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Name: Nikhil Sharma

Age: 25

Occupation : Student

Location: Delhi, India

Status: Single

children: no


Heyyy! I am Nikhil and ran into Leo's youtube channel while designing a b-plan for a life coach for a case study competition and got hooked to it forever.  Can't say when I started personal development as I have been spiritual from the age of 18, practised yoga and read books. But 2 years ago I took a major leap with delving deep int self help books when I was in a toxic relationship. I now enjoy a healthy, spiritual lifestyle and am taking a leap into the career of policy-making and to make my mark in the society. I am a passionate individual who loves to compose music on guitar and deep relationships of any kind make me feel alive! :D

Challenges I have overcome:

- Ending a toxic relationship and moving on

- longer attention spans

- Developing a habit to read

- healthier lifestyle/ working out

- Developing empathy

- finding a meaningful job (govt advisory and policy making)

Challenges I am working on:

- Getting to meet amazing women

- Building my own musiv and home studio

- A successful career

- A strong spartan like body ;)

Glad to be on this forum! 


- Nikhil


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Name: Dangirdas Pleckaitis
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: Norway
Occupation: School
Marital Status: In a relationship
Kids: No
Hobbies: enlightenment, meditation, personal development, learning, working out, mma, playing video games

I was very depressed when i was 14, and each day i thought of killing myself. I never did self harm, but i used to get random violent outbreaks where i used to hit things, myself, walls, etc. I felt like a nobody, like a loser who nobody liked or appreciated. I struggled talking to girls, socializing with new people, and being around a big crowd. It got the the point where i started searching up on the best ways of killing myself. Luckily while i was on this search i stumbled upon meditation and psychedelics. This is when i started my personal development journey. I started meditating, it gradually stopped the thoughts of killing myself, but the depression still clinged on for months. Until i was at a random party and i got offered LSD, and i took it. The ENTIRE experience killed my ego, making me realize that i wasn't the victim, that life was beautiful, something to take hold of, and ride it just the way you want it to. It made me really appreciate life, and care about the important things. Positive mind attitude, the law of attraction, I then realized, it was MIND over MATTER. Once the trip was over, I wasn't depressed no more. After that whole experience i really got into spirituality, consciousness development and self improvement.


Personal challenges I've overcome:

Was skinny and underweight my whole life until age 15

Deep depression

Social anxiety in meeting new people, especially girls 

Used to be very shy, introverted, and socially awkward

Eating a lot of candy and junk food

Learned weightlifting

Learned martial arts

What I'm working on now:

Working on enlightenment

Working on improving my health & diet

Working on my fitness and martial arts skills

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Name: Monika Jauniūtė
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Šilutė, Lithuania
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: personal development, reading, learning languages, nature, animals, playing drums, drawing, astronomy 

I got into personal development in 2014 when I accidentally read M. Scott Peck's book "The road less traveled". I'm sensitive and open-minded person and it let the book change my point of view (and also to leave mountains of questions). Here I am now, searching for all the answers.

Self-developing helps me with my personal projects. I'm seriously thinking about illustrator career and I hope that not only my works can reflect the ideas and problems I'm willing to get noticed, but also myself. I'm seeking to become my personal ideal and feel unconditionally complete.

Personal challenges I've overcome: 

Overcome depression and suicidal thoughts 

Became a vegan for animals

Learned how to say no 

Stopped denying my sexuality

Became able to control my emotions 


What I'm working on now:

Meditating every day 

Improving my health 

Being myself

Improving musical playing skills 

Preparing personal art exhibitions

Getting good grades and choosing the best university 

Starting to do dance therapy


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Name: Vivian
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Location: France
Occupation: Student (law)
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No. But 2 pets!
Hobbies: learning and understanding the world and people around me, reading books (all genres), my music instruments, handheld video games (playing and collecting), creating jewelry and other DIY projects, my pets,...


