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  1. This is how the pros do it(for peyote):https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php?Number=1932570 In my experience trying this though, the mescaline potency decreases. But that shouldn't be a problem for you as you're looking for ornamental purposes. EDIT: oh you can do this for San Pedro too https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DGHrXQ3cYMGo&ved=2ahUKEwib1tDNiojnAhUIzTgGHT3NDOoQwqsBMAB6BAgKEAQ&usg=AOvVaw2BfVfH3oWCIij5w_KDx5r9 This method is great for propagation, I got a peyote(super slow cactus) from seed to first sprouts in 2 months.
  2. Why doesn't this include responses from a forum? Subtly you're trying to cling onto this material world by taking external responses on here seriously. If you're actually sincere about what you say, stop that. What's the thing that makes you desire answers from here? Contemplate on that? Maybe that whatever that is, is the problem here.
  3. Not only is hatred, violence and sadness in the mind, but so are your interpretations of the people who you think only spew out these messages. Sorry but this 'insight' you have is just another misunderstanding in the path.
  4. computer science. University is necessary for jobs where you are to execute well defined, safety or mission critical tasks. These include being a doctor, lawyer, safety engineer etc. If something goes wrong and you screw up, having a degree allows your employer to save face if questioned why they hired you. In roles where your work is less well defined, and is not safety or mission critical, a degree becomes much less important. What's more important here is aptitude, experience and a great portfolio. If your employer hires an arts grad just for the degree - that doesn't mean shit, there's not much value there. A degree can't tell you how intelligent and creative you are. Only your history can. These roles include the arts, and some sciences such as philosophy. Im in 2 roles now: CTO of a company, and computer science research engineer. The first role doesn't have an employer, so no degree required there. The 2nd role is highly creative and not safety critical, because it's research. They were wowed by my portfolio of inventions I've made in the past(robotics, etc). Honestly I don't know why people get philosophy degrees. They are one of the worst in terms of employability. If you really want a degree, it would be better to get a doctor, lawyer, safety critical engineering(electrical, mechanical), psychologist, etc. Something where degrees are important and valued for that role.
  5. I quit university half way and never looked back.
  6. How about you choose kundalini over 'real women'? That's the next level up.
  7. that's why God invented masturbation. You don't need a partner, the partner is within you.
  8. Start off with erythritol, then slowly purge yourself off it. Even if you have a sugar supplement like erythritol, you're still seeking happiness in the external, which causes suffering.
  9. Wanted to give another perspective of the source of anger. Others have said that anger comes from lack of surrender to the present moment, a mismatch from desire and reality, not having a holistic perspective, etc. Along with those, here is another. If you seek happiness without (are looking for relationships, great career, status, approval), including a pretty, polished, personally developed or spiritual ego, then anger arises from the fear that this external thing is about to be taken away from you, and therefore that happiness is being taken away from you. If you had the balls to fully commit to making happiness come from within: acting by your principles, doing hard stuff like not procrastinating and being honest, denying external temptations for happiness (relationships, career, polished pretty personally developed ego) and instead letting them go, then anger would find it difficult to creep into your life, for there would be nothing to take away, and therefore nothing to get angry over. Practically this means letting go of all external sources of happiness, and replacing them with within happiness. Each external source of happiness has a surface, and then a cause/source under that surface. You think you want the surface but actually you want the cause/source. Replace the external desire for that surface, by an inner focus to develop the inner cause/source. Some examples: 1. Seeking happiness in a beautiful, motherly, loving, witty, sexy woman -> being, embodying that woman's love within yourself. Being the love that you crave from a woman. And compassionately expressing that to others. When you're in a relationship, rather than seeking love, express the love you seek to that woman you're in a relationship with. Practically this may mean practising loving-kindness meditation (yes, loving kindness meditation can rid you of your womanly cravings). This is a far better alternative because that sexy woman can leave you at any moment, or worse, you may end up in a toxic relationship because of fear of loosing that love. Grow that woman within so that she cannot leave you. 2. Seeking happiness in a very prestigious company; wanting to be looked up to by your peers and feel important and worthy, wanting to have very advanced, unique, special skills that other people don't have which makes you a highly creative, intelligent person -> Be/embody your definition of creative and intelligent Forget the prestigious job. A prestigious job is impermanent and can leave you at any moment. This will cause lots of suffering. Instead develop your creative and intelligence (or whatever the cause/source of the surface is). This may practically mean practicing kriya yoga for making you more intelligent. 3. Seeking happiness in enlightenment, spiritual practices, non duality books because you feel sad, empathetic, sorrow, curious, inspired, overwhelmed about being separated from your true self -> get in touch with those emotions and longing, and build a connection with them by focusing on those things when you meditate, rather than focusing on the meditation technique or routine itself. Far too many people get trapped in theory and doing meditation just to tick a box or develop a spiritual ego, without using them effectively.
