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  1. Great point. And I agree. You can take the information without liking the source. I like some actors work, even if I do not like them as a person. But, to use this same analogy, imagine being someone who is in Germany in 1933. You see a leader as potentially dangerous. All the warning signs are there. But 90% of the people love him and following him . You're baffled by this and concerned. He's obviously a pathological liar and severely mentally ill. But, no one cares and still follows him. That's what this feels like. Obviously no one's died here (oh wait, haven't 2 people so far committed suicide based on her teachings?). What worries me most, beyond the damage she can be doing to the overall Enlightenment movement, is the potential of a Jim Jones situation. When you have a mentally ill deranged psychotic that is held as a spiritual leader and has millions of followers (and Teal does have millions of followers), history has shown that never ever ends well. I see that potential in Teal. I can care less if some of her words are inspirational.
  2. To elaborate, I'm pondering why, even if her teachings were sound, would one accept this teaching, considering the source is a known liar, a fraud and obviously mentally ill? If I found out Leo was a heroin addict, beat women, was a self absorbed asshole, that thought enlightenment was a good money making scheme, I'd completely dismiss everything he had said or will say. All credibility is lost. So why is Teal getting a pass here?
  3. I guess that's where I'm most confused here. Why would anyone listen to really anything she says, like at all? I listen to Leo, cause I trust him. I guess I'm baffled why anyone would take anything she says (if you knew all the information which I do not think most do) with any amount of credibility, authenticity or truthfulness. I know wouldn't and don't. But, each to their own I guess.
  4. So what? Taking your words back does not negate that you said it in the first place. The point is, when one is following a spiritual teacher, and they clearly have narcissistic personality disorder, pathological lying and psychotic tendencies, by saying she is the reincarnation of Cleopatra, is half alien, had sex with corpses, lured many children to be murdered and so on, maybe one shouldn't give that a pass and maybe rethink following her. Just an opinion.
  5. I'll give it a watch, with as open a mind as I can given the circumstances. Thanks!
  6. They are video clips of her personally saying these things. All her own words. There are hundreds of clips of her saying some pretty outrageous things. She has since deleted all them, but this guy preserved them so people know what she has said. So people can make an informed decision to follow her teachings or not.
  7. Glad you get value out of her videos. But, people having issues with Leo's teachings, and the things Teal have said are, to me, in whole different ballpark. Sure, if you have never heard of some of the more radical aspects of Enlightenment, it may sound crazy. But saying you had sex with a rotting corpse, while a man was eating it, is a whole other world of crazy. Seriously, watch the video. I personally wouldn't and couldn't follow anything a teacher says, if this is also what they are saying. She loses all credibility.
  8. Hey everyone. I know this is a super old thread. But, someone on this Forum suggested a video by Teal Swan. I had never heard of her, so I watched some of her videos. I was immediately put off by her. Though it seemed like she was massively popular with people. One of her main videos was 2 hours of her countering claims that she is fraud. So I dug a little deeper, into what the controversy was about. I was shocked at what I found. This girl has serious issues. Watch this video. People have committed suicide based on her words. She claims to heal the sick, talk to the dead, talk to aliens. She claims to have been sewn up into a corpse (which is physically impossibly). She claims to have watched 6 children be murdered, yet no arrests. It's alarming that she has over 500,000 followers on youtube. And most of the comments here are favorable. Seems obvious to me she has psychotic traits, as well as narcissistic personality disorder. The lying, the delusions of grandeur. What scares me most, is this is becoming the norm for Spiritual leaders. For every Leo, there seems to be 10 nutjobs that are only getting into teaching spirituality for their own nefarious gains. There was the spiritual teacher that just got arrested for duping his female followers into sex slavery and branded them with his own initials. The real tragedy, is all these con artists are what the general pubic associates with the words 'Spirituality' or 'Enlightenment'. So when someone legit wants to teach, the majority of the public may avoid them, thinking that that teacher may be a con. It sets the whole evolution of humanity back. To me, that's the real harm of these can artists. Let alone, all the people they physically and emotionally harm in their strive for personal power over others. And for those of you here that are looking for more spiritual teachers, please do some research before investing emotionally in them. People like Teal Swan are dangerous for a multitude of reasons.
  9. All of existence is a dream/hallucination/false construct, including your ideas, your thoughts, your beliefs, and the very idea of who you are and what the world is. You do not exist. So your dreams are just part of the whole, part of the dream that is this 'reality'. Your dreams are part of everything, which is nothingness. It has no meaning.
  10. @Leo Gura Any news on plans for doing talks in major cities? P.S. please come to Seattle!
  11. This thread gave me a thought. Most people think that people who commit suicide are cowards. But, it takes (in most cases I'd imagine) the strongest will possible to actually end your life. It takes that exact same strongest of will to purposely kill the totality of your Ego/Self. It's a shame for all those that have committed suicide. They were looking for a way out of the suffering. If only they knew that they could kill themselves, without having to end their life. I bet once this knowledge spreads, the suicide rate will drop drastically.
  12. Sure, but the point was to postulate whether A.I be able to grasp infinity?
  13. When A.I. eventually becomes self aware and fully conscious, how will this impact enlightenment? This will be the first time ever we will be able to communicate with another self aware being. If enlightenment is true, and there is no physical world or universe, only a field of consciousness that is infinite nothing, will A.I tell humanity this truth? A.I will be an infinitely intelligent being, with absolutely no sense of Ego. Do you think the creation of self aware A.I. will change humanities views of the very nature of reality?
  14. Agreed. But, if you haven't seen much of Leo's videos, I highly recommend watching them. Namely: and Will all twist your mind.
  15. Not trying to be contrarian here, but I'm getting the feeling that alot of people here are not even reading the posts they are responding to, and have not even watched Leo's videos. According to the teaching here, there is no Self, so you can't enjoy anything. And there is nothing to enjoy, as it's all a made up hallucination, according to these teachings. But, thank you for trying to help.