It's been quite a  few months since I got more into personal development! I realized that I'm by far not perfect but that I can do something about it! I started with initially with a few self-help books in the dating field, how to get over an ex and co, and moved on from there to learn more on how I can be more poductive, how I can better understand my emotions and behaviors and get a grip on them, how to get stuff done in a day etc! I don't meditate in the traditional sense, but I practice mindfulness which works very well for me! I like to be a better version of myself with tiny little micro changes over time, that are do-able. One thing at a time!


Personal challenges I've overcome:

- living with very little money, and to appreciate the little things in life, because there's so much more to it than just money

- not to abandon things when things get a little harder, accepting that life has its downs as well

- being able to self-reflect, to be honest with myself and others and to communicate with them, communication is key!

- accepting that being a sensitive person isn't a bad thing


What I'm working on now:

- my perfectionism with the work I put out there....

- getting my body healthier and more in shape

- to be just a bit less lazy sometimes (goes hand in hand with the body thing)

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Name: Ida
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: Enlightenment, personal development, a visual look on history (personal homes and style), walks in nature in all weather(maybe only danish weather though), child raising, astronomy, wisdom, dancing, furnitures(yep: antiques), drawing and story telling.

I got into personal development when I got some issues I was checking up on through the internet, and here I am! (If you want detail: see my journal). 


Personal challenges I've overcome:

Social anxiety is reduced to shyness :b


What I'm working on now:

Being even wiser.

Gaining weight.

Stop being a victim and getting shit done.

Considering my dogmas on being a vegan.

Detaching myself and exploring new people.

Getting into meditation and yoga.



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Name: Vitali Buchmüller
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: Southern Germany
Occupation: Future Enterpreneur and Life Coach
Marital Status: Single/Dating
Kids: No
Hobbies: personal development, learning new stuff, reading, weightlifting, being outside in nature, meditation

I first found out about self help when I was majorly depressed back in early winter 2014 because of a bad breakup and also because I had no mission in life and couldn't see where I was going. Then, suddenly, someone posted a video in the facebook group I was in, and everything changed. It was a video from Leo, I believe it was "How to stop being a victim." I watched it and was hooked instantly. That was the seed that was planted in me and since then everything changed. I stopped being a victim, and even tho I still struggle with a lot of things to this day I maintain the mindset of a winner most of the time. I bought some books that Leo recommended and watched every video of his. I found hope, I found my mission and I found life again. I cut out so much bullshit from my life over the past year and now I am full head on commited to self mastery and the actualized life! I live by the higher values!


Personal challenges I've overcome:

-Depression and suffering

-Bad breakup

-Being a victim

-World of Warcraft addiction

-Several fears and doubts

-Finding my life purpose

-Sucking with women

-Being unhealthy and weak


What I'm working on now:

-My own youtube channel

-My own business

-Getting cash and moving out

-Becoming a Life Coach

-Ultimately moving to Miami, Florida

-Finding my personal 10/10 dream girlfriend



What I'm grateful for:

-Being alive

-Being a man

-Personal development


-Leo who showed me the way

-This forum

-My family

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Monika, 24, Polish living in Barcelona, recently single, entrepreneur

It's probably mostly my genes but I've always been happy and without any major issues. Raised in pretty religous surroundings but regardless of all beliefs that were fed to me I have always been absolutely sure that there is "something more" to this world. After going through through materials about physics, lost civilizations, aliens, sacred science and geometry I found out about enlightement and then it it all made sense ;) I've found you Leo with "no bullshit guide to meditation video" and I stayed ever since. Your other videos and talking with people about them made me realize my issues. I learned more about my character and what I want and need in life. I was very unconscous in choosing my partners and didn't understand why I was never happy with my relationships.  I'm currently focusing and working on myself and my self-discipline and I hope I will get it one day bcz otherwise none of my goals or enlightement will come true. Your channel oppened my eyes to many aspects I had no idea existed, thank you so much Leo.

