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  1. https://youtu.be/VELQ39QAYP4
  2. I've had girls kiss me but not make out with me. Is this a result of bad escalation, am I losing her attraction, or do I ignore that and escalate further?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRSDzqFJnp8
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2cXP8C4VDo
  5. @Leo Gura When you say that "I'm dreaming other dreams" does that mean I'm God dreaming up the lives of others or does that mean people are like cartoon characters, mere illisions with no conciousness in them?
  6. When you do the "do nothing" technique, do you let go control of your awareness? Would a meditator be doing it wrong if he tries to be more aware?
  7. As a newbe to the dating world, is it bad to have sex too soon? Or is that something you slowly work your way up too?
  8. My whole family is blue. I’m orange just starting to dip my toes in green. All they do is talk politics, very awkward around the holidays.
  9. When a girl doesn’t respond to your texts, does this mean she is playing hard to get or is she not interested?
  10. I’m upset, the picture I wanted to post was too big. Welp, I always felt like a nerd in school. Here you go
  11. Hello Gabith, I’m 20 years old and I have experienced many instances of paranormal phenomena. While reading your post I felt empathic to what happened to you that night. It sounds like your mind got the best of you and you freaked yourself out. I have been guilty of this in the past and I felt that way my whole childhood. I’m not experienced or knowledgable when it comes to spirituality, but I am more so with the paranormal. I have seen dozens of demons and ghosts. I have also seen, golems, gnomes, and banshies. It’s funny, the paranormal is usually subtle but not always. I can also look into a dark room and I can see what looks like ghosts moving around. I think I might have some sort of brain disorder because I see thousands of little sparkles in my visual field. Here is where I see ghosts, demons, etc. I slept with my parents until I was 13 because my night terrors were so bad. When you see your own imagination materialize a demon in front of you, it is hard to fall back asleep. Even to this day I still experience paranormal phenomena, especially since I incorporated some spiritual practices. My message to you is this; Do not be afraid of the paranormal! If you do see a ghost, don’t worry, your not going to die. Believe me, if demons could kill, I would be very dead right now. A demon actually tried to scratch my face out and I felt it’s claws dematerialize on my face! Wether your a materialist or not, the paranormal is in your imagination and its a part of you. Keep doing your practices you have nothing to fear. Peace. -PigeonPark