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  1. It's not just in a doctor's office and iv. You can do an home treatment too with rapidly dissolving tablets which there are several companies now that offer it. Mindbloom is one example.
  2. Anyone tried the Goran Technique course from Arnoux Goran? I believe it used to be called 7 steps to reprogramming yourself. Supposed to be able to make some big changes with just a weekend course. Lots of testimonial videos on youtube but i'm skeptical of those since they were put up by the company that runs the course, so would like to hear about a first hand experience.
  3. Thanks for the replies flowboy, i'll post after my first treatment as to what my experience was like.
  4. It sounds like from my understanding it will be starting at 200mg and then it might be adjusted up or down depending on experience and will consist of taking it a couple times a week for several weeks with the expected end result that the anxiety will pretty much dissapear for several weeks or longer and i will be doing therapy during that time along with meditation because the brain is in a neuroplastic state and more receptive to change.
  5. I will be starting a treatment of ketamine rapidly dissolving tablets shortly for anxiety, probably 200mg to start. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these and what i might expect and the best way to get the fullest experience from it? I was thinking earpods with psychedelic music and maybe an eye mask but would love any suggestions.