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  1. Just replace ‘why?’ with ‘THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU’
  2. Because God/Reality is completely unbiased Something unlimited has to be able to limit itself, otherwise it wouldn’t be unlimited
  3. Don’t overestimate Aaron p. Leo is very advanced, but still a seeker. I wouldn’t compare him to Buddha yet.
  4. In absolute terms, Absolute Truth equals Absolute Love. Absolute Love is Reality itself, and includes selfishness and cruelty. Absolute Love is unconditional and unlimited, as opposed to human ‘loving kindness’ love, which is just an aspect of it.
  5. When Hollywood really nails it. Tea, with a little honey
  6. Yep, that’s why my teacher says to forget about realization and enlightenment and put the focus on happiness instead. Actual enlightenment = happiness. And actual happiness is not dependent on external coordinates. Surrender So did I, yet I’m better off than I ever was before when I had ‘everything’. That should tell you your unhappiness is self-created. Why not study someone like Ramana Maharshi or Peace Pilgrim? These individuals had nothing, yet were the ‘happiest’ people on the planet. Surrender your egoic will in order to be one will Gods Will a.k.a. ‘what is’. Also you might consider researching psychedelic therapy.
  7. Find something that you actually enjoy that doesn’t feel like an uphill struggle (metaphorically speaking). When I play soccer it is exhausting for the body, but I’m enjoying it so much I’m not suffering.
  8. Gee Fitting tune for you Send it to your bf
  9. You can say enlightenment is a state. Just like ignorance, which is its opposite. Those are useful distinctions, as it’s silly to say everyone is enlightened. What I do say however is that the Absolute/Consciousness itself is not a state. Enlightenment simply means one is free of the ignorance that makes Consciousness contract and seem divided. In enlightenment one knows oneself to be Formless Consciousness, and not just some limited particular appearance within it. The illusion of dualism/plurality appears in non-dualism/singularity. But this is only obvious from the ‘non dual state’. It is also important to note that different teachers use different words and phrases when they express themselves. When Gary uses the phrase ‘non-dual state’ he refers to what I call ‘enlightenment’. It is important not to get hang up on wordings too much, but yes, it can sometimes lead to confusion. As ones own independent understanding grows it becomes easier to synthesize different teaching styles/way of communicating Truth into ones own framework.
  10. Haha. It was the Bardot version I listened to. Clever guy Back in the days when pianos wore pants
  11. Lol, I was actually listening to this one the other day