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  1. @30secs lets go little bitch.
  2. I beg to differ. I'm more successful at getting dates when I'm not really into the girl/she's not that attractive or my type. And so are my friends who do cold approach with me. And if you wait around for a sign, I highly doubt you will get much dates. In my experience, men have to be network marketers and convince the girl to give us their numbers and go on dates, otherwise they are just too lazy to say yes.
  3. @Tobias Gruba You're dabbling may seem like a disservice, but now you know what you truly enjoy and what you truly hate, youre at a better place than 99% of people on this planet right now. Go out into the wilderness for a week, just by yourself, and contemplate on what you have learned from all of your experiences. From that pick what you enjoy doing the most, and start building capital on it.
  4. @Prabhaker Well its probably wise not to ruin people's lives then?
  5. Does that ultimately make someone happy though? Acting in that kind of way? That's sounds like an act that would induce bad karma. morals are based on a dualistic worldview, but isn't there a correlation between ruining someone's life and getting bad karma?
  6. @Leo Gura I don't think its black and white. Like a computer program if enlightened then you.contains_morals = false else you.contains_morals = true Surely having a natural desire to be moralistic is possible. Like enlightened people still have beliefs about things, and they do carry them out. Life is a game, but that doesn't mean every enlightened person all of a sudden stops playing it, once they realize it. If you realize the car in GTA 5 is just pixels on the screen, that doesn't mean you'll all of a sudden stop playing it and thinking its a car. And compassion is real. Really morals are just (at least originally) based on a way of dealing with one's natural tendencies for empathy and compassion.
  7. Most enlightened people I know are ones who strongly live up to their values. Even in the Buddhist texts. For example, the 5 precepts, or idolizing enlightened people who are compassionate, compared to enlightened people who aren't. You can be moralistic and enlightened. That's very possible. Anything is possible.
  8. You still have fears worries and anxieties, but you don't identify with them. It's not like the ego disappears. It's still there, worrying and doing its thing, but who cares? We love how it does that. Worrying and being afraid is fun.
  9. Yeah but the illusion is still real. Just because its essence isn't real, doesn't mean its appearance is. rape itself is an appearance, like everything, but appearances are still real and important. And don't think you can step outside the stream of appearances. Your desires are appearances, your feelings about things are appearances, your dislike to rape someone is still a very real appearance. You're a slave to appearances, even after realizing their true nature. Your body has inbuilt desires that just pop out of no where which control your entire life. And thank god the 'real world' exists. Thankgod all of this bullshit exists, because if it didn't, god wouldn't exist. For god to exists, he needs a complement, i.e. bullshit. Its just an existential fact, as Lao Tzu says A window is only useful because of the emptiness it contains. God only exists because of the bullshit that he produced.
  10. @The Universe its as useful as moving your arms around are for enlightenment. Its just a natural part of the body's processes like anything else. Its useful for a noob, because it really destroys your worldview, but after that its just a toy - for fun, or something to do to feel good. Its beautiful
  11. @The Universe it's an An eye opener for a noob A distraction for a novice A natural occurance and expression of your form for an expert
  12. @username I went through the exact same realization after doing Adyshanti's guided meditation. Good luck.
  13. The secret of secrets by Osho. This book is amazing. Not only does it teach you how to meditate, but it shows you a technique that is specifically designed for people who have a severe case of Monkey mind. He says specifically that the mind is dynamic, and teaches you how to calm those fluctuations down specifically.
  14. @Loreena you're a nobody @Shin inside is a social construct contrived by the government to convince us that the earth is round so that we would always feel hollow inside.
  15. @Leo Gura But how do you convince people to work in your team with those type of values? I've been in the startup industry for a while. Investors only care about money. Employers only care about 'being big time' and being successful and famous and everybody loving them. And then you might say go find some spiritual high consciousness hippies to join your business And then what you find is that they are so hippy, that they can't be fucked making a business. The only way to do this is to somehow persuade greedy business people into doing a business of high values, by somehow getting a well meaning goal, and painting it with flashy dollar symbols, in hope of tricking everyone into thinking its going to make them rich, when its not.