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  1. I will appreciate any info people can give me on this. I currently make and sell handmade skin and haircare products. I have managed to get some leads to my site through social media mainly instagram. I am only new to the world of enterpreneurship so I am working with a tight budget. Are uz aware of other free options to advertise and promote products besides social media? Thanks
  2. It could be an infection. odd smells in the vaginal area is not always caused by just poor hygiene. so she may need to get checked.
  3. Good on Ya! Will love to know if it helps your back pain. xx
  4. i Knowwww. I am in Australia too
  5. How do you know this if you are yet to find your LP? I wiill encourage you to be mindful of whether you are wanting to drop out college because of the difficult aspects associated with it or if its because you really know its not the path you need to be on at this stage? Also, you mentioned you do not want to 'miss out'. What exactly are you worried about missing out on? I am no expert but i hope asking your self these questions helps a bit. x
  6. You are welcome Charlotte x
  7. @Charlotte Its reduced it. I always feel better after yoga. My shoulders are not as tight. I still get pain every now and again after sitting infront of the PC for too long.
  8. Chronic! It started because I spend long hours infront of the PC as required for work.
  9. Have you tried yoga?? Its really helped my with shoulder pain x
  10. hahahaha, be ready to wait in line girl xx
  11. I am Social Worker by proffession. I make all natural skin care products to sell on the side. I also make some money through my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/JJasmineSW
  12. @MIA.RIVEL Whats your channel?
  13. You in a Nutshell Below is an overview of your broad characteristics on the 5 major dimensions of personality. Your cognitive style is... Pragmatic Your organizational style is... Focused Your energy style is... Introverted Your stress management style is... Resilient Your interpersonal style is... Cooperative Openness Traits Your level of imagination is low Your level of artistic interests is low. Your level of emotionality is about average. Your level of adventurousness is about average. Your level of intellectual interest is low.. Your level of liberalism is high. Conscientiousness Traits Your level of self-efficacy is about average. Your level of orderliness is high. Your level of dutifulness is about average. Your level of achievement striving is about average. Your level of cautiousness is about average. Extraversion Traits Your level of friendliness is low. Your level of gregariousness is low. Your level of assertiveness is low. Your activity level is low. Your level of excitement-seeking is low. Your level of positive emotions is about average. Neuroticism Traits Your level of anxiety is low. Your level of anger is low. Your level of depression is low. Your level or selfconsciousness is low. Your level of immoderation is low. Your level of vulnerability is low Agreeableness Traits Your level of trust is high. Your level of honesty is high. Your level of altruism is high. Your level of cooperation is high. Your level of modesty is about average. Your level of sympathy is high.