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  1. @The0Self Thanks. Yeah that's a lot clearer now.
  2. Thanks. Yeah I follow a wide range of teachers, but some I've seen described as both. Rupert Spira for example I find very clear and concise, but have seen him described as a teacher of both depending on where you look. I was just curious. I see neo advaita talked about on this forum, sometimes in an unflattering way, but have never understood the difference.
  3. Could anyone shed light on this for me please? I've tried doing some research and am no clearer really. Thanks in advance. 😊
  4. @justfortoday Really beautifully explained 🥰🙏
  5. @justfortoday Amazing. Really pleased for "you" 😉 🙌
  6. @museumoftrees It's not a history as such but there's a series called Hamilton's Pharmacopeia which is a brilliant. He discusses, creates (he's a chemist) and takes everything from LSD & mushrooms to DMT and Ayahuasca in a really responsible way. There are some full episodes on YouTube if you look. I think it was a VICE production.
  7. Try to think of it this way. If you were walking down the street and seeing people's faces in the street as you describe, could that be done without imagination? If there was no such thing as "imagination" then how many faces and streets would there be? Could a "face" and a "street" exist without it?
  8. Isn't the term "evolution of consciousness" used by science to describe how it believes consciousness is derived from matter? I'm not a scientist so don't know, but I always thought that was what the term related to
  9. @Someone here Sure, no worries. All good 🙏 Hope you get to the bottom of it.
  10. @Someone here This video might help you. Also, @Nahm once quoted something to me that really resonated. I believe it's a Buddhist koan. "You will never truly see until you realize that you are blind" That one has helped me a lot!
  11. @Someone here All that's happening is that you're superimposing thought over what's here. That's all that time is. I saw a TV show recently where a scientist was arguing that numbers are actually "out there" floating around in the universe. Totally absurd, but her paradigm had her utterly convinced that she was right. Same thing with time. First of all just try to see that your hand can still move from point A to point B without it moving through "time". You could use the word "custard" or "snagglepuss" rather than using the word "time", it's all just concept and thought and comes to the same thing. Just see it blindly, without imposing any thought or judgement on what's happening. Once you see that, the other things pointed to in this thread will start to become more obvious. I hope this post doesn't come across in a patronizing manner, but personally I find that if someone lays things out really simply then it becomes obvious. I'm English...we don't do complicated 😆
  12. @Thought Art @Thought Art 😆😆 Yeah maybe a little heavy handed with the word there. All great though!
  13. I've had experience with many different psychedelics over the years. Some suited me, some didn't. I've had my fair share of bad trips, but equally had some wonderful and very insightful experiences. The answer here surely must be to do them if they suit your practice and if you feel psychologically able to cope with both good and bad trips. If not, then try something else, but always use common sense. Personally, I don't drink alcohol, but see why people would want to, it's a choice. Richard Alpert was a huge advocate of psychedelics, Rupert Spira isn't. Same difference. What I'm trying to say is that if it suits you then great, if it doesn't then great.
  14. @justfortoday Thanks for sharing this. Really high quality post. Can't believe I missed it when you first posted it, but never too late to pass on some gratitude! 🙏😊👍