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Name: Mat Pav

Age: 20

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Learning, discovering and listening to music, spending time with the people I love, exploring nature, personal development, reading, urban exploring, hallucinogens/exploring altered states of conciousness, piano, thinking and experiencing the richness that life has to offer.

In my mid teens I was depressed constantly (this lasted a few years), my social stills were lacking, and I was quiet shy/introverted.

I decided to do something about the depression and starting searches for ways to cure it. What I ended up doing were the techniques used in cognitive behavioural therapy (changing the way I thought and eliminating distorted thoughts). I managed to cure my depression within months, and I have manage to turn my general mood around completely. Now I am very happy and excited about life overall. I feel that it's truly amazing that I've been given this chance to experience life and all the beauty of the world. I am very grateful for it.

The first personal development book I read was How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book was probably what triggered me into developing my communication skills and looking for ways to develop my confidence and self-esteem. It was my first taste of the personal development world. I've become much more expressive, more confident, and have developed a strong self-esteem. I am now able to show a strong interest in the people I meet and form an emotional connection with some of them. I've formed many deep friendships with very interesting and beautiful people who I love and have experienced so much with.

I'm not sure exactly what triggered it (probably many separate things) but sometime during high school I developed a profound love of learning. Literally everything about the world is so fascinating. I started learning about maths, many of the sciences, history, philosophy, arts, personal development. I'm am currently fixated on psychology, the brain and music theory. These topics are so interesting and are very fulfilling to learn about.

I had also along the way developed a passion for music. I had somehow stumbled upon music which I found exhilarating, that was like none other that I had heard before. From then on began my journey of music discovery. It's impossible to imagine what can be done with music. There's so much unique and interesting musics being created and such a wide range of emotions that can be generated from music, some music is simply amazing. These artists are geniuses, I can't believe they could make some of the stuff they've made.

All of these have led me to develop the personality I have today and I am grateful for all of them. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

Personal challenges I've overcome:

- Cured depression
- Become healthier and started eating better
- Formed Friendships
- Developed a healthy self-esteem
- Started personal development

What I'm working on now:

- Learning about psychology and neuroscience
- Further developing my hobbies 
- Further developing my relationships
- Choosing a life purpose

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Hello my name is Jecht and I discovered Self-Improvement through the pickup community back in 2006.

Name: Jecht Spencer (Alias)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Location: Miami, USA

Occupation: UBER Driver (Building a Personal Brand on Adventure/Artistry/Seduction.)

Marital Status: Single

Kids: None

Hobbies: Women, Wine, Movies, Reading, Hiking, Swimming, Drug Experimentation, Clean Eating

I didn’t find personal development. Personal development found me. I was a sad 228 pound obese World of Warcraft playing pimple fiend who lonely in a multitude of ways. I managed to cut down to an unhealthy 141 lbs after being called fat by my doctor and went on a spree of talking to girls with “routines” and ultimately lost my big V-card. I have since dived deeper into the seduction game but am slowly distancing myself away from it.

Recently out of the Navy as of 27 October 2015 due to unfavorable circumstances after serving 3 years 8 months. (Lost my school benefits that I had joined for in the first place.) I also couldn’t claim unemployment due to the characterization of my service (general.)

I am currently homeless and live out of my car in Miami, Florida. I drive as an UBER driver to pay off my $17,000 of debt and spend the remaining time reading books, talking to girls, drinking wine, or hiking. It is a lonely life.

I came across Leo’s videos. He is a very innovative thinker and I enjoy seeing his “shadow (real)” self shine through in his videos. You see how much he gives a f*ck because of how emotional he gets in his videos. Most of the videos it is he talking to himself. Good stuff, very vulnerable, with flashes of realness.

Personal Challenges I’ve overcome:

·         Lost 88 pounds now at a “healthier” 180

·         Better at attracting women

·         Stop shaking around girls

·         Learned a lot about self-improvement

·         Better(ish) Diet

·         Lift Weights

What I’m doing now:

·         Paying off Debt (albeit slowly)

·         Doing Video Book Reviews on Youtube

·         Trying to be more vulnerable (I’m a bit of a headcase.)

