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  1. This is from my direct experience, so its likely it will be true for you and its worth investigating. As human beings, we actually have enormous potential to tame our minds. Evolution has literally given us the tools to tame our monkey mind, and to change our level of awareness. We have the ability to think logically, control our thoughts to a certain extent, and get rid of unpleasantness through these means. BUT DONT MISTAKE THESE ABILITIES AS BEING 'YOURS' you're not the brain, youre not the ego and you're not the body. You are simply the thing aware of all these things. This awareness that you are has no ability by itself to control what is in its field of awareness. It will flow like a wave, to different levels of unpleasantness depending on cause and effect. mental suffering can actually linger on after the brain has no control. Its not necessarily just a mental projection. Pain and suffering can happen without psychology. This is a scary thing, because when you die, you will have to give up your mind, your ability to meditate away pain, to convince yourself that everything will be ok and if your last moments are filled with suffering, you will actually keep that suffering for possibly eternity. Can you imagine being stressed for eternity????? With no way to stop it. This is real, I experienced it. So the reason why I'm sharing this, is to motivate the people on here to partake in spirituality intensely. Ofcourse you wont believe me, but if you decide to empirically investigate this phenomena, through psychedelics and self inquiry, you will have lifetimes of motivation, trust me.
  2. @herghly because there is no answer to that question, and it becomes a distraction. Questions force you to look away from reality
  3. @Psyche_92 you need to get use to loosing everything and restarting from ground zero if you want to keep actualizing. This is a natural part of the process. The actualization you've been doing for the last 2 years was building a scaffold for a building, now you need to start from ground zero and actually build that building again. See what you've been doing for the last 2 years isn't actually self actualization, its putting on a bandaid for problems that you've been having. Now you need to rip it off and solve the actual wound. This is what EMDR is, its solving things from the root. You can't avoid you past, you need to embrace it and accept it. Time to destroy all the bandaids you've been making and begin to actually fix the root problem: heaps of resources out their to do that I wont mention them. You haven't wasted the last 2 years of your life, its probably the case that you were too ignorant to solve things from the root 2 years ago, so bandaids were the only way, but don't expect that bandaid to hold forever.
  4. @Cesar Alba the ego = you, your family, the laws of physics, objects, materialism your mum, your dad, and most scary of all... spirituality. Everything related to spirituality. No ego, no of the above. The only thing left is, something that cannot be told to you.
  5. @kwax check out the wakeup project They have a forum on the 17th through to the 19th which will contain people who are not necessarily successful, but are deeply wise. Go to their events and connect with those people through your podcast. I have and its what keeps me going
  6. @Hero in progress the actual book is written in mandarin
  7. @Hero in progress you mean osho's one?
  8. Hry guys recently I've been going through large fluctuations of bliss and depression. One part of the day I would be in absolute bliss and egolessness the next day my mind would be extremely depressive, bringing up the meaningless of life, and other things not worth mentioning. And there would be just a state of depressive Ness like the void would inherently contain sadness in it. This has repercussions for school work, normal work and social relationships. While I don't have bipolar disorder, it would be equivalent to a void version of it. Has anyone ever read anything about this issue and what they did to calm down the fluctuations?
  9. like @ajasatya Associate professor part time/student full time of computer science major artificial intelligence and compiler theory. If anyone wants to collaborate on research, I'm here. There's a lot of research to be done in the domain of non physical matter, and how that idea can be used computationally.
  10. are you seriously enjoying what life has to offer? or are you just hooked on an unfulfilling dopamine rush. awakenings or even the smallest perspective change is more fulfilling then what life has to offer imo.
  11. as others have said the conception that being an entrepeneur or a ceo is a life of freedom is an illusion. your ceo is your boss, and if youre a ceo then your customers are your boss and if you are a small startup with heaps of customers your angel investors are your boss. and if youre an investor... wow you dont have a boss congratulations, but you lack every freedom you were once looking for. the closest you can get to not having a boss is to either be a musician director or professor, incredibly creative professions that kind of mask the boss like constraints into a pure creativity. or being a preist.
