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  1. ……… okaaay......…. thanks for contributing to the conversation.
  2. I have tried it before. I'm prone to panic attacks very easily. I had a panic attack the last couple tries. I was wondering if I could take a little at a time, adding on top of the experience to bump it up incrementally, to ease into Truth. Instead of taking a huge dose and not being able to surrender because of the panic attack. Just a possibility.
  3. "You can never be ready" Exactly. So might as well dive in head-first. I want to know, no, I need to know. Regardless of the outcome.
  4. @Leo Gura Well, that's what I'm going for. So do you mean it is accumulative, Intensifying with each subsequent dose?
  5. Can one do 5-MeO multiple times per day (small to medium doses, not large doses)? for multiple days (say 5)? Can you keep the experience going by taking more, like you can with other psychedelics? Is it accumulative, like if you take more, it adds ontop of what you already took? Intensifying the experience? Or is it that once the experience is done, it no longer effects your system, so if you took more after it would act like the first time again?
  6. @Serotoninluv Are you still doing the 1-3mg daily , to come to these insights, or did you up the dose and frequency?
  7. I'd say she's stage Orange. She's a con artist that uses her appearance to sell a product. Be it her $3000 weekend seminars. Or the mugs, shoes, hats, Yoga matts, tote bags, gift cards, and posters she sells on her website. She is in this for fame and money. She had said as much on video in interviews. She is solid orange (greed and concerned with image). Nowhere near Yellow. Yellow doesn't use knowledge to fleece people out of millions.
  8. I'd add to that, my guess is once Leo Does become fully enlightened, he will completely let go of his desire to do videos or run this business. He will just want to Be.
  9. Lets put it this way. If Leo isn't enlightened yet, with all the work he's done, then guarantee no one on this forum is anywhere near 'enlightened'. An infinite God does not go to an online forum to brag to itself how enlightened it is. What does an infinite God do with his time? I can't imagine. But being on a forum I'm sure ain't it. So my guess, there is under 100 people in the world that you could undeniably label as 'fully 'enlightened'.
  10. @Serotoninluv Yes, very interested in a report on your overall experience. It'd be invaluable first-hand info for my inevitable daily dosing experiment.
  11. @Serotoninluv Super fascinating! I've wondered what daily micrododing 5-MeO would be like. I've microdose acid and mushrooms for like a month each, to great affect. I will have to try this one day. I've yet to do the big breakthrough dose. May I ask what daily dosage did you use? And what method of administration?
  12. Thanks for the share. I hadn't read your experience before. Cool you reached there with just meditation.
  13. Did what? More please.
  14. @Inliytened1 Did you come to this conclusion through direct experience? If so, how? Or through learning through Leo? I wonder sometimes how many people on this forum are just parroting what Leo says. Spouting a belief system. No offense to you personally. Just curious about people's Awakenings. I keep coming back to the thought that God wouldn't go to an online chat forum to talk to it'self about being itself. Why would it? But then again, what would God do? Just musings of someone yet to Awaken.