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  1. Appearances are not recorded and stored in eternity's infinite database. All appearance is infinitely unique and empty of substance and reality. It appears and disappears in the same instant. It is "uncapturable"; without reality. So what is happening is simultaneously happening and not happening, it appears to happen but there is no solidity to verify it's existence as "something," no seperation to compare it to. This is just absolutely random and chaotic happening. There is nobody behind it steering it, making it happen.
  2. Sometimes it is very obvious that there is no seperate self, but other times you have to be reminded of the seperate self that isn't there to get that hit/fix of realization. The addiction is actually in wanting to know/see that there is no seperate self, or wanting to know that what is is okay. This search has everything to do with "the dream" and nothing to do with enlightenment. Nothing has anything to do with enlightenment, nothing can be said. Just "enlightenment" Full stop, no description. Every thought that comes after this, are just thoughts. A conclusion in form of a thought might arise and say "oh, yes I see, it is this, it is silence, there is no person" and that is the addiction to knowing that fills/hides silence/emptiness/enlightenment.
  3. Or go through intense awakenings before they get the desire to sleep.
  4. I tried to speak "truth" to one of my friends a long time ago, he had not awoken before.. then when "we" actually realized God in a split second glimpse together, it was terrifying. It was an undeniable recognition of the truth behind the veil, but none of us acknowledged it because it was too real. You can talk about this as much as you want, and you can try to awaken others and act special and all. But when you really awaken, there is no you and him anymore, there is just God. Then you realize how big of a fool you actually were, to think you were more or less awakened than the fool from the bar. I would probably be annoyed if you came into a bar and talked all of this spiritual nonsense. Words are energy. You trying to win an argument with your spiritual crap is the exact same energy as him with his conspiracy crap.
  5. This plane of existence where we live in time and space is not in time and space. We can disappear forever and come back to where we were to begin with, in time. "Forever" doesn't exist in infinity, unless "forever" is identical to infinity. You have to have a concept of time and of being alive for a "forever" to exist. Forever is right now, this is forever, and if you disappeared forever, were you ever really there? Maybe it is backwards: you made forever disappear. The separate me is afraid of dying, when it dies there is no problem, but when it resurrects, oh you bet ya it is going to make a fuss about it. There is no one here, right now, this is the glimpse. The glimpse is a glimpse in to what always is, and this is it.
  6. I was sure I would die or go crazy many times, but never did. I was sure I was going to leave my body and merge into an infinite spiral, but never did. I was 18 when this started happening, I had no clue how to handle it. And I didn't. I didn't handle it, but I sure tried too. It ran its course. Many days, months, years of suffering, trying to escape. Couldn't. No lasting answer from any Guru, teacher or speaker. Fatigued from seeking and doing. Nothing left. No possibilities for escape, totally hopeless. Helpful? No. There is no prescription here, no advice. This will mean nothing to the sufferer but: Suffering is infinite love. We suffer in time, so it feels never-ending. Time feels longer than eternity, after all time is eternity. When we in time wake up from time, we are met with the most beautiful realization. Our whole life was a divine love song. All of our suffering was Love, and we are grateful for all of our suffering. We love it. The suffering feels real, and the fact that it feels real is what is so fucking beautiful about it.
  7. I went through a stage where I couldn't contain my desire to share my insights, I think this is a stage many go through. The "I'm a special spiritual person" stage. If there is no other, who are you sharing the insight "there is no other" with? Our whole life and belief system unravels when we have an awakening, so the only "real" thing left for the ego to hold onto is whatever that was. The awakening itself can be seen to be just as imaginary as everything else we used to hold onto. What we long for the most, but also fear the most is to just be, without grasping at past or future events as descriptions of what is. What is, is unknowable, you do not know it more than the next guy. Most on this forum a fast asleep but convinced they know everything there is to know.
  8. I once had an extremely clear insight at work relating to this. I sat eating my lunch and looked at the clock on the wall. Suddenly it was clear as day that time didn't exist. The clock hands were still moving but it was extremely obvious that there was no time.
  9. The absolute truth is that there is no truth, and that leaves you nowhere. What this points to is the end of that contracted reality. It is the end of the safety of knowing what you are and what this is. It is not what that contracted individual wants, but it is what is longed for. Why can't we imagine what we truly long for? Because we don't know what we truly long for. What was truly longed for was life without "me." It is not an idea or a beautiful experience, it is literally what is, and it doesn't care if you like it or not.
  10. It has no value. It is nothing, as you said... This. Who gives a fuck? It doesn't change anything, it's never been anything else. There is just words, spirituality is a joke, the talk going around on here revealed to be totally meaningless. Everything empty, total equilibrium. Amazing.
  11. Everything is a miracle.
  12. @Inliytened1 @ivankiss spiritual cops ?‍♂️?
  13. Preach?? Chaos appearing ordered. Amazing