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  1. Bingo. Exactly. It's not about watching new videos every week like they are Saturday morning cartoons. He's already told us everything we need to self actualization, many times over, to the point of repeating himself. What's the point of continuing to make more videos if you all don't listen to the ones he does make.
  2. This is an extremely Orange perspective. Not everything is about money and trying to get something for yourself. Leo is trying to Awaken people. He could easily charge thousands of dollars for his content, but he doesn't because, for him, that's not what it's about. It's about sharing what's he's discovered for himself, and through that sharing, hopefully others that are on a similar path can find their way too. If it's just entertainment for you, I pity you. For me, it's the greatest knowledge I've heard yet in my life. It's the clearest path to peace and freedom from ego, that I've ever heard.
  3. @Leo Gura I know you've got so much video content to get thru. I remember you mentioning wanting to do a video on Evolution. Been dying to see your take on that.
  4. It makes me sad that a forum for higher consciousness and enlightenment is full of so much bigotry.
  5. Most likely a made up character in a book. Someone traveled to Egypt and other parts of the world, and saw how religion was used to control populations. Using fear to stop people from raping, murdering and stealing from each other. So they adopted the same system for their region, wrote a book, clamed it came from 'God' and it took off as a beliefs system that lasts till today. Tada!
  6. This makes no sense and contradicts itself. Yes, love is beyond gender. Saying same-sex love is different is the same ignorant shit as saying people of a different shade of skin color are less intelligent as white people. All people are the same, though some might be at a different level within Spiral Dynamics. But love is universal. As you said, love is beyond gender, lets just stop there, shall we?
  7. I can't remember if Leo talked about sexuality as part of his series on Spiral Dynamics. I would guess 'Can heterosexual guys can experience homosexual love?' would be stage Blue. As one moves up the Spiral, their views on sexuality broaden. I've met very advanced people whom love people based on their heart. What their genitals are is irrelevant. They date and love Men, Women, Transgender, doesn't matter. I would guess this would be more Green/Yellow. As the stages swing from inward to outwardly focused from one stage to the next, I'm guessing the next stage, Yellow/Turquoise, is surpassing the need for sex altogether.
  8. @CreamCat Let me get this straight, are you asking if Men that are attracted to Men can experience love? Are you really this ignorant? Yes, gay Men feel love for each other. Love is love. It really is that simple.
  9. Wow, what a great idea! Thanks Man! I appreciate it.
  10. Of the list of things she has claimed in her own words: she is half alien, she is the reincarnation of Cleopatra, she hears radio signals in her head, she has helped a cult leader entrap and kill 8 children, she had sex with a corpse, she was sewn inside of a corpse while a cult leader was eating said corpse. She said she was in a satanic cult for over a decade. When reporters tracked down the satanic cult leader that killed kids, he was a sweet old veterinarian that taught Teal how to ride horses when she was a teenager. She of course made the whole thing up. Total psychopath.
  11. I've done a lot of research on her. She is a legit psychopath/ narcissist. She's in it for the money and fame. Just pay $500 for one of her talks, or buy something from her line of enlightened clothing or a mug. Don't fall for it. She is a scam artist.
  12. @Shadowraix You're making some pretty big assumptions about me there buddy. I'm doing this because I want to and it's the life I want to live.
  13. Not an Rv. RVs are crap. Poorly made. Conversions you can make nice. Custom to your needs. I'm making mine fully self-contained with solar-panels, filtered recycled water system (like in the video). So no RV parks. I'll use pubic land, BLM land. Go up in the mountains, the deserts, the ocean. Gas will be one of the only expenses. If I stay in one place for a couple weeks to a month at a time, then my monthly fuel costs will be minimal. All in all, I figured my monthly costs will be under $300. That's food, gas and misc. But that is living very basic, which is what I want.
  14. From the new Netflix series Russian Dolls: "Mysticism teaches that there is wisdom inaccessible to the intellect. You can only reach it through surrender. Being Nothing. Turn away from the physical world, and turn towards the spiritual one. Maybe Nadia is just a way to stay avoid the Abyss. When embracing it is the only way forward." Most accurate Nonduality I've seen yet in a movie or series.
  15. Watch Leos video series on Spiral Dynamics. The whole world and it diverse peoples will make much more sense to you. You're squarely in stage green. As you move up, you stop wanting to 'save' the world. You'll realize it's perfect as it is. Bad, Evil, all that is just a concept.