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  1. Because feeling it now costs too much for your relationships, your career, your politics and especially your spiritual orientations. You gotta get down to business and know and feel how tragic, disguisting, aweful and seriously scary your life is designed right now. Its really shit and problematic. And you're only going to feel that love when you fully feel it all and take that step to fix it.
  2. They look like a guy with short brown hair, with a quirky, 1 threaded fringe, shortly cut beard and whitish skin IF you look right into the middle of your heart.
  3. Man I love your enthusiasm, felt it flow right through my computer screen like a rosy scent of my favourite tea. WHY SEEK TRUTH????? WHY???????? Just transcend that biach and let it go forever and be free
  4. wahe-guru. The awe of existence. When the mind sees the impossible.
  5. he's also attracted those people who do it to him through the law of attraction. There's plenty of teachers out there who ONLY have amazing clients, if Leo's attracting shit clients in his life, its him whose got the problem. You can be like him too and attract shit people in your life, or you can learn from his mistake.
  6. I know awakening will happen to you, because you're worried you wont achieve it. But you're also very afraid of it, and you don't want it to happen at a certain level. Its going to take you time to fully muster up the courage to awaken, 1-3 or so more years. But if you get to a point where all of these thought stories are starting to really hurt, you know you need to get real and up the pace and push through all that fear. In the mean time, it doesn't hurt to enjoy your life... these theories about enlightenment aren't helping in any way, you'll look back and go "oh man, I really thought they were helpful, guess they added nothing to my journey"
  7. I'm not interested in answering based on the qualifications, I'm not awake or self realised or any of that, and neither are the ones who replied to you here. As soon as possible. NOW. Always. There's nothing to loose with awakening, and everything to gain. There's distortions out there that awakening is hard work, requires sacrifices, lots of boring practice... those are distortions from deluded people. What you need to awaken is a Will to be truly happy and an assertiveness to say NO to all, every one of the temptations. For real. Say NO. Especially to the temptation that awakening should, needs or its best to awaken at some age.
  8. Fuck all this stupid contemplation, state changes, high level of consciousness, meditation, yoga bullshit off, and go to the beach, check out how amazing the sun looks in the morning, check how colourful and diverse the flora in your area is, feel the exotic sensations of the wind as it blows over your body, and remember that if you've got fucken food in your body, you've got shelter, and you have some time in the day to relax, there's nothing more you could possibly need to feel as relaxed, as vibrant and as peaceful as a buddha.
  9. I had a past life regression once where I remembered 5000 years in the past of an Indian yogi telling me that in 3-6000 years, no matter what happens, I'll achieve awakening due to the ritual that he performed. when I had my first awakening experience, I felt a simultaneous sense of despair and absolute awe, despair from realizing the awakening wasn't an unexpected achievement from the yogi doing the ritural on me, but absolute awe from the feeling of recognising how powerful that ritural was. That's how I'd express deja-Vu for me.
  10. Your soul isn't limited to reincarnating through blood lines. There are evolutionary mechanics at play that the earth goes through, and your soul's reincarnations are determined by that science. However you can have past life regressions of stuff that happened along your blood line, however you may or may not have experienced those personally (at a soul level), they could of just been meditative experiences that brought up some dna readings of your genetic makeup. Remembering soul reincarnations is largely a process of remembering conception and remembering preconception. Remembering blood line reincarnations is largely a matter of residual felt from meditative experiences. I don't feel like its possible to deliberately remember blood lineage reincarnations as they are just residual.
  11. ? that's just plain old dogma. There is a truth outside of yourself, but you just don't have access to it. You've gotta be an extra terrestrial to see it though. If you don't get what I'm saying, you're just not an extra terrestrial.
  12. its not an assumption. The locus of attention cannot shift outside/beyond the apparent body if the body is destroyed. Because when the body is destroyed, there is no body. Duh. Its an assumption that shifting the locus of attention outside / beyond the apparent body maintains itself when the apparent body is destroyed. Further its an assumption that shifting the locus of attention outside / beyond the apparent body, leads to a truth, that when shifted higher again, does not lead to a higher truth that includes the containment, rather then the transcendance, of some higher for of the apparent body.
  13. Are those who achieve God realisation, particularly the hindhi authority figures who claim they've achieved God realization, aware that when the body physically gets destroyed, that they will lose God realisation? Or are they not contemplative enough, critical thinkers enough to even go there? Whose aware of the difference between achieving immortality of self vs the lack of immortality of God Realization itself? Is there any Hindhi or anyone who does this work that can admit that God Realization itself is not immortal in their whole framework? And lastly, is there anyone on the planet that's embodying and actually discovering the mechanics behind the mortality of God Realization? Through my realizations I've remembered that I'm an extra terrestrial and why I'm on Earth in the first place.
  14. I haven't been hear for a long time but felt like sharing a massive breakthrough. If you're spiritually gifted but have low self esteem, you'll be spiritually cursed. You'll literally be at massive risk of going to jail, being told you're schizophrenic and need to go to a psyche ward, be hated by everyone, etc. If you're spiritually gifted but have medium or high self esteem, you'll be spiritually gifted and loved by everyone for it. If you're spiritually gifted (not everyone is) DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM. Spiritually gifted people are much more adversely affected by low self esteem then the typical person. They are at risk of attracting not just bad physical/material aspects of reality, but bad spiritual aspects of reality too. Its absolute hell. If you are spiritually neuro-diverse, if you've noticed that you are very very different on a spiritual level, no matter what you think, you must take low self esteem very seriously to ensure your physical, mental safety is not at risk. Non spiritually gifted people can get away with low self esteem, the risks are much worse for spiritually gifted people. In spiritual circles, teachers like saying that everyone is spiritually gifted, or that spiritual giftedness does not exist. They like saying that if you think you're spiritually gifted, and that others aren't, that you're being egotistical, entitled, arrogant or self centred. These teachers are incorrect, wrong, and being flat out dangerous. In the spiritual community, 1-5% of the community is spiritually gifted (spiritually neuro-diverse) and this giftedness, if not treated well, will turn into serious diseases like autism or schizophrenia or psychosis. If you're spiritually gifted and have low self esteem, you'll get extremely paranormal and intense negative effects from meditation, yoga and psychedelics. I don't know how to tell whether you're spiritually gifted or not as its so specific and needs to be decided upon on a case by case basis, but anyone who is neuro-diverse or abnormal should get checked incase to ensure your safety isn't at risk. Denying your spiritual giftedness, like what the culture in the adviata vedanta and zen community encourages you to do, will make you deny the FACT that you're at an especially high risk of danger from spiritual techniques and spiritual phenomena then the average spiritual seeker. I can't stress enough how irresponsible it is for spiritual teachers to be seriously denying spiritual giftedness, like proper only a few people are gifted - kinda giftedness. I've seen this in the community with multiple people now, and they are in seriously bad states because of it. We all together have decided to work through these issues and we're getting surprised by how big this is, and how much the spiritual culture needs to change when it comes to accepting the fact that spiritual giftedness is real, and that there are serious consequences to its denial.