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  1. Would this be another inexpensive way to do meditation retreats? It's probably another option other than visiting 'enlightened masters' and signing up for a retreat in the US.
  2. Transformers more than meets the eye: I've seen better looking ones but not sure where it is online.
  3. What if...this ornament is hung on the rear view mirror of your Benz camper van? Would it look cute?
  4. The Housing Crisis (orange🍊) is pushing ppl to a green lifestyle. I wonder what if the majority picked a camper lifestyle? What will happen?
  5. Expensive areas causes... Cool ppl though. Mountain View is so tolerant. I know that life purpose is the solution to everything in your life falling into place. Just keep going on that. Invest wisely before investing in something like this: Looks awesome. It doesn't even look like a camper. It just looks like a van. Cost as much as an inexpensive house. B license, huh? Hmm...where do we go to be safe and hideout? Research. Must be great for meditation retreats. is big for a woman. That's why it requires a class B license.
  6. One more thing, when I said "physical environment," I was referring to what's going on here on earth, maybe in your living room or wherever you are. If you're referring to some other realm, then you heard me wrong.
  7. As Leo said, truth is not a perspective. Truth is just truth. I could understand that. That's for me to decide whether or not to go for 5meo. As of now, I would rather go into details describing what happened to me in my life purpose. It will probably take a few pages. The series of events surrounding the kensho were very meaningful and convincing. If I never had it, I wouldn't be here in the forum. I'm not the kind of person who is easily convinced by someone else. There better be a good reason to go for something like this. Otherwise, just live the best life as you possibly can. Be helpful to others. Everything is "you" anyway. You don't want to see "you" suffering. There is no suffering when you experience truth. Apply that wisdom in real life. Maybe one day truth will come to you when you do this because what goes around comes around. It's more complicated than this.
  8. I never said that I was imagining anything. It was my direct experience. It was a kensho.
  9. Ok, then. Leo, @Leo Gura, in one of his blog clips, I believe, under the influence of 5meo, reported singularity. I could understand (from my own personal experience) that this is definitely part of truth--the singularity back to the embodiment of the ego. Metaphorically, it's called Riding the Ox Backwards according to the Ten Ox Herding Pics. Leo posted this animated pic once: If this is metaphoric of the singularity (aka, Riding the Ox Backwards) I could definitely relate to that. The thing that Leo did not report is any physical changes to the environment. Why am I saying this? It's to pass on some info to the OP, @Tony 845. That's all. Nothing more.
  10. Yeah. Ok. But you're labelling me as "misleading?" No need to label others. I said it straight-forward.
  11. What you just said here, you just twisted what I said. I'm talking about our physical environment when we come back on earth. Physical--do you understand? There is no physical realm when it's a sober experience too. But, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about back to earth and back in our egos. Also, nothing wrong with what I said.
  12. I understand what you're trying to do in this thread. You're simply trying to gather useful information on psychedelics and non-psychedelics, and how to approach it. You're not trying to disprove anyone, right? If so, I totally understand. I think it's a good topic, and it's best if others are opened to the discussion, and not misinterpret and label you as an "anti-psychedelic" person. That would be the wrong impression. See, I shared something in this thread. It was based on my direct experience. And then, I was wondering if psychedelics such as 5meo or any other psychedelics is able to change anything in your physical environment after the deepest awakening, which is Riding the Ox Backwards (going from no-self back to your ego via singularity). It turns out the answer is no. Unless, someone out there, who has taken psychedelics, is willing to say yes with honesty. But, as you can see, it was really challenging for me to say what was going on because others kept misinterpreting it as "there are no physical environment" or that "I fear psychedelics." You see, what I said was totally twisted into something else. It's not an easy topic of discussion. It's better to say it in your life purpose in a tactful way, so that those who are ready to hear it will hear it and understand. Then, maybe you could have a proper discussion. Yes, it is profound and complicated. Anything profound is complicated and hard to understand. And, yes, it can be considered 'cocky,' 'woo-woo,' and 'obsessive' if you go around talking about it. It won't work like that. Not all are open.