Passion- What are your passions in life? (Life is AMAZING!)

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There are so many things I love and are interested in that sometimes it can almost be too much xD After I started my economics studies I found out that I'm just as much interested in psychology and how the inner world works. So now I'm exploring new sides within economics which integrates peoples psychology and different development stages through spiral dynamics and models as such. I've also become very interested in coaching and a part of me is considering to try to pursue that domain.

Also, I play a lot of golf, and after being inside playing on simulators for the winter we're finally able to play outside and it just feels AMAZING :D To hit the ball with a perfect stroke and see the ball fly with a small draw is just the best feeling in the world! ( yes, better than sex).


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@LfcCharlie4 Love this thread!

For me, recently its been reading. I read like 24/7 now in the quarantine. Books from Leo's booklist, biographies, health related, etc.

Also I love working on my health. I've recently discovered Buteyko breathing which has basically the same effects as yogic breathing, but measurable in a scientific manner. Supposedly its possible to get to "super-health" where one sleeps 2-4 hours per night and feels amazing the whole day.

I also eventually hope to start riding a bike and going on long tours. I used to always ride when I was a kid during summers, so I will rekindle that passion!

Probably also some movement type like BJJ or dancing, something to feel my body.

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