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Spiral Dynamics Stage Yellow Examples Mega-Thread

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Ido Portal is a great example of bringing stage yellow influence into sports. Excellent

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Dan McDonald did a 40 day water fast (pretty hardcore). Has a holistic business model, promotes raw veganism but is not pushy or aggressive with his preaching. Dude is amazing and prime example of yellow has so much wisdom and is a great teacher. Dude is woke. It's a long video but I recommend listening to him if you are a vegan or interested in health.

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@Zweistein She is Green at best . . . If at all, there is Tier 2 in Green, . . That'd be perfect for her. 

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Taking whoever decides to read this on a little mental obstacle-course

You are a pirate. 

A pirate sitting on a treasure chest as he’s trying to open it.

He is pulling hard, but he's tired of pulling. He deeply craves this treasure.

It's in the nature of the pirate to crave the treasure.

The pirate doesn't know what's inside this chest.

Nevertheless, he keeps on pulling anyways, after all, it's in his nature.

He's not realizing that his efforts are meaningless. Destructive and demoralizing.

His current perspective is not giving him any value…

Maybe this treasure was not meant for me after all.

The pirate eventually starts thinking to himself that perhaps he should have chosen a different profession.

“Perhaps I should become a dentist instead?”

But that treasure is yours, and it has always been yours.

And the best of it all -  you were destined to find it.

The pirate had sailed all over the world unknowingly drifting by the invisible current - drawing him towards this moment...  

A hidden intuition pulling him in.

His nature.

As if life was a physical conveyer belt filled with personal experiences that you forgot that you ordered :ph34r:


Let me ask you something…

"If you saw yourself from another perspective sitting on that chest, would you dare to stand up for the first time?"


Following up on this little metaphorical analogy, I would like to introduce you to a very significant analogy, I will attempt to show you, the pirate, from another perspective.
A perspective making it possible to see yourself, the pirate from a different angle.

An approach tailored towards the more logical, rational minds.

- - - - - - - - o.O - - - - - - - - 

I would like you to imagine that your mind is like a stack of books.
(Don’t get stuck in metaphors here)

Each book in this pile is a belief.
(Let's draw a realistic line in the sand, 2+2=4 ← this is not a belief)

You have been collecting and stacking books your entire life, starting from when you began forming memories at the age of three years old.

Each book in this pile is a belief. You have many books, thick and thin, heavy and light. finished pieces and ones currently in the process of being written.

These books together form your identity, your sense of who you are.


Sketch 1


Together, these books become you.

These books are the most real thing that you have ever known.

They are you.

You see the world through your books.

These books collectively act as your lens.


If we zoom out and take a look at the world, there is no such thing such as unbiased journalism.

Same goes for you, the reader, the real author of these books.

We are all biased authors.


Let's focus on a random book in your pile...

The content of this particular book is dependent and reliant on the ones below this one...

We are all biased authors.


The heavier and thicker a book becomes, the more you emotionally identify with this book, this belief.
An exponential process.

We unknowingly surround ourselves around other people that have similar books to our own.

^When we do this, we do not have to question our content- or be exposed to the need of checking the liability of our sources.

Often half assed click baits filled with biased content

^It's simply one of the many ways of defending our current beliefs, our books, our identity, our sense of self. A defense mechanism is hidden unless exposed to reflection. 

This is one of the many tactics used in the process that is dedicated towards the preservation of our current way of thinking. (Thanks Leo for putting this in words)

We are stuck in a loop dedicated towards the preservation of our current ways of thinking.

A constant loop of reacting instead of reflecting. → They say we are a product on our environment, well I say we are the first generation of algorithms :)

^Boosted by Dopamine


It’s easier now than ever to find toxic circlejerks available in closed Facebook groups... Usually built with the agenda to make “outsider” books as heavy as possible…

^Only like-minded opinions from fellow stackers welcomed or banhammer is used in desperation - Sadly all kinds of extremist books are readily available -  backed by heavy algorithms --> fueled by dopamine…

Like a buffet serving negative momentum

We do not like to be in an environment where people are trying to pull out our books and ruin our seemingly perfect pile. We are willing to go to extreme lengths to avoid this.


