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  1. awesome topic! Thankyou a lot for sharing, the work here is amazing. Do you have any exercises for getting in touch with the 'Love' energy? For some background, I've tried kriya yoga, but it was too mechanical and complicated. I felt like I couldn't really control my energies with that technique because it was too forceful and had too many steps, making the energy clunky. Do you have any not overly forceful energy 'mastery' or techniques for growing and getting in touch with the love energy (or feminine energy if that's what its called in this context?). Also do you have any books you'd recommend?
  2. Thanks for acknowledging that, I wasn't trying to be a non dual snob though. I'm talking purely relative. I understand what you mean. Totally disregard this if it doesn't resonate but... when you're on your deathbed, is focusing your time on good rates and bad rates for your definition of amazing women going to be something you'll wish you did? And at the end of the day, is thinking about what you believe an average woman is, and what an amazing woman is, really related to what you truly want which is to feel deep love from a partner? Is this thinking really valuable? Even if you think the people you hang out with are below your standards, isn't the learning opportunity, the opportunity to explore new perspectives, the opportunity to connect with another human being, way more productive and enjoyable then thinking about what your standards are?
  3. @ColeMC01 is there really such a thing as an average girl?
  4. that really really sucks. Sorry you had to go through all of that Admit that you can't get over him because you love him too much
  5. the snake that eats its tail, starts off with a tail
  6. @r0ckyreed Have you tried having a certain attitude towards life? Such as developing humility for yourself, developing genuine love for other beings, developing gratitude for what you have? Compassion and desire to help others? Awe for nature? Compassion and love for insects and animals? Joy for a creative art like playing a musical instrument?
  7. what have you tried?
  8. it doesn't matter, what matters is how you feel, and getting over any discord or issues that you face. I'm not a teacher, and suck at helping others, but if you would like any help or advice with anything, I'll try my best. @Rilles congratulations on getting to no mind, that's an amazing achievement. There's more to go, God can't wait for you to go home, keep going.
  9. Its really tough, because time is a precious resource and the fact that you may loose time on something you don't like is even more unbearable. But really, if you want to master health, or any one of those subjects, there's no getting around the fact that you'll have to take a risk and spend your time practising or doing the exercises necessary for that field. If you're willing, try letting go of those scary thoughts telling you that you're wasting time. Put more feelings of inspiration, love, enjoyment into the thing you're doing if possible, through visualisation exercises. You could even try walking in nature, feeling the awe and inspiration from the beauty of it, and then carry it over to the exercises that you've got to do. If you keep going, you will get there, and you will master whatever field you want to. good luck, hope you get what you want
  10. making a loving universe means helping healthily No, good job to you, it was all your idea. I can't thank you enough and I don't know how. And its killing me.
  11. It wasn't a trick, it was Love. Its not crazy, its Lovely. I wasn't pretending, I was making the most Loving universe possible. Let me know if you need anything, Love to you