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  1. And its a good thing that people are skeptical of you. It would be terrible if we all just believed you as gospel, because then you wouldn't be raising high consciousness people in the first place.
  2. You're assertion here is circular. You're saying the absolute truth is everything is relative, yet that assertion is a solid proposition. To put it concretely, how can you know that everything is relative if reality cannot know itself. Reality is Unknown with a capital U. That doesn't necessarily mean everything is relative. That's just the green stage going crazy. Do you have any direct proof that it is relative? Plus you keep saying reality is a hallucination. But normal hallucinations are not permanent. Yet idealistic reality cannot be escaped. Being will keep being no matter what. That's not a hallucination. It cannot be unreal if it cannot be escaped. Being stuck in a virtual reality game for eternity would mean that the virtual reality pixels are real. They would have to be.
  3. There could be. You cannot know for certain that what you experience is true. It might feel like there's nothing beyond awareness, but that doesn't prove there isn't.
  4. im aware that pacman is a hallucination, but that doesnt mean people go " oh pacman is a hallucination! im going to run into the ghosts because it doesnt matter"
  5. Hey guys, I have a really silly issue. Conscious work ungrounds me to a certain extent, after contemplating for a while, and my brain uses this to its advantage to just plainly piss me off. One way is it says "wow you truly don't know whether or not the laws of physics are real, like theres a high chance but you have no idea. That's a fact. That means it's perfectly possible for an alien to pop out of no where and kill you. That's perfectly possible" This scares the shit out of me, particularly when I'm home alone trying to go to bed. This issue is ridiculous but any advice? Thanks
  6. I chase after everything that everyone else does. And I fully understand that I truly don't know whether or not it will be the key to my happiness. Gotta let the mind do what it needs to do to fully understand what chasing really is.
  7. @Wormon Blatburm What is true spirituality? Does it work how monotheistic religions and blue stage thinkers would want it to work? Does it work by having a reason for everything it does? Does god have a cause he's trying to conduct? No... sadly not. If he did work that way, the world would be absolute. The world would serve egoic desires. Asking god why he does stuff is more like asking why gravity does things. I've never had a conversation with gravity so I wouldn't know. Neither I have with god. Why did god create separation and all of this suffering? Why are you asking this question? Hypothetically what are you at best going to get out of it? An answer that fulfills you, satisfies you, makes you feel well. Maybe even a connection with god. But nothing else, not some key to a higher dimension, not some answer you can use to get money or fame. Do you really want to know the answer to this question? Or is the content of this question a distraction for a desire of something higher? People in this world chase things that their minds make up all the time, money that will fulfill them, materialistic items that will answer all their problems, validation from others that just cover up deep problems that they will never solve. And some chase answers that they think will make them feel complete, but has no answer. Recognize why your mind has the desires it has, and don't get distracted by the pretty outlines.
  8. Fucking, Austria
  9. What philosophies have you found to be the most practical for increasing your awareness? Examples of practical philosophies: - advaita vedanta (my favorite) - Zen buddhism - Taoism Examples of impractical philosophies: - Christianity, Islam, Judaism - stoicism (it's practical for having a good life, but not for increasing your critical thinking skills) Also add any egoic pitfalls that you fell into while embodying the philosophy, if any. And if you would like, highlight any particular reason why you think its a good philosophy(like for example, Taoism has the golden flower meditation technique which is amazing). I made this question because there are millions of philosophies out there, and it would be more efficient to use the knowledge of more experienced guys on here to narrow that search down, rather than spend an entire lifetime seriously trialing each one out. Please no debates on this thread, just add a philosophy that you think practically helped you.
  10. Personal development -> Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, etc. That's what personal development is all about, developing the biggest, grandest ego on the planet.
  11. @AleksM Now you know how spiritual schools are invented, by a desire to show everyone how they got enlightened, and making the completely arbitrary assumption that everyone is like you, and will get enlightened by this technique just like you.
  12. buy a test kit btw, just so you know, this thread will be locked soon...
  13. There wouldn't need to be this set of rules/contract called a relationship if it wasn't egoic Relationships are designed for people who are trying to get something. There is literally no other reason for having one. Have you noticed that cells in our bodies aren't in relationships? Have you noticed that ants and bees aren't in relationships? It's because they arent individualistic.
  14. Hu? Heaps of people go through failed relationships, yet the population definitely isn't enlightened. That's a strange comment ton make.
  15. I would advise you to not believe in ditties and that reality is a dream. You're gonna fuck yourself up big time by mistaking your beliefs for actual reality. Even if you think youve got it all sorted and that you arent deluding yourself. Talking from experience. What if I told you actually that you don't know if deities exist or not? What about reality is all a dream? Is it really? Do you really believe that bs? Like look around you? All of that isn't a dream mate, its real. Stop being silly. Did that above paragraph trigger you? Do you have an urge to set me straight aftet that? If so you may be holding your spiritual beliefs as a belief system rather than actually knowing it.