  12. @MM1988 enlightenment isn't the brain, it has barely anything to do with the brain. Your entire premise is wrong, you think the brain exists. Where's your proof? Have you noticed that all empirical evidence is 'inside' the brain? I mean all evidence goes through your eyes or ears or whatever not. And it does that with everyone, biology scientists, neuroscientists. You're playing with fire assuming the brain exists. You're looking at this screen right now to read this are you not? Are you actually looking at a screen, or are you looking at a hallucination made by the brain. According to science, due to light transferring to the brain, you're not looking at a screen but a bunch of light put together. You're looking at electric impulses in the brain. We don't actually know scientifically if the world exists. We just know how brain impulses work, and patterns around that. And these brain patterns are inside this hallucination. Think about it. A concept is an impulse in the brain, so a concept about the concept about an impulse in the brain is also an impulse. Its circular and a strange loop. There is no brain, or if there is there's no way to access that information. Enlightenment doesn't touch the brain, its awareness, its everything, matter, air, its all of it at once. And spiritual practices change awareness, not the brain. So if you remove a part of someones brain like a memory, that memory will be removed, experientially 1st perspective speaking, the content will be different, but the realization will still exist. If you want to remove the realization, you need to get some sort of awareness bomb and explode that. You wait. People are gonna begin to realize that consciousness isn't apart of the brain, but apart of everything. Its an underlying fabric beyond time and space that has the potential to change and become more aware of itself. While the brain (and all of matter) interacts with this fabric, one does not affect the other.
  13. @K VIL if you were a rock, would you care about starvation, poverty, etc? No That's god's perspective. And if you really want to know the truth, that you don't exist, you need to understand that having god's perspective is inevitable. Starvation is only bad if you're a human. But enlightenment isn't about being a human. Its more like being a rock. There's nothing wrong with you curing starvation, if you feel like curing starvation, then go ahead and stop people from starving, but don't ever believe god thinks its better or worse. There's actually no one starving at the moment in this world. There is no one experiencing the starving, pain does exist, but it doesn't inflict on anyone. There is no difference between a barbie doll starving and a real life human starving.
  14. Why aren't spiritual people more kind? Here's an undeniable fact: I don't know who is reading this piece of text right now, but whoever it is, its actually me + different brain programming. Whoever wrote this text, whoever electrobeam is, its actually you + different programming. Of course this is the case. Imagine Ricky(or some crazy scientist) replaced all of your memories with Leo's memories. Now he replaced your values with Leo's values, now he replaced your body. Literally transferred your body to Leo's body. You would literally be Leo. You're still you, you didn't change. But you went from whoever you are now to Leo. Just visualize and pretend that who you think your parents are was actually just a dream, who you think you are is actually just a dream, and what you really are is Leo. Envision his parents, his body, his values, his videos being yours. You're still You, you that thing that exists is still there, you the real you hasn't changed, only your mind has, and you're actually Leo. You can apply this to everyone and everything. You are still you, no matter whether you're a bird or hitler. You're still you. And the reason why you think you're not Leo is because of what? A fabrication of reality, memories ideas and dreams that don't have any more basis than the boogie man. When you watch Leo's videos, all you're doing is watching yourself, from a different reincarnation. Its kind of like your 20 year older self(back to the future) came into your reality and started making videos about how fucked up you are. Except in real life its not your 20 year old self, its your 20 reincarnated generations of yourself. So why aren't enlightened people more kind? Why aren't they more humanitarian than they are? Why do yogis isolate themselves from civilization and not help and try and stop pollution. Can you imagine the amount of suffering is going on in the world(that is, the suffering you will/did go through). Why does Jann Esmann not care about how fucked up everyone is, why do all of the best yogis hide themselves from society(their self ironically) instead of helping it?
  15. There is no point. What's the point to growing? Give an answer that isn't vague and flowery. What specifically is the point to growing? Do you have strong evidence that the place you're going to be is a place that will truly make you happier? I'd you havent been there how do you know? Do you even know if a life purpose will get you there, assuming you're a fortune teller and you know the goal is worth it? Growth is like chasing money, fame, fortune, <put whatever other materialistic item you can think of> if you're doing a life purpose to get to some 'point' you are terribly mistaken.