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  1. @lostmedstudent sorry, I misunderstood. You posted "walk."
  2. @lostmedstudent I'm responding to what you posted. It's easy to just tell someone to "walk." I've been trying to do that as an early stage startup / life purpose all the time--trying and trying again, almost non-stop, falling on my face. Until recently, I think I discovered the right direction. It might just work. Let's see how it goes. No, it's not easy if your life purpose is a startup.
  3. I'm going for a non-duality app with scaling features. B2B. Spreading the peace through smartphone downloads.
  4. Wait, I take that back. The journey doesn't have to be a long time from now. After you become clear of your path, your journey starts right here, right now. In other words, I don't have to wait another minute. That app with non-duality can come sooner rather than later. Clean up your room and start that self-employment home business. Put an ad in a decent, appropriate magazine and see what happens. It's not like a job where you have to submit your resume (CV) and wait. It doesn't work that way. A saying, "I spent my entire life helping people get from where they are in life to where they want to be, but little did I know, the gap could be closed this quickly." -A Life Coach (Could work for both non-duality and practical life.)
  5. @Nahm there is another insight that I want to share. It would be really interesting if is a .com instead of a .org . @Leo Gura Right, Leo? I mean, the viewers would be very different. Marketing has to be taken into consideration. And, Leo would have to try much harder to prove that enlightenment is real. His insights better be extraordinary, meaningful, and profound, and is capable of being applied to this life so that it will make sense to the average viewer. At the same time be discrete so that the mugglers won't hear it. I'm just sharing my thoughts, and I'm not trying to say something bad here.
  6. @Nahm I'll let you know something else. It'll only make sense if someone read the whole thing. I think doing this in an educational / bilingual startup as a life purpose is worth ppl's time.
  7. @Nahm thanks. Well, like I said, I still have a long, long way to go. I need to become a sustainable self-employment business first. Although, currently I am, it needs to have some growth. The startup itself has to go through an organic growth phase. It's highly recommended by any entrepreneur. Once I'm there (if I ever get there), do I need to watch out for anything before I sign the due diligence? I suppose I need to see a good IP lawyer first, huh? Anything else that I need to watch out for? (I just hope that if I ever reach that point, it's going to be fair game, esp when the person is a new early stage startup.)
  8. I'm talking about investors in entrepreneurship. An app may be too expensive for an individual startup to fund all by himself/herself. I said it to you because you're into businesses. (The life purpose can be an early stage startup.) Hmm... interesting. It could be two separate apps in one. You know, part 1 and part 2? Anyway, this is all speculation on my part. I gotta walk the walk. It's gonna get interesting.
  9. @Nahm ok. Does part of your life purpose involve pitching to Angels and VCs investors? Can you envision that in your path? I'm just wondering. Just saying. These questions came up recently for me. Of course, I won't know for sure if I don't walk the walk.
  10. @Nahm thanks. Btw, are you doing a life purpose? Let me tell you, it's an adventure when it involves self-employment to entrepreneurship with non-duality. It's another way to reach out to others.
  11. No problem. It's ok. No apologies necessary. No-self is the absolute in non-duality. Leo calls it Nothingness. When you become one with the No-self, you don't have a body (no embodiment), and there are no external environment. And, you're totally conscious of this. This is the deepest. Then, as they say in Zen, Riding the Ox Backwards, is the transformation back into your ego (aka, body & external environment). I will go further into this in my product (aka, book/app/whatever). At least, this is my plan for now. I could only get more grounded in my plan when I walk the walk. Yes, I have a long way to go, but thanks to this forum, I'm able to practice explaining it to different ppl to see how it goes.
  12. I knew you would say something like this. Duality is part of non-duality. The paranormal, which is a duality, is part of non-duality. When did I say that you shouldn't talk about non-duality? I never said that.
  13. I briefly explained it in this thread already. I wasn't talking about non-duality on earth. I was talking about it happening in a different "realm" in a different "time." Customers do not have to buy the app (talking about profound stuff in non-duality) if they choose not to. They have a choice. The profound stuff will not be in the main business, which is teaching language.
  14. That's good. Do you all agree with what is non-duality? Because, usually, I don't talk about what happened to me in non-duality. Why? There are misunderstandings and disagreements. I keep my business (self-employment) strictly business and being friendly in a casual way, nothing serious and deep. I think the only time that I will talk about non-duality and enlightenment is when I make an app (product), perhaps, related to my business and non-duality. Yes, it can be combined. If someone is willing to talk about the product and its deep context in an open-minded way, then I'm willing to share. Otherwise, no.