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  1. Something I've always been confused about. When I have an operation, and am under anesthesia, there seems to be no self. There is no perception, no concept of passage of time, just nothingness. From the time I go under, to the time I wake up many hours later, there is just nothing. So shouldn't the Self still be experiencing and perceiving during that time? Could you please try and explain this.
  2. I wouldn't quite say suffering. More unhappiness. None of what everyone told me would bring happiness to my life actually did. Quite the opposite. The more I had, the more empty I felt. Decided the only path to take was inward. A spiritual path. Pursuing worldly possessions, money, women, toys, parties, it all is chasing happiness. Once you get it, the happiness very soon fades to unfulfillment. An endless cycle of of unhappiness, seeking possessions. Always seeking fulfillment from outside, instead of inside. Once I started to shed my worldly possessions, I started to feel lighter, more free. Because I no longer had to pay for all that crap, I no longer had to earn that much to survive, which freed me up to pursue happiness from within.
  3. I use to have a high paying corporate job. I had a 6 bedroom house. All the toys. The red sports car. It consumed my life. I gave it all up. The house, the job, all my possessions. I haven't "worked" in 8 years. I have plenty of money to live. One doesn't actually need much. I spend about $300 a month for food, shelter, and such. That I can make easily performing, or helping others. Only possessions I have are clothes. I have no attachments to material things. I have nothing to do. No one owns me or controls me. Nothing to do now, but be. Only thing left is to enjoy every moment of life.
  4. Not saying you're neccessarly doing this, but I think it's a mistake to idolize a teacher. They themselves (unless they got stuck in an Ego trap) will tell you it's about the knowledge shared, not the person.
  5. @Leo Gura. it has to do with what is the core of a societies values. What is the foundation it is built upon. If that foundation is one of greed, selfishness and enslaving it's people, so they can just barely survive (our current system), then what you said is true. If a society if mostly yellow, then everyone is doing everything for thier society because they care, because they want to contribute, whoever they can, to everyone else. If the toilets need to be cleaned, people would do it, because it would make a difference, not because they were forced to do so. People would become engineers, not to make money, but to provide power to their people. People would get into politics to be a leader, not to do what's best for themselves. Osho's society failed because there was blue/orange, masquerading as green. Of course that failed. I could have told you that before it even started. The focus was on exploitation and what's in it for me. If everyone there was yellow, I bet it would have prospered. ive seen it work beautifully in smaller scales. Even up o 100,000 people. And I 100% believe that it will work for our whole society, but only if we all evolve together.
  6. I've been part of communities that are green / yellow. Love festivals, that move from location to location throughout the summers. Everyone there is opperating from a very high level of love, compassion and empthy. Instead of the orange capatalistic form of society, which is all greed, what's in it for me, this whole society is based on contribution as its foundation. Everyone has a strong drive to contrive to everyone else, in whatever way they can. From building infrastructure, fixing food for everyone, performance, to care taking. And if everyone is contributing to everyone else, everyone wins. No egos fighting for what's in it for them. Just love. Everyone smiles, looks you in the eye and says 'I love you' for thier greeting. To me, this is the perfect example of what is possible for stage 2 yellow society.
  7. @Leo Gura Watched the latest video, as well as all the other Spiral Dynamics videos. I'm kinda baffled why you so thoroughly cover every stage, even going so far as to wanting to make videos for stage Red and Purple. But pretty much not talk at all about stage Coral. It's the top of the stages, wouldn't that be kinda an interesting stage to discuss? Yeah I know most of us are so far from it, that it may not be relivant. But if you're going to do 20+ hours of exploring all the indepth nuances of Spiral Dynamics, but completly overlook and ignore the very top and last stage, that just seems odd to me. You didn't even mention it barely at all in your latest video. Any explanation of why? And do you have any desire or plans to include a stage Coral video at any point, going as indepth as the other stages, showing all the nuances of the highest possible stage of human evolution?
  8. If math was more like this, I would have done better in school
  9. @Shiva Isn't ego not separate from consciousness?
  10. More likely, if Leo were to become fully enlightened, my guess is the videos and his business would stop all togethers, or be sparatic. Even though it's very much helping others, the videos are part of an ego construct. After enlightenment, there is nothing to do, just be. So there'd be no point in doing all the work and research that goes into making a huge video every week. But, what do I know, I'm not enlightened/awakened.
  11. @Vinnie I suspect it's the same as doing 5-Meo. It's all about relaxing and surrendering. I concentrate on my breathing, slowing my breathing and let the Aya overtake me. For me, I found the ceremony setting to be very distracting. All the people, chanting, music and all, kept me for fully being in the medicine. But, that that's just me. I'm sensitive to such things. I would prefere to be in total isolation, but that's not really possible. So for someone new, I'd just fully surrender to the experience. Keep calm, meditate on your breathing, after taking the dose. Even if you're afraid to go up for the second dose, do it. The first dose might be intense, but if you're going through all the trouble of getting to the ceremony, push through the fear and go get the second dose. You won't regret it. Also, be prepared for your first time, for nothing at all to happen. That happen my first time. It's common for that to happen. I was so pissed, I almost didn't do the second night, but sure glad I did. Best experience of my life.
  12. @Leo Gura Thank you. That's what I needed to hear.
  13. Of course. I have an experienced sitter. Read Martin Ball's book, that covers in great detail how to do solo trips. Got a cabin in the woods for a week. One day of Ayauasca. 3 days of 5-Meo. Bumping up the dosage each day (per Leo's advice). One day of quite integration. See how it goes.
  14. Thanks! I'm just going off what Leo and others have said about first trips. He said to do a small amount first, to see your tolerance level and how you react. He said it was more likely to have a panic attack with the lower doses, as your Ego doesn't fully let go, so the experience of it fighting your Ego is what can cause the panic attack. Leo said he's never had a panic attack in his life, but did his first 5-Meo experience. So I'm going off of these personal accounts, and trying to be prepared. I want it to go well. I'm hoping it's as smooth as all my Ayauasca trips, which were perfect.
  15. Not sure you fully understand what I was conveying. It's not about feeling better or avoiding fear. It's about finding a way to be able to relax enough to be able to surrender during the 5-Meo. With my history of frequent panic attacks (if you haven't had them, you have no idea how bad they get/are), I have concern it just not possible for me. But also with my history of doing so well with the Ayauasca, it seems like a good way to lead into the 5-Meo, putting me in a peaceful space to be able to surrender. Just trying to find what works for me. Wouldn't suggest this path for anyone else. Not really the point of the post. More concerned with potential drug interactions with taking Ayauasca within a day of 5-Meo.