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  1. Thinking you are superior or above other people is 100% Ego. The way you talk is Ego and duality. So all this hupla is either intencial trolling or ignorant delusion.
  2. Spoken like a true enlightened person. Nope, no Ego here. You're so full of shit man.
  3. Oh, and what was your "heavy dose" dosage? Just curious.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm getting ready for my first trip and have been thinking a lot about writing "suicide" notes. For me to be able to fully surrender, I have to be willing to actually die. This means no holding on to the hope of coming back. That hope could prevent me from fully letting go. If I say goodby to my family, they will think I've gone crazy and committing suicide. If I did die during the experience, it would be a shitty thing to do to my family to just die of a drug overdose. So the best option is to write everyone a goodbye letter. This allows me to be ready for full surrender and no holding on to 'my life'. Then if all goes well (which statistically it should), I can just throw them away and tell everyone in person.
  5. Clearly trolling. If one did become fully enlightened, I highly doubt the first thing you'd do is brag about it on a forum.
  6. How can a computer become conscious when it is already consciousness? So for an AI to act like we think it should (like us), it would have to have an Ego. If it was fully Nondual, it wouldn't interact with us. So we would have to make it have separate thinking and an Ego. Then this AI would run into the same Egoic issues we all do.
  7. Only semi related to the conversation, but the most enlightened person I personally know, I mean he's high up there on the enlightenment scale, has hands down the worst diet I've ever seen. He avoids all fruits and vegetables. He only eats fast food, the cheapest crap in the frozen foods section of Safeway. Eats cheap cookies and ice cream every day. He's 55 and looks and is active like he's 35. He's slender and muscular, but has never worked out a day in his life. It's quite baffling.
  8. @Leo GuraCould you says bit more about this 'Ego Backlash' that an occur when you reach God-consciousness?
  9. @Privet thank you, this covered many of the questions I had. A bit rambling and unfocused, but great he covered the many facets of post enlightenment.
  10. @Leo Gura I personally wouldn't want this info for mental masturbation or a fantasy excuse not to do the work, but to have for when I do have that huge Nondual experience. Would be nice to know what to do after. To not just fall back into all the Ego illusions again. I'm more than willing to fully surrender (me, my beliefs, my life). Just want to know how to navigate the rest of 'my' life after the leap into the abyss.
  11. @Leo Gura seems like most all of your videos and teachings are focused on pre-enlightenment, or leading up to enlightenment. Then there are many videos on how to reach a Nonduality state. But there doesn't seem to be videos on post-enlightment. If realizing one is God/Infinity/Truth, and that you do not exist, and there is no anything, as it's all an allusion that you can wake from, is not full Enlightment. And there are actually, as you say, many depths and levels to enlightenment one must learn to reach permanent Nonduality Enlightenment (I'm assuming that's the main goal?). Then could you please do a video covering all these many depths and levels? How does one one attain a permanent Nondualistic state? How does one that is fully enlightened opperate in the world? Would they even be able to? Would they need to retain some Ego to opperate in the world, cause in a total Nondual state there would be no separation of anything? And if so, then it sounds like one could never be fully Nondual and interact in the world, is that how it works? If it is possible, how could a person who has no Ego interact in the world? How would they interact with others? How could they navigate any kind of relationships with others, with no Ego? The deeper one goes up these levels of enlightenment, do they typically find it harder and harder to be in society? What are the pifalls, traps, desired outcomes of each of these levels? I think it'd be very helpful to have this area fleshed out. I know once I do 5-Meo and hopefully have my Ego and Identy disappear, become Nondual, know Infinity/Truth; afterwards, info like this would be invaluable. After waking up from an enlightenment experience, once the Ego starts seeping back in, it would be nice to know how to retain this state. Having the knowledge to navigate post-enlightenment and all the many different levels of enlightenment, Knowing what are the highest levels, would all be immensely valuable. Anywho, hope you consider it. Would love to hear your thoughts on this possibility.
  12. Wow, I've never read someone explain this as well as you just did. Makes even more sense now. Thanks!
  13. From what I understand (which grated isn't much), the answer is yeah, kinda. There is no you. So there is no you/spirit, that goes on after you die. You are God/Infinity/The Absolute. You are everything and everyone. And everything that has ever happen and will ever happen, is happening (or more accurately Not happening), all right Now. So you(God) are everyone person, animal, plant, insect, planet, that has ever been, and will ever be. So in a way, that could be seen as reincarnation. Certainly closer than the religions or science, to the Truth.
  14. If all there is is Infinity/Truth/Consciousness. And 'one' can discover/remember that they are this everything/nothing/God. Which means none of us actually exist. So there is no free will of any of us, since none of us exist. And all there is is this infinite intelligence/God creating a dream. So 'us' working towards getting 'enlightened' is all this dream/hallucination. There is no work, and there is no awakening, as there is no one to awaken? All that can happen is God remembering it is God, because it forgot. Do I have that right? Did it create the dream of individual humans, create their Egos, and then forget about itself, all on purpose?
  15. @Leo Gura Really hope you do. Obviously something you're passionate about, which means most of us would be passionate about it too. For me, the longer the better. I enjoy diving deep down the rabbit hole. Hope to see it.