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  1. @dharm4 and for the ability to see RIGHT NOW, you first need to have no monkey mind going on, an appreciation and open mindedness to the subtle, a thorough knowledge and experiential understanding of what awareness or the NOW feels like, no neurosis, no attachments to prejudiced or opinions, and a bunch of other things. You're underestimating the massive influence your state of being plays a role in this. If it was that simple, everyone would be enlightened. The inability to see reality RIGHT NOW is because of not ingesting dmt, etc.
  2. @pluto the more you mentally masturbate, the more deluded one becomes. If a thought like the 3D world, a thought so ingrained in us, turns out to be an appearance, then what chance does a conspiracy theory have in being true? This is not helping people, this is mental masturbation - dust fluctuating in the wind of pointlessness. 99% of People around the world already discuss topics like the one you posted, this place is somewhere different.
  3. some of what you say is true, but I challenge you to join a real cult, like the ku klux klan, so you can get a sense of what a real cult is. Someone being dogmatic about your opinions in no way implies this place is a cult, just that some people on here are lazy and would rather listen to leo than do the work themselves, which is to be expected considering the current condition of society. BTW your fear of the shamanic breathe technique is the exact same fear keeping you from self realization. You've fallen for the trap.
  4. Do you just accept them and move on? Do you question them, or deconstruct them, or something else? Fall into the trap of believing them?
  5. What genuine book do you know of that teaches secret, proper siddha medicine? Kind of like Ennio Nimis's books?
  6. @Leo Gura Sadhguru tends to dismiss anything that isn't related to india. He's a strong Indian Patriot. He also dismisses shamanism and other hardcore religions as well. This is to be expected, most enlightened people tend to dismiss other streams of spirituality. This happens on both side, not just yogis.
  7. What I learnt about life purpose work is, every single thing you could do is related to consciousness. Even being a soldier is partaking in the creation of consciousness. It doesn't matter that your career isn't being a spiritual teacher, or a 'higher consciousness job', as long as you enjoy it its what you should aim for. If you enjoy shooting birds for a living, go and do that. Don't worry about the 'higher consciousness' or 'seeking for truth' dogma on here. Fulfil your desire for the universe with yoga, fulfill your personal desires with your LP, whether that's cleaning garbage, or being a yogic teacher, it doesn't matter.
  8. @Salvijus thanks mate! very insightful!
  9. What theories and techniques do you know of, that was related to the ancient egypt era, and spirituality? I did ancient egypt in high school, and from that experience, the egyptians seem like a bunch of deluded fools who were fixated on silly beliefs like your belongings transferring to your next life, weird gods that just look completely stupid when you compare them to the beliefs of buddhism and janism and mysticism. Maybe you guys can change my view on that? Im struggling to find my life purpose, or solidify it. I really really love advanced technology. The things that make my brain melt in awe are things like advanced military technology, artificial intelligence. But also what i really really desire is technology that is mysterious and magical. The thing that comes to my mind is ancient technology. It has that transcendent, magical element that I really aspire to. Theres a general culture around modern tech, where we design tech just to solve some convenience. Like a car is a more convenient versiom of walkong, typing is a more convenient version of walking, etc. What I really find inspiring in ancient tech, is that they mix Religion wirh technology. For example, The ancient myan calendar was not used just for convenience, but for understanding a transcendent aspect of life. Another aspect of inspiring tech is that it carries a sense of energy to it. the pyramids of egypt have been said to focus energy on humans who are under it. Not necessarily electricity but general interpretations of energy. Can anyone add something that will help further solidify my vision and life purpose?
  10. friends are just a pointless distraction... time you could be spending else where like in meditation or your life purpose. If you're loosing friends, think of it like loosing the love of playing video games... because that's the level talking and hanging out with friends is.
  11. Yesterday I did holotropic breathwork for 50 minutes. Long story short. Lets suppose that in ordinary consciousness, what is going on is that, there is a 'you' seeing through a round window. Its like there is the round window, and you're looking through this round window, from behind. What happened was, this window collapsed, and the thing looking through the window rapidly faded away. It was like a lazer was slicing and destroying whatever was behind the round window. Next, there was this extremely strong presence just there. It was obvious that this presence was all that there was, and nothing else existed except that presence. Now that presence extended out and expanded in every direction and length. So I could literally feel everything, things very far away. Imagine that you turn into this formless gas, and you rapidly spread everywhere so that you can feel everything. That's what happened. There was still a body, there was still a perspective from 'the head', but the body didn't need a 'me' to function surprisingly. The body, with all of its emotional neurosis and worries was just like anybody else, it was just apart of consciousness, doing its thing independent of the 'me'. Unfortunately the experience went away after about 5-10 minutes. Point of this post is that, I wanted to share the possibilities of shamanic breathwork, and what it can achieve.
  12. Sadhguru, Leo, Osho, Ramana Maharshi, Franklin Merell Wolff, Rupert Spira. Ranked by relevance
  13. @cetus56 No, I'd imagine they would be appropriate for shrooms, so I never bothered, did you?
  14. and the fact that they actually worked with it so precisely and had so much mastery over such a subtle form is amazing! Wow they healed people through this perspective. Its hard enough to just experience it...
  15. @Nahm latest video Nahm hahaah