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  1. I’ve had this nagging question I’ve always wondered… Do you think that once a certain state of mind has been attained briefly, once or even better, a few times from psychs, and since you’ve experienced that state, known it, felt what it was like…. and whilst in that state, making an attempt to really absorb the feeling of that state of mind… Do you think that it would be easier to reach it again later through meditation since you’ve been there before? Like it gives you something to aim for, instead of meditating blindly, not quite knowing what you’re reaching for? Maybe one could get there in an 1/8 of the time through meditation then, instead comparably if meditation normally would take say 50 years to get to the same states of mind. By the way as Leo has pointed out that there are many many different higher states of mind, so I’m not necessarily talking about God mode.
  2. I just saw a video today about another guy, in Australia who claims to be Jesus. Except he’s got a huge ->cult<- following. I don’t think he did psychedelics either.
  3. I tried Salvia a few times when it was still legal in the area… All was well until she got angry and had a… like being there vision of a giant plant wrapping around me wanting to devour me. It was very HR Giger-esk, with teeth, and in color. The vision only lasted a short time, but I had enough Salvia after that. First few times were positive though. Its a rough trip, I would always feel an uncomfortable, alternating push and pull feel to my vision and body sensation. Some people don’t report stuff like that and mostly positive experiences, depends I guess.
  4. Another thing… I’m getting a little off topic, but while we’re on the subject of Ego. I think the “Devil” in Christianity is really the symbolic meaning of full embodiment of Ego, like personification of ego into a walking talking entity. All Satan does is want, takes, tricks others for his own selfish reasons, to take or steal souls. Christians take the devil as an actual being, but maybe its simply Ego they’re talking about, ego taken to the full extreme. If you look at all the evil persons in history, what’s the one common denominator they all have which makes them that way… Unrestrained, excessive out of control ego. The worst of them kill just for self gratification, makes them feel bigger, stronger than others. On the other hand, all the good, righteous persons in history, love all others, go out of their way only to help, giving without expecting anything in return. Its the old, service to self, vs. service to others.
  5. Yes… I agree with you Ishanga. Definitely! Probably the highest, purest form of higher consciousness comes when you least expect it, cause you’re busy just being, and aren’t consciously thinking of arriving to some higher state or someplace different than you are now. On a side note, I think the only reason psychedelics even work in having shifts in perspective is simply because ones ego is squashed, and when the ego is gone, it creates room for higher realization. Maybe there’s more to it than that, but I believe this is a huge factor.
  6. Just a thought… Do you think that… Wanting to be as conscious as God, could hinder ones progress since wanting to be like that could have selfish egotistical motivations behind it? “I Want” or does the ego want… to be bigger, better? Seems to go against, dropping ones ego to attain higher perspective.
  7. You cannot define good without the bad. If there is only good, how would you know it to be good? Take a photograph that is black and white only. If there was only white, you wouldn’t be able to see anything, except white, like wise if there was only black. The two together create the image. One defines or measures and complements the other. If God is infinite, then that means All things by definition, both the good and the bad, and everything in between.
  8. Not sure if this was brought up yet, but look into “Cold Plunging”… I was just reading about this today. Some claim its incredibly good for your physical health.
  9. Yeah could be? I’m a little surprised they’re selling these now… I first heard about these helmets a long time ago… Back when it was just the Koren Helmet. There was a story about it in some science magazine I read back during the 90s I think. If this worked really well, people would probably be talking a lot more about it. Its pretty obscure, and just finding current information about it took some work.
  10. Have you ever heard of the God Helmet? It does the same thing, but uses electro-magnets attached on a helmet systematically placed to target various parts of the brain, then they feed brain patterns back into the brain causing psychedelic and God realizations. Also search for “Koren Helmet” which was the initial research prototype of this technology.
  11. I discovered Harold Percival about a year ago, and his 1080 page book “Thinking and Destiny”. This book is very obscure, not very many people know or have even heard of it. I believe Mr. Percival was spontaneously awakening, or self actualizing, back during the early part of the last century. Its interesting since I doubt there was any information specifically on Self Actualization, and Eastern philosophical books were probably rare information in the West, around his time, before the 1940s. This book is dense, you have to really think about what you are reading on each page, and you’ll likely have to re-read parts to even grasp the meaning. How exactly does a person write a thousand page book like this? In the preface he talks about how the information came to him after becoming “conscious of Consciousness.” -Notice the capital “C”. I believe he’s talking about greater mind, higher consciousness, (Atman / Turiya) there. However he states that it didn’t come from being in a trance. Here’s a little bit in his own words… ”The special purpose of this book is: To tell the conscious selves in human bodies that we are inseparable doer parts of consciously immortal individual trinities, Triune Selves, who, within and beyond time, lived with our great thinker and knower parts in perfect sexless bodies in the Realm of Permanence; that we, the conscious selves now in human bodies, failed in a crucial test, and thereby exiled ourselves from that Realm of Permanence into this temporal man and woman world of birth and death and re-existence; that we have no memory of this because we put ourselves into a self-hypnotic sleep, to dream; that we will continue to dream through life, through death and back again to life; that we must continue to do this until we de-hypnotize, wake, ourselves out of the hypnosis into which we put ourselves; that, however long it takes, we must awake from our dream, become conscious of ourselves as ourselves in our bodies, and then regenerate and restore our bodies to everlasting life in our home—The Realm of Permanence from which we came—which permeates this world of ours, but is not seen by mortal eyes. Then we will consciously take our places and continue our parts in the Eternal Order of Progression. The way to accomplish this is shown in chapters which follow.” Here’s a bit more from Wikipedia… “In 1893, and twice during the next 14 years, Percival had the unique experience of being "conscious of Consciousness," a potent spiritual and noetic enlightenment.[3] He stated that the value of that experience was that it enabled him to know about any subject by a process he called "real thinking." Because these experiences revealed to him more than was contained in Theosophy, he wanted to share this knowledge with humanity.” Parts of it get pretty esoteric, especially towards the back of the book. Regardless I believe there’s a wealth of deep hidden gems of spiritual wisdom contained within the pages. One thing to realize when reading the material, is that Percival uses his own terminology which might take some figuring out. For example the “Doer” means the “Self” and the “Thinker” means higher mind or “Buddhi” from Eastern philosophy. There are others as well. There’s a lot of Eastern philosophical influence in Percival’s work, especially in relation the the self. You can download and read the full PDF of the book at the Word Foundation’s website. They are only there to continue passing along the work of Harold Percival. The Word Foundation Its an interesting book, but of course use your own discernment towards the information contained within.
  12. One more thing… I keep reading in certain places that in the mind, thinking and experiences makes like pathways. The more and more these thoughts are repeated, or by strong experiences, these paths are made deeper, and the mind wants to go down these created paths, like grooves. I think that repeated use of psyches can also make paths and they may become harder to remove the deeper these paths are, especially from very intense, or difficult experiences. Its like easier for the mind to think along these paths that are created, and its more difficult for the mind’s thoughts go down rough, untraveled grounds so to speak. So if you are having flashbacks, etc. These are paths that were created from the psyches and may take a while of not using these paths, and eventually the paths disappear over time from non use. Not sure if that’s explained clearly or not. Certain Eastern philosophy talks about Samskaras that are paths the mind creates, however they say these paths, the deep ones continue into next lifetimes. Maybe you don’t believe in reincarnation, I’m just explaining what they say. This is probably different from what I mean above, except that paths are definitely created by experiences and thinking and they take time to disappear. I mentioned a book “Thinking and Destiny” in another post… Guy who wrote it suggests basically the same thing. That book is very difficult to grasp, but definitely some stuff about this, and pathways in the mind from thoughts and experiences. All of this probably relates to why people can get stuck for some time after difficult experiences, like PTSD. They don’t call thoughts “impressions” without reason. I think of it like this… A new brain of a baby is like a field after a night of fresh snow from a snow storm, clean, no tracks. Go out and walk on it, (baby grows and has experiences) and there are trails created in the snow. The more you walk along the same trails, they get deeper. Eventually after some time it snows more and the lesser used trails eventually disappear. Strong or difficult experiences are like a bulldozer making those trails, and take a long time to disappear, some may not ever disappear completely.
  13. I believe Psychs can put a person into hyper focus of being in the now, and it can shut down your thinking parts, you become more receptive to things outside of thinking, analyzing part of your mind , so you are more like the way an animal views the world. They do many things to a person, this is only one aspect though. I can remember once, hearing a siren a few miles away, ambulance or something… My immediate reaction was fear of the sound of it. What I think now was happening was that symbolically the siren means danger, watch out… and in that moment, it had real effect upon me. That’s what the siren meant to me and it caused real fear, panic in that moment. For example just the color red could have a real reaction in a person who is being totally present, reaction being all the symbolic nature that represents (RED)… Danger, emergency, excitement… all the things that come to mind associated with that color. Animals are like this at all times, fears that might be irrational to us, but not to them… Not to someone affected by strong Entheogens / Psychedelics. Sometimes this stuff isn’t immediately shut back down after use, and stays for a while. I might be wrong, but that’s my take on it. Probably the best thing to get back to where you were is time, as the mind slowly resets back to your old self. There’s probably other things, PTSD type therapy, etc.
  14. I was at a point similar to this, from similar reasons as well… Television, random things, but music in particular would cause this spontaneously in me. It wasn’t a sadness, more like awe and amazement of the sheer beauty within the progression of notes… It eventually stopped also after about a year.
  15. I’m not going to suggest the original poster on what to do. Honestly I don't know. I do think that people are correct that his experience caused some type of trauma, in a sense its like he acquired a kind of PTSD. People telling him to do another massive dose seems like a bad idea in my eyes, but hey what do I know? In regard to this quote from above, reminds me of the LSD thumbprint, its an interesting story. If you’ve never heard of this, the basic story is explained below… Some insight might be in here in dealing with life after a massive Psychedelic experience. The LSD Thumbprint.