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  1. I want to share an insight I had which I believe would help some of you in the forums. When I heard people say that reality is an illusion, or reality is a void, I pictured that reality would be a black screen once realising enlightenment, or that reality would disappear into white light, as everything is an illusion and illusions are not real = does not exist = not there, therefore everything is white light. What I didn't realise was that I had totally misunderstood what an illusion actually is. Illusions exist. Illusions are real. Don't think that when enlightenment happens, everything will just magically disappear. Your experience is real, its Truth with a capital T, its an illusion, and the illusion is True. The problem is that you are misinterpreting what you are seeing. Its not that what you are seeing isn't real, its your interpretation that isn't real. It may seem like you aren't interpreting anything. But what if you are without realizing it. For example take the screen you are looking at right now. The screen is an illusion, and the illusion is True, its real. An illusion is real and its the screen. The problem is you think the illusion represents something that you aren't experiencing, which is shape, far away from you, electrons inside it, all the theory you learnt. Enlightenment doesn't mean your screen will dissapear, it just means you will not believe in all the stuff that you can't see right now anyway. You will see the screen as an illusion, and you will see the illusion for what it is, the illusion is real, and the screen is real (True) as an illusion. When you see that, everything will fall into one, as a bunch of separated illusions which are all one.
  2. @Augustus Thanks man! @Xenomorf No unfortunately a book alone doesn't have that impact, but its a good way to trigger or catalyze themes of contemplation and inquiry.
  3. Hi guys! I'm looking for a book on Phenomenology that does the following: - radically changes your perspective on the materialist paradigm so much that you are totally aware of the materialist paradigm, and have obtained the ability to see the world from a Phenomenological perspective. - explains what phenomenology is, and gives techniques on how to enter the phenomenological paradigm book on perception: Again like the above, I'm not looking so much for a materialist view of the world, I want to see it from an empirical, qualia type of perspective.
  4. its well known in Sufi Islam that there are 7 'stations' (literal translation), where at each station, you wash away some prejudice or some dogmatic notion that you still hold in your psyche. This system that you are talking about is in fact similar to spiral dynamics. Instead of a system describing values and their dynamics, the 7 station/sky system describes the dynamics of prejudices and their change. Of course, prejudice and values are linked and are 2 sides of the same coin. Your values determine the lens you view the world from, and consequently your prejudices. Prejudices determine the lens you view the world from, and consequently your values. I wouldn't be surprised if the inventors of spiral dynamics got their inspiration from the 7 stations of Islam.
  5. @Leo Gura from what I've read, it briefly and very shallowly explains an alternative perspective to the scientific method that dovetails with enlightenment, but you need to pull from other scattered sources, and really contemplate your ass off to figure out how science works and how it relates to eastern science as a whole big picture. @Augustus thanks mate! the 3rd one is what I'm interested in, 2nd one looks good too.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Science-Spiritual-Practice-Imants-Baruss/dp/1845400747 comes pretty close, just not quite close enough for my liking...
  7. I am looking for a book, or resources which will explain in depth the philosophy of science. Would love if the book was able to: - radically transform your understanding of western science, so that you know exactly what science is made of, how science works, and how science relates to other methods (eastern methods for example). - why science works the way it does. Why and how does scientific theories relate to the material world. - epistemology of scientific instruments and models. Thanks in advanced! Very interested in anything you guys have come across!
  8. @Cudin thanks dude that should help! @dorg there's nothing wrong with green, just like how there's nothing wrong with carrots, but broccoli is tastier than carrots.
  9. Is it possible to skip a stage in spiral dynamics? I resonate with most values that yellow has, and 2 or 3 values from orange (creativity and achievement), yet at the same time I don't resonate with almost most of green's values. I don't remember ever being in the green stage at all, but at the same time I don't really agree with much of orange, yet I vividly remember agreeing with more orange in the past. I personally am drawn to yellow, and I feel like just pursuing systems thinking because that's what I enjoy, yet is it more appropriate to try and become green for the sake of preserving the law of never skipping stages?
  10. @okulele Hey mate, I actually quit my degree literally 2 weeks ago for the same reason as you. I dropped out after 2 years (half way) and will not be going back. In my experience, if you train with an ashram, the transformation that you will go through will be so revelatory that whatever you choose to do when you come back into society will be of value, no matter what it is. The vision you will develop will be of a level that will allow you to make money and survive. I have personally trained with a shaman for the last 3 months doing a vision quest, and that experience is what has allowed me to support myself after quitting university. No I didn't get any qualifications, networks, western type of skills, but a vision that has shown me the light to how to survive without getting the status and social rights of the herd. Meditation and any sort of personal alchemy will permeate through you so strongly that it will continue your survival.
  11. in my country its winter, does this not apply then
  12. I am reading the book 'the scared tradition of ancient egypt'. Its basically a book about the spiritual practice of ancient egypt. In a nutshell, the spiritual practice of ancient egypt is similar to that of shamanism and bhakti yoga. Here is a part of the book that reminded me of Leo's infinite intelligence video: The ancient egyptians worshipped infinite intelligence. Maybe that's why they were able to invent engineering feats that were inconceivable at the time.
  13. @Slade Thanks dude! I've tried visualizations and they have been most effective so far +1
  14. What sorts of rewards do you give yourself instead? Interesting that you say bread is an average food. On the diet I'm on (ketogenic diet) bread is considered as bad as nuclear radiation.
  15. Communicating with deities doesn't mean you will have an English communication with them, you will exchange information in the form of feelings, sensations and metaphysical qualities. If you want to communicate with deities by means of language, then get into lucid dreaming, and you will speak to a whole range of deities in English. If you want something more genuine, the spiritual practice of bhakti yoga and devotion is committed to the practice of communicating with a higher deity.