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SoulBass, I'm a 25 old man living in France.

Hobbies : bouldering/rockclimbing, and riding my bike.

When I was 17, I discovered a tiny book on buddhism in my parent's library, I start questionning myself about what is reality.

On 18 I watched "Zeitgeist" documentaries (which I think are kinda subjectives now) and become vegetarian.

On the same time I discover Eckart Tolle' audio books (in my native language) that I listen every night on my mp3 player, as I fall asleep. I start to recognize emotions, and have some "spiritual" insights.

On my 19, I feel an inexplicable pain coming from nowhere, such a metaphysical crisis (thinking backward, it was linked with teenager's hormones). In this period I listen to pink floyd 24/7, discover Lovecraft novels, read all the books I can find on H.R. Giger, and fall in love with paintings of Edward Hopper and Egon Schiele (my studdies was arts oriented).

On 20, I continue reading books, on several topics such as psychology, NLP, kaizen, subconscious... and practice meditation. A friend of mine advise me to read "The Game" by Neil Strauss, which I read in 3 days.

From 21 to 23 I'm very busy with studies and my girlfriend, so that I don't have time to spend on self-help.

On 24 (last year) A friend of mine at work, tells me about Actualized' videos.

Last 12 months I've been questioning myself about my job/career, and felt the need for a change.

I bought the Life' Purpose course this summer (which I've almost finished) though that it would be the perfect "springboard" for my job change.

I've learnt so much things that I've did not expected in this course, thanks for this.

My plans for future : life purpose, doing more meditation and raising more awareness, and doing more lucid dreams (something I want to explore in my life, I'm still at my first steps).

(I don't try to overcome my weaknesses, I just let them flow and let things happens...)

Edited by Soulbass

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Name: Dave
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Location: Boise, ID, USA
Occupation: Fish and water research
Marital Status: Divorced
Kids: Ages 12 and 15
Hobbies: Spirituality, nature, fly fishing

This topic is so cool. I can't believe what people have overcome. Highly inspiring.

I got into personal development when I saw one of Leo's videos on YouTube. I think it was about not caring what other people think. Thank you Leo. I've been doing enlightenment stuff for over 25 years. Love it.

Challenges overcome:

  • Being bullied and beat up as a kid
  • Dysfunctional, controlling marriage of 20 years
  • Timidness, insecurity

Working on:

  • Self confidence/image
  • Meeting the right woman
  • Procrastination at home
  • High consciousness in raising my kids



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Name: Brian Greendahl
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Location: Carmichael (Sacramento), CA, USA
Occupation: IT Consultant, Public Speaker
Marital Status: Committed relationship
Kids: 2 grown boys
Hobbies: Playing piano, composing music, enlightenment, meditation, personal development, reading, learning Vedanta.

I got into personal development in 1988. I was in treatment for late stage, chronic alcoholism. I have remained sober since that time. Two years prior to getting sober, I was in an automobile accident in which I lost my left arm. This is significant because at that time I was an accomplished pianist and worked as a session musician in different recording studios for various well known artists. I was homeless for two years prior to getting sober. I've since gotten an education and opened an IT consulting company which has taken good care of me for twenty years now. I do public speaking on the dangers of drinking and driving, alcoholism and recovery, and overcoming physical handicaps or challenges. I still continue to play piano with one hand and have adapted quite well. At this stage of my life I want to get into life coaching as well as my musical and spiritual pursuits.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

Surviving a violent and abusive childhood.

Survived a death experience that happened when I lost my arm.

Learning to live and function with one arm.

Overcame alcoholism and have stayed sober for 27 years

Playing piano with one arm (hand).

Started my own business.

Raised two children by myself.

Survived a tragic fall from a roof 3 years ago.

Spent almost a year in a wheelchair.

The death of my live in girlfriend's 9 year old son a year ago.


What I'm working on now:

Working on enlightenment

Working on learning and practicing Vedanta.

Working on being a life coach.

Working on being the best version of me.

Inspiring others.

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Name: Ryan Gleeson
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Location: Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Occupation: Commis Waiter at 5 star Hotel
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: Nature, Foresting, Hiking, Consciousness, Awareness, enlightenment, meditation, personal development, making big personal goals, you-tubing on my personal development journey

In summer 2015, I came across personal development through Actualized.org and ever since that time, I could not be any more happy that I did. Since the discovery of lifes potentials I have been on a journey of growth ever since. As a Kid I always used to think about deep topics but then family and society was a huge major distraction from that curios and inquisitive nature I always knew that I had.

