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  1. Also, if the person who's done more 5-MEO than most anyone in the world isn't enlightened, what hope does anyone have of enlightenment?
  2. My suggestion, go to some local Green festivals, like Burning Man festival events. Based on your profile you're in Nevada. Not only is Burning Man itself in Nevada, but there are many regional events (link to events below). I guarantee you'd propel strait into Green at one of these events. People are loving and welcoming. Get in with a fun group, do some psychedelics with them, go off on adventures, see some art and performances, maybe even hook up with some hippy guy/chick. These types of events are extremely inspirational and life-changing. If Green is what you want, this is 100% the best way I can think of to get there. Challenge yourself and step outside your comfort, and you will be greatly rewarded.
  3. Why? If you truly fully realize that you are God and death is imaginary and meaningless, then a gun and bullet to your head would be no more terrifying than waking from a dream. Practice by dying. People can take 5-MEO (or other methods) and experience death. Then you know the truest Truth and there is no more doubt or confusion.
  4. Teachers/people/perspectives, it's you leaving breadcrumbs/clues for yourself back to yourself (God/everything/infinite love). But can also be yourself (Ego) keeping yourself asleep. Listen to what guides you to Truth.
  5. Depends what you consider pants. I'm more of a sweatpants person. Jeans or dress slacks= never.
  6. Don't assume what I mean
  7. Well, assume that Nonduality is True, and that you (God) is all there is. Everything that happens within consciousness (You) is all your imagination. That means 'enlightened teachers' and how they are or are not enlightened is also all imagination. Only one that can become Awakened is you.
  8. Your courage is inspiring. Keep going. Excited to hear your journey.
  9. Answers here:
  10. Well, if you did take 5-MEO and had a full awakening and found that everything in your life was an illusion, wouldn't that include schizophrenia, psychosis, medications and so on? Wouldn't you wake up that all that was just a story dreamt up by you? IDK, maybe, guess you'd have to take a leap of faith to find out. Could be bad, could be good, but you won't know till you try.
  11. Imagine when you realize you never had a childhood, and that you are never going to die.
  12. In 2004 I was camping in the deserts of Eastern Washington with my GF. Clear skys, all the stars were out. We saw about six UFOs in the sky throughout the night. Erratic movements. Sometimes they would stay still for 10-15 minutes, then would shoot across they sky in a second. We spent all night watching them. The next day in the local paper there was a story about others seeing them too.
  13. Good point.
  14. For me personally, I use to be man with a very active sex life. I was a sex addict for decades. Driven by it. Had to have sex daily, and be in poly relationships to have even more sex. When I got into spirituality, I went cold turkey in a path of shedding attachments. I haven't had sex in 3 years. I had offers throughout these years, but turned them down. And now I don't know if I ever will go down the path of being a sexual person again. Sure, if an amazing women I connected with on a deep level showed interest, I would most likely want to experience that. Overall I don't miss it much. The thought of trying to convince anyone of anything seems just uninteresting to me now. I'm just as fine never having sex again.
  15. I think you're alluding to an Atheist version of death. Death is nothingness, and infinitely conscious. Anything you can think of that it is.....that ain't it. It can only be experienced and fully understood through direct experience.