Let's zoom again out for a moment


Example time: Meeting an individual for the first time - This person might introduce themselves along the lines of:

- Hi, my name is Klara and I am a Vegan

- Hi, my name is Lukas and I am a philosopher


This person introducing her/himself just showed you one of his heaviest books, he/she gave you a key to his emotional hotspot-lock - Like someone unknowingly inviting another person for a potential dance!

If you are looking to connect with Klara or Lukas →  a good strategy would be to aim for this book right here.

Or on the other hand, if you for whatever reason feel like triggering or disconnecting with this person, a good choice would be to aim for this book they showed you -->  Why? --> Often consumed by one's own labels created in the mind... 

Interesting, but now let's continue.


We have been stacking these books, funny thing is that you weren't really aware of this process, and even if you were, you lacked judgment in your younger years.

Actually, you inherited the majority of these books from the culture you were born in.  ←  Earth ← Continent ← Country ← City ← Family (masculinity and femininity resources) ← Culture starting point ← Daily Environment ← Survival mode [ON]/[OFF](?)*

We simply received the starting package of books from whichever culture that you happened to be born in.


We are all biased authors.

We never really chose our books, we never went through the process of careful selection.
We were never picky enough.

We just received the starting package from whichever culture we happened to be born in. Our foundation for this process was based on randomness, but we do not treat it as such. (Depends on one's view of incarnation).

We were the ones writing these books → A very biased process, by a very biased author.

We are all biased authors.

We define ourselves →  our stack of books → as a measuring stick to judge and decide what is right, what is wrong, and what is crazy. (thx again Leo)

We use this measuring tool that is based on perspective in our ongoing quest to find truth in the world.

The truth capable of setting us free.

Stacking books makes us see things in only black or white. We morph our previously colorful world into a black and white one, forgetting the colorful and joyful experiences we previously had as kids.

Is this what childhood really amnesia is?

Would be interesting to hear you guy's opinion(s) on this one!


When we are faced with a debate or conversation ahead of us containing potential value →  Most of us go in with the unknowing agenda to defend our books → or with the focus to destroy the other person's pile.


(An action deeply hidden beneath emotions fueled by a loop of agressive reaction instead of reflection)

Instead of mutually going in with the shared agenda to grow.

Or climbing the real ladder.
This prevents us from using our surrounding resources.

We are trapped in our own cycle of perspectives.
We forget to listen --> We forgot how to listen.

We are all biased authors.

Let's add Spiral Dynamics to this mental picture

You are the Average color of your combined books

Heading in a direction chosen by your place in the hierarchy

Which color are you? 
Mentally calculate using
of pages, not the number of books although impossible

Why is this person orange? 

When we open these books, if we ever do. We can with our golden rationality finally realize that there is no truth written within any of these books.

Just perspectives →  Perspectives we perceive as truth, an illusion.


The grand illusion. *

Books can always be edited or ripped out. Not truth, just perspectives.


But in order to do so, you have to fight your inner voice →  in order to do so → you have to have the proper relationship and understanding of your inner dialogue.

Understanding the lawyer….

Understanding the inner voice….

With full understanding → Aggression and annoyance disappears and is swallowed by wisdom (Hmm, right direction here Leo or fellow thinkers?)

Inner dialogue → another can of worms I will open in the next thread


Logic time*

Let's open one book, we may honestly reflect and say;

"I would not have this perspective if I did not have this perspective -->  if I did not have this perspective if I did not have this one, that I build this one on."

With enough effort and skill, this process can be continued as you head further and further down towards the bottom of your pile.
The foundation of it all.

Your first book.

The book you (unknowingly)  placed there when you were just three years old.
Your name.