·         Not being so negative and taking consistent action towards my truth

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Name: Sarper SANLI
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Occupation: University Student
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: enlightenment, meditation, personal development, reading, learning, nature, healthy eating, vegetarianism...

I got into personal development after experiencing series of unfair, bad experiences in life. All of my friends left me alone and tried to hurt me when I stopped accepting their damaging behaviours towards me. I was in love with a girl for 6 years and she cheated on me in the same year. I have failed in high school and had to take second class again. Everything went wrong that year and still continuing to go wrong but relatively in smaller dozes. So I didn't understand what is going on with my life and thought that I shouldn't behave like other people. I have to be myself. Then I started to understand myself, my inner feelings and thoughts. I nurtured good in my heart instead of bad and hurt. Years passed I became alone completely and I found myself checking out of the window, sitting at home for months. I started to do meditation and read many books on philosophy, ancient religions, Buddhism etc. I learned that my life is not bad at all and the problem is the perspective which I chose to look from.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

-Quited Smoking.

-Lost 25 Kilos.

-I no longer eat meat. I became Vegetarian.

-Learned to live without friends.

What I am doing now:

-Studying in University.

-Improving myself in Chess.

-Meditating everyday.

-Trying to find and try new types of meditation techniques.

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Grammatical problems

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Hello everyone :)

Name: Ollie Spearing
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Location: Birmingham, UK
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single pringle 
Kids: Certainly hope not
Hobbies: Meditation, Triathlon, My degree, Becoming the strongest version of myself

Major Influences: Leo (obviously), Owen Cook, Elliot Hulse, Marcus Aurelius, The Buddha, Local catholic priest, Jesus, Family, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts.

So I'm not really sure why I like personal development so much. I've had quite a normal life.. my parents are well off, I've quite clever (according to society) and no real major issues. Of course I've met depression like everyone does but it was never serious compared to the stories of others I read. At school i fitted in well, neither was I a "cool kid" or a nerd, I was just there, another face for the teachers to forget the next year. There was nothing remarkable about me. I was quite shy and un-confident but generally had a good outlook on life. 

I first came into contact with personal development through RSD when trying to get better with girls in the first term of university. This was a lonely time for me but I was taught the harsh way the difference between loneliness and being alone. The two are different. From RSD I read "The Power of Now" and set up a daily meditation habit. I think this is where my life turned for the better. Almost a year now of daily meditation, I feel like my happiness levels have increased dramatically because of it and when I learn something new from Leo each week it feels like my life is on steroids. 

Reading the posts above I feel this forum is going to host a high calibre of people. I can only hope to grow stronger with the help of you all I know I still have much to learn!  

Personal challenges I've overcome

  • Building core confidence 
  • Daily meditation practice
  • Success with women 
  • High work ethic
  • (Better) emotional control

Challenges I still need to overcome:

  • Compassion and consideration towards others - I feel I've become over confident. 
  • Confirming Life Purpose
  • Pursuit of Enlightenment
  • No Fap
  • Gaining wisdom
  • Acing my degree
  • Thinking I'm better than I actually am. 

I look forward to getting to know some of you a lot better!


Create like a God. Command like a King. Work like a Slave.


Edited by Black Flag

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My name is is Arman, I'm 22 and living in Western Australia.

When I was 16 I discovered the book The Power of Now. As a kid I was about as anxious as most, and the book helped me to develop a lot of peace and put me on the journey I'm on now. I became interested in weed and psychedelics over the years which was eventually dropped for yoga and meditation. I have a deep interest in methods and practices that release emotional imprinting, as it's helped me find a lot of happiness, self love and freedom of expression. I enjoy talking. My dream at this point would to be what Joe Rogan does and just have great conversations for a living. 

I would like to travel as a minimalist for a few years. One day I'd like a family with a huge garden and lots of plants and dense plant-life. My greatest passion in life now is growing to become less inhibited in creative expression. 

