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Name: Yahya Yousaf

Age: 16

Gender: Male
Location: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: studying, meditation, personal development, reading, learning, healthy eating

I got into personal development after my failure at elementary school. I failed 8 years throughout elementary school but then I luckily graduated from it. I got sexuallly harrassed at the aged of 13. I suffered a history of abuse from my school and my parents. After I graduated from my elementary school in Saudi Arabia, I travelled to Canada to pursue a better education. However, the trauma I suffered still continue to haunt me today. I came across the Leo video "Advice to highschool and college students" to help me to get success in school.  That time my English was horrible so I couldn't even understand a thing what Leo was saying. Ever since I found Leo I began to listen Actualized.org in different languages which mad me to learn 5 languages till this very day.

Personal challenges I have overcome:

- Stop failing at school and became a rockstar student.

- Increase the development of my emotions.

- Found my dream career.

- Coped with the trauma and harrassment I suffered before. 

- Routine and habits.

What I'm working on now:

- Forgiving all the people who did me wrong.

- Success.

- Making my life purpose real.

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Name: Logan
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Orange County CA, USA
Occupation: Electrical planner (up until Coronavirus), working on becoming certified life coach, then reform education in U.S. and elsewhere
Marital Status: Dating
Kids: No
Hobbies: meditation, personal development, learning, reading, outdoor adventures/sports, exercise, journaling, archery, motorcycles, teaching, eating healthy, martial arts, contemplation, self inquiry, making people laugh, swimming, ice hockey

I got into personal development in 2014 in response to serious emotional problems and disappointment with my results in therapy. I was extremely self destructive and devilish. I found Leo's YT channel which completely changed my life. I started reading books on psychology and self-esteem and began a meditation practice. I have since bought about 200 books (chipping away at them) and have watched around 200 actualized videos not including the Life Purpose Course.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

Childhood abuse, neglect



Gaming addiction

Shyness, introversion

Found my life purpose

Meditation habit ongoing for 7 years

What I'm working on now:


Big picture thinking




Becoming a leader

Transcending limiting beliefs, biases, paradigms


Contemplation habit

Self inquiry habit

Becoming wise

Strength, gaining weight

Improving my health & diet

Overeating addiction

Being more authentic in relating to others

Non-judgment & compassion

Dating, attracting women

Life coach certification

Marketing skills

Financial Independence

Becoming a great communicator

Moving to a new city

Becoming a Good person

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Posted (edited)

Name: Brandon
Age: 26
Gender: Attack Helicopter
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Occupation: YouTube Strategist
Marital Status: Single Pringle
Kids: No
Hobbies: reading, synthesising knowledge, chess, self-inquiry, meditation, online business, rhetoric, philosophy, piano, nature, walking

I was 17 and bored after school, scrolling through my 4th gen iPod touch. Opened the iBooks app, came across this book called the 2-week lucid dreamer, had my first lucid dream, was wow'd how awesome the book was so started reading more books, which lead to Rich Dad Poor Dad, which lead to trying and failing some online business attempts until YouTube took off for me and been doing that since. Ended up travelling the world doing the digital nomad thing, all while reading more books and self-developing. Psychedelic experimentation, a little public speaking, podcasted 40 episodes with world class experts and millionaires including Grant Cardone and others, all of this stuff intermixed with periods of anxiety, loneliness, varying levels of depression but fortunately not too much.

Around comes mid-2020 and have my first experience of Joy as a state of being that lasted 6-months straight. Started taking enlightenment work seriously. Became obsessed with Osho. Soon had first minor experience of realizing the self is an illusion. Early 2021 my first stream-entry enlightenment experience.

Currently conversing with an advanced spiritual mentor who I met spontaneously whilst listening to Krishnamurti, Leo, Peter Ralston, Shinzen Young, and Adyashanti to integrate what I've experienced + further my pursuit of enlightenment.


Personal challenges I've overcome:

Accepting the death of my Mother

Mindset of employed versus investor (overcoming)

Stuck living with parents to living independently with heaps of free time doing my own thing

Exited Christianity

Didn't fit in at school, now I feel I fit in socially and have nearly 0 issues

Beat the water temple in Zelda Ocarina of Time multiple times


What I'm working on now:


Scaling business with a team


Understanding society and politics

Winning Chess

Establishing in-person discourses, something like what Terence McKenna used to do

Preparing food with love

Learning how to clean stuff properly and be a responsible tenant/adult

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Name: Ahmet Yıldırım 

Age:     33

Gender : Male

Location: Turkey

Occupation: currently unemployed. ( on a search for a career to do with purpose) 

Marital Status: Single

Childeren: No 

Hobbies: Travel, long walks in the nature, personal development, watching movies, reading, 

it was 3 years ago when I was in a really desperate situation. Since I used to live my whole life extremely unconcius finally it hit. I got my first panic attack which now I see as a wake up call or gift. Of course it was not looking that way at that time. I lost my father next year. which was my biggest fear at that time ..  it was horrible I was in the depth of despair.  That was when I met with Actualized.org . I watched llots of videos, not only Leo's videos but a lot of video on anxiety, panic attack, depression and so on.. I read a lot of books on that issues.  it was a difficult time when I was self-diagnose myself with all sort of mental disorders. And consuming all sorts of information on web about my percived ''disorders'' . During that time I was working as a receptionist at a hotel. Since I used to work at night shift there was plenty of free time to watch videos, read books and have anxiety crises:)) Long story short; then years passed not easy and not quick but definetely healing, transforming.  

Back to today ; 

Challenges I ve overcome 

- taking control of my panic attacks; almost no panic attack for the last two year 

- Greatly reducing my anxius and depressif moods ( I was  even afraid of going out at that times) 

-Reconnecting with some old friends

- Saying truth to my family about my work ( I used to lie them) 

- Avoiding some toxic people that I used hang out with 

- Becoming aware of my self biases, shits, lies, fears, 

- Finally this year after quiting my job and moving to my home town; quit smoking, starting to work on my diet and made some changes for good, mediatating daily, exercising every other day, journalling, 

and a lot of other benefits that I gained from that journey that I even forget some and lots of little things that can full a few page.. 

Something I am currently working on; 

- since I am recently applying some important concepts to practise there is lots of backslide, depression, confusion I am working on

- Dating and relationships in general

- Assertiveness

- Engineering and thinking a lot on  of my life , social circle, family relations, beliefs, customs, 

- Working on lack of theory and filling the gaps 

- İn search for Life Pupose, 

- Personal Finance

- Overcoming some family related issues

- starting my own business 

and so on... 


Thank you so much Actualized.org and Leo for contrubuting a change I even couldn't dream few years ago.. 





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