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  1. Interesting discussion to follow. I would say that it makes sense that being succesfull as a woman could sometimes back fire in the sense that you reduce your options in a way. It's not like you become less desirable or anything, but as the guy in the video says you end up in a situation where your options are less so to speak. So if you go into a career thinking that it will enhance your sexual value or relationship opportunities, I think you would be mistaken. However, thats not the same as saying that you shouldn't do it. And honestly, if you did go into a career with the intention of following your dreams, growing as a person etc you wouldn't really care about how it affects your sexual value, would you? I think women most definitely should focus on their career, but they should do it for themselves, not anyone else.
  2. Does it have to have some functional purpose? -No Does it have a functional purpose? -Yes It can exist for its own sake though, such as nice paintings, music and so on, but personal beauty is a too big part of our survival at this point. Maybe in a 1000 years.
  3. Do you have a job and are looking for a side income? Could you get a/another job that you are either qualified for or that is unskilled? The difference between your thread and the examples you refer to here is that they ask about how to earn money which opens the discussion about life purpose, while you ask about how to make quick money which only opens the discussion for get money quick schemes. Your situation may be unique but that doesn't change the fact that this has nothing to do with your life purpose and only to do with you getting easy, quick money.
  4. @Noahsteelers34 That's awesome man. I wish I were in your shoes! You bring up an excellent point, independent and creative projects is the key, no matter what it entails specifically. I would also like to add that if you are not sure what kind of engineering you find most interesting or what your life purpose is, you should take some time to explore the different fields before commiting. I think a lot of engineering studies also allows you to change after a year if you find out that something else is more interesting, at least that's the case where I come from. So yeah, give yourself time to explore your life purpose if you haven't already and then commit 100% to some kind of project during the time of study. That would be my final advice.
  5. This is a good point. And just to elaborate, I think there are certain contexts when the conservative world view represents a much better approach. For example when a having a one to one conversation with another person whos having a problem in his or her life. Telling the person to accept the fact and take personal responsibility will often be a good approach almost regardless of what the problem really is. For example the person could be discriminated against, be exploited by his boss or anything like that. The solution would still be to accept the fact and take 100% responsibility for it. This approach would be less approriate when discussing the issue on a collective level like on a forum debate or on a conference about racism or minimum wage solutions. Then there is a different context and spewing these sorts of self help principles would be to dismiss the whole problem in a certain sense.
  6. The female gender is a diverse group. There are some girls that only care about looks and there are some girls that don't care about it at all. And then you got everything in between of course. In addition to that you have all sorts of preferences when it comes to looks. So if you haven't won the lottery looks wise you got two options: 1. Find a girl who doesn't care about looks that much. 2. Find a girl that finds YOU attractive. Otherwise, what else can you then approach a lot of women and improve yourself?
  7. @Leo Gura Would you say level of development has something to say when it comes to attraction for women? For example would a woman at stage orange be more attracted to this asshole type of behavior then for example a stage green type of woman?
  8. Do you mean invest some of your spare money that you would otherwise just keep in the bank?
  9. Greetings guys I'm finishing university this year and I've been thinking a lot about what I would have done differently if I could go back in time and do it all over. I've noticed that there are a lot of youngsters here at this forum who's probably going through the early stage of university/college or are planning to go there soon or in the future, so I thought I might share one important thing that came to mind this other day. So what I would've done is make an online course of all the subjects I had. That's it. Learn the lessons, prepare to make a video, make it, and share it if you feel for it. Why should you do it? 1. You learn your subjects better! Making videos forces you to be able to explain the concepts you are learning. Can't explain it? Well, then you haven't learned it. I don't know how many times I've been reading stuff and felt like "wow, I'm really understanding it now!" for then to just show up on a test and not be able to solve the questions. That's the illusion of learning and it created so much suffering for me before I learned the lesson. The lesson actually didn't land for real before I took a course on Coursera called "learning how to learn", which is a course I highly recommend. 2. You learn communication skills! Speaking in front of a camera requires communication skills, at least if you want to make good videos. You are forcing yourself to explain the content in a good and understandable way and engage the audience. 3. You learn video editing! (which can be cool). 4. It is something tangible! If you end up searching for jobs at some corporations you will probably compete with people who have nothing but maybe some good grades and a side job at best. You, on the other hand, have good grades AND one or more online courses that you have created from just learning what you were supposed to learn anyway. But this is something tangible. And if the videos are well made they clearly shows your skills and knowledge, not just within the subjects, but in ways of communication and explanation which is extremely important skills in the workforce. 5. You can help others learn! If you are on this forum you probably have some sort of interest in creation and the sharing of knowledge so this would probably be a good motivation as well. If you don't like the idea of standing in front of a camera and exposing yourself that way there are lots of ways to make videos that don't require you to show your face. Khan Academy uses a great teqnique with few associated costs related to equipment and softwares. Just do a quick google search and you'll find it. And lastly, if you prefer writing more than speaking to a camera you can do the same thing just making a website and release articles. Or, you can get LinkedIn premium and share it in the different groups there so that other professionals can read them. And out of that you may get in contact with someone who likes your content which can open the door for potential job opportunities. Well, this is my 5 cents. Hope it inspires some of you! If you don't do this make sure that you do something or engage in an activity outside of school. Personally I joined a music festival and worked there as a volunteer. This gave me working experience and access to a social circle I wouldn't have otherwise. But if I was going to choose again, I would rather have made an online course or something tangible where I was forced to improve and show my skills in the area of study.
  10. @Forestluv Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't paying enough attention to the particular circumstances here. In a sense this seems ridiculous and it makes even more sense that @Preety_India reacted the way she did. My approach here was to try to make no assumption at all and just entertain ideas. I've had the feeling for a long time now that this is a subject where there is not really room to discuss opposite views because they often get interpreted as dismissing the real racism. Maybe the concept of reverse racism is ridiculous and doesn't even exist. What do you think? Is it just a myth?
  11. I understand the reaction. And to some extent it feels a bit off for me too. He acknowledge in the video that Africa is an amazing continent and that racism happens on other continents as well, but the way he says it makes them look more equal then they actually are, and that's misleading I think. So I have no problem understanding why it can get interpreted the way it does. The question is "does it have to?" If we look at it from a broader perspective it may be that there are lessons to be learn from all forms of racism. Maybe it is the case that racism both ways fuel eachother and make different races even more devided than they had to be? I'm not saying that this is the case, but if we couldn't entertain ideas like this without interpreting it as putting one against the other, then we would never be able to explore such things. So I'm basically just questioning if this is something that holds us away from truth in that it hinder us in exploring certain aspects of racism that could be a part of a solution.
  12. But is relevance what it is about though? I get the feeling that it's not about that but rather how speaking about the subject gets interpreted. As you said yourself, you got angry because it undermined the real racism. But does it have to be this way? Does it need to be interpreted that way? I mean, I can talk about certain male issues that I face without that being looked upon as not recognizing womens issues. Even though their issues probably exceeds mine. It doesn't need to be compared to anything. Just being explored by it's own.
  13. This one is kinda tricky I think.. I mean, in a sense you are right. So called reverse racism will never be at the same level of the real racism faced by black people in places like the US and Europe. But does this mean that one can never bring up the subject of "reverse racism"? Will it always be seen as this joke that is trying to neglect the real racism out there? Or could it just be considered as what it is, not nescessarily being compared to anything?