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  1. I think at this point you really need to research the definition of the word 'Truth' and the definition of the word 'ego' with valid spiritual books, videos, etc. I never even mentioned psychedelics. That's all I could say for now to answer your topic question. Going into debate and excessive questioning doesn't help.
  2. Everything is else in life is called ego. Truth cannot be defined as ego.
  3. Everyone has a different question and a different test. I'm glad Leo did The Ten Ox Herding Pics.
  4. I wasn't even talking about other ppl. I never said that. I was talking about your topic question. I was talking about not being obsessed with anything. Be authentic but as you go about being authentic don't be obsessed with that. You get it when I say: don't be obsessed with an apple. Don't be obsessed with your toilet. Don't be obsessed with alcohol. Don't be obsessed with drugs. Don't be obsessed with relationships. But, when I say, don't be obsessed with ego, you wouldn't get it. Most ppl don't.
  5. It doesn't matter. It's the same thing. Truth is truth. Everything is interconnected. If you do know the truth, like you said, why do you suppose that it's called Riding the Ox Backwards? What does the word backwards mean to you? What is it pointing at? Surely, if you are enlightened, you will have something to say about that.
  6. Leo covered the 10 Ox Herding Pics already in one of his video. What does the term 'Riding the Ox Backwards' mean to you? Describe it.
  7. Good topic question. My answer to you is: it's not. For some ppl, truth just comes, sneaks up on them, and "kicks them in the ass" one day, and they're like, "Whoa, what was that about?" And then, the seeking begins. It adds up. They put the puzzle pieces together, and then they're like, "wow, I didn't know that!" Then, the journey continues. They have to let go after discovering that and not be obsessed about it. Life is meant to be lived after all. However, from day one, these type of ppl are truly working on themselves in an authentic way. They know what skill to pursue cause they really digged deep. They know what they want in life. Some ppl call this 'karma' -- aka, in short, you get what you deserve.
  8. There was a movie playing in the movie theater. I saw this months ago. Now it's probably on Netflix or YouTube or wherever. I went to see it in a Century theater (here in the US). It's not mainstream for the US. Movie name: Padmaavat. Yes, it's a true historical story. Although, I doubt that everything portrayed in the movie was accurate. But, it's more or less like that historically. Life was harsh back then. It's totally not like that nowadays in modern India. Yes, they were very much interested in non-duality back then. You could tell in the beginning of the movie when the queen was talking to that fake guru. I did notice that she said that life is maya. Hmm...I also noticed that the queen thought that the 'skill' is very important. That's what she was telling the fake guru when she was questioned by him. Since she was part of the Rajput caste, she was practicing her skills as a warrior / fighter / hunter, and having a strong personality -- part of her life purpose. All of these things interconnect. Buddha was part of the Rajput caste. Boy, did he totally changed his life purpose to monk/enlightenment. He did not do warrior/enlightenment as a life purpose. He completely "came out" of his caste to Brahmin caste. In those days, it was not easy to do. That's probably one of the reason why he's so famous.
  9. You know what, this is an interesting topic. But then, anything awesome you do in life will not be reached without going through a process. It could mean interconnected processes. Usually, when a person goes through the process, it will raise eyebrows. Most can't relate cause they've never done it. Most ppl just seek happiness for