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  1. There's a whole science to this. It was applied in ancient temple and church architecture and design. A mixture of the socio-cultural context and subjective effects of certain geometries and materials were used to enhance or propel the people within the church/temple to meditative states of consciousness. Maybe this is your life purpose?
  2. @VeganAwake Don't get to rattled up with Inliytened1. Have you ever wondered how Inliytened1's comment is currently persisting in reality right now? Whose responsible for that comment? Who is currently creating that comment, allowing it to be here right now? Inliytened1 is not a person, but a comment for you right now, and its created by you, the real you, try and help you suffer less and be happy. Don't take it too much the wrong way. You're not arguing with who you think you are.
  3. that's actually something that can be empirically observed/experienced
  4. if you think this is bad, try becoming enlightened.
  5. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  6. fighter pilots and secret service agents are highly intelligent yet are stage blue
  7. Looks like you guys just want to live in a free for all hippie commune. Mine:
  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The contrast with Owen's video.
  9. What are the technical skills of leaders? I always here you must hone in on a technical skill and get really good at it. What is that for leadership?
  10. This is out of pure curiosity. My spiritual journey and personal and professional development is massively intertwined. I oscillate between focusing heavily on career/personal development vs focusing on lots of meditation and inquiry almost on a fortnightly or monthly basis. And in reality, I don't even see them as separate. Personal development is as spiritual as spirituality itself. As spirituality is as concept driven and idealistic as your career or 'survival is'. I see that the majority of people on this forum tend to separate them: for first 5 years, spend time on PD, then get into spirituality. Why so? That's very different to my experience. In fact the 2 compliment each other in an arms race fashion. You focus heavily on personal development and healing, to the point that you literally see personal development and healing as a form of expression your love and longing for God. And when practising spirituality, its a recognition that what your career was, was actually God in the first place, you just had to see it. One affects the other, personal development hypes up your involvement and playfulness with God, while spirituality keeps that playfulness from becoming seriousness and separation, and remembering of what you're actually playing with. And the remembering of what your playing with is what lets your career or personal development flourish, because you see what you actually want and what you're actually doing. And you see what personal development really is.
  11. there is no such thing as powerless.
  12. This is a recollection of a previous experience. Its more for others to sort of try and reveal my blind spots, rather than to share and inspire. Despite this, enjoy. Caught a glimpse of the big bang today. Funny that the big bang happened 4.5 billion years ago, yet its happening right now. As I was meditating, just allowed awareness to do whatever it wanted, and it wanted to really focus on the I today. What is this I? How is it separate to God or the present moment? What exactly is this boundary. Well its of course a story. Lots of people on here talk about how they are God. But it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to be honest. Yes you are God, but God isn't a human in space and time. God is eternal, beyond space and time. And to literally BE God, based on my humble observations, is to literally not identify with a human. But not identifying with a human is a lot more than not identifying with a body or soul. Its not identifying with being within time and space! Its not identifying with the physical universe! So when I hear very wise spiritual practitioners, walk around saying "I AM GOD, YOU ARE GOD, that tree is God, I'm walking on God"... and then carry on to do things within space and time... it feels a bit off. Like God is, not a human and doesn't have human qualities. God IME is more akin to a universe. As God, IME, you don't do things like think, eat, walk, drink, play. What you do is UNIVERSE. What you do is purely ARE. Maybe this is getting too presumptuous now... but you can think of it as what your 'role' is in a sense is to keep the universe going, not to eat and everything else. Its not some dude in the sky that talks to people and eats etc. Its creation. What you actually are, is very radical. And its so radical that even saying "I AM GOD" is too much, because that's said within the physical world. The most accurate way of explaining you are god is SILENCE. Because during a God Realisation experience (IME) there is no saying I AM GOD hahahaha... because that is totally false. That only makes sense in a physical universe. Go to some completely different salvia or DMT universe and say I AM GOD(I haven't done Salvia or DMT or psychedelics, but can imagine from trip reports). Doesn't make sense... Anyway. The title of the thread is There's only 2 and that's because, when awareness was honing in on what the ego is, realising its a story. I saw how the story was being created. God revealed itself as literally infinity, pure void and undefined. Its prior to everything you can dream up. But this sense of 'counting' or multiple objects, is actually illusion too. Its just God, and Story. Not God and multiple stories. When the big bang happened (in experience) there was no multiple stories. It sort of doesn't make a lot of sense now, but 'multiple stories', 'many' and counting are within the dream too. At the big bag, the whole concept of multiple, many, little, wasn't there. It was totally beyond that, and again this is hard to explain, but God was The Story (not multiple stories), and that Story was infinite intelligence. And that's the last point, is that maya, illusions, thoughts etc are not 'bad' or 'evil' or 'a distraction' or random or dumb. Stories are infinitely intelligent. Meditation is a story, yet its a story that wakes you up? What a powerful story. Anyway it was funny that, this big bang didn't happen in a 'particular state' or at a 'particular time' or under 'certain conditions' your washing machine is a big bang. Anyway there ya go. Can't wait for the day I finally get my hands of psychedelics and let it blow away all these confusions. Can only be hopeful the hard time getting them is infinite intelligence's way of maximising love.
  13. @LfcCharlie4 love doesn't have to matter to BE, that's why its so miraculous EDIT: i see matter as psychological bondage. You may see the word differently.
  14. This is a great question, with a counter intuitive answer