  10. Jesus dying on the cross for the sake of love is also dualistic under that logic.
  11. @Elham yep, the US president did a similar thing in 2001 called 9/11
  12. Yep been there most of my life. Get in touch with inspiration: Go listen to inspirational music, watch something inspirational like someone being kind to an asylum seeker. Or go watch movies of Ghandi, Nelson Mandela. Imagine being them. Really feel like you are with or are him/her. For music actually feel its inspiration. Allow the inspiration to embody your entire being. Also do loving kindness meditation: sit down for 30 minutes, get a massive surge of love and spread it to your loved ones, people in poverty, etc. In your imagination. Actually visualise it healing them and making them blissful and ecstatic. Once you're done, spread it to yourself and heal yourself. Now your happiness will not come from 'do[ing] amazing things all the time', it will come from aligning your actions, principles, way of life with that inspiration. The happiness is not from obtaining an action, object or event from the outside world. It comes from doing stuff which causes that inspiration. The happiness is coming from your brain receptors, not from the material atoms of the object, or the kinectic energy of the action you're doing. The action, objects, etc are the smoke, but the inspiration is the engine (of the train, car, etc). The action, objects, etc. Are just the unimportant side effects of your life.
  13. Again, the 1974 bushfires were in central Australia. The forest density is much lower there because less plants and trees can survive in a desert compared to the coastal regions. It's like comparing a fire in some place in Nevada or Arizona to a fire in Paradise. Large fires occurring in deserts are significantly different to ones occurring in non desert regions. The density of forests is lower and the climate is harsher which means less animals and plants are killed. The climate tends to be hotter in hot deserts which means fires happening in those regions, while devastating, are more expected. Desert fires still are a large problem, but you're comparing apples to oranges when talking about different regions. This is why the fires in the Sahara in Africa, while very large, are not given as much attention compared to the fires in the Amazon. Different climates change how significant a fire is. But Australia's problem is a lot deeper than this. Most Australians aren't even open to a conversation like this. They value beliefs, their own biases and opinions over facts. They have an anti intellectual motive and a dislike for academia. They think academics are all in their head and their views are somehow superior because they have real world experience. Real world experience means crap all when it comes to causes of bushfires. You need a big picture holistic understanding of the situation, which is what climate science academics do. Here's a perfect example of a typical Australian https://www.google.com/amp/amp.abc.net.au/article/11858654 He's had his land massively destroyed by the bushfires, and yet when Barack Obama made a sane, totally correct comment about the bushfires and it's like to climate change, what did the mayor do? Deeply criticise him for it. Why? What glorious evidence, insights and facts makes the mayor think that climate change is not caused by the bushfires? None. He just thinks Barack Obmama is wrong. This mayor is deeply respected by his people. God knows why.
  14. Vipassana is a hoax! It's only done by a small majority of this country - most are democrats of course. Like who else would sit under a tree for hours? Gotta be the democrats. Look don't get me wrong, I love Buddhists, I have friends who are Buddhists. But Buddhists are sending this country broke!