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  1. Consent is definitely different in different cultures, and your partner's version only makes sense in some. I would never follow your partner's advice in Brazil or Thailand or China. Yes in the advanced parts of the US and canada I would...
  2. Orange/Green countries like Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Portugal are the average. UK Australia are actually solid orange and germany is blue orange. Scandinavia and canada are solid green and Austria has some higher than green elements. Greece and poland and croatia are examples of solid blue.
  3. The most athiest(and therefore secular) developed countries are the UK, Australia and Germany - countries that are arguably less advanced(in SD terms) than the average developed country. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/maps-and-graphics/most-religious-countries-in-the-world/amp/
  4. I wish there was a reputable pickup channel for south east asia. Literally all the advice from western channels dont work over here lol.
  5. Yes I know what you mean, feminism at its current stage is heavily biased towards to the women rather than the man. Lots of action happening around consent, rape, pay gap, but what about family courts where children are only with their fathers 2 days a week and with their mothers 5 days a week? In the same way some women are better than men at typically male dominated fields, some men are better at looking after children then women. And whats super irritating is when women say "oh no women are always better then the guy at raising kids" yet when you say "men are always gonna be better at brick laying because they are stronger" they shit bricks. What about false rape accusations? What about jobs where women dominate and there are disproportionate amount of cases of men being bullied by women then women being bullied by men? Like in nursing? What about how our society ill-legitimizes the possibility of domestic abuse targeting men because men are alwaya stronger than women and could never get hurt by women? Even though the cases where women have used knives or other heavy objects against men is significant? Feminists don't want to know about this stuff which is deeply irritating. They just care about one side, which makes their movement incomplete. I find that women who are psychologically damaged, have mental traumas, have a hatred for men or are low conscious, immature, or have lots of stage red or sociopath type vibes and are very ambitious money wise are the ones that will screw you up either through false rape accusations, or other ways like putting you down, causing family upheaval, etc. I actually find that whether they are a feminist or activist isnt really a predictor of whether they will falsely accuse you of rape. Like a stage red war lord women (cleopatra) is far more likely to set you up on a rape case than a stage green healthy feminist. Just go date people from 3rd countries and see. There are lots of pretend feminists out there who are psychologically damaged somehow(their father or first boyfriend abandoned them) who take up the feminist ideology just so they have a reason to hate and vilify men and masculinity, but really whats going on is they are unhealthy and neurotic and cover it up with the feminist ideology and use that ideology as a way of not fixing themselves up and blaming others... I agree, these women are massive turn offs... all traumatised women are really. Fortunately those women arent seeking relationships so you naturally filter them out on first approach.
  6. The problem is, its almost impossible to know whether the woman is predatory or not. I went on a few dates in Thailand a few months ago, beatiful girl, polite, kind, emotionally mature. We had great sex. A month later I told her I had to move countries because of work and I had dinner with her as a last time spending time together, she got upset because she thought I was planning to stay in Thailand for a few more years, she made up heaps of dreams about her and I living together, then she told her friends that I raped her and used her for sex, and told her family(which she kept us a secret because she was muslim) that I raped her. Then there was an investigation with Thai authorities and I nearly got red flagged from Thailand. Thank God Thailand's legal system isn't feminist, because if it was I would have been barred or worse. Its all well and good to claim consent should be ongoing, and they need to shout from the top of their lungs "YES" every 2 seconds, and the judical system should always believe women instead of men, when you live in a little green staged bubble in Canada and you're low profile so no one wants to take your money. Go try to get a partner as a white business owner in Blue/Red Thailand or India or China(actually chinese women are pretty respectable) and your views of consent will be totally different to the fairy tales that green hippies would like.
