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  1. Maybe DET. (DiEthylTryptamine) Or 5-MeO-DPT? They are both fairly unknown and new.
  2. @Matt8800 Do you know of any resource that talks about psychedelics and magick?
  3. Seriously, check out Cal Newport's book So Good They Can't Ignore. It basically states that passion comes from expertise, and not the other way around. Maybe if you started to develop your writing skills, you would start to enjoy writing more. Just a thought.
  4. @Leo Gura Why not put it in the High Consciousness Resources sub?
  5. @Matt8800 So can the spiritually non-gifted (whatever that means) people still do magic to a great extent?
  6. Should all self help book and product reviews be moved to the new subforum?
  7. This sounds like a Sadhguru quote hahah
  8. Maybe you could create a journal?
  9. @Leo Gura Do you have friends? If so, how do you maintain relationships? Also, does friendship have a role in self-actualization?
  10. @electroBeam @Mihajlo Toviovic I'm currently a high school student intending to study theoretical physics and merge physics and spirituality. I think a thread with a compilation of such resources would be very useful. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute one day.
  11. Check out this Youtube channel - The Hated One. He talks about privacy and how to protect ourselves, how big companies take our data and abuse it. As a consequence we end up in an information bubble that they exploit for ads and manipulation.
  12. It would be awesome to see stuff that is practical and big picture but not technical. Like the chapters and phases of life video. More stuff like that would be most useful to most people I think.
  13. It would be awesome to see Leo on London Real. They are getting into spirituality and stuff.
  14. I would take a relapse as a sign of progress. Ego backlash means you have transcended your old self and it pulls you back. Use that opportunity to love yourself unconditionally. It can be a tremendous learning experience. Good luck man
  15. Andreas Antonopoulos - a Bitcoin educator