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  1. Yes, the only psychedelic who does not require an empty stomach is Salvia Divinorum, if smoked. I've used it several times on full stomach and there's zero effects on the body and zero nausea.
  2. Yes, but at the same time there was a different standard for beauty in the past. The standard has changed a lot even during the 20th century. Beauty is deeply subjective, even though some vague traits tend to be universal, like hourglass shapes, young bodies etc... But a chubby woman can actually be really erotic in the proper cultural context. An example: I tend to always like thin and young girls, but then I really started to like my therapist (yes, there's also transference) who is a bit chubby and nerdy looking, and older than me. Since then, I still like some specific slightly chubby women because I now recognize their beauty too. Every person has their beauty, but of course there are some traits which are more agreed by the masses as attractive. It's not important to "score" the girl everyone wants, it's important to find the ones you personally like. But I'm sure you already know this.
  3. Yes, that's what I am saying. Maybe it's just another deeper level of consciousness, at the end of which there's just One hugely absolute entity. Maybe you just went deeper and you still have to find the maximum wholeness of God. Maybe that absolute wholeness is never reached by a limited form. Who knows? My recent experiences with sober and psychedelic inquiry show that there is just this present reality, not other ones. But I'm not that advanced.
  4. But then they are not separate Gods... they are the same old One God. Isn't it?
  5. Because I also do the sober practices. Self inquiry, meditation, and A LOT of self-therapy/introspection, and I can recognize the amount of progress these one give me, compared to the psychedelic progress. Psychedelics enhance consciousness, intelligence and sensitivity. All these qualities are fundamental to evolve. Of course sober practices are key, you need to keep using them. I'm just saying that normal practices are the fundamentals, but psychedelics are the boosters.
  6. But they do, if you use them to do self inquiry and to deeply connect to what the Self is. I have gained important new levels of baseline consciousness with some specific trips, because I spent a lot of time contemplating and inquiring during the trip.
  7. Could you release an updated episode on what is the ego? Your only episode about it is very old. It would be really interesting to hear an explanation of the separate self from your new state of consciousness. The mechanics of how God creates an identity and preserves it.
  8. The best course of action is to find a nice and compassionate therapist. Your problem will be healed. You are not damaged, it's not your fault. But healing needs to happen, and psychotherapy is the best way to heal these issues
  9. I know by direct experience that God exists I was an atheist before diving deep into spirituality.
  10. Yes, this is the philosophical and rational answer. I get it. I was more interested in the deepest insight.
  11. Thanks, I might have missed the video I guess I'll need deep awakening to feel the answer in direct experience.
  12. @Leo Gura I truly need to ask you this. I have watched most of your metaphysical videos, but I didn't see this specific answer. I have been a seeker of the Self for more than three years and I definitely know now that God exists and it is living through me, even though I'm quite asleep now. But I can't stop noticing that my bubble of reality is mysterious and mind-made, almost every day. I need to know. Why does God exist? It exists, I know. But WHY?!? I don't understand and this question is making me insane. Why is all of this happening and why does the Self exist? My Self. Why my Self? Why not another one's divine Self? Why am I the one who is being lived by God? I don't understand, this is madness! I thought I was just a random human. I am not a random human. I know you are not a separate person, but this person right here is not able to get an answer. Can you please explain why God? Why a God? Why this God? Why not just mindless nothing? I thought it was normal for everything to exist. Now not anymore. It makes no sense to exist. I think that the road to awakening is a road to madness maybe. Sorry for the deliriant text. My question is actually quite lucid, after weeks of deep observation.
  13. Yes, it's a valid substance for awakening. I've had a very powerful oneness awakening with 250 ug of LSD. Recently I'm just using whole leaves of Salvia (not the extracts). The awakenings I got from it are really pleasant and warm, playful. Reality also melts/warps a little bit but I'm fully conscious of how my eternal Mind is doing it. Really amazing awakenings with that, but you have to master this plant to reach it. It's a chaotic psychedelic. I don't have experiences with DMT, but the effects I get nowadays from plain leaves are very similar to classic DMT reports. Very very close.
  14. Hahahah what does that mean? Try plain leaf, or maybe 5x if you really want to use a concentrated salvia. Go slow.
  15. I agree but I'm pretty damn sure that god realization makes you so sharply aware of your human shadows and neurosis that you will become quite efficient in healing them (with classic introspection). I can attest that my spiritual seeking has given me huge awareness of my psychological damage and how to heal it. My therapist is shocked at how fast I am healing and how fast I can become aware of inner damage. This would not have been possible without consciousness work. Even though awakening is NOT healing the ego per se.