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  1. On one hand you have the belief that you are alive and that people die and you'll die. On the other hand is Nonduality, where all there is is consciousness. Everything exists in consciousness, including time, space, matter, energy, your life, everyone's lives, all of reality, and you and your experiences, all exists within consciousness. The real you is the eternal consciousness. So everything you think you've ever learned from other people, is just you creating that info for yourself. But made yourself forget that you were creating it. This includes everything you've ever heard about this concept of 'death'. So death is just a made up concept. You, consciousness, the creator of literally everything, can not die, as you, consciousness, is all there is and is infinite, therefore cannot end. No beginning and no end, no past and no future.
  2. @Leo Gura I'd love for you to do a Spiral Dynamics video on Relationships and sex. From this post and many others, you seem to be clearly in a Stage Orange thinking on sex and relationships. You talk as though this is just the way it is the world. Not at all adding that there are many many communities around the world that practice Stage Green and above sex and relationships. Such as non-ownership, compersion, joy in your partner and their partners enjoying themselves, Polyamory, sharing partners without jealousy, mutual respect, honoring all involved, exploration past your boundaries of comfort and control, and most of Love for whom you're having sex with, whether it's for a night or a lifetime. These people don't have to 'hunt' for partners. It happens organically through mutual joy of living. Sex is a celebration of life. There's not judgment of a woman's sexuality, but celebration of her shedding all of societies shames, and come all in to her full sexual being that is 100% free. These communities are out there, I myself have lived this way all my adult life. Stage Orange, which is full of slut-shaming, trying to get a husband, manipulation for sex, and so on, is what you speak of above. Just like you give people hope for their own liberation through enlightenment, I would suggest giving people hope of what a higher and higher Stage is like. Teaching what can be possible through advanced Stage relationships and sex.
  3. Never got any input on this. So putting it out there again.
  4. I know the general rule is to not mix anything with taking 5-Meo, but what about doing a little marijuana beforehand? To just get into a relaxed state going into the deep 5-MeO journey. Does anyone have any firsthand experience with this, either beneficial/enhancing, or harmful?
  5. If you want to kill yourself, why not do a major dose of 5-MeO or DTP, to try and break-through to a full Awakening for full Ego Death? Why hold back? If you did, most likely the urge to die and the issues from your past would be gone.
  6. I think it's mostly a case of leading by example. An Ego needs incentive to want to change. What's in it for them. When a high consciousness enlightened person chooses to put themselves in the publics eye, whatever form that may be, there is an opportunity to entice others to pursue enlightenment, just from experiencing how powerful and peaceful you are. You want people who see you in a public format to say "goddamn, that's is the most epic, loving, wise, amazing man I've ever seen!". They then may then want what you got. There's the opportunity to share your journey, and share how they too can get there, if they choose to do the work.
  7. This is why I gave up all possessions, comfort, friends, family, relationships, sex, comfort foods, internet, social life, attachment to my looks, caring what other people think. Constantly shedding, letting go of attachments. Just to be able to be clear enough, an open space, for an Awakening to be able to be realized.
  8. However you got there, do it as often as possible. You'll get so use to the experience, that it will be no thing, and you'll be able to surrender without fear. If you wanted to do tight-rope walking between two skyscrapers, you'd be utterly terrified when you finally were up there with no net to save your life. But if you did it hundreds of times, eventually you'd get so use to it, that life threatening act you'd be able to do without breaking a sweat. So this is a case of practice makes perfect. Keep practicing, as much as possible, a little bit at a time, to get so use to it, that surrendering to your death/awakening will be easy for you.
  9. Maybe some politicians will come across your series and change the way they look at being a leader. I know, chances of that are one in a trillion, but a man can dream.
  10. Next time try licking your lips while making piercing long eye contact. Seriously though, one of the greatest freedoms in life is not caring what others think. Most people have deep insecurities. Deep eye contact shows confidence. It makes insecure people feel uncomfortable. That's not your problem. They are responsible for their own feeling and thoughts. You do you. That deep eye contact will help you find the people that are on your level, as they will appreciate that kind of intimate connection.
  11. Leo has said repeatedly that if you do not do the work and grow with him, he will leave you behind. If you want more practical video, I'm sure there are plenty out there. For me personally, I want only the highest consciousness from Leo. He's covering things no one else is. To me it would be a waste for him to come back down to cover beginner stuffs.
  12. I personally appreciate that you aren't on all those shows. On one hand it gets the message out to more people. On the other, to me at least, it corrupts the message. Hard to respect Eckhart Tolle when he's on Opera. Do whatever you want, but I'd suggest staying away from things like that. To easy to corrupt the ego. And might seem like a good idea in the short term, but can hurt your overall image as a legitimate teacher. Again just my opinion, which is irrelevant.
  13. Leo, how has this affected your day to day life?
  14. Imagine the time and effort it would take to train new nods. Imagine the potential abuse of power they'd have to deal with each new mod. Sounds like a potential clusterfuck to me. Leo has hinted that if the forum becomes too much of a hassle, he'd rather just shut it down. If you all keep on complaining, and trying to force your will onto the forum, you will lose it. Is that what you want, for it to get shut down? You all keep on pushing, and that's what will happen.