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  1. The Will to Live In the fires of desire The flame will devour Your faceless face And mold it restlessly in place Bushes of greasy hair are growing out Primal rage, you are falling out You are being eaten by the flames And there is no escape, there is no escape Facial contours it will transform Like clay, you must conform Your new appearance you must embrace The distorted, ugly, repulsing face Your gaze will change For days of dread and fear are past Your face is seething rage For you've seen the mirror at last "And no, and no, I will not be this No hubris of the past and flames For I am new, I will reinvent myself The wounds and ugliness I embrace" Oh the decision has been made The desire to change is there But life will hit you, my dear What overwhelms you still, is fear When desire and fear meet This is where the magic almost happens In a thousand ship fleet One ship sinks and the others' chuckles Burn your ships No more are they to float Drown in the sea For you were never meant to boat "Save me, save me", you cry But there is no return after you first tried To breathe the fire of life That first breath ensured endless strife Flames from within eat the wooden fleet Don't hold on to stuff, for you will die Become leftovers of the sharks' feast Drown miserably, you won't survive At the bottoms of the sea A wise man your fragments meet "You're lucky you found me", says he "I'll help you find your destiny" He melts you in the pot, something twists within And you knee and jerk and try to flee But marvelous shifts and sing, you sing For you are new, with Will to Live!
  2. Suicidal Sonnet Smoothly sways the silky serpentine, Along it goes, soothes my skin, Glistering, and suave with style, Florentine, A bit slippery, with sophisticated grin. Thought-clouds lofty, high above, Light-weight, in realms of doves, Now bring me down, down down now, Because the slick is here, it brings me love. The serpent-snake feels me warm, Slips rightly tight, feel its tightly might, "I thought you loved me, now I am torn." Comfortable though I was, it creeped on me after all, The ill intentioned strangle-hold, All my love is lost, thus my last breath goes.
  3. Go to the source of Patrick McKeown's work. Buteyko breathing exercises. The best resources I found online are from: Artour Rakhimov: https://www.normalbreathing.com/ Misha Sakharoff: https://sakharoff.com/ There are plenty of books and courses there.
  4. Nassim Nicholas Taleb's books have great insights. I also love listening to Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jordan Hall. They offer a kind of metaperspective.
  5. @Leo Gura Have you tried the Buteyko breathing method? It essentially "suggests that chronic diseases develop (asthma, COPD, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and so forth) due to overbreathing (hyperventilation) that causes low body oxygen levels." (quote from https://www.normalbreathing.org/buteyko-method/) So it is basically the opposite to Wim Hof - with Buteyko you try to reduce your breathing instead of increasing it. It's been clinically tested and shown effective. I've tried it and found I have more energy throughout the day and sleep less. The principle, as far as I can tell, is the same as Pranayama, but much more straight forward and scientific. I've also found that my energy throughout the day is better when I am on a raw meat diet. I am specifically referring to Aajonus Vonderplanitz's Primal Diet. Anyways, thought that these things can maybe benefit you or anyone else in here.
  6. Nassim Taleb: Incerto
  7. If you're into holistic health, check out the Buteyko method. It's the opposite of Wim Hof. This website is probably the best resource. https://www.normalbreathing.org/
  8. @John Doe Nice, never heard of it, will try it out.
  9. It still skews results as far as I know.
  10. I don't think Brian Rose is doing it for Icke. I think he is doing it to combat Youtube's censorship and monopoly on information. He has Icke on because Icke triggers Youtube's reaction and makes the censorship obvious. For that I respect Brian Rose. He also said repeatedly he doesn't necessarily agree with everything Icke says, but believes Icke has the right to say it. He is fighting for digital freedom of speech.
  11. I don't know Isn't Tails an OS? Cool stuff
  12. I just watched it and wanted to share it in the forum when I came upon this! Glad that many people have seen it. It is also an excellent example showing how orange is blind and greedy, how naive and idealistic green is, and how yellow, systemic analysis gets to the root of the problem.
  13. @LfcCharlie4 Love this thread! For me, recently its been reading. I read like 24/7 now in the quarantine. Books from Leo's booklist, biographies, health related, etc. Also I love working on my health. I've recently discovered Buteyko breathing which has basically the same effects as yogic breathing, but measurable in a scientific manner. Supposedly its possible to get to "super-health" where one sleeps 2-4 hours per night and feels amazing the whole day. I also eventually hope to start riding a bike and going on long tours. I used to always ride when I was a kid during summers, so I will rekindle that passion! Probably also some movement type like BJJ or dancing, something to feel my body.
  14. @Nak Khid Exactly the opposite. DuckDuckGo doesn't cater to your needs, it is not nearly smart as Google in that regard. But that is exactly the reason to use DuckDuckGo. Google feeds you maximally personalized information and so you are in a bubble of information they want you to see. For me, that is a negative. Privacy wise, Google stores pretty much all your data (that's how they can personalize the search results). DuckDuckGo stores none of your data.