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  1. porn is fast food of sex. spiritual love is all we want
  2. someone need a love therapy @Keyhole <3 <3
  3. @FlowerNote blue family most of the time love high statut. They love you because they selfishly love being seen as good people. Real love - my mother = you can be everything and I want only you to be happy. In act. Not in words' She had some trouble but really hide it' and now I do my best to heal her back. That's god love. Without my mother I would have been a donkey forever.
  4. @The observer You're too woke for your own good. My point. Too much blindspots. Meanwhile real people die from hungriness and pollution No ones want to do a spiritual War against consciousness to save gaia. Cause 'I' lack empathy. It's not funny to see people so limited in their love. I should make a topic on 'how to focus your empathy' Work 200x more on yourself. Réflect more and then as a ubermensh save the world. But anyway saving this dude could woke millions so worth it who knows. Anyway I doubt he will respond as the observer write. This is what will happen. Be put on shit drugs....and false support
  5. @StarStruck there is no "real job" that's BS. real job is breathing
  6. @Applegarden Bhagavad_Gita 4 life
  7. @Skin-encapsulatedego Religion of Tomorrow
  8. @Moreira wilber talk about this, it goes perfect with my work. which 4chan are you looking ? his parents how are you gonna make this monney ? my mind : just like you... WAR WAR WAR
  9. he get's it so hard, incredible study material here, godspeed <3
  10. that's good news for me if you are 174 ;D
  11. @zeroISinfinity on the relative it seams you learned nothing, but in absolute you did learn truly something.
  12. @zeroISinfinity no. now you start the real adventure <3
  13. @fridjonk I do, you just can't imagine it from your perspective I m the "all-shaper", the non unformless form that shape all shapes, both at the same time and none, but I accept your missunderstanding of the whole situation in subtle realm there can't be a full understanding of higher stages, that is a paradox, and so I m just feeling like talking to myself. I would advice that you contemplate more "not knowing" and the mechanism of your own shady ego, it is at play about right now, trying to trick you as my teacher, but we can clearly see that you're stuck in stage turquoise thinking more & more in non duality will not save you, that is a dangerous ego trick.
  14. your picture evolved !!! be the force with you