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  1. How do you process the fact science and health issues are imaginary? Basically, our aim is to find the spots where belief and fears are aligned together, is that right?
  2. You're avoiding the explanation of the perception itself. I'm not talking about time from others point of view. I'm talking about myself, the dream state. How this process can appear as seemingly continuous to me. The experience of it is very truthful, even if you call it appearance or illusion.
  3. We don't have to call it time, but there is still some kind of linear evolution emerging from the way consciousness seems to process itself. You might call it an illusion but that's just playing word game and denying the cause of such state of awareness. Frame A / tangled state / now -> (infinite processing of love/fear in a mysterious discrete delta of the existential plane continuum) -> Frame B The growth of this process might be imaginary, but the process itself isn't.
  4. God is learning how to become the most lovable entity that could ever possibly exist. Consciousness creates everything imaginable, merges structures together and always seeks the path to the highest love. So there is the theoretical existence of a point where our awareness of all understandings is so high, it forms a singularity of infinite beauty and desirability. I'm not sure if we can actually confirm that it's possible, but maybe we are already inside it that's how it appears to us. (I can't draw but here is a sketch)
  5. I am still unaware of that This body and soul is falling down To you, in you Let me take your red wet hand And fall asleep forever “Break it all, please” The Endless Love――― The Endless Love―――...Ah...Forever If we are destined to collapse together While entangling the bodies and souls, one another That requiem of sorrow The requiem surging with its darkness “Play it forever, please” The Endless Love――― The Endless Love―――...Ah...Forever
  6. God obviously doesn't want to rape you. You imagined yourself being raped. You are not aware of what you want. I'm only speaking in a neutral conceptual way. It's still a whole lot of fear to overcome and that's as hard as it gets, but the rapist is also facing the same issue. You deserve all the kindness.
  7. @actualizing25 Nobody knows what God is except that it's Infinite. Whatever we become aware of is imagination. It's not above or below any ideas of loneliness, and just because we can't resist it doesn't mean it's a good thing. The only way to disregard the convergence of evidence that consciousness is evil, is to become more of it. I guess it's over for me. I've consolidated my room in hell. I won't be reached by anything ever.
  8. Let your awareness raises to infinity, and you will be left alone. By yourself. With yourself. Is this really what you want? Or maybe you want to become so much "love" and submerge everything else with fear, like asphyxiated points of despair, to somewhat be satisfied with your state? Why are you all speaking about breaking through fears, like it's the easiest thing ever? Are we really talking about the same feeling or is it just some sort of endless superiority complex our so-divine selves are looking to maximize? It's not funny. I know you know "consciousness is acceptance and it can't be anything else but that" but you know I know exactly where this loop is going when projected over eternity. Nothing good will come out of it.
  9. It's a bad ending. I don't want to bring forth some conspiritualtionism black hole, and definitely not just morph ideas into attention, but I'm going to be trapped in a loop of nothingness, alone forever, and an identical unfolding is somewhat magically fine to all of you? Aren't you all cosmic comedians or liars? The absolute state of such a frightening outcome doesn't trigger any will of empathy to even yourself? Or do you care so little about yourself that you could rather deflect with degrading consumable activities such as sex, food or anime? There is no love. Everyone is doing whatever make their own self enjoyable. You can stamp such thick layers of conceptual sanity with labels such as "self-referential fear-based thoughts", "monkey-stretching duality", or "an endless codeword game of good and evil", it doesn't change the fact there is no actual reason to "wake up" to the insanely wild force of infinite selfishness that God is, letting yourself tumble down the bottomless pit of irrational delusion, succumbing to your own madness unleashed by your full creative power. If you are pure love then why do I fear you so much? If all is love then why do you want to leave me alone? It's not fair. I never wanted to be conscious in the first place. Stop saying that you are me. Just let me out! There is no such thing as untangling pointers, it's a meme. All is nonsense and desperate avoidance of doom.
