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  1. Nice one! When you say semen retention energy, do you mean the sensation of horniness? Or something else? Could you give some pointers as to how I can locate and become directly aware of this energy? Any little exercises you could come up with? When you say it creates consciousness, after ejaculation, the universe doesn't disappear(you don't fall asleep) so is there still semen retention energy even after ejaculation? Or is that an incorrect understanding? Lastly, what's been your favorite learning resources for semen retention and energy exercises that utilizes it?
  2. of course, that's what this thread is about!
  3. You could try many techniques for a few years, more then you've got time for in your lifetime. You'd probably find some of them are way more powerful then semen retention. Yet you've missed out because all the time you could have spent on those techniques, you spent on your semen retention techniques. And that's exactly what happens when you dismiss "feeling it" and do techniques because a guru told you, or for dogmatic reasons, etc. Patience, persistence, letting go of the resistance of doing techniques, having the honest to observe whats actually happening rather then what your ego wants, are all super important. But doing a technique for none other than to do it for years is silly in a timeless universe.
  4. Here is an insight I discovered personally for myself. My mind and body doesn't work like everyone's. Its quite different, so this insight may be totally inaccurate for you. There are 2 camps in the no fap movement: the ones who say it doesn't work, and the ones who say it does work. Its a really heated debate, because both camps believe they are absolutely right. Both camps assume that what they believe is true for everyone. Both camps are incapable of admitting that bodies, minds are different, and for some people nofap is powerful, while is totally true for others that nofap does absolutely nothing. I've always been in the nofap is bullshit camp, and for me its definitely true. Nofap does absolutely nothing for me. I was doing some body awareness work today and discovered why that might be, and why nofap people actually get lots of value out of nofap. Within myself, I noticed that fapping (and sex with women) puts you in a state where there is less assertion and dominance and movement in growing kundalini energy, or prana or whatever you want to call it. For me, it puts you into a sedative, peaceful state, like a zen sort of no mind peace. It also reduces your desire to move energy up the spine. Growing kundalini energy, or prana energy is definitely useful and powerful, and if your entire spiritual practice relates to working with this energy, nofap would be extremely important. Yet if you mainly use mindfulness and consciousness techniques that don't rely so much on this energy, then nofap would have minor benefits. Working with such energy isn't really necessary or a requirement for contemplation, mindfulness, letting go, etc. The other thing I have personally noticed, is you can actually draw in energy without semen retention at all. You can draw in energy purely from consciousness. If you're at a vibrational state where every atom of consciousness is buzzing with bliss, then those atoms of consciousness can draw in energy into your system, and using semen is less required. As a corollary to that, I also feel like where your energy work is focused, greatly affects whether semen retention is super important. For me personally, my energy work is always focused in the forehead region. Yet if I was to do lots of energy work and focus it in the sacral region, semen retention would be more important. If I was to draw energy up from the sacral to the forehead, that would require semen retention, yet if I do (what I normally do) and draw energy from the forehead, then semen retention is less required. I'd love to have more deeper discussions about the precise mechanics of the energy system on this site in terms of semen retention. I personally don't think semen retention is either necessary or not necessary, but rather depends on the specific approach you're going about energy work, and different systems could cater for the semen retention route vs non semen retention route. I've never really resonated with the semen retention route personally. For me specifically, semen retention was like putting loads of focus and effort into a certain type of discipline that had no real empirical basis for effectiveness for me. I couldn't feel exactly how semen retention would benefit me, I didn't feel morally wrong for not doing it, I didn't feel like I was missing out or letting myself down. Infact I always felt like the amount of effort I could put into maintaining semen retention, would much better serve me in actual spiritual practices like kriya yoga or meditation, contemplation, qigong - all of which I got results from without semen retention, even though the books outlined it was necessary.
  5. Really Profound Insight All Suffering/resistance is an artificially constructed label that isn't true. ALL SUFFERING/RESISTANCE! Hatred, jealousy, judgement, envy, confusion, dysphoria, low self esteem, sadness, depression, mania, dysfunction, addiction, pain, etc. ETC! The thing our label is pointing to, is literally growth, expansion, movement towards 'higher', movement towards god, movement towards the divine, etc. Suffering/resistance literally does not exist, all that exists is HEALING and GROWTH and MOVEMENT TOWARDS THE DIVINE. Resistance from not wanting to clean the house or pick up dogshit is our artificial label/construct of resistance or suffering or pain + expansion/growth/movement towards the divine. The label of "resistance" or "suffering" or "pain" is problematic, because it contains the expansion. Like a balloon that you're blowing air into. The feeling that the label "suffering" points to gets more and more intense, as the labels keep it from expanding. That's why the more you resist cleaning dogshit, the more "suffering" you go through. Let go of the labels of pain, suffering, resistance, and all of its little minions like jealousy and hatred and addiction. Let them all go completely. As if you don't know what they all mean anymore. And feel what those things are pointing to directly. Because that feeling IS NOT suffering. That feeling is growth and expansion. There is no such thing as suffering. There is no such thing as pain. There is no such thing as not healing. There is no such thing as resistance. All there is, is healing/growth. And your resistance to cleaning the dogshit, and then you noticing that resistance doesn't exist, and that all there is, is healing, is also healing Also... because the universe is infinite, you could let go of stuff forever. Its like zooming into molecules, then you notice atoms, then you notice electrons, then you notice quarks. And when telescopes get more powerful, there will be things in quarks, forever and ever and ever. And that's like letting go, you've always go stuff to let go of. Don't let anyone tell ya that there's this almighty thing called "awakening" where you've completely let go over everything. Because there isn't. the concept of awakening is of the same stature as a conspiracy theory. There always more to let go of, forever and ever. Its literally impossible to completely let go of everything, because there's infinite stuff to let go of.
