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  1. Look, the stuff Leo talks about is actually possible.
  2. Right so you can work 80 hours a week in absolute peace and joy? even if the jobs are mentally draining or labour intensive? You cannot be that attached to the body to pull that off, and if you aren't why boast about 6 chicks PMing you? There's no you to boast about??
  3. You're saying survival is not actually survival if you look at it closely enough?
  4. @Serotoninluv Why must we realize the source? Why can't we be born knowing the source already? Why did we forget in the first place? Why is the universe structured in a way that we must realize the source? Why is realization necessary? When the inquiry(that produced this post) was made, it was made with the intention of trying to figure out how I should 'merge' my life purpose with spirituality, if that was even possible. It was not made to try and discover the source or have an awakening experience. In my opinion life is much more than just awakening, its about creation aswell. And I was trying to see how to reconcile the 2.
  5. Of course. What I'm talking about here is the symbiotic relationship between duality and non duality. Of course theory is limited, of course confusing theory with God causes suffering and you will hit a wall. But why did god allow that to happen? That's what I'm answering here. I'm not talking about HOW to get enlightened. I don't care about how to get enlightened in this post. I'm going meta or beyond the desire to enlighten. I'm talking about WHY the HOW exists. I'm talking about WHY god created theory, rather than not. What the function of theory is. I'm not talking about its limitations. I don't care about its limitations in this post. I'm talking about why its there. I'm not even talking about what it does, or what it can do. I'm talking about the 'structure' of structure itself. What I'm saying is the function/structure of theory is designed to divide you from God, so that you can experience God. Without theory, you cannot experience God. You can only Know god (and there is a massive difference between Knowing and Experiencing God). As a relative example: if you theorise about an airplane, then you can actualize that airplane and then EXPERIENCE flying. But if it was not possible to theorise about an airplane, you could not build an airplane and EXPERIENCE it. God <-> Theory is the exact same. To Experience a certain facet of God, you need to absorb some spiritual theory, then actualize that theory, then experience that theory (or realize god through that theory). There are many different facets of God: voidness, love, energy, passion, bliss, goodness. Why is that? Why are there so many different sides of the same coin? BECAUSE OF THE THEORY! THATS WHY THEORY IS IMPORTANT! You will experience god as love, if you have absorbed a lot of theory about how god is LOVE (say some christian beliefs). You will experience God as voidness, if you absorbed a lot of zen theory. etc etc etc. That's what I'm trying to say. And physical beings will keep producing theory for infinity, and facets of God will generate forever, enabling God to have infinite facets. This has ramifications for knowing WHAT you should create and WHAT life purpose you should have.
  6. thankyou for the summary of Leo's latest video Now are you ready to stop being a parrot and try and understand what I was trying to say?
  7. Had a half baked insight just now. Leo has mentioned before about the importance of theory and how the spiritual people who hate theory and just focus on experience are going in the wrong direction. Leo's argument at the time was something like theory ensures you don't get biased and brainwashed by gurus and teachers, and just experiencing isn't good enough for this reason. But I've got another idea of why theory is important. If there was just experience, and no theory, there would be nothing to experience! A theory is a representation of Truth (or a facet of truth). And when I say theory, I'm talking much more broadly than the contemporary meaning of theory. Your recognition of a pen is also a theory. You don't know what a pen is, you can only experience a pen in 3D (instead of 4D), your evidence of a pen has been filtered by your eyes, so what you see is not actually the pen yet you still think you're seeing a pen. Also you're able to tell us what a pen is even if it doesn't exist in front of you right now. This is all suggestive that a pen is a 'theory' to you, its a representation of truth rather than truth itself. If no theory existed, and just experience existed, how would you realize God's infinite facets? God is infinity, not these facets?? How would you have different enlightenment experiences? Coming at God from different angles? How boring would that be? See you can't realize God through these different facets just be experience alone. The way in which you realize god (which facets you realize God through) is dictated by your belief structure. This is why so many people describe their enlightenment experiences differently. A theory is a representation of reality, and the representation part is what makes all the difference. It divides you and that infinity. It confuses you into thinking that God is something that it actually isn't. And when you do realize God, you realize God through the lens of this theory. And that's how the facet is created. Haven't you noticed that the way you guys describe enlightenment is a bit different to the way Sadhguru's followers describe enlightenment? Or the way Christian monks, Buddhist monks, etc do? Haven't you noticed that so many people in spirituality fight over what God is? Haven't you noticed that people on here describe enlightenment experiences one way, then after Leo shoots a video (for example about Love) people start describing their enlightenment experiences completely differently? More about Love? This is because Leo is literally dictating which facet of enlightenment you are going to experience just by you watching his videos. So long story short, theory is important for making God cool. And there is nothing wrong with creating theory, in fact its a necessary component of enlightenment. and the interesting part is, the more theory and stuff we create, the more ways we can see God, the more facets we can realize God through as a collective. While science IS bullshit because its a representation of truth rather than truth itself, this representation is necessary for realizing facets of God. Some super cool interesting facets at that. "without religion, science is blind. Without science religion is lame" -> Einstein. Can be rephrased as "without God theory is blind, without theory God is lame"
  8. I was contemplating about what I wanted in life while walking around in the park. My answer was I wanted to escape to some DMT land. I then had the insight that there is no DMT land, you can't go anywhere because there's nowhere to go except the present moment. If you one day do travel to DMT land it will be because you created DMT land. I then went "hu funny, I don't travel to places, I create the places I travel to, does this apply to the park I'm walking in?" I'm now having the very strange sensation that I'm not walking on a footpath but a treadmill, and as I walk, I move the entire planet rotationally towards me, rather than I walk along the planet. I feel like I'm literally moving now where, and everything is coming to me. P.S. Wow also, neither me walking through the earth, or the earth is walking through me are true/false. they are both true. The true one is the one you want to be true. So you can use the 2 different perspectives as tools to get what you want. If it's useful to see yourself walking through the world, then that can be true. If it's useful to see the world walking along you then that can be true.
  9. Custom officers in those sorts of countries are not properly trained to look at suspected items, and even if they are their salary is too low for them to care. Bribing is very easy to do in those countries (as it is in any developing nation) and you could probably get away with it. Although this depends on how white and foreigner you look.
  10. Nice! Takes a few weeks to fully crystallize it seems. I'm trying out mescaline in the mean time, will brew this month too
  11. yep very good point it's about giving to infinity. yes, I've come to that conclusion as well. Glad you have found a passion that you love. Unfortunately not everyone is interested/motivated by 'doing stuff'. Some people just want to 'Be', just enjoy the Me. And let whatever comes, whether that's prosperity, poverty, seeing a new born baby, or watching someone die. Just enjoy it all. This new motivation happens from doing that endless stuff for years working weekdays and weekends. In other words massive action. And sometimes like in my case you can swing from wanting to alturistically create, to wanting to not create but just be. I'm in the current stage where I want to just be. I'm sure I'll get passionate again in a few years and want to create stuff again.
  12. actually if your parents were born 2000 years ago, their ideals would be far ahead the rest of society, and would be highly advanced. Imagine the implications of a ethnocentric worldview in a stage purple society, or in other words a staged blue dog how advanced that would be. so 'stuck up' is relative to time as well. you can't be sure if they are stuck up or not.
  13. Well the thought is a necessary precursor to the action