  7. Try doing daygame pickup in China or South Korea, women never say yes, its not apart of their culture. The body language over there is very very different to India and the US. Indian women(in India) are very explicit with body language, Chinese aren't. They'll look super mortified and freaked by you approaching them and asking them out on a date and giving their number, then they'll actually turn up on a date and enjoy themselves. Besides, India(and the US) are known for having men who abuse women, especially India. Im not suprised you had such experiences. I've had very scary, awkward experiences with strangers in India(New Delhi) and I'm a guy. Again, go to Singapore or Japan or South Korea or Scandinavia or even China, and you wouldn't have had those experiences. women from around the world are afraid to go to India because of rape cases, and there are unspoken sentiments about the US(talking from Chinese perspective) that guys in the US are playboys and just want sex. Yeah SOME girls will smile and act flirty when they don't want sex out of courtesy, but some women(actually most) do it when they want sex. Women naturally get men to chase them because they love feeling desired and hot. Its part of the mating ritural. I've been told this by my ex girlfriends, that they actually wanted me to chase them, and when they said 'no' they wanted me to push because it makes them feel good. And if you watch pickup channels, you can learn pretty easily what body language = consent and what doesn't. Also women's consent flips on a per minute basis. Its highly flippant. You say one thing, and they want sex from you. Say another thing a second later and they are angry at you and no longer want sex. Then you make them happy again and they want sex hahaha. The arousal happens too quickly and changes too much for them to actually say yes every single time
  8. Yeah I use to think that consent was lame and gay and emasculating, but actually consent is just the green light for ensuring that both individuals are liking intimate interactions and enjoying it. And consent isn't just saying 'yes', its could also be positive body language. Although most feminists disagree with that.
  9. You've already posted on here about this issue and you still haven't solved the problem... How many times are you gonna post on here before you've just had enough and dump the guy?
  10. Actually the results of the teacher doesn't correlate with YOUR results. To give an example in a different field, just because Einstein was a genius doesn't mean he knows how to teach others to be a genius. Likewise just because you get lots of results from women doesn't mean you can teach it or means you're gonna get the same results as him. A lot of results from pickup comes from how much your perspective resonates with the teacher, rather than what the teacher achieves. Some people need Corey Wayne because his perspective resonates with others more than other perspectives like Playing With Fire's perspective. Anyway, I find that apart from minor technical tweaks, and possibly opening your mind up to new ideas for approaches, listening to pickup gurus is helpful really only for motivation and for battling the negative thoughts that arise when doing pickup. Its not that helpful for getting results. For getting results you're probably better off doing some foundational emotional awareness exercises and lots of practice and real life experimentation.
  11. the most effective pickup technique is meditation and emotional intelligence exercises
  12. Jann is a trained artist. He's not a professional programmer... Its like calling your mum a professional cook.
  13. When I practice Netti Netti and ask myself "what's the thing that never changes" the answer is always "INTPs are annoying"
  14. Singapore is the safest country in the world and is one of the most authoritarian. Yes there are a group of authoritarian countries that are much much safer than the west. I've lived in the west and the east, and in general the % of crime is generally equated to how much money a country has, and how much is spent on reducing crime. Of course there's millions of other factors - but by far the biggest factors are how developed a country is and how much money it spends on reduction of crime. Countries have different way of dealing with crime, Singapore uses surveillance. The US uses quite heavy military law enforcement, Europe uses more humanitarian methods such as psychological and therapeutic help. The most effective method for a particular country depends on its culture. Surveillance is most effective in China and Singapore and other south east asian countries, because in those countries obedience and following the law is highly valued. Chinese and Singaporeans and similar nations like following the law and security. The west on the other hand value freedom, human rights and privacy. So surveillance doesn't work as well. You need to use more flexible methods of de escalating situations in those countries. Otherwise the media will be onto you, the persecuted will fight back, etc. In Singapore or China you can't be flexible, because the citizens will take advantage of that due to their value system. I totally believe democratic nations do have more crime. Singapore has cameras everywhere and extremely harsh penalties. Everyone over there is shit scared of breaking the law. a 3 year old child can be in a dark alley way all alone in Singapore and nothing will happen to that kid. Even in Denmark you would be worried about such a situation. The liberties, freedom for democratic nations come at a cost of less surveillance and opportunity for more crime. Although the catch is authoritarian nations spend more money on crime, because micro managing and surveying their citizens with fine granularity costs lots more money. Lucky Asians are hard workers and work 7 days a week There are also costs to reduction of liberties, it makes it harder to curb political corruption and racism. Its harder to evolve a country that is not democratic. So there's long term costs to the short term gain of reduction of crime.
  15. that's all its boiling down to isnt it? Everything. Waking up process in a nutshell