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  1. You already are nothingness, but if you mean Awaken from the dream, everything has been laid out by Leo in his videos.
  2. Devilry/Ego had always been here since the beginning. Nothing to spread, as it's same old same old. Point is Awakenings are spreading. Something to be proud of, as I'm sure you had a big hand in this.
  3. If you are God that created all of everything you experience, then you created all the rules that govern that reality, like the experience of gravity, solidness and consistency of the experience. You created dreams to be not as consistent. And you made yourself forget that you made it all, so you can experience being a finite being. Just as you can wake up (lucid dreaming) that you created everything, you can wake up to reality that you create everything.
  4. I was in to learning about Enlightenment for years before I discovered Nonduality and the True nature of Self and Reality. I took all kinds of so called enlightenment course, like Landmark Education. I hung out with high consciousness amazing spiritual people. I did psychedelics and hung out with others that did as well. And never once in all those years did I ever hear anything about Nonduality or any aspect the True nature of Self and Reality. When I discovered it, which I think was through one of Leo's videos a couple years ago, it was mind-blowing to me I had yet to hear this wisdom, the actual truth, not just some self-help philosophies of life. Fast forward two years later and it is now blowing my mind how many people I am coming across sharing this knowledge. Last weekend I went to a concert and the woman sitting next to me was talking to her friend about Nonduality. I got a new roommate a couple months ago and he goes to Nonduality conferences all over and films them. I did not know this about him when I got him as a roommate, finding out later. Tonight I went on Facebook and saw a post by an old friend and she was posting a meme about being God and being and knowing everything. I saw another post that had an interesting comment from a someone I didn't know (they live on the other side of the country). I, just for the heck of it, went to their page, and the very first post on their page was about Nonduality. Now I make a habit of asking new people I meet if they know about Nonduality and the True nature of Self and Reality, and about half have. It seems like it's literally everywhere nowadays. I guess my point is, I think one of two things are going on. One, this is Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, where one stumbles upon some obscure piece of information—often an unfamiliar word or name—and soon afterwards encounters the same subject again, repeatedly and increasing in instances. The other option, is that a few years ago this was just not a well known knowledge. Maybe within in some small isolated communities, but definitely not anywhere near to the degree it is now. I think this is a movement that is spreading very quickly. I think this knowledge of Truth has gone from a few thousand a few decades ago, to tens of thousands a few years ago, to today which I would guess is in the hundreds of thousands. I have nothing to base this off of, except from my own experience and the evidence I've encountered. Maybe I am right and there is a multiplying compounding effect going on. Maybe this knowledge is spreading like a wildfire across the world. Maybe it's because of platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Maybe it's because of easier access to more powerful psychedelics. If Nonduality and Awakening are spreading like a wildfire and it's reaching people in an ever increasing rate, maybe those tens of thousands today, will be hundreds of thousands a couple years from now, and maybe even millions soon after. If this is the case, then we are talking a global phenomenon. What would the world look like with millions of Awakened, or at the very least knows the True nature of Self and Reality? Would this shift the world into peace, love, and unity? Could we be seeing the start of the beginning of the end of the old ways of darkest depths Ego? Could we be seeing the start of the beginning of a revolution/evolution of humanity, that will forever change everything? Just a thought.
  5. You are a character God is playing. God created that character to have an identity, ego and id, which is all illusion.
  6. @nowimhere Interesting to follow your journey. I'm procrastinating on doing same. Are you fasting for at least a few hours beforehand, and making sure your bowels are clean? Elementary I know, but thought I'd ask. Have you tried a water enema beforehand? May help with absorption.
  7. "Hippies, hippies... they want to save the world but all they do is smoke pot and play frisbee!" ~Trey Parker "When you're superhot, you don't have the time to enjoy being superhot, because you're working your ass off. By the time we will actually have time to really go out and screw around, we won't be hot anymore." ~Trey Parker
  8. No one can explain it to you. You can only experience it. Keep having more awakenings to explore and discover. Leo has said it can take a dozen or more Awakenings to fully understand.
  9. I am a big fan. I'd say they're Orange. They seem to have a distain for Green culture. Taking psychedelics does not equal higher Spiral Dynamics. To lower SD it's just a fun party drug. Hence taking LSD as a 'joke' to get attention at the Oscars. Funny, but not high consciousness.
  10. Can get a $10 enema and clean yourself out before plugging.
  11. Also can you be sure it was pure 5-MeO? Did you get it from a trusted vetted source? Did you test it?
  12. Leo understands that we are all literally him, so he is all loving himself, as it should be.
  13. Maybe watch Leos video on the subject too.
  14. You may not like the answer to this. Buy Leo's Life purpose course. Yes it is paying for something, but it is exactly what you are looking for. No better use of your $249. It will change the course of your life. As for your other questions, t's all in doing the practices that are laid out by teachers like Leo and many others. No one can give you the answers, you have to do the work and get the results.
  15. Notice all your thoughts, memories and senses are happening Now. There is NOTHING else other than Now. So there is no other choice than to be Now, as it is all there is. So with that you can see your questions don't make sense.