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  1. Yeah, I just mean that I'm not experienced with conscious, deliberate creation the actual techniques of LoA.
  2. Thanks Well, my vision papers are already written down. I've spent days writing what I want out of my job opportunities, the satisfaction, the atmosphere etc... But I need to implement the visualizations, or the "vision pages" won't do much, aside from getting the picture of what I want clear. Visualization makes the emotions and the positive vibes engraved in the subconscious, thus shifting your reality. I was asking because a "random" visualization, in my opinion, is very scattered and messy, while a more "scripted" scene, that is truthful to the written description, is the best to move into your new reality. I don't have much experience with LoA and the subconscious, sorry.
  3. @Nahm P.S. I've used in the past a visualization to become better at my job's phone calls, and it worked. But in this instance I've used always the same "scripted" scene.
  4. @Nahm something I never understood about visualization and LoA. Let's say I want a nicer job. Should I keep on visualizing the SAME scene? For example: me arriving at the office, happy and in harmony with my work and colleagues, and starting my monday fullfilled. Or should I always freestyle a new visualization on the theme, with different scenes each time I sit to visualize? That's what I don't get about LoA and visualizations. Should they be "scripted" or always freestyled on inspiration?
  5. But is the LoA able to manifest things out of your physical control? For example meeting by chance your perfect girl or finding your perfect job opportunity? Those things that common people call "luck". Or is it just a "self help" law, which dictates that thinking positive makes you more productive? That's what I don't understand. Is it spiritual or just behavioral in nature?
  6. Thanks for the replies. So what are the best techniques to make it work in your favour? The book I read just talks about the law in general, not the specific best techniques.
  7. I've read a book from @Leo Gura 's list about the law of attraction, and I don't understand if it's just mumbo jumbo fairytales or a real spiritual phenomenon. I've also noticed that everybody in the spiritual community believes in it. Is it true? What are the right explanations for it? Maybe Leo can answer
  8. Well, of course stage orange is shallow on sex, but from what I can see stage green ideologies tend to push women onto casual sex and open relationships, not intimate ones. Nothing against that, if a woman wants to do it. I'm just saying that it's killing the possibilities of connecting deeper with a partner.
  9. I follow some dating and pickup coaches, and they keep saying that in the recent years relationships are dying and people just want to have casual sex and remain single and selfish. Especially in the pickup scene they keep saying that women don't want relationships anymore, because they're a burden and a nuisance for their fun single life. Is this a result of society transitioning to SD stage green? Why are we moving towards isolation and superficial sex if society is supposed to increase love and a sense of acceptance/community? Why are women becoming like the asshole stereotype who just wants sex? Share your insights. Especially girls
  10. Watch this video I'm really confused about this topic, because in my life I've seen both examples of girls liking nice guys and girls wanting only the bad boys. But A LOT of surveys and interview (like this one) bring a HUGE amount of points to the bad guys. Why are women so attracted to bad boys, to the point that they consciously decide to chase them? I think this goes very deep in the problem of reconciling the sexes, because if women truly want these guys we can't get along as men and women. Because the relationships that girls seem to want are based on conflict, ignoring, emotional starving, and power play. What's your opinion?
  11. @Wasem absolutely this. I used to have huge victim complexes and sense of unworthiness because of this materialist paradigm (which is the center of gravity of western society right now). With time I'm discovering that my authenticity and ability to bring happiness to people is a lot more respected and valued than materialist usefulness. This paradigm is very toxic for men who want to find connection and being appreciated for who they are.
  12. Nice and rich explanation. Well, to be honest there are also cases where these two preferences blend. Some men prefer quality sex or else they'll prefer to work (I'm like that, I'm not interested in shallow sex), and some women are into quick random sexual activities. But it's generally true: a lot of men are into random-quality sex, and a lot of women want the sensual magic experience. So yeah, that might be the actual difference between men and women. Who's more interested in sex? I think both, in the end. It's just a difference of perspective. But men's perspective on this topic is usually all about "women don't want to have a lot of quick and boring sex, so they are frigid." On the other hand I've heard a lot of female friends of mine lamenting that their bf is NOT interested in true sex, since he just wants to be a little bit stimulated and then wants to go play videogames alone (which is absolutely horrifying in my opinion ). To be honest, I've heard a lot of girls whining about "low quality sex" from their boyfriends. This should imply that girls generally like sex a lot, but at the same time are disgusted by mechanical and "distraction" sex. I have to agree with girls: it makes absolutely no sense to have sex just for the quick shallow stimulation. So yeah, if we adopt the perspective of quality sex, women are generally more sexual than men.
  13. I keep seeing this duality of theories about female sex drives. On one hand you hear almost all men saying that women have a low libido/low sex drive, and show interest in sex only occasionally or half the times a man does. There are also a lot of articles by men stating this opinion, based on personal experience. On the other hand you hear feminist philosophers talking about how women have the same high sex drive as men, if not even higher. And I don't understand if this is just some rhretoric to abolish slut shaming, and let women be free to have sex, or if they actually are endorsing this theory. In my own experience they seemed quite horny, but I'm not so sure if they were high sex drive, because they preferred me to make the first moves leading to bed, so I don't quite understand where they stood in therm of libido. What's the truth on your opinion?
  14. Leo and Emerald made great points. I would say that the "aggressive woman" stereotype is definitely stage orange femininity: productive and business oriented. Stage green femininity is a lot more in tune with the core values of being a woman (generally speaking), which is why progressivism is trying to depict women as fragile and in need of compassion. The center of gravity of wester culture right now is stage orange, so it's completely normal for women to see a lot of "strong/productive woman" propaganda around. I think that both men and women need to cultivate both compassion and success traits. So if you lack feminine qualities, dive deep into your empathy and feelings