mindfully observe them instead....see Leo's video on addictions. I'm still an internet addict. I removed my HTPC so I can't spend evenings binge watching YouTube. The content available is nearly endless these days. I still can't keep myself from political forums entirely. Withdraw is a bitch.
  15. Bread and circuses... People's limbic brains are attracted to fun, excitement, and novelty. A species that stagnates's wired into our DNA to want novelty because with novelty comes expansion...heck all animal species down to insects...look how fast killer bees expanded all over South America.... Entertainment tricks our brain into providing novelty. Video games trick our brain into thinking we are problem solving. Most dopamine is generated in anticipation of the reward, meaning people get journey pleasure as a result of evolution. It's simply chemicals in the brain and drive all human behavior. It's why RPG games and games with stats where you slowly grow such as Clash of Clans are so popular and addictive. I see this species as an impulsive drug addicted mess, addicted to hedonism and thrill seeking, at least in America. We chase tingles, emotional highs and lows, and sabotage our own long term happiness. However I don't believe in authoritarianism or strict control over our behavior either.... Nor do I believe in a massive support system that allows people to exist their whole lives without working. Better we let people learn by exploring their nature and assume the consequences of their bad choices. I've channeled this away from video games and into musical theory, piano, and guitar. I'm finally getting a consistent habit in place and it's building momentum.