NOW however after all that I have been through, I want to continue to grow and expand! Nothing can stop me now I have to knowledge..I could talk about what I have been through now BUUUUT why!? It happened but it dosent exist now, it is not real really! I am free!

I want to grow and expand to now where every month that goes by, I am a new Ryan Gleeson...The fire and passion inside of me has now been ignited once again and limiting beliefs will never again now hold me back from my true capabilities. 

I can do this alone! I now love Ryan Gleeson!! I can move to Canada! I can forget the past and keep on growing!

<3 peace out!!

Personal challenges I've overcome:

*over three years of therapy and the life altering transformation I gained!

*Serve Anxiety

*Low self belief

*Horrific bullying throughout my school life

*Mothers abusive boyfriends

*Moving out of home in to a care system that got me to independent living through 4 different places I lives alone

*My flat

*Caring what people thought of me, gone!! :D


What I'm working on now:

*Travelling to Canada to consider migration

*aligning my life to my values

*A future potential business in enlightenment, awareness and presence at a forest retreat in Canada

*Self inquiry

*A total shift in my self image

*Eliminating limiting beliefs and childhood lies I happened to be conditioned too

*Ability to be content whenever I shift my thoughts and gaining to knowledge on how to accomplish this simultaneously

*Change in External circumstances

*Future Gym goals! & diet!

*A potential friendship or relationship of companionship where we help and support each others growth on a deep and intense level.

* Youtube video journey and communication skills






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Name: Rosie Jakab
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands, sometimes Budapest Hungary but most often I am on the ocean
Occupation: Receptionist on one of the most elegant Ocean Liner, future Child therapeutic
Marital Status: Single/Dating
Kids: No
Hobbies: enlightenment, meditation, personal development, reading, learning, nature, healthy eating, helping others

I got into personal development in 2015 when I decided that I do not want to blame always others for my suffering. I was always big believer of self learning ( i have learned 4 languages this way) and started to learn about emotions and decisions on youtube. I try to learn about relationships, life coaching and future plan to become a therapeutic for children. 

Personal challenges I've overcome:

Young age abuse

General moving in early age/ scared of any kind commitments

Used to be very shy, introverted, and socially awkward

Overcoming to loose my whole family and stay on my own at age 24

Cleaned up my diet A LOT, now eating mostly vegetarian and vegan

Becoming successful in my career

Overcoming my mood swings and strong personality


What I'm working on now:

Working on enlightenment

Working on improving my health & diet

Working on being more authentic in relating to others

Finding a real partner where we can both become independent and we do not depend on each other

Getting my promotion at work what i was working so hard for


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Awesome guys! Keep the bios coming.

I like reading them all so that I better understand where you're coming from and what kind of issues you need videos/courses for.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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Name: Juan Cruz Giusto
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: San Francisco, USA
Occupation: Entrepreneurship College Student
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: Meditating, Reading, Gym and Football (the real one, not the American), Nature, Girls, Self Development, Drums and Guitar, Science, Entrepreneurship, Enlightenment, Movies, Going out.

I got into personal development at the age of 16 when a girl broke up with me. I started reading pickup material and started going out. I came up with RSD, Elliott Hulse, Tai Lopez and finally Actualized.org. I read many books and done some programs about Life Purpose, Pickup and Business. I'm really into self development and studying reality and how the world works. I'm good at thinking and understanding so i want to increase my knowledge about how the world really goes and develop. I want to create some high consciousness businesses that improve the world and society generating real value and be financially independent so I can focus more on my personal development.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

Got fit and started eating healthy

Moved from my comfort zone and went to USA

Emotionally stable

What I'm working NOW

Getting fitter and cleaning my diet even more

Get better with women

Self Mastery

Looking for good business ideas to implement and focus on

Meditating and Enlightenment Work

Creating the lifestyle I really want



My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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- Looking at conspiracy theories about 9/11 etc

- David Icke introduced me to one singular consciousness stupid false symbolism and some whoreshit about reptiles and more bullshit but that opened my mind a bit to non-atheist stuff so I guess it was necessary

- More conspiracy stuff about Saturn and occult science stuff, most of it bullshit

- Realized the problem was no government and there was no Illuminati to blame (even if they're real) because the problem lies with all of us, I was the problem, Now I also started learning some real symbolism :) 

- Decided to do something about that and evolve above my broken self.

