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  1. If you're into holistic health, check out the Buteyko method. It's the opposite of Wim Hof. This website is probably the best resource. https://www.normalbreathing.org/
  2. @John Doe Nice, never heard of it, will try it out.
  3. It still skews results as far as I know.
  4. I don't think Brian Rose is doing it for Icke. I think he is doing it to combat Youtube's censorship and monopoly on information. He has Icke on because Icke triggers Youtube's reaction and makes the censorship obvious. For that I respect Brian Rose. He also said repeatedly he doesn't necessarily agree with everything Icke says, but believes Icke has the right to say it. He is fighting for digital freedom of speech.
  5. I don't know Isn't Tails an OS? Cool stuff
  6. I just watched it and wanted to share it in the forum when I came upon this! Glad that many people have seen it. It is also an excellent example showing how orange is blind and greedy, how naive and idealistic green is, and how yellow, systemic analysis gets to the root of the problem.
  7. @LfcCharlie4 Love this thread! For me, recently its been reading. I read like 24/7 now in the quarantine. Books from Leo's booklist, biographies, health related, etc. Also I love working on my health. I've recently discovered Buteyko breathing which has basically the same effects as yogic breathing, but measurable in a scientific manner. Supposedly its possible to get to "super-health" where one sleeps 2-4 hours per night and feels amazing the whole day. I also eventually hope to start riding a bike and going on long tours. I used to always ride when I was a kid during summers, so I will rekindle that passion! Probably also some movement type like BJJ or dancing, something to feel my body.
  8. @Nak Khid Exactly the opposite. DuckDuckGo doesn't cater to your needs, it is not nearly smart as Google in that regard. But that is exactly the reason to use DuckDuckGo. Google feeds you maximally personalized information and so you are in a bubble of information they want you to see. For me, that is a negative. Privacy wise, Google stores pretty much all your data (that's how they can personalize the search results). DuckDuckGo stores none of your data.
  9. Google is too personalized. It gives you results based on where you live, what you searched for before, and other data about you they track through Google Analytics. Also there is censorship going on there. DuckDuckGo is not skewing results based on data about you, but justly presenting them based on popularity and their own algorithms. So if you are learning about anything, using DuckDuckGo will help you get unbiased results. And that is not even getting into the privacy concerns about Google. Im just talking about search engine objectivity here.
  10. @LaucherJunge That is only one side if the coin. The other side is that people don't have to watch that. And many people don't. You're framing it as if it's a deliberate, calculated manipulation of people, when in fact the "manipulators" are doing it because they just want more money instantly and have no long term perspective. The same reason why feudal lords or roman emperors didn't give a shit about common people. They are just blind to anything but their own needs. So as society/people (collective consciousness) evolved, people refused to be dominated, they required freedom (as in French Revolution for example) and other human rights. So if you care only about yourself in today's society, you don't go around killing people, but bribe people, don't pay taxes etc. (White collar crime). Just a little rant. Anyways, you can't expect people to not do this manipulation because it is a natural byproduct of their psyche. So all the shit that's going on (people dying of hunger, toxic food, toxic media, privacy concerns, trade wars, etc) is just a milder version of shit that used to be going on thousands of years ago.
  11. @LaucherJunge He didn't say that from the nondual perspective, but from a systems thinking perspective. The system exists because of the people's collective psychology. Big pharma exists because there are unconscious consumers. McDonalds exists for the same reason. If the people were more conscious, these exploitations wouldn't exist because there would be no consumer base. And also because no conscious person would take part in perpetuating big pharma and other harmful industries. So its a feedback loop. People ("the system" as you call it) giving people (the common people) what they want. The underlying psychology of both parties, however, is the same. Survival. (check out Leo's videos on that) The only way out is to raise collective consciousness.
  12. These meta-resources are buried deep in this subforum, so I'll repost them in this thread so we can have them all in one place. As you can see, lately I'm kind of hoarding these book lists This one recommends books based on the mystical tradition (Buddhism, Christianity...) you're interested in and sorts them by "levels" of how advanced they are: https://www.centerforsacredsciences.org/index.php/library/recommended-reading.htm And here is a list of +300 mind expanding documentaries sorted into topics from politics to religion to drugs to science and everything else: https://www.diygenius.com/mind-expanding-documentaries/ Here is a book list by the same person, about the future and innovation, also subdivided into various topics: https://www.diygenius.com/21st-century-reading-list/ If necessary for reference, here are the links to the original threads (not much else to them tho):
  13. Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men by Martin Ucik. I found it quite useful. It builds on Ken Wilber's integral model (basically spiral dynamics) and applies it to masculine and feminine polarities, along with another model that describes psychosexual development of males and females which I find amazing.