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Name: Piotr
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Location: Poland
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Kids: no
Hobbies: Art! Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, OOBE, Gambling, Card games, Learning, Physics and everything about outer Space.

My first contact with self developement 'thing' happened like 10-8 years ago. When I was insanely fascinated with Lucid Dreaming and OOBE, which I first expirienced randomly during my childhood/teen years. Since then for about next 2 years I was reading alot of materials/books from Robert Monroe and similar authors about OOBE. I was meditating almost every single night, having a countless lucid dreams, but I couldn't get a clear oobe - thing that hold me back from expiriencing it was a scary sleep paralysis (I am a very emotional person and the fear i was expiriencing during paralisys was to much for me) and it was one of the things that made me 'quit' spiritual subjects untill now. Second part that made me quit lucid dreaming/oobe were friends and games/gambling.

So now after 6 years I am interested again in self developement, but this time I will make sure, that nothing will distract me from it.

Major personal challenges I've overcome:

  • Being insanely lazy!
  • Being an addicted gambler

What I'm working on now:

  • Sketching / painting better
  • Lucid dreaming / meditation / oobe
  • Dating
  • Getting better with women
  • Setting new healthy habbits for myself
  • Building a desired body muscle
  • Learning how the space works (basically physics)

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My name's Lanna & I'm a 26 year old female.

Born in Brazil & living in Florida.

Occupation: something exhausting and horrible just to pay the bills (that I want to get out of asap)

Divorced & no kids. I would consider adopting but I have never seen myself getting pregnant, or had any desire to.

My beautiful life, in a nutshell: I was raised by a single mother who was always too busy working, was emotionally unavailable, and was verbally and physically abusive. I grew up painfully shy, having low self-esteem, with depression and anxiety. I had no support, no hope for the future and no idea what to do. I developed an eating disorder that would haunt me for years to come. I dropped out of high school as soon as I was old enough and started working part-time jobs. I met this guy, online, who I fell in love with. He came down to see me and I went away to live with him, as soon as the opportunity presented itself; quite eager to get away from the heated, incessant arguments with my oppressive mother. We got married a couple of years later & he changed after that. He was super jealous and seemed to try to keep my from making new friends. My friends were his friends and I never really got close to his family. Our arguments escalated to the point where he became abusive (I won't go into detail). I was suicidal for a very long time & believed life was pointless. Then I discovered a website: highexistence

I learned things that somehow made the world make more sense (such as the truth about no self and several new age thoughts). I haven't visited that site in years but I joined the community and what I learned on their forums and from the website's blog opened my eyes in a way that nothing else ever had. It gave me the strength and the courage to find myself, value myself again, and leave my ex-husband, for good.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

  • Lost my childhood "chub"
  • Also overcame most of my shyness
  • Learned to manage my depression and anxiety without medication
  • I left my abusive ex-husband
  • Quit drinking, cold turkey, by myself & 138 days sober today
  • Got into Yoga
  • Quit smoking and vaping
  • Feel more grounded, secure, and clear-headed than ever

What I'm working on now:

  • Working on deeper personal development
  • Working on improving my health & diet
  • Working on being truly Independent
  • Getting into meditation & living in the present moment
  • Trying to truly overcome all addictions and stop procrastination
  • Getting more into Yoga & running
  • Improving my sewing and craft skills
  • Honing my skills so that I can build a dream career & life


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Name: Arthur 
Age: 24
Location: Texas, USA
Occupation: College Stud(3rd year)
Marital Status: No
Kids: None
Hobbies: Reading self help books/ approaching strangers(mostly women i am attracted to)/  chillstep music and vid. games/ Driving around town.

