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  1. @AdamDiC Outlandish covered it. And 3mg is too little. It will do nothing. I'd start out at 10, see how you feel (which probably wont do much at all), then 15, then 20. Depending on how you feel at 20, you can go up at 2mg increments. Leo talk lots about all this earlier in this thread.
  2. @AdamDiC Usually you have to take a many sessions, starting lower and taking more each time till a Breakthrough happens. Have you been working up? How experienced are you with 5-MeO? Leaving it one day could put too much pressure on yourself to have a Breakthrough. You'd have to take a high does to even have a chance, and if ill prepared could be very unpleasant.
  3. @Synchronicity Thanks, that makes sense. Could you/would you be able to teach others in this reality how to perceive reality/realities/infinity like you do? Also, have you ever heard of anybody else having this ability? Most 'enlightened' persons I've researched, they all got there by having an awakening. But, you've always been like this, which seems to be more 'advanced' (for lack of a better description) then anyone else I've heard of. So wondering if this is a one of kind occurrence. Most Nonduality/Spiritual teachers can only access nonduality/god-head/no self/infinity temporarily through meditation, psychedelics, etc. Would you say you are nonduality/god-head/no self/infinity all the time?
  4. @Synchronicity Does experiencing infinite yous simultaneously lessen the experience of experiencing one you? Does experiencing just one life seem insignificant, and therefore meaningless?
  5. @Leo Gura Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  6. @Synchronicity How does God fit in to your experience? You say you are experiencing infinite realities, do you have an experience of being the creator of all those infinite realities/beings?
  7. He didn't share it here, but in another thread, so I thought I'd share it here as well, so people see it.
  8. As a bit of advice, take a cue from Leo and get a better video setup, with proper lighting and solid color background backdrop. It's easier to listen to what you're saying, when not distracted by the doors in the background, and you touching your phone every so often. Professional presentation is important to conveying important topics.
  9. Surprised this isn't getting more attention here. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's hard for me to comprehend what you're saying. You seem 100% sincere in your claims, so I don't think there's any deception. If true, this seems like it would make you one of the most enlightened beings alive (in this reality at least). Super fascinating stuff. Please continue to share, explore your experience, and find your 'proof'. If you can, as you believe you can, you could change everything in the way we look at reality (at least in this reality). Keep it up!
  10. Better yet, noise cancelling headphones if you have them. The noise at these things can ruin the experience. Best advice I can give is to fully surrender. Trust the medicine. Don't fight it. If you meditate, start meditating as soon as you take the first dose. No thinking will allow you to sink into the unknown. Go up for as many doses as they offer. usually 3 doses is max. Go for it, you won't regret it.
  11. I have a friend that has been having a hard go in life with severe Bipolar Disorder. Been in and out of the hospital for manic episodes. Would Seeing Truth through a strong psychedelic like 5-MeO help someone like that, or make it worse? I know everyone will react differently, and there are many variables, so talking just in generalities. For instance, it's common for people with severe addictions, to be 'cured' after doing a high dose of 5-MeO. Just wondering if it can have a similar effect with disorders. And if anyone has any solid knowledge on the subject, beyond unknowledgeable opinions. Thanks.
  12. Anyone given any thought to Russia's interference and manipulation of the election? The intelligence agencies have stated clear as day that the election was tampered with by Russia, and it will absolutely happen again. But this time they have 4 more years of technology and practice. Heck, they even put out a challenge/contest for hackers, to see if they could hack our election ballot systems. It took the hackers less than a half hour. They tried to pass a election protection bill, but the GOP blocked it. Why would they block any protection of Russia tampering in the election, hmmm? So I think even if Trump gets 30% of the votes, the official electronic polls will say he got 60% of the vote (or knowing Trumps Ego, it will show 90%). Russia hacked state databases and voting machine companies
  13. You (God) wrote the rules that this dream operates by. Then made yourself forget that you made those rules so to experience the dream unfettered.