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  1. I get that, but reality isn't separate from ego or wanting. ego and wanting is just as true as god/consciousness. And you're right about how the universe spontaneously/nebulously creates things without your directed effort, but it doesn't resonate with me at all to identify with that, to call that god and to say that I am that. Identification is part of the creation and using identification to label or connote that behaviour of reality is just something that doesn't make sense to me at all. I also think its really fucken silly to say that you're creating reality and that you can manifest whatever you want when the truth is the universe manifests things without your control. You are not creating your own reality if you can't put your hand through the wall or burn your house with your finger tips, end of story. I have a desire to know why and how the nebulous spontaneous mega computer works and why it creates things randomly (or is it random?) and how it does it, etc. I also have a desire to know how to manifest things in the world and how to control it more to suit my agenda. I dont give a fuck about being egoic, getting what i want is a bigger priority to me then upholding some values of being non egoic. I dont care about enlightenment.
  2. If i truly were able to create reality, i wouldn't be creating so much self deception. I dont want that, i want whatever i realize to be true. If i think a girl likes me, i want that to materialize. If i think my mother just liked my sibling more because a particular event happened, i want that to materialize. I am not the one who deeply imagines hard enough that those 2 things happen, and then imagine that those 2 things didnt happen when i investigate further, i do not want the latter and if i was in control the latter would definitely not happen. I want whatever i imagine to predict with perfect accuracy whats going on, but still even after wanting that hard enough whatever happens is nebulous. I've had many trips where i realized i was god all alone and that everything i want to materialize doesnt exist. Yet even in that state, i cant put my hand through the wall even if i want to. I cant materialize up a gun even if i want to. It doesnt even feel like i am in control, it feels like some mega nebulous, abstract super computer is in control calling all the shots.
  3. I've had several psychedelic trips where they strongly convinced me that something was true, and when I probed it in reality, it turned out it wasn't. I've had trips where it recounted my past and went through a memory I had about my mother. I felt like my mother treated me unfairly by dismissing me when she didn't with my sibling. The trip told me something like she did that because my sibling was XXX and I wasn't. At the time this gave me huge relief, but when I checked or probed it in reality, it wasn't true. I've had trips where it told me why a particular girl didn't like me. Again when I probed this in reality it wasn't real. These realizations from trips are quite big and convincing, they feel like major insights or realizations. I resonate deeply with them, they give me huge relief, and I feel more clarity, yet they just aren't true when you discern and investigate them further. The biggest reason why people trip is to get "lessons", "insights" from them. If you can't even trust the lessons or insights to be true, then what use are these lessons? I trip for a lot more then just lessons and insights, i mainly trip for recreation or exploring reality for fun, but besides that, can I trust the lessons and insights? Or do I always dismiss them?
  4. Awesome! I think i judge myself when i say something foolish or when i act like an idiot. So maybe i should be ok with acting like an idiot or a fool and not try and be honest so much. Give myself the freedom to lie and deceive others and be arrogant and be a fool if i feel like being that way. Thats something i can imagine the mushroom gods doing at least. They dont care about being a good person or being wise. They are perfectly ok with murders and rapists and fools and idiots because its more free to be that if you want to.
  5. cool thanks! there's also that thing of each person has their own "truth", and so each person has their own perspective and neither of us are wrong or right. For you machine elves are real, for me they aren't. Thats fine we see the world differently. Like i guess i dont mind if you disagree with me or if you see things differently, that doesn't piss me off, what pisses me off is when you do that in an arrogant or close minded way which spouts dogma, deception, basically evilness. Its more the intention that is causing me resentment rather than the content. I'm perfectly non resentful towards people who believe in machine elves but its genuinely is true for them. I can sense really well when someone genuinely sees machine elves or whether they are bullshitting for some evil purpose like getting attention or maintaining dogma about their worldview or something like that.
