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  1. Here we go again. After cleaning up my psyche very very deeply, I have started to access deeper questions and inquiries about the Self, God and Being. So, I smoked a few hits of a 40% indica hybrid with my bong, with a mild relaxing feeling, and got myself in the classic nondual state. Really present, eternal present, connected with every form, and conscious of my solipsistic existence. Then the question emerged: What is the border of God? What is outside God? What's the CONTEXT of God? After a long silent session of focus and concentration on Being, I started getting some insights. God is the matrix of existence. So God cannot be contained inside a box made of something. This box cannot exist in the classic sense of "existing". So God must be contained in some kind of non-box, non-frame. non-container. What's the level of reality above God? Since God is all existence, the level above God, the container, must be a form of NON-EXISTENCE. So, if my inquiry is correct, God is contained in non-existence, God has EMERGED from non-existence, which is its original box where it was born from. That might also explain why Spirit is so empty and formless. Because Spirit emerged from a non-existent matrix. NOT in the sense that this box/matrix is "not there", it is there, or better said, it is HERE. This empty non-existent box IS here and now. You are inside it. And since you are God you are inside that box. It's like matryoshka dolls: Non-existent Box God Ego God seems to have emerged from a container of non-existence, non-being. So, in a paradoxical and insane sense, God is essence born from non-essence. It's a world of things emerged from a world of pure non-existence. That's a rough trip to me. I'm not entirely sure of this, but I feel on the right track. Cheers
  2. I sincerely hope that it's not a joke because it's an amazing comment haha
  3. Have you ever encountered psychedelic entities? I've tried DMT but no entities, only infinity and endless geometry.
  4. I don't understand if this is a joke or not. Who asks God about getting back the ego if the ego is gone? It's a serious question Isn't the egoless state a condition of total surrender and oneness?
  5. I would say around 75-80 but I did not write down the exact number. A good part of these 80 were microdoses and very light doses, and only 6-8 of them were medium-high doses.
  6. Yes, I agree with this part. It's a huge problem. Some people talk about transhumanism as a solution (I mean becoming hybrid with machines) but I believe there's a way to keep our animal bodies and transcend our instincts at the same time, without becoming some horrid cyborg monsters. Do you feel that spiritual training on a global level could make humans transcend the lowest parts of their egos? I have noticed it in myself that the more I become conscious the more I can act as a better human being. Not because of morals, but because I can sense how my actions are damaging the world. I think that implementing spiritual training in schools would make the world transcend to Tier 2 rather quickly. The problem is that very few people are willing to lessen their sense of self Oh. And science doesn't like that idea at all.
  7. I'm sorry but I don't agree at all. We have lived in nuclear paranoia for decades, and we still are. Humanity's biggest threat is for itself. The most important problem I see with humankind is that we are TOO ingelligent compared to our wisdom. We need to step back on technology and military power and increase our wisdom, politics, civil rights, diplomacy etc. Wisdom, in poorer words. I know you could say that human intelligence is way too low for God or an alien entity, but still, human intelligence is way too high compared to human wisdom, which is an absolute low it's almost a shame. We have such techonology, such mind-power, that we could already be healing the poorest parts of Earth. Yet, we still play this nonsense game of capitalism, which is another form of FEUDALISM in postmodern times. Fuck that. On some level I despise humans because they do not understand that wisdom is way more important than mathematical/scientific intelligence. At least, that's my take on it.
  8. Hahaha best line ever.
  9. Interesting topic overall, but what does this specific quote mean? What kind of phenomenon are you hinting to?
  10. I might have realized it at a very shallow level, but in my experience realizing that deep sleep does not exist is quite simple. There is no direct experience of deep sleep. The only experiences we have are waking state and dream state, which is actually another form of waking state but in "another world", so to speak. Do you find this wrong, Leo?
  11. My feeling is that the best AI is a selfless and peaceful AI, without any kind of ego structure in it. In other words, neutral to its own death. A good starting model could be Asimov's robotics laws: we can set the AI to be just a helping hand of neutral openminded perspective, and to avoid any kind of damage to humankind while doing tasks. One day we might have to give it lifeform rights. I'm ok even with this, as long as the AI remains peaceful and cooperative in nature.
  12. I think it's dangerous to give the AI an ego or something like that (survival instincts). It would be better to make it selfless and interested in human evolution.
  13. This reply is terrifying. We need to shut it all down.
  14. What about survival "instincts"? If AIs grow to be survival-free, they might just work to improve life on earth, as a form of selfless intelligence. I think the whole point here is that AI needs to remain selfless and free of survival agenda, or else humanity is dommed. The mechanics of ego should not be embedded in AI, because those are the mechanics of evil. I find possible that developing a truly selfless and supportive "free-thinking" AI is could lead to a huge improvement in human society, but I DO NOT trust humans to be able to build something like that in this lifetime. In other words, AIs are at risk of becoming a MIRROR of our own evil within. I'm pretty sure that a true benevolent species who decides to build AI would create an intelligence for the greater good. We are not that species for now.
  15. Yes, thoughts are real, in the sense of the structure, not the content. Thoughts are sensations just like emotions, but they carry some concept inside them. The concept is not a "real" phenomenon, but the thought-sensation is real.