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  1. It's OK you don't need you to prove anything. Just think kicking a guy when he's down is a bit of a shit thing to be doing. Knock yourself out though.... ?❤️
  2. He only charged in the way Fred Davis charges or Rupert Spira charges for retreats. Nahm is a wonderful guy with a heart of gold. He has helped countless people and has helped me countless times for free. Can't we all just move on here without ripping the poor guy to shreds and dragging his name through the mud, completely unjustifiably? This is supposed to be a spiritual forum after all!
  3. Brilliant. For some reason I had imagined you were in your sixties ???. Cool video and thanks for sharing
  4. @Leo Gura That's a shame Leo. There are some of your students out here who are really benefiting from your wisdom, pointers and who do the work and these videos are invaluable. Please don't let the narrow mindedness of the few detract from teaching your real students. Appreciate it must piss you off and respect your decision.
  5. @Forza21 Have you ever read any of Jed McKenna?
  6. @WokeBloke The "I" that you're referring to that is the thinker of thoughts is the same "I" that's making your hair grow, firing the electrical impulses in the brain and pumping blood around your body! Thinking happens, just like seeing and hearing happens. Where's the "I" that's making you see and hear? A big trap with this journey (and one that I fell into myself) was theorising and speculating about Truth rather than discovering Truth. You will only discover this through doing the exercises/meditation/self enquiry etc.
  7. @WokeBloke You know I can't figure out whether you're joking! ? As I said, I really hope you get to the bottom of it. I can't try to explain any better than I have. I thought it might not have come across very well. Hopefully someone might be able to help? What I would add though is that direct experience is king. Check out Leo's book list too. Spira has some great videos on YouTube about this very subject that should help clear it up for you.
  8. @WokeBloke Sound IS awareness. There is nothing to sound other than awareness. Not two! I obviously didn't explain myself too well! Hope you get to the bottom of it ?
  9. @WokeBloke We can say "I hear a sound". Really try and study this statement and what it's saying. You could use "I see a tree" or "I taste a hotdog". When have you ever experienced a sound that exists independently of the hearing of it? There aren't sounds out there waiting to be heard! You cannot experience sound independently from hearing. They co-exist and arise at the same time. Have you ever experienced hearing independently from the knowing or awareness of it? Again, the two arise together. We could say therefore that sound and awareness are one as they do not exist independently of one another. Finally, we can say that awareness can exist without hearing, but not the other way around. Therefore we conclude that all there is to hearing is the knowing, awareness or consciousness of it. This is the same for all experience. Leo has some great books on his list that will help with this. You're straying from the point with your speculation. Awareness is everything. Nothing exists independently from it. It's impossible. This is a rather clumsy explanation but I hope it helps. I found that by studying the statement in the first paragraph it really starts to break this thing wide open. It's quite funny when you realise what it's actually saying.
  10. Knowing/Knower/Known, Seeing/Seer/Seen, Experience/Experiencer/Experienced are not three things. They're not even two things ? Language really confuses us. @WokeBloke check out Mandy Ramsdells blog. She's a member of this forum and explains it really well. She has a great video on it too
  11. I'm a huge fan of The Beatles like most people, so hate to throw a spanner in the works, but I heard John Lennon speaking on the documentary called "Imagine". He was speaking to a guy who was living at the bottom of his garden and following him everywhere because he thought he was some sort of spiritual guru. The guy believed that John was writing spiritual lyrics, to which he replied that he just made the words up and whatever words sounded good together ended up in the song. He told the guy that you could read whatever you want into them, but the reality was that it was all nonsense. I suppose you could see that statement as a way to get rid of the stalker, but as he said, you could read whatever you want into them... which is what we're all doing anyway, whatever way you look at it! ? Its a brilliant documentary if you haven't seen it. All about the making of the album in his home studio.
  12. Here's some lyrics from Echoes by Pink Floyd Strangers passing in the street By chance, two separate glances meet And I am you and what I see is me Not sure that they were on the "path" so to speak, but who knows. Interesting nonetheless. ?
  13. @VeganAwake I love this. Tony Parsons isn't really someone I've ever paid much attention to. Not on purpose really, he's just never been on my radar. Thanks for sharing though. I'll be sure to check him out ??
  14. Could anyone shed light on this for me please? I've tried doing some research and am no clearer really. Thanks in advance. ?
  15. Thanks. Yeah I follow a wide range of teachers, but some I've seen described as both. Rupert Spira for example I find very clear and concise, but have seen him described as a teacher of both depending on where you look. I was just curious. I see neo advaita talked about on this forum, sometimes in an unflattering way, but have never understood the difference.
  16. @museumoftrees It's not a history as such but there's a series called Hamilton's Pharmacopeia which is a brilliant. He discusses, creates (he's a chemist) and takes everything from LSD & mushrooms to DMT and Ayahuasca in a really responsible way. There are some full episodes on YouTube if you look. I think it was a VICE production.
  17. Try to think of it this way. If you were walking down the street and seeing people's faces in the street as you describe, could that be done without imagination? If there was no such thing as "imagination" then how many faces and streets would there be? Could a "face" and a "street" exist without it?
  18. Isn't the term "evolution of consciousness" used by science to describe how it believes consciousness is derived from matter? I'm not a scientist so don't know, but I always thought that was what the term related to