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  1. I like it. Very good and simplified. I was glad to see that you mentioned quieting the mind. An indispensable aspect imo that's often overlooked or rarely mentioned. Common questions was good and had a few I hadn't seen before. "It just seems like nothing" was addressed nicely. It get's the greatly coveted, Big Balls Stamp of Approval. Good job sir.
  2. All the world's indeed a stage And we are merely players Performers and portrayers Each another's audience Outside the gilded cage Rush:Limelight
  3. It's coming sooner or later ,might as well get comfy with it. Speaking of which. Enjoy.
  4. I usually discourage such displays of affection ,but if one wishes to show respect by bowing to my Big Lotus Balls, I will gracefully allow it.
  5. The intellect loves complexity, not simplicity. I think it was Adyashanti that said "if it were complex everyone would be getting enlightened". Touché , Mr.Shanti. Touché.
  6. This guy is a gem. Wish he were around when I first started kriya a couple of years ago. Thanks for posting the link @kerk .
  7. Excellent resource for study, all in one place.
  8. What better way to learn than through a cartoon? I figured it would be helpful for the can I put this nicely..... "simple minded" folk here. Not you of course.