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  1. Hello is it safe to take acid while on a 3 month long course of antibiotics? I was prescribed antibiotics specifically for cystic acne. Nothing else is wrong with me .and I feel fine.
  2. I have developed this condition 4 months after I healed from covid and its affected a load of the way my food tastes Alot of my food tatse like mold and its really nasty I've had it 8 weeks now and it just seems to be getting worse. And I don't enjoy eating food anymore. Especially out at restaurants. The condition is something to do with the olfactory senses being damaged And I was wondering if there is any kind of nootropic I can take to regrow new cells or heal the damaged ones ? At the moment there is only one cure for it which is done by 2 doctors in texas involving an injection in the neck Which I wouldn't have done anyway even if I lived in texas because the thought of someone injecting something in my neck terrifying me. Does anyone have any ideas that may help heal this condition please?
  3. @Travelion did you witness the all knowing that you wasn't the only one having the experience, that the entire universe along with you was having the experience. Because you are the entire universe.
  4. @Leo Gura I feel this would of been good advice for me 3 years ago. But it is too late now and I have gone to far. Life is meaningless.
  5. A friend i believe may be on his way to a slow full blown ego death. Day by day he is dissolving and can feel the illusion breaking around him he is almost completed centred and he can feel himself coming completely still. I also witness that he is not himself recently. He has been taking lsd for personal development for 6 years and so he has had a lot of actual ego deaths and learn alot, while on these substances. He says but now, he feels like he is in an almost, if not constant state of heightened consciousness awarness as he would experience while on lsd. He says it feels like he is knocking on heavens door. In chigong and tai chi A particular energy movement is called "knocking on heavens door" Its said to induce a Kundalini awakening Which makes me wonder would this be linked to also kundalini? Hope that makes sense
  6. I recently finished a course of 2 types of antibiotic and loads fo painkillers including codeine I stopped a 2 days ago Is it ok for me to drop acid today?
  7. Hi there. Is it safe to take l theanine prior to tripping on 200ug lsd?
  8. Is leos idea of karma still the same as it was when he filmed his karma video or has it changed since? I'm trying to learn how karma works It's a huge part of my PD at this moment in my life.
  9. "We are all just walking each other home " -Ram dass Another enlightened individual who used suffering as a tool of enlightenment. And what a beautiful loving soul he truly was.
  10. @Tim Gardner hello, tolle, gained this consciousness and enlightenment through suffering. Suffering is a great teacher. Not saying go force yourself through it. Unfortunately for me when I gained this insight I didnt get the full picture. I went on to cause myself intentional sufferings at the thought that it would only make me better and speed my process of enlightenment up and that went horribly wrong which set me right back in my PD. But I'm glad I learned that lesson now I have the insight that even if something worls out a particular way , that it should not be forced by man, but rather accepted, as it flows in and out of our lives. Action with out action , try but dont try -WU WEI God wills to awaken itself in infinite forms through infinite possibilities, no 2 peoples awakenings are identical. Of course until you actually die in real like then youl see how we were all the same entity.
  11. @Leo Gura I realised a few times now, the truth about love and that action out of love, nothing can go wrong. As long as its love. There is no right nor wrong.