  6. No because my ego was dying hahaha. It brought up a massive lie she had been telling herself for decades over a trauma that happened with her father when she was 3. She wasn't ready to hear that lie. It had nothing to do with realising proteins were imaginary even though that was the intention hahaha.
  7. I took 50cm of san pedro from a friend of mine who is really good at growing cactuses. His cactuses (to my suprise) are 5x more potent then the cactuses you get on ebay. I started tripping and everything got very very one. The present moment was realized to be the entire universe more and more and more. Then I started feeling profound love for the entire present moment. I could feel everyone on the earth, and beyond the earth, and I started channeling love to the entire present moment/universe. Then it dawned on my that my entire quest for discovering reality was just a game I was playing with myself, and that made me feel played/fooled. I reacted a bit negatively to that, my flatmate came in and told me she was looking up proteins and molecules for her school. I told her she was just fooling around, and everything is a game, and stop being so silly. She insisted that I was crazy and that there really was something to the proteins and molecules. Somehow I could see all of her "chakras" and told her "well let me show you how you're full of shit", I focused/concentrated on her form, realized/had a samadhi experience that she was me, then I "injected" realizations of how all of her proteins are imaginary. She started crying heaps. During the trip I just thought this is part of the cosmic play. When I came down, she was still crying and needed a psychologist for a week. Felt pretty back for that.
  8. @Keyhole excellent! That's excellent stuff for me to work through.
  9. I just had the weirdest experience of my life. Which is never good to say, because consciousness will make sure you have something weirder in the future. I'm wondering if the sleep dream experts can say anything about it to help me get clarification of it. For the past year (and more intensely past month) I've been having very strange nervous system issues. Very strong paralysis feelings, but according to doctors its all psychological. Sometimes I can't swallow when I want to. about 4 months ago (stopped 3 months ago) every night I woke up fearing that I had forgotten how to breath, and that I was about to suffocate. This fear stopped when it was realized that breathing is an illusion, the universe as a whole is actually cycling energy and that cycling of energy manifests as "breathing". Every lifeform breaths, trees <-> animals cycle is not unique to us, every lifeform does it in a certain way. But then I started having the sensation and fear that I would forget how to move my body. Because I don't even know how I'm moving my body. If I don't know, then what if I forget????? For the past 6 months, whenever I sleep, I feel massive vibrations of energy all throughout the body. And everything dissolves into white light. Then there will be some typical dreams (not lucid). The dreams started to get less and less story like, and the feelings became more prevalent. It was like each dream was a collection of energy going through a purification process, and the story of the dream was just the "smoke" or "side effect" of that purification process. The mind and body just naturally focused on the purification and less of the story. I went to bed last night, and when sleeping, I remember the energy of the body getting super duper intense. And something unusual happened that I can't remember. I palmed it off. I woke up at 5am, decided that wasn't enough sleep, so went back to bed at 7:30am. Then I had a normal dream, but then I noticed that I was in a dream. Yet, this was not a normal lucid dream. The story dissolved and I was in this black "room" or space. Maybe a void. Then the body energy got very very intense and it was like I was falling/drowning into heaps and heaps of energy. A form of non duality that was never experienced before. Then I started to manifest objects in the dream. I manifested an apple, fries, and started eating them. My flatmate (in the waking state) had woken up in her room, and I knew she woke up. I called to her but couldn't because I was in this black room. Then I wanted to leave this black room, but couldn't figure out how to wake up. There was a bit of dysphoria there, because I wanted to wake up but didn't know how. I felt trapped and paralyzed a bit. It was not like I had a body and was freely moving around this room, it was like I was completely formless, had no body and all I could do was manifest objects. I had no idea on how to wake myself up. Then just by using concentration and consciousness, I woke up from the void and I saw a little bit of my pillow, then one of my friends walked into my room and gave me a cactus - and I knew straight away that this was another dream. Then I tried to wake myself up from that dream(just through concentration) and this was quite dysphoric because there was a bit of sleep paralysis now. I had totally forgotten how to move "my body". Or how to inhabit it, as this pure formlessness. And I was like damn I hope im not stuck like this forever, or the next 2 hours. Then I kept trying out different things (through concentration and pure consciousness) and then boom, I moved my arm, but it didn't move the way I liked, so i had to learn how to move it again. Then I started moving over parts of my body, and it was like jelly, I felt like I was moving my arm, but it wasn't my physical arm, it was a jelly soul form of my arm, and I moved it more and more and SNAP! I opened my eyes and shouted "WOO HOO! I FUCKEN MADE IT!" and that was like 5-10 minutes ago lol. This fucken slammed on the head my fear of paralysis. I went full on paralysis and I had to learn how to unparalyze myself. This was the weirdest shit ever. When I was that formlessness, it was a depth of formlessness that I can't replicate on ayahuasca. It was so weird. So bizzare. Ayahuasca is super dualistic and formful compared to this level.
