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  1. If I'm ever gonna take 5-meo I'm definitely going to do it with this guy. He seems to know what he's talking about, using tough love to optimize the overall experience of the medicine.
  2. Also, check out bioenergetics, it is all about releasing trauma from the body.
  3. No problem my friend, I wish you the best. Be kind to yourself.
  4. You'd have to imagine yourself being a real object in a real objective universe. From this standpoint you can speculate about the universe forever. Scientists are all about measuring it. They are literally trying to measure EVERYTHING🤤🤤🤤🤤. They overlook the obvious truth: they are held by everything. If everything is everything, how can you measure it? You'd have to be separate from everything to be able to measure it, and then it would not be everything, because then there would be everything AND me. This is the fallacy of all science. Nothing and everything is two sides of the same coin, this is and isn't happening. All that you know of the physical universe is a lie. All that you know of everything is a lie.
  5. Life can be tricky. Stop feeding into the stories of how shit it all is, this perpetuates the reality of it. Shit can be hard as fuck, you won't get a magical answer from anyone that will kill of what you are doing to yourself. You got to look within, LISTEN to what you need right now, let your intuition show you the way. Take your fist and clench that shit as hard as you can, DO IT! This is what your doing to your feelings and thoughts, you're the one who is holding them tight. Now release your clenched fist and imagine doing the same with all of your stories and uncomfortable feelings, let them go. You are not a story or a feeling, you hold stories and feelings. Let them GO.
  6. @Javfly33 To really seal in the flavor of no time, try and look at a clock. The clock hands move/the numbers on an digital clock changes, but there is no such thing as time attached to that happening. I had this crystal clear realization at work, I was on lunch break sipping a cup of coffee looking at the clock and I just realized how thin the concept of time was. There was no such thing as time moving the hands on the clock, it was just a concept put on top of the apparent movement of the clock hands. I found this so funny. The truth is right in front of us, always.
  7. Nice vids. Their message is timeless. You lose yourself in them. They loose their individuality when the message is received and we merge into nothing, here they serve as a timeless echo for the truth. Pure transmission, empty shells, love flows effortlessly.
  8. It feels like there's always an underlying untouched peace. Chaotic energy still arises but it is not held on to anymore, it is not real or owned by anyone anymore. The realness is finally able to blossom because there has been made space for unrealness. There's apparently a "meing" and "being" energy happening. I actually dont know, I can't put my finger on what is happening anymore, there is just life happening. There's a strong recognition that there is no escape and that this is always whole which burns the energy of seeking when it arises. It is like life is slowly returning home from a long journey. I'll check out the vids. And I like this quote:
  9. The irony and lack of self awareness is truly astonishing.
  10. Hey. I think I know what you're going through. I went through the same phase a couple of years ago. Don't worry. Everything is okay. Free fall/unknowingness can be extremely disorienting in this "phase". You're trying to find grounding, but it is like nailing a nail in the sky. You'll find eventually that freefall is all there is, and that it is paradoxically ordinary and grounded when you let it be and stop resisting it. Realise that this was never known. Realise that there are no rules, no need for this to be in any certain way. Have a laugh with you're friends, do whatever you want, there was no real meaning in the first place anyway. If you take a good look, meaning doesn't actually mean anything. There is no inside or outside of you, there is only you, infinitely whole. You're empty and full, you're everything and nothing. Most importantly you're nothing of what you just read. You are what you just read.
  11. That is not what I meant, but language can be real tricky.
  12. @Javfly33 I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
  13. Enlightenment is not a state. Falling asleep to the dream has no significance to our being, but it has significance to the illusory person. It goes through a lot of hustle to find being, then a spontaneous letting go of the person can happen, and the dream is revealed to be not real. It's just energy appearing in these forms. You are always love, you are always whole.