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Name: Martin
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Location: Sweden
Occupation: School
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: enlightenment, meditation, skateboarding, skiing, trailrunning, nature, reading, eating healthy

I got into personal development after I had a hard time in school, I'm bisexual and I have always denied it and when i realized I juts had to tell someone I got depressed, started smoking, drinking, got fat. My "friends" started to leave me out when I told them and eventually I tried to commit suicide. One day i found Leos videos on depression, I started to clean up my shit and have not been looking back ever since.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

-Suicidal dispair



-Low self-esteem

-Bad confidence

-Cleaned up my diet, became a vegan aswell and I really enjoy it

-Stopped smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy food, eating candy, playing videogames

-Got into shape again by skiing and running



What I'm working on now:




-preparing to become a Zen monk for a year or two after I finnish school

-self-expression and honesty (I am a dirty little liar)


-realized I am a Highly Sensitive Person and adapting to this by trying to be a little more like a monk


Edited by Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj


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Name:  Jasmine

Age: 26

Location: Sydney Australia

Marital Status: Dating

Kids: No

Hobbies: Personal development, yoga, cooking / Baking, meditating, reading self help books, watching beauty videos, watching movies, making youtube videos, recently started running, researching on creating all natural hair products


Personal challenges I've overcome:

Exercising consistently

Changing my habits completely (from being on social media 247 to reading more and meditating)

Cutting off negative people

Starting a business

Becoming fitter and flexible

Eating healthy

Setting clear goals

Starting to meditate daily


-What I am working on now:

My business


More clarity

Exercising and staying healthy

Child sexual abuse


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26 year old from Germany. For me it started 2 years ago when I wanted to get external motivation. I watched a lot of youtube videos (motivational speeches in combination with epic music and movie/sport clips) that motivated me in a rather superficial way. I was able to perform better in uni for like a year. Then my motivation dropped massively. That was the moment where I searched for content that was deeper. I found it because of Leo. That was like a huge thing for me. I started to redefine myself.

What I achieved:

Destroyed my gaming console / don't care about gaming that much anymore ( I was kinda addicted)

Don't care about my facebook account anymore.

I don't make that much use of the media.

Eating way healthier, basically close to perfection.

Care more about my body



Find a job after finishing my thesis.

Travel a few places I've been dreaming of.

A few sexual and thrilling moments that I would like to experience.

Most important one is: I want to find total inner peace so that I would never care about my own problems but to help others as much as I can. 

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Hi Everyone :)

Name: Muhammad El abbadi
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Occupation: a university student ( hoping to be a private teacher of English soon and a freelance writer) 
Marital Status: Dating
Kids: No
Hobbies: reading books, personal development, finding truth, linguistics. 

I have always been searching on the net about something powerful to change my social anxiety. However, none really was a great motivator. I searched, searched and searched till one day I came across Leo's channel. Something was different about his concepts. For example, the video on how to transform your life. Also, the one on True Vision when he said " I picture a kid stumbling upon one of my videos and going " Wow!! this is possible". Yes, I never knew it was possible. Now, I have given personal development everything, all of my life. I know though I am still beginnner, but my journry would be coool as I live in a third world country coming from a harsh background where changing your life, and not following the crowd has a very STRANGE taste!!

what I am working on now 

Almost everything!! my self-confidence, financial problem, familly problems and list goes on and on. 

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Name: Stephanie M.

Age: 40

Gender: Female

Location: Westchester, NY – moving to Phoenix this summer

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Marital Status: Married

Kids: No

Hobbies: weightlifting, hiking, playing with my dog, personal development

I got into personal development for the fist time at age 17, when I was looking for answers mostly at spiritual places, from being a Wiccan to joining a local mediation circle, reading books. After leaving Germany the subject soon was forgotten and I was “busy” with life.

Last year I went off my medication (Celexa) and I started to change because of it. I had been a very physically active person – running ultras, working out etc....for the last 10 years, all of the sudden I got more interested in how I can change myself in particular my emotions. I stumbled upon Leo’s video about how to control your emotions and that was pretty much the beginning of my new journey.

