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  1. @Dazgwny There's a word that's crept into our culture and seems to be everywhere at the moment, which is "woke" which is being aware of social injustices. I have a friend who thinks that being "woke" and an awakening are the same thing. Seems your mate might have the same idea! I was reading in the paper only the other day that Megan Markle is "woke". She doesn't strike me as a modern day sage though ?
  2. @Dazgwny ?That made me laugh. Its so British. Who else uses the word bollocks!
  3. @Tim R Brilliant. Thanks for sharing that ?
  4. @Leo Gura It's only a small portion that don't seem to recognise the amount of effort that you go to. On a personal level, this website has changed my life and I'm sure it has done the same for thousands of others.
  5. I used to work for the Police. Even if a victim had no family, someone has to deal with the trauma of the aftermath of a suicide, irrespective of how they did it. I saw suicides too much, perhaps one a week over 16 years in the job. I never knew a single time that it didn't affect someone.
  6. @Mason Riggle That's such a fantastic way to describe it. Thanks ?
  7. @dflores321 Really pleased for ya ??
  8. @dflores321 Awesome man. Exactly same thing here in March too. Its like going from the inside looking out to the outside looking in isn't it? ??
  9. @Terell Kirby Did you experience being the "witness" or did you think that you're the witness?
  10. @GreenWoods My difficulty with this was that in the back of my mind I still had a belief that motion was happening in time. When I inspected my belief I saw that time was always part of any theory I came up with, albeit in the background. If you see clearly that time is a total mental construct you realise that there is no other option but that the shape shifting IS taking place, its just not happening in time. This moment is eternal. Its so ingrained into us that there is time and space that we have enormous difficulty shaking it off. Its part of our sub conscious for want of a better phrase. I found the best way to understand is by simply imagining a world where thought doesn't exist. It seems silly, but it works wonders for me. It's then easy to see through so many things. We still perceive the shape shifting, but then to call it motion would be a step too far. In fact, to even consider the problem of understanding this as an issue at all is a step too far! Thought on thought on thought........ Rupert Spira has a great episode on this. I'll try to find it. ?
  11. @machiavelli I live in the UK where, like most countries, murder is illegal no matter what the circumstances. In France there is something called a "Crime Of Passion" whereby leniancy is shown to the perpetrator of a murder if it was carried out as a result of it fitting into this category. For example, a woman may return home to find her partner in bed with someone else and in a fit of rage, kills them. Who's right? British law or French law? Right and wrong come down to our personal interpretations. I might follow a particular political party to someone else, I might feel that Christianity is the one and only religion, I might believe that we should bring back the death penalty in the UK. There isn't a "right" answer. It's all relative. Hitler actually believed he was doing the right thing by carrying out the appalling acts in WW2. We had a serial killer here in the UK who believed he was doing the right thing by killing prostitutes as he said that God had told him to do it. We do things because "we" believe they're right. Our idea of bad or evil is anything that goes against our agenda. Ironically, even if we set out to do something wrong we would be doing it because we believed it was right! ??