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  1. My hunch is that many of us, including some "experts," aren't as far along as we like to think we are. Discernment and clarity can be tricky.
  2. I love this quartet as well and have most everything they've recorded. Marcin Wasilewski is absolutely my favorite pianist. There are others who might win out in the technical argument but Marcin has a touch and feel that is incomparable in my opinion. I've been playing piano for 45 years and Marcin is one such artist who has really influenced my approach.
  3. Is there a dietary supplement or food that one can take or eat to reduce plaque buildup in the vascular system? I don't just mean to lower plaque causing cholesterol but to reduce existing plaque in the vessels arteries and veins. I heard somewhere about a grape seed extract? any others? Is there such a thing?
  4. There are a lot of myths, misconceptions, etc. regarding enlightened beings. Questions: Do enlightened people get angry? Do they have fears? Are they self conscious? Do they have insecurities? Do they have doubt, self or otherwise? If some enlightened beings believe in God and some do not, who is right and can they both be enlightened? Do they still have ego?
  5. Keep in mind, the email list is comprised of people who've already found Leo. In that context, his email list serves as more of a notification system than a marketing system. I'm very active online and have never seen any "marketing" whatsoever from Leo other than what is on or his youtube site. I've seen links to his site from other personal development type sites but they do not appear to be paid advertisements or marketing. Another thing to keep in mind is "hits" versus time viewed are two different things. My youtube channel has utilities that allow me to analyze the traffic. While I may get a certain amount of views or hits, not everyone watches or views the content or videos in their entirety. This is not to say that people aren't watching all of Leo's videos in their entirety, however the amount of "hits" would not be the number to use when determining the amount of people who are. On the whole, I would say Leo has built up an exceptional following simply by providing quality content over time. This quality content coupled with consistency has set him apart and above many who aspire to do the same. He talks in his videos about picking one thing and becoming world class at it. he has succeeded in doing so. It's a similar strategy to the Tony Robbins stuff. I've studied Tony for years and have spent personal time with him and see a lot of similarities between Tony and Leo. Not in the spiritual or enlightenment realm, but in the approach to grabbing a hold of something and excelling at it until you're world class.
  6. No takers?
  7. Have any of you ever gone through "A Course In Miracles?" Any experience? Thoughts? Critique? Endorsements?
  8. He doesn't do ten clips a week.
  9. I am missing an arm and walk with a cane and I limp very badly. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. After I got over myself and decided to project my strengths, I've never had a problem finding women to date or people o socialize with. I was only 20 when it happened and I'm 50 now. Confidence, a sharp mind, good sense of humor and a willingness to not take one's self so seriously are all that are needed to attract people.
  10. A good book to read on taking responsibility is "The Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck.
  11. Believe all are one. it's like an orchestra, all parts are necessary.
  12. Skepticism is good if it causes us to look deeper rather than to avoid. By not taking things at face value we can look deeper and at a broader realm and come out with a more rounded experience and knowledge.
  13. I have found meditation to be very helpful with stress. it doesn't help immediately, but after a few months of practice one can start to realize the benefits.