Who are you?

When did you last ask yourself this question? → The most valuable question that there is.

Not just asking- asking while → being open enough not to know the answer while asking is key →


Good luck filling a full glass of dirty water with champagne

especially when you deeply believe it’s already champagne


“You will never know that 2+2 is actually 5 if you know that it it’s 4”

If you ask yourself this question,

Who am I?

You will only come up with different titles of books.

Heaviest ones in order going from heavy to light.
Starting with perspectives you heavily emotionally identify with…

You are not perspectives.

So who are you?

Are you perspectives perceived as truth?


This is how society prays on us. It knows our books, the people in charge know your library, each time you liked or shared content they got a more accurate representation of your library.

They say we are the product of your environment, well I say we are the first generation of algorithms fueled by dopamine :(

They want you to keep stacking for their growth of primitive resources. --> We have domesticated ourselves. (leeo)

This is why we haven't seen any significant results in thousands of years, we still follow the same ethical patterns as we did centuries ago.

This time around backed up by glorified labels --> We are still at a very primitive stage in our path towards becoming one.

Labels are socially acceptable blockages standing in the way of reflection backed up by the golden standard of logic.

Still disconnected from each other.
In fact, we were so desperate to become connected that we became disconnected. → Social media.

There is no magic solution to the problem, at this point, most of us can not conceptualize, or even imagine the issue at hand


Undigestible content made for the purpose of mental masturbation is not going to get us far 

Content tailored towards the public perspective might, however, be a start towards visualizing the problem- and perhaps for the first time seeing our collective obstacles for what they really are. → Illusions


Plato’s cave

Spiral Dynamics

Shoot me with your criticism, give me your all --> Potential value for at least one of us





In Fintech,

Currently working on ai algorithms that may determine one's current location as well as momentum -+ 

Algorithm optimization
Using scraped and available mass data, including ocr to loot quotes and "wisdom" banks 

Analyzing and filtering data to categorize each person, family, company - putting them in a box, highlighting momentum and absorbing different colors...   
Allowing each advertisement to be aimed right in the feels...
Each advertisement coming in 12 different versions,
6x colors - x2masc/fem 

Mirroring  attraction spectrum using all kinds of data, ranging from p0rn to purchase history...(?)  

Turning AI into a chameleon  

Good intentions here, I am trying to flip this one








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11 hours ago, Aaron Watkins said:

Paul Chek, a holistic health & fitness coach, I believe is a good example of someone in yellow.



I'd guess he might be turquoise. He is back to the collective mindset a lot.

Use the Prayer Swat Team!

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Matt Schifferle is in my opinion a yellow fitness coach and author who deserves much more attention :)


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Cedric Villani (Mathematics Field Medallist) epitomizes Yellow for me, but with a strong individualistic Orange bent.

"You have to allow some uncertainty in the system. If you try to predict, you lose the most interesting parts."

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If i uderstood spiral dynamics right, i would say the musician John Frusciante has a lot of yellow characteristics in his psyche.



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22 minutes ago, brovakhiin said:

Oh boy, a bunch of spiral dynamics amateurs going out on a limb and posting their biased feeling-opinions based on some youtube clips. Not sure what the point of this is Leo, you know full well that none of these suggestions can be taken seriously simply based on who is giving them, even if a few of them may turn out correct. This stuff is more complex than that.

You may be right, but I think someone like Leo or an "spiral dynamics expert" can sort out inappropriate posts very quickly and benefit from some of the good stuff here. Like for example my post :D

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I didn't describe my current stage of development on purpose, as that would lead people just giving advice to and idea of me. It too difficult to accurately describe all the details of how I'm emotional here and intellectual there and what do I think of this and that... I guess one should not overthink this and just see where things go :) thanks for your reply

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How and where and who can then have a meaningful conversations, if " x amateurs talking about x and sharing their biased feeling-opinions" is not good enough? Are we not all here to learn?

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