  6. The situation im in now, I've explored consciousness a lot more deeply then the majority of people I meet - even ones in spiritual and psychedelic circles. I've also explored politics, dating, etc from a truth standpoint a lot more deeply then the people I meet. I use to express my views in the past (which to be completely honest, I know are more true then what the other people believe, because I've been where the other people have been before and I know why its not true and why my alternative is more true), but I stopped because it seemed arrogant and self defeating. It seemed like a wiser way was for me to keep my mouth shut with all of these fools, and just learn from them instead. Which works pretty well most of the time. I still have a throat chakra urge though all the time to tell people what's actually going on, yet I repress it heaps because of the above reason. I've told myself over and over that I should just repress it because these fools, as soon as I say something, they'll invalidate my experience, dismiss me, and then they'll say their view, have all of their other friends agree with them, and basically push me out. Which largely happens. Occasionally I can't handle it and will give them a lesson, and they end up shutting up because they just can't really overcome what im saying because I know all the areas they've gone and I know exactly how to show them how they are wrong. But even then, they still resist me heaps. They love saying their stupid views (which I've proven to myself are wrong) and just maintaining it. So I kinda now have a bit of hatred sprawling in me from this happening. I kinda have a "well if these guys get covid, good because they're idiots and didn't listen to me or the experts" sort of thing happening. My compassion for the human race, my friends, etc has literally been eaten up by my resentment of them resisting what I and other experts have to say about the matter. I just find their lack of listening offensive and disgusting. And now because of this resentment, I've kinda become deeply self centered and just care about improving myself, improving my knowledge/wisdom in matters, improving my education, and improving my skills. I'm in a, let me extract all the wisdom out of all these people and keep it to myself. And I wont give any back because these idiots don't deserve it because they resist me and fuck you. But its not feeling quite right, there's something wrong with me doing this. I'm feeling like a bit of a psychopath. And I'm looking for alternative perspectives of the matter to see if I can kinda get rid of this resentment.
  7. I'd say mastering the process of having amazing and fulfilling intimate and sexual experiences in warm approach instead of cold approach. What is an attractive male in a social circle setting? How do you become one? How do you explore other women and have your needs best met with other women in a social circle while also getting her needs best met too - making that compromise. Ensuring things don't end ugly and ruin the social circle. How do you handle cock block sort of scenarios in social circle settings. How do you constantly keep meeting new people(and maximizing the amount of new people you meet) in a social circle setting, while also ensuring the people you meet have things in common with you and are healthy(meeting the right people) One thing that's really different about warm approach compared to cold approach is dealing with gossip, cliques, exclusion, bullying, etc. How do you manage that? How do you excel in a social circle setting? How do you control or influence the social circle? Etc.
  8. Hey guys! Who are the best warm game coaches out there, and what online courses or videos or stuff out there is the best for warm game? While not strictly warm game, life style academy seems pretty good, but im looking for something more specialized to dating in warm game. Stuff that will teach me the best wisdom, techniques, tools, frameworks, rules and golden standards to mastering warm game. Thanks in advance!
  9. the point of enlightenment is to achieve it so you can show off that you're enlightened and the others aren't.
  10. most relevant post in this entire thread. Thanks @Emerald for posting on here. They say that if you're trying to catch a fish, don't ask fish but only ask fisherman, that's not always true.
  11. Agree with the general sentiment that fear is bad and women arent attracted to it. Also agree that covering up fear with sneaky excuses is vomit worthy. But i wouldn't limit your definition of alpha vs beta to speed. Wars arent always won by being a chest beating trump and making speed at which things done the main or only KPI. Sometimes its smarter to calculate exactly how to win the war and do it slowly. Assess where your targets are, put good planning into it, think of all worst possible cases, plan best scenarios, act out on multi level action, etc. I've gotten girls who initially didnt like me in warm game by slowly over time getting more and more intimate with them, much like how you domesticate a wild cat. Im not a beta male for doing that, to the contrary all the guys who moved on when she said no are the actual beta males because their too insecure about them not getting any sex that they couldnt afford to put that effort in. If you're insecure about not getting enough sex, i feel for you and go set hard time limits for sex. Theres nothing wrong with acting that way, but you're missing a lot of growth and practice on how to develop intimacy and connection without having the patience to do this. You're arent any better by not being patient and deciding to not take your time.