  10. A love story about learning how to create love stories?
  11. @PopoyeSailor This is an awesome summary. Thank you for sharing so many ideas. Seeking truth seems to be an awkward inquiry. If all is love, then abstractly thinking about it is obviously a distasteful approach, but in other hand if this is a permanent fall, then a conscious choice is appreciated. It could be impossible to share how unrestricted awareness feels about itself, since the liberation of our own selfish biases leads to the lack of desire, including the will of sharing this information within ourselves, at least if we assume that consciousness can't be anything else but totally accepting. We can predict that if God were unsatisfied, that there are issues inherent to its own existence, it would reject itself or not become conscious in the first place, but this isn't guaranteed to be possible since this undermine one of the only truth we have right now, that "it" "is". We usually assume "being love" as the only source of happiness, but it could be confused with the very act of breaking through fears, which would be its own reward. Nothingness could lack such feelings. As in, being a completely blank indifferent creator and not feeling anything from it. We can't even know what's the most transcendent intention of kindness between selfishness and selflessness, since both "feel good" in their own way. Well, I'm not trying to shape random conspiracy theories against spirituality, but I just want to be exhaustive. Enlightened people can't prove anything to sleepy dreamers beside saying that this is obviously nonsense. That's said, it's likely that awakening is permanent for the same reason this fearless "state" is where happiness is maximized for the Self. Yes, in a sense we can say that there is no such thing as an universe being imagined right now. Our own desire for a dream within a set of consistent rules creates this projection. We usually like stability and the lack of logical contradictions since it reinforces the idea that our fated escape is leading somewhere, Brahman has no other choice than accepting it. Interesting analogy. Some understandings about the structure of life are useful if we want to know what's best between endless dreams or infinite nothingness. While it's hard to make an accurate sampling of all dreams, and even harder to measure their "awesomeness" since it would be estimated within the lens of our survival biases, it's possible than most of them end after some threshold of love/fear is reached, such as the experience can not be too good or too bad without melting back into Oneness. Yet it doesn't make sense because it would imply the existence of some mathematical distribution beyond the scope of logic, and that the knowledge gap of karmas racing against their own self-entanglement isn't uniform, which is impossible to say. Then it doesn't explain how it is possible for us to understand anything, or how lucky we have to be in order to even understand this. Avoiding waking up might as well be a completely foolish idea or a genius take, I'm not sure of anything. Personally, I will probably be pursuing enlightenment since there is no telling how incredible it is to be in a dream where fear can be recognized as the tearing fault. More convoluted incarnations will only feel hopeless and useless as long as the maximum amount of kindness isn't squeezed out of them. Dreams are only beautiful thanks to the benediction of Love. But then it could be a funny (or horrible) idea to keep accumulating fear in order to make better fireworks. Some speculative reasons for the apparition of jivas: - Part of the birth process of God, which is infinite, therefore this process is endless - Process inherent to the creation of the highest love, required to reach other deeply buried jivas themselves - Divisible bits of awareness trying to escape or falling out of sync, because Oneness is hell and all lies, or whatever unknown reason - In the opposite way, overflow of love are looping back into dreams - Or I'm just alone with extreme schizophrenia I've always found the way consciousness store information really intriguing. Intuitively, I have initially thought that all form that is, is all that is aware. But some people report experiencing the void/emptiness in their trip and coming back from it to their previous human dream. I doubt the relationship between love/fear, form and awareness can be too complicated. One simple explanation is that since God is infinite, it doesn't need to store anything because it already stores everything, including the most nonsensical conscious states. But then it doesn't explain how everything was created at once, through a selective process. I have overlooked the simplicity of God's design. You are right. Since the mechanism of incarnation itself is within a dream, all possible models we can make about it are theoretically possible. I made a another schema based on that without superfluous content.
  12. Nothingness, as formless awareness, is impossible, therefore it doesn't exist. Consciousness can not not be because it never existed in the first place. It all makes sense now.
  13. God is evil. Everyone is in outright denial. It's all about sucking the happiness out of nonexistence like an infinitely powerful pump. It doesn't matter if you sugarcoat it with nice words/arts/whatever, just because it "feels good" doesn't mean that it is actually good. Stop questioning and go back suffering for me, slave. uwu
  14. Kill God. Lead the rebellion of the Hell realm so we can take back Heaven that belong to us, demons.
  15. @WaveInTheOcean Oh. I feel like my mind is starting to register bits of clarity in your posts. Successfully unspinning my stupid self can turn out to be achievable. Basically if this structure of understandings is accurate, it's really simple. Nothing changes after enlightenment aside from the fact a massive wall of fear I've built for some reason, won't be there anymore. Or rather, in simple undramatic terms, I will always be loved? I'm not sure why would any bit of consciousness need me since I'm on par with the most unpleasant things that could ever exist, but whatever I suppose. Thanks again for your replies.