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  1. I believe that if a channel have 3 copy right warnings at the same time the channel is deleted or suspended instantly or something weird like that. But the best alternative would be to ask on youtube forums or if you still have your old mail address you should be able to tell youtube that you've forgotten the password and have it sent to you.
  2. This is the real version of good and evil, lying to yourself is the evil, being honest and truthful is the good, society don't give a fuck about that but think that "acting good" part where they want to seam like good people by acting a certain way or agreeing to certain things and make clothes of leaves to hide their naked bodies after eating from the trees of good and evil @Elektrisko It's extremely likely that we once didn't eat at all but lived on sunlight and probably water before our minds started "eating" from the outside and we judged ourselves based on other peoples opinions etc. You'd be talking about the inherent sin that we can't do anything about and I haven't read much about what you've said (or anyone else for that matter, just noticed everyone mentioning you lol) but you seam to make a good point; "even so there is something going on in that situation that I don't think is a "natural" state"
  3. Dude, there's nothing wrong with it at all, you either consciously or subconsciously relate a lot to what the song is singing about or just the music / style / atmosphere it give of but guess what, there's nothing wrong about that either. You can cry to Disney movies so you're in tunes with your feelings but your conscious mind still think it's wrong to kill, well what you have to understand is that "What is dead may never die" - that is to say, everyone is a fucking zombie anyway. Most people are already dead, they're zombies trying to eat your brain so they will seam less stupid because you're on their level, this is what all those singers are singing about, even good old Bob Dylan when he say that "everybody must get stoned", he's not actually talking about drugs Everybody be throwing mental stones. Like HJO say in the Sixth Sense - "I see dead people, walking around like normal people, they don't look at each other, they only see what they want to see, most of them don't even know they're dead." It wouldn't be so bad if everybody were like the doctor in that movie trying to get back in touch with themselves etc like many people over here but so many countless folks just prefer to sit as lords of shit mountain or pridefully serve as slaves in the army of legion so it's just about impossible to help people until they've fallen so far down that they have no other way out than either physical death or mental, ego death through the holy spirit. All that and you want to rise above the dung of mortality like Heimsker say in Skyrim and the music make you feel powerful
  4. "Am I Brain Washed?" Yes, we all are, you were raised in this world after all but at least you're (hopefully/seemingly) not nearly as fucked up as you're friends lol, they're just stuck in the trees of good and evil and you're not racist at all for having preferences like that. btw, both me and two of my friends agree with you 100% while my sisters and mother compete over who can be the brownest lol (guess they're anti-whites then ha ha ), it's all just opinions and preferences and it all comes down to the wheel of fortune, that's what decide what we'll desire etc, there's no "right" and "wrong" there.
  5. Sleeping at Last (Saturn): Mirror of Souls by Theocracy And my favorite music video of all time:
  6. Just recently I was looking at the chakra system and asked myself some questions until I finally got the answers I was satisfied with and I came to the realization that Lust is the results of running from your fears and a way to feel secure about yourself. I also discovered many other problems I have myself and I'll probably make a new thread about it soon.
  7. And Survivor - Eye of the Tiger "obviously" lol
  8. It's funny, when I was 5-10 years I used to think about how every single thought in our minds are just a repeat, same thing with the words we speak. Used to think there's an extremely quick thought process going on constantly but our conscious minds are to slow to hear it so it have to repeat some of these thoughts like it's reading the finished lines from a book. I used to fantasize about being a ninja/samurai and part of his main training was to just live by these subconscious thoughts so his reaction time would always be instantaneous because he didn't have to repeat his thoughts. I remembered that today and funnily enough it's almost exactly what's going lol, still the conscious mind is required to give life to and fully enjoy and understand our thoughts and emotions.
  9. Are you possessed by the outside world or do you give of yourself to create in the flesh, making art etc. That make all the difference
  10. There goes my second dislike on this place, I was hoping you were trolling, and this symbol is only for the masons so no one else is allowed to use it?: If you answered yes then you should know that it's only the code of nature and it doesn't belong to anyone. Then those texts and videos or whatever must have been really shitty so I'm glad I didn't read them but just looking at the tree of life and asking questions walking my own path I've found so much more than just abstract thoughts. It's all psychology man, and at the same time physics and everything else because of the one rule to rule them all (lol); As Above So Below. Everything is about the polarity of this world, it's what the entire old testament is about and true Kabbalah should be explaining all that shit. At the same time there will always be more to learn as the truth is ever expanding, always revealing itself in something new, it's like a guitar that always look the same but you can make an infinite amount of different tunes with it.
  11. That was a really long text so I didn't read much of it but is it saying that all the stories are the same because they are symbolic of the truth? If so, yes, that's 100% correct "The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden came from a Sumerian myth that predates the Hebrew Bible by over a thousand years." That's a gross simplification, I hope they brought this up later but there's a very deep truth behind that story where we were planted in the garden of Eden as children: Eden is in the East aka Right side of the world or in this case the brain, the subconscious side that don't judge anything, Our female side is our conscious perception of things and on a lower scale it is our sub conscious desires, we desire to be liked and appreciated by the people around us and our conscious mind start judging people, In other words we start eating from the Trees of Good and Evil and judge everything as Good and Evil, Now we see that we have some traits that don't fit in to society and we want to be "good" so we "see that we are naked" and we make clothes from fig leaves, leaves are empty and all look very similar, figs blossom on inside, that's what make them special, the leaves all look the same. As we hide our true selves from everyone else we hide our fake self from God as we take the character of the fake self, in other words we are thrown out of Eden because we hide Eden inside ourselves. That little text I can expand to write an entire book about lol, I skimmed through it extremely quickly there. Do they talk a lot about examples like that in that long text? If so maybe it's worth reading. If you want to see some cool occult music videos I also have an awesome playlist on youtube :
  12. I haven't read any books or courses about it (even if that might surprise some people) but I absolutely love the Kabbalistic Tree of Life even if it try to put everything in to 1's and 0's. That seam to be the only problem with Kabbalah, it's trying to put stuff in to ones and zeroes when it's meant to be understood through the heart, then again I do that too all the time The bible is almost if not entirely true and symbolic so as long as Kabbalah teach the correct symbolism and that of course all depend on who's teaching it (lol) then it's awesome. Here's some bible symbolism stuff and it's not perfect but still really cool: I still plan on making a thread on the Tree of Life if I get in the writing mode.
  13. He's probably really insecure, try sleeping naked together or something, also don't pressure him (and telling him there's no press can be very stressing as well if he think you're lying so just try to find that middle line but if you don't know how just be 100% authentic instead). It could also be that all the porn is so fake and maybe his last girl friend was someone he didn't really like that much so he felt comfortable pretending he liked her or she treated him like shit and that turned him on, he might just want what he can't get like he have been trained to by the porn videos. Like the others have said, whatever the case it's really his problem so don't blame yourself even if it sucks.
  14. Y'know I want to make another comment about this "stuff". The "Black Sun" is a symbol for Saturn, the God of Time and inside of you that represent the "Mother" of your mind - your individual perception that try to understand everything and put it all in to perspective (a chronological order etc that make sense). (As Above So Below) She is the Mother who want to keep you safe in her embrace and make sure you never leave the nest although truly she want you to surpass her and her commands when she tell you you can't do something. Anyway she's how you perceive yourself etc so she always revolve around you but she will always hold you down and fill you with shame for every little mistake as you never get anything achieved in life. "How could something so Fair be so Cruel, when this Black Sun revolve around You." She's the light of our limited world - the Fair one who always revolve around us but only show us what a failure we are, fucking awesome shit