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  1. Do you get sick when you take Mescaline? Also I'm curious what you mean by stiff trip
  2. Is there a substance that's anywhere near as blissful as MDMA? Looking for something that's at least somewhat close to as amazing when going out and being social with other people. Not looking to take something all the time, maybe just once a month. Only reason i'm looking for an alternative is because mdma is so harsh/toxic on the brain
  3. Which spiritual practices would say are worth while and could improve your overall well-being? Meditation, psychs, yoga, etc..
  4. I’d like to see Leo post fresh content on a clips channel. That way if there’s a topic that he wants to talk about without dedicating hours and hours to making a full length video, he can briefly riff on the idea for 5-10 minutes. In his “what’s the purpose to life” video he mentioned that he would make a video on how to give yourself the love that the word denies you. I think a 10 minute video about this would be much better than nothing if he doesn’t have the time to make a 3 hour episode about it
  5. How do you go about getting some of those herbs and things that you mentioned? Do you grow them yourself or is there a website where you can buy those products at their highest quality?
  6. What supplements do you take that you can say without a doubt make you feel better? To where you can honestly say that it's not a placebo