                   Got into personal development randomly thru an Actualized.org video titled "How to be a man" a year and a half ago during my freshman year. One day it just popped in my mind and i was looking for insights on how to be a better version of myself. (many times my mind take me on journeys that usually start with "What ifs...." ) . I was already on an unconscious path of improvement compared to how my life was during the preceding years. From there YouTube just lined up a list of related videos and before you know it i am caught up, subscribed and tuned in every Sundays. Right now I am struggling hard to implement all these good stuff I learned into my life but I can definitely see a huge difference with just the basic improvements I've made so far. The thing I am mostly frustrated with presently is knowing what has to be done but not giving it my all...not even my 5% . I am trying to be more mindful of my actions and surrounding during my day to day life and I am amazed to see how asleep most people I know presently are. It is scary to think that I did not see this side of life until now and that some of us never will.

Things I believe I've overcome:

Shyness (whatever that is)


Online gaming and social media addiction - Not as much as some do but it did negatively affect my life at some point so i'll call it addiction.

Scrawniness - I was, for the most part of my life (still working on the healthy body I want)

Low Self-esteem ( I was recently called arrogant with a good heart :) i thought that was funny) .

Caring about what others think - This here changed so much things in my life.

Pointless living (My life purpose is not yet crystal clear but I know what results and goals i want to achieve in this short lifetime)

Other small things that added up that I cannot recall right now.

What I'm working on now:


Leadership ( positive improvement curve on this)

relationships/attraction (  I've recently practiced this alot, even with some cold approaches. I've got the attraction part down but even when the relationship/sex part is bound to happen, I step down making up a bunch of reasons to myself as to why I shouldn't get a girl just to have fun...knowing that this is a skill i need for my self improvement)

Procrastinating (This right here is my biggest worry. I deeply know that I am very lazy despite what I achieve from time to time that might lead others not to think so. I see some of my peers at school working hard and doing well academically and I know that even though my grades are putting me on their level, I am not nearly working as hard as i should be and that's a habit that scares me. I am just doing enough to go by. I want to tap into my potential so bad b/c I know greatness will emerge...)

backsliding (constant battle)









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  • name: Nick Gelashvili
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: male
  • Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Marital status: in a relationship
  • Kids: no
  • Hobbies: swimming, drawing/art, calisthenics, architecture.

i first got into personal development when i was watching videos about overcoming shyness since I'm naturally an introvert, so I came across Leo's channel. it's been a year since i've watched his first video and since that my life has really changed. I'm very grateful for Leo to be the one showing me the right directions. Can't say anything but thank you Leo. your mouth is a gold mine :D

Personal challenges I've overcome:



Horrible skills with girls. a year ago i never had a girlfriend

Had no passion. now I'm passionate about drawing and architecture.(gonna become an architect :D)

Over last year I've gone from skinny to muscular.

Got meditation habit in place


things i'm working on now:

Deeper understanding of emotions








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Name: Søren
Age: 20
Location: Denmark
Occupation: I'm working as a 'substitute teacher' on a school , but I am mostly working with a group of kids having trouble socially or with focusing
Marital Status: Single
Kids: Non
Hobbies: Martial arts, music, reading, personal development, writing, nature, my home/friends (I started a collective with 5 of my friends on an old farm), learning, gaining and nurturing wisdom

Editet: Forgot to tell that I stumbled upon personal development 'by chance' for about 1-1½ year ago. I was still in school at that time and was really bored about the mundane things we learned - so I searched around on the internet for small convenient, shitty 'magic pills' to improve life. This was when I stumbled upon one of Leo's videos - how to give a  squirting orgasm, haha. I saw it, and thought he was really funny and a great communicator. So I saw another, and another, and by an hour, I was completely hooked by his concepts of self-actualization. I signed up for the newsletter and I've been following dedicatedly ever since. I also began reading other material and look into other sources for personal development - with incredible, completely life transforming results. But with no doubt I find Actualized.org to be the most inspiring thing I've ever gotten into.

