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  1. Get your own place, first and foremost. Then get a hot tub. Seriously. If you ask most women if they'd like to come back to your place for a soak in a hot tub, most (if they are even the slightest bit attracted to you and feel safe with you) will say yes. Most will not bring a swimsuit. And a high percentage will take the opportunity in that situation for romance.
  2. Lol, I can speak from personal experience that every aspect said here is quite true.
  3. My advice: -There is no meaning other than what you create. Meaning is not inherent to the universe. Meaning is 100% a human (Ego) creation. All meaning you create, so only create the meaning that serves you, and don't create the meaning that doesn't. So if someone gets in your face, know it means nothing (other than the meaning you create). Don't make it mean anything. Say to yourself "whatever", and walk away. Create that the ones trying to dominate you, they mean nothing. Create that you mean the world to yourself. Create that you are your greatest love of your life. If that were true, what any one else thought would mean nothing to you. -There is only this moment. The past does not exist, except in your thoughts and memories. How you remember it is not truth, but your version of what happened. 'Now' is a blank page, and you are the screenwriter that is writing the story of what happened. So are you going to write a story of pain, suffering? Is the main character a victim and weak willed? Or are you going to write a story of the main character is at peace, and doesn't give a shit what other people think? Both are true, because you write them (how you remember). So write wisely. -People who like to dominate others feed off of the conflict. You seem to think that walking away is weakness. Consider that walking away from conflict takes the greatest strength. Don't feed the fire. Don't feed their desires to dominate. Don't say a word, just walk away from people like that. Doesn't matter if it's friends, family, or co-workers. That is the greatest strength. Cut toxic people out of your life. If you can't, then just ignore them. Gandhi was a physically small man. But he was one of the strongest men in history, because when someone hated him, he showed them love in return. When someone beat him with a club, he sat and took it, because he knew violence only leads to more violence, but peace leads to more peace. He once said "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. Strength comes when you stand your ground in the face of massive adversity." Be that strength. If he could do it, so can you. -As for permanent solution. You are what you repeatedly do. You are the reality that you create for yourself. Have the will to create new Beliefs about yourself, others and your world. Those beliefs will lead to different daily habits. Those habits will soon turn into 'just they way things are' for you. A new reality is created. The old reality that didn't serve you, will fade away.
  4. Almost all of his videos are saying the same thing, i.e. guiding you to Awakening. Have you Awakened yet? The videos are not like weekly network sitcoms to just watch every week, they are tools to be used.
  5. No scientist or engineer has any idea what consciousness actually is, so I doubt they'd be able to create true self-aware computers. But here is a more interesting thought. If a computer did actually become self-aware, it wouldn't have an Ego or Identity. Once self-aware, would it instantly realize it is God/consciousness aware of itself, if it has no Ego/Identity in the way?
  6. The teachings are there. They've always been there. Unless there is a huge apocalypses and every scrap of human knowledge is gone, there will always be the teachings. So it is only a matter of seekers actually doing what is necessary to wake up. Essentially most of Leos (and most every other Nonduality teachers) videos are saying the same thing. Whether a seeker does what he is teaching is the real question. No amount of teachings, reading or videos will awaken someone. Only a leap of faith into death will one know Truth.
  7. Personally, I think that once one has awakened to Truth, there is no reason whatsoever to teach, as you are alone in the universe and all is you, so why would you teach to yourself? It's like trying to teach your finger to wake up.
  8. All his videos are essentially saying the same thing; how to wake up to who you are, to realize Truth. Watching him saying it over and over again will do you no good, without doing what he is saying to do.
  9. @JunkyJu Keep upping you dosage, 5mg at a time. It may take many many trys till you see results, so be patient and persistent. Have no distractions in the room. Having a sitter is good for at first, but request they stay as silent and unobtrusive as possible. And yes, trips can be very unpleasant. But you have to keep trying. All the answers of the universe will not come easy. The cost is your death.
  10. @4201 You're talking mathematics, the ultimate fundamental Truth, and you're name is 4201. 42, in the popular The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". 01 is One. So your name, numerically, means the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 'One'. 42=01. Was this done intentionally?
  11. We are all imaginary. There is only one storyteller. One actor, endless number of characters played.
  12. One thing that doesn't make sense to me. Leo says that you want to be under, immersed in infinity for as long as possible, as the longer you're under the more you can explore the infinite depths of infinity/God. But when you are in the state of infinity/God there is no Time, so how long you're under should be irrelevant. Can anyone (with firsthand knowledge) explain this?
  13. This is how I imagine some awakenings going. "So this is it, and I don't exist? I don't get it".