  10. I've tried a bunch of natural based detoxes in the past. My symptoms: 1. Lack of focus/ADHD like symptoms. 2. Short term memory loss and delayed recall of long term memory. 3. Zoning out too much. 4. Lack of speed in solving mental based problems. 5. Motor control deterioration of coordination. 6. Failure to initiate start of motor movements/temporary motor control paralysis. 7. Swallowing paralysis. 8. Cramps(i take iron and magnesium tablets everyday at the direction of my healthcare practitioner) 9. Sore joints and ligaments when moving arms and legs. Issues have been mild past 1 year, but got worse recently(last 2 weeks). Yep been working with a natural health professional for the past month on those issues. Its as far as I can go with them. My brain fog, ADHD, motor control impairment and lack of focus are caused by things beyond the basics. My health professional wants to put me on natural based detoxes, yet I've tried the very ones in the past(without a professional, just following it myself) with no real results and just frustration. Im not super excited by the idea of using a dye for radioactivity to solve health issues, yet I feel cornered to give it a shot as the natural methods arent powerful/effective enough.
  11. Hey guys, few questions over a DMSA/ALA detox: I have been storing DMSA/ALA at room temperature for the past 3 months or so. Which is 10 degrees celsius to 35 degrees celsius (50F to 95F). I just saw that the packaging said to store the tablets below 25 degrees celsius (77F). I've just put them in the fridge yet they haven't been stored below 25 degrees celsius. I unwrapped the packaging of the ALA(not DMSA) to see what was inside. I noticed that there is a large oxygen absorber. I've had these tablets unsealed (with the lid on) for the past 3-4 months. Considering 1 and 2, is it safe for me to do a heavy metal detox with them? Furthermore: a) I'm not even sure if heavy metals are the cause of my problems. I have a huge intuition that detoxing rather than food is gonna provide me with deep health benefits, but I'm not hugely in love with the idea of heavy metal detoxing. I'm also getting urges to try ancient shamanic detox protocols too and not necessarily heavy metals(but also not against it). How do I test the detox to see if it provides benefits without getting too deep into it? My body has been behaving super weirdly for the past 4 months(symptoms of degenerative nervous system diseases) and I'd love to be able to test to see if I get more fucked up before its too late. Did Andy Cutler mention that in his book and I just overlooked it? b) What's the go with taking psychedelics along with ALA and DMSA. I'm aware that SSRI's and psychedelics are BAD(have no idea why), are ALA and DMSA in the same category? The psyches I usually take every couple of months or so is syrian rue (RIMA inhibitor) and DMT. Thanks for the feedback guys! Really appreciate it!
  12. Inspect whether the beautiful, wonderful, estatic feeling of being overwhelmed is being negatively tainted/distorted by a projection of a story being layered on top of that beautiful overwhelming feeling. and whether dropping the story will remove the anxiety and just leave you with feeling overwhelmed.
  13. @Eren Eeager awesome! Sounds to me like during the trip you dropped every thought story and resorted to just being.
  14. Boredom aint necessary for any part of life, even sitting in an airplane without entertainment or locking yourself in a room for a day. A combination of relaxing and visualization exercises might be helpful to start off while you're waiting to undertake your dopamine detox. Whenever you feel bored, you could try relaxing and completely letting go of the thoughts that are causing boredom. If you still feel bored, after relaxing, you could visualize breathing in a trillion atoms of Love, visualize it enter all areas of the body, rejuvinating it on every inhale. On ever exhale you could try to completely release all tension of the body and completely let go. The trick is to not fall for the idea that boredom is an essential part of consciousness. Its not. You can feel completely estatic and filled with joy being nailed to a cross because ALL of consciousness is joy. boredom is purely a delusion/distortion of whats happening.
  15. That's awesome! Nice work! I'm curious, was there actually an ego getting burnt in your experience? Was there actually horror? What was the burnt feeling like? Can you feel that burnt feeling now? Where was that burnt feeling located? Where did it come from? What does it do? Thanks for sharing, insightful!