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  1. Did you watch the first video I posted? (Dr. Lanka brings up the same arguments as in the in the video) He is not just a mere sceptic coming from nowhere, he is a biologist. I don't think a virologist needs to be trained to argue but he should just say what he knows, it's simple. If the claim is that the control experiments where made poorly ages ago and you get the same result without a "virus liquid", then the experiment should be done again and better or he should point to a newer better experiment. If everyone only trusts the old paradigm and build their theories on a (maybe) false foundation, then the paradigm can never change. And the longer you build upon a false foundation (a whole century) the less likely it becomes that someone will dare to question it. I don't believe in a flat earth but if you are radically open minded then you should at least listen to what a flat earther has to say and make your own conclusions. I did it. In this article Lanka writes: "It is important to note that the theories of fight and infection were accepted and highly praised by a majority of the specialists only if and when the countries or regions where they lived were also suffering from war and adversity. In times of peace, other concepts dominated the world of science. It is very important to note that the theory of infection – starting from Germany – has only been globalized through the third Reich, when the Jewish researchers, most of which had opposed and refuted the politically exploited theories of infection, were removed from their positions."
  2. @Carl-Richard I don't have any claims because I don't feel competent enough for this, but I watched a whole 1-2 hrs debate between Dr. Stefan Lanka (who criticize virology) and a mainstream virologist. All I can say is that the virologist made no counter arguments and at the end of the debate he started to insult Dr. Lanka personally. Lanka even told the moderator of that show beforehand that people tend to get emotional when their worldview gets shattered and he was right. It could post it but it's in German.
  3. Sometimes nothing is as it seems. Since I am a great advocate of radical open mindedness, I have decided to post two videos here. Do not judge before you have seen them. I am not posting this to argue or to convince anyone. I just want to know your thoughts on this and show you a different perspective on this topic. There is nothing "woo woo" or irrational about the statements in the videos. No conspiracy theories, just scientific misconceptions. The first one questions the existence of viruses (I know it sounds crazy) and the second video shows the history of contagious diseases with statistics on case numbers and the time of introduction of the respective vaccinations - it made me question many things going on in these days. I also know that these topics have been discussed here many times in other contexts, but not as you will see in this videos. Please don`t get emotional (I did this mistake myself before and I´m tired of it) also try not to be biased. Have a great day "The Truth About Viruses" "The Germ Paradigm Trap"
  4. @Leo Gura Apparently you help the spread and creation of new variants by getting the vax, but watch for yourself. And here one German report on people who got hurt badly by it. Watch with subtitles.
  5. The Vaccine Clinical Trials, Explained | The Truth About the Vaccine (P.1) Do they slow the spread? | Immunity/Variants (P.2)
  6. How exactly do they bring everyone else down? And how do you imagine this island ... children too? gas chambers?
  7. Unvaccinated people are selfish because they have to give up going to restaurants, gyms, cinemas, etc.? While vaccinated people demonstrably carry the same viral load as unvaccinated people and contribute just as much to the infection process. So they should get a vaccination that doesn't provide sterile immunity anyway, so that people like you feel safe? Where is the logic in that? The vaccination is for self-protection, nothing more.
  8. With that quality of arguments you have, probably not.
  9. @Carl-Richard Fig. 2
  10. Study from UK shows that people under 40 are more likley to get myocarditis from the second shot of Moderna than from covid.
  11. Nice study you made, it should be published in ...
  12. I posted here a recently pusblished study which shows in vitro that the spike proteins impair DNA damage repair. How can you be so sure that it is not the case in vivo? Study from Sweden: It took over 50 years until governments started to restrict and prohibit the use of glyphosate because it's causing cancer.
  13. @Danioover9000 That's alright, I'm not generally against vaccines. But there is also ideology on the pro vax side, people who dislike you when you tell them that you're not vaccinated yet.
  14. @Danioover9000 I understand if you don't want to be hyper rational when it comes to enlightment and so on, but when it comes to medical advice (getting vaccinated) I think you should take into account studies like the one from Sweden. You should also have some understanding for those who are concerned about taking the vaccine because of those unresolved risks instead of calling them dumb and hurtful to society.
  15. @Consept Here an animal study which contradicts your article a little. Cytokine Storm Response to COVID-19 Vaccinations: "We tested vaccination in 33 monkeys and 200 mice and we found vaccinated animals were able to fight off the virus well with resulting a quickly clearing the virus from their lungs except two monkeys and 9 mice. Those two monkeys along 9 mice showed syndrome of cytokine storm in their lungs. This result is extremely important for human vaccination." This is about 6%! But I'm more concerned about the Swedish study which shows that the spike proteins prevent DNA repair. They also recommend to change the vaccine a little and only use a part of the spike protein instead of the whole one. This should solve the problem. The study was only made in vitro, that means we just don't know how it realy affects the body. The reason why I'm not worried so much about longterm effects of covid but rather of the vaccine is that I wasn't sick since the pandemic, but if the vaccination agenda goes on like this, I'll get like 6-8 jabs in the next two years.