Things I I've overcome:

I quit smoking and drinking alcohol and unhealthy foods, and now only eat plant-based foods.
I have implemented a habit of exercising daily
I have created structure in my weekly and daily routines
I've kept a habit of meditating for 20 minutes every day for about 6-7 months now. Before that it wasn't very consistent.
I have committed to the path of self-mastery
I have created a succesful collective
I have increased my focus enormously
I have become much more aware of my thougtstream and motivations for my actions
I now take responsibility for everything that comes to my awareness (especially when things go wrong)
I have quit complaining
I quit playing video games.
I have discovered my values and strengths (partially, I guess)
I have in general become much more positive, proactive, productive and confident.

What I'm working on now: 

Increasing my meditation habit to 40 minutes a day.
Achieving a driver's license.
Finding my life purpose(!)
Gathering money to travel for inspiration
Social homeostasis
I'm not very outgoing at the moment, so I don't meet a lot of people I can discuss personal development with


Edited by Søren Solevad

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Name and age: Ivelina, 22
Location and occupatoion: A Bulgarian living in Germany
Marital Status: in a relationship
Hobbies: yoga, reading, personal development, nature, dancing, arts

I embarked on the path of personal development when I started my studies around 2 years ago. I had just finished school and decided to move to Germany on my own in order to pursue a law degree. I used to be extremely goal-driven and obsessive. Therefore, I came unprepared for the challenges in the new country. I was raised well, given great education, my parents are both financially independent and thought me a lot about life (I am grateful for that). However, I couldn’t make it on my own at first and spent the most horrible years of my life in Germany: not being able to pass exams, build new relationships or control my emotions.

Until I stumbled upon a Les Brown Youtube Seminar once and this completely opened my mind to these ideas. At first, I was passively watching videos on self-development and  since I wasn’t practicing, I was constantly falling off track. I remember preparing for a marketing exam once and doing a research on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs online when I discovered Leo’s video on the topic. I instantly felt the urge to watch and learn more and more. Soon I started investing in this: doing the small exercises, actively seeking ways to apply these concepts in my life, reading books, looking for ways to connect with people having the same ideas and goals, comitting to self-development.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

  •  Losing weight and establishing a healthy lifestyle
  •  Learning the joy of regular practice by learning for exams (sounds odd, but it's magic), doing yoga and medidation
  •  Reducing my anxiety and anger levels
  •  Dealing with depression and negativity

 What I'm working on now:

  • Overcoming neurosis
  • Finding my life purpose
  • Staying on the path
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Name: Sarah Blakelock

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Location: Houston, Texas

Occupation: Philosophy student at the University of Houston

Marital Status: Single 

Kids: No

Hobbies: country and ballroom dancing, weightlifting, journaling, meditation, walking, studying and learning, working on my Dad's farm, jiu-jitsu

I got into personal development two years ago, when I was a senior in high school. Leo was my first online mentor, but I soon found others who supported me as well. Personal development helped me pull myself out of a low period in my life. The amount of growth that has occurred since then is so incredible. I'm so proud of myself, for creating an amazing, passionate life. 

Personal challenges I've overcome (since finding out about personal development) :

  • Depression-although looking back I would consider it mild
  • Anorexia/Obsession with a strict diet
  • Body image insecurities
  • Co-dependence/neediness
  • Shyness

What I'm working on now:

  • Creating excellent content for my new personal development channel on youtube
  • Excelling in academics
  • Being a great friend to all of the people in my life
  • Health and fitness
  • Starting to explore my sexuality




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Name: Lionel (Leo) Leoture
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Location: Sweden
Occupation: Senior Technician, Advertising 
Marital Status: Singel
Kids: Yes
Hobbies: My dogg, Rock climbing, snowboarding, mma, tennis, dogg psychology, personal development, nature, music, family


Personal challenges I've overcome:

  • Finding my inspiration and purpose 
  • Approaching women
  • Abandonment 
  • Addiction
  • Toxic relationships 
  • Finding a career and thriving on it
  • Depression

What I'm working on now:

  • being more authentic
  • meditation
  • my Skill level
  • personal neurosis
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