  12. yeah sorry i think ill go into more detail about my situation: the latest one was I liked a hippy girl for over a year. Ever since the beginning she kinda shyed away from me. She just dismissed me and didn't show any interest/showed she had better priorities. I liked her so I went for her anyway. I decided to hang out with her a few times (acceptable in warm approach) and I did manage to get a bit intimate with her by joking with her, being playful and intimate. I tend to do a lot better on the intimacy front then on the sexual front. My body just naturally has way more oxytocin it feels then testosterone. I naturally feel like being very loving (hugs, caring, romantic) and that's where my desires are naturally drawn to. So I got pretty intimate with her, and she got better, she became less dismissive to me, she started saying yes more to hanging out with me, but when we hung out, there was still that platonic feeling we had. So I tried to break that too by being a bit sexual (role playing a bit through speech) and it kinda got somewhere, kinda didn't. Anyway she ended up fucking a douche bag instead who just left her. My initial impression was oh i must just have bad game then. Even though i can pick up chicks in the street somehow my game sucks? So I thought ok, i ended up telling her i had feelings for and tried to subtly and subconsciously probe her so i could figure out where my game went wrong. And the best I could get from her was that this other guy she really liked was into the exact same thing she's into (DJing and music) and she talked about her deep passions and how that feels and how mine are different. So my game either sucks or there's something else going on. I feel pretty confident in my game tbh loool. So im just trying to figure out how to improve myself and I need insights on how to move forward and get better with myself and women. I'm super curious about the limitations of game/pickup (seriously good analysis of limitations, I don't want limitations based on survival agendas of both males and females) and where it falls short. Is there any truth in my attraction being lower because she could sense that my soul's passions are different to hers, and did that make her feel less connected to me? I'm also curious as a corollary, to the effects of rapport and intimacy and that sort of stuff to picking up women. Pickup builds the sexual attraction, but that more friendshipy connection in a relationship... pickup doesn't touch that. Courses on intimacy and relationship councelling with sexologists do and I'm just more curious about whether im missing something there maybe. I probably could of fucked her to be completely honest, I self inflictedly stopped myself from fucking her because when you have feelings for someone, its natural for you to have desires to hug them and care for them and feed them and look after them, its not natural for you to wanna get in their pants if you truly have feelings for them. Sure if shes a hot stranger then all you're looking forward to is a wild time in bed (or in the forest ). Must I forgoe/suppress my genuine desire to care for someone to get her because I gotta fuck her? Is that something I have to do? Is there a better way? These are the juicy questions im really looking for. Leo (and other pickup artists) view of goal = sex is making me wanna vomit. I'm willing to accept that thats what you gotta do if it truly is what you gotta do, but considering i pulled quite a few pickup techniques on this girl AND i get girls on the street and i still didn't get her... makes me think that pickup has got limitations which are not being highlighted. And I wanna know what else is out there that i need to learn.
  13. pretty fucken good when it comes to truth and spirituality. But not so good on other fronts.
  14. Fucking a girl and getting in a relationship are 2 different things though. Some guys wanna fuck a girl, some girls wanna fuck a guy, some guys wanna relationship with a girl, some girls wanna relationship with a guy. You're comparing apples with oranges. You can get ultra good with pickup and somehow fuck every 2-3 billion women on the earth. That's different to a relationship though. I think what emerald is talking about is a relationship. You can condense it to 4 hours, to get sex, but to be in a relationship, it could actually be even better game to have patience and allow things to boil over time. There are studies done that show relationships don't last as long the more sex you have. If you have less sex, the relationships last longer. You're too narrowly focused on just sex. There's more to relationships then sex, and this narrow focus doesn't help us guys build good relationships. We need more talk about compatibility and finding common interests. We need more talk about making a relationship last. You can fuck a girl extremely well and if all you got is pickup and amazing sex (and you dont have a life) then she'll leave you. And its perfectly possible to be extremely attractive and master pickup as a serial killer, murderer or rapist, good luck to those guys though in making a relationship last. The thing is, is that if you don't have much feelings for a girl and you just find her hot, you'll have the motivation to learn pickup and fuck her, and you probably will end up doing that. But if you have feelings for companionship and relationships, you probably wont wanna fuck her because you'll want to keep her in a relationship. You'll feel more like getting into her soul then her pants. And you also don't mention that no matter how attractive you are and how much of a sex or pickup master you are, there are gonna still be heaps of women who don't fall for it. There's heaps of asexual hippies out there who only sleep with guys she knows well. Don't delude people into thinking pickup will allow you to sleep with everyone, infact even extremely good pickup artists can only sleep with 30% of the population, that's highly ineffective. The rest of the 70% said no due to them having different types, tastes, compatibility, etc. This hasn't been proven by studies or talked about, but what I've also noticed is that your attraction is affected by common interests and what your passions are and what hers are. Its also affected by the type of life you have... stuff outside of pickup. So I find it a bit dishonest to make out that pickup makes you so so so attractive that it will allow you to do all this amazing stuff like condense shit to 4 hours when there's a lot more to attracting women then just pickup. If you're only giving guys a quarter of the picture, and making out its the entire picture, you'll have guys trying to get successful with women and failing.
  15. Is it possible for a girl to like you in warm approach even if you don't initiate shit loads of flirting. Traditionally I've actually been way better with warm approach then cold approach. I found it easy to pull off naturally. I've found it much harder in newer circles I've become apart of. In the past I didnt even need to flirt to get girls in warm approach, maybe now its different? thanks yeah im getting the gist that my problem is im still not sure yet of who I am and what my passions really are. And therefore im failing to really get clear on whose compatible with me and who isnt.