Personal challenges I’ve overcome:

Social Phobia


A difficult relationship with my mother

Leaving my home country and everything behind at age 20


What I’m working on now

Understanding life, humans, myself

Finding ultimate happiness not depended on anything external

Being able to remaining physically active while undergoing a shift in mindset

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Name: Alexander Ryen
Age: 20
Location: Norway
Occupation: Looking for a job
Marital Status: Single
Kids: Non
Hobbies: Enlightenment, meditation, personal development,  fruitarianism, psychedelics, natural living, fitness,  walks, nature.

Started experimenting with cannabis 3-4 years ago and that got me thinking with a more open mind. Started watching a lot of youtube vids on health, natural living, psychedelics, spirituality, and personal development. Came across a vid of Leo taking about the ego about 2 years ago and from there on i watched a lot of his content and then i started practicing meditation and got very interested in self actualization/enlightenment.

Things I I've overcome:

I quit tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis.
Dropped all junk food and all animal based foods. Now im eating a low fat high carb plant based diet of mainly fruits, greens, and some cooked starches.
Quit playing video games.
Committed to the path of self-mastery
Doing strong determination sitting for 1 hour daily + 20-30 min of meditation laying down in the morning.
Increased focus and clarity.
A lot more conscious.
More authentic and confident,
Stopped hanging out with old friends.

What I'm working on now: 

Find my life purpose.
Gathering money to travel.
Choose what i want to work with.
Stop being lazy
Enlightenment/self actualization
Increase my strong determination sitting/meditate more.
Thinking about becoming a monk.
Make like minded friends.



Edited by Alexanderryen

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Name: Damien 
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: In a relationship
Kids: No
Hobbies: Learning about life, climbing, mountain biking, meditation, reading, 

I got into personal development after reading the Four agreements from Miguel Ruiz about two years ago. At that point I realized that evolution is not something that happen to us but something you need choose. I realized that fighting the external circonstances of the world is an upstream swim. I understood that changing my internal world will create better results. I have been on this fascinating path for the past two years.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

Constant need for approval

Built myself a work ethic

Regular workout


What I'm working on now:

Working on improving my diet

Working on academic excellence

Defining my life purpose

Understanding the opposite sex

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Name: Jenna Stewart
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Location: Alberta, Canada
Occupation: Laborer, aspiring artist, author 
Marital Status: single
Kids: No
Hobbies: Drawing/digital art, reading, writing, yoga, meditation, self-development, video-games on occasion. 

I got into peronal-development for a brief period after discovering Thomas Hodges, the relationship coach. I can't remember how, whether it was recommended by Hodges, or if i just happened upon it, but I found the Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson. I let go of personal development until I hit rock bottom last summer (read my first journal entry for the details: http://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/2380-jens-journal-the-actualization-of-a-trans-woman/#comment-23066). I began listening to Lewis Howe's podcast, and watching youtube videos which led me to @Leo Gura and Actualized.org. 

Personal challenges I've overcome:

  • Coming to terms with my gender identity after 23 years if repression
  • Lost 65 pounds (still more to go)
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Not relying on anyone else to make me happy
  • Realizing my life purpose

What I'm working on now:

  • Improving my health, fitness, and eating clean
  • Incorporating tiny, positive habits 
  • Spiritual growth
  • My transition
  • Building my dream career
  • Quitting smoking 

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@Kelley White I LOVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's one of my deepest passions!!!!! I can talk about it all day!!! 

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@Zane, yeah, I think so. 9_9  I actually have been rereading my draft in progress and coming up with ideas.  Alice offers wonderful metaphors to play with. :x:D

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2 hours ago, Kelley White said:

@Zane, yeah, I think so. 9_9  I actually have been rereading my draft in progress and coming up with ideas.  Alice offers wonderful metaphors to play with. :x:D

If i could re-write "Alice" my version would transform Alice into a deep character who is discovering her own identity and uses Wonderland to discover her creativity and passion. I've always seen Alice as being pressured to conform to Victorian society's standards by her parents while she is much more of a free spirit. I love exploring these characters in great depth! To me, Wonderland represents re-capturing nostalgia and imagination. "Alice in Wonderland" is truly a multifaceted story with so many meanings. I feel like I'm a fusion of both Alice and the Mad Hatter. I can strongly identify with Alice because i'm highly imaginative and childlike. Like the Mad Hatter, I'm highly eccentric and I embrace my eccentricity. I have a great friend in college who is the Alice to my Mad Hatter. 

Edited by Zane

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