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  1. The name, the title, the looks. Too big of a coincidence. Some game dev has been watching @Leo Gura
  2. @Rowan@Rowan@rowan@rowan @-rowan Link please? There's hundreds of apps called Moment
  3. 1) This viewpoint encourages separation instead of unity, which, eventually, will come back to bite you in the arse. 2) Superiority = more to lose, more ego to get hurt. There's no glory in no ego, but it's also far more sustainable.
  4. Conclusions, concepts, fantasies, you've already fucked up.
  5. Yeah he gets a lot of his stuff from Actualized. Now he himself is posted on Actualized. Strange loop complete.
  6. I made a 100$ off of PRPS.
  7. @blazedHe got you there bud. Do you realize, for better or worse, you're just "that guy discussing something without first hand experience" and that stigma is there to stay until you give psychedelics a solid, genuine trial? (One shroom trip won't cut it). Until then I'm afraid your little crusades will be rebuked ad nauseaum with the flick of a hand and no one will listen. Perhaps rightfully so. Not arguing either side, just pointing out human psychology. Who really gives a shit about what some old beard twisters say on the matter. Be a rebel. @Viking raises a good point. Times change. Peter Ralston was never exposed to blood elves in Azeroth nor was good Eckhart susceptible to the dopamine hits of Instagram modelling. Some are predisposed to disciplined sitting, spontaneous awakenings, or just fortunate enough start right at the tip of Maslows pyramid, travel the world and all the other cool stuff I see on my YouTube feed. Luck? Karma? All-Is-One-Divine-Play? No clue, that one for sure is over my head. So much bickering. "I know what's best for you." "No, I know what's best for you!!". Jesus christ, someone get Ken Wilber in here. Not like anyone even has a choice. We're all just conditioned puppets going through the motions in this convoluted mess of a game. Psyechedelics will have their place just like everything else. And for completion's sake, this lady's trip report. Sounds like a very significant positive impact on her life, and what more does one want?
  8. If his humanitarian work truely is ineffective and PR, then yeah, fk em, because otherwise he's just a glorified self help guru and hindu superstition revivalist. I just haven't looked into it.
  9. Yes, it's absurd. It's completely crazy. It just hit me one night in bed trying to get to sleep after binge watching the Eric Andre show. Wait, I'm this weird identity in my head, looking out at the world? I see a "physical" world in which is this weird, nonphysical, invisible voice? Where? What the fuck?! I don't buy it. And there's more, how the fk am I even seeing and hearing anything? Objects out there, reflecting photons into eyes into brain, brain creating mind, wait, where is that happening? No, that doesn't make sense. How do I access objects out there unless I'm where the object is? This shit is weird af, it's batshit insane "Questioning the overlooked obvious", as Pete Ralston would put it
  10. I remember the last eclipse a couple months ago and seeing Sadhguru videos on how everything including food would be maturing a whole month in the span of the day and telling his followers to fast to avoid food posioning or whatever. I ate, and noticed fuck all. Any real non-duality or self-mastery teacher would have a good laugh at this. Useless mental stories. It doesn't even matter if it's true or not, if Sadhguru is legit or not. All he does is talk about maya-content and feed his followers stories - which is great when your goal is big picture change on a large scale, influencing as many humans as possible, but if you're smart, independant and ready, you will go for transcending maya-content and dropping stories.
  11. What you need is to forget about spiritual practices for now and start doing targeted inner work for social anxiety coupled with going out and desensitising in social situations best of all starting pickup if you're a guy. Regardless of gender Julien's Transformation Mastery is an excellent place to start. You need to work up Maslows Hierarchy and do direct work as you yourself noticed (good job) that shooting for enlightenment is spiritual bypassing.
  12. No, opposite for me. Gain consciousness throughout the day until reset by sleep.
  13. I don't give a fk if it is. The more people raising awareness on global issues like plastic pollution etc the better. You won't find me preaching Sadhguru but he's doing good humanitarian work from what I can tell.
  14. Exactly, a beta male is just someone imprisoned in his own conditioning lacking the awareness and courage to transcend his fragile ego and scrambling for power games and manipulations at every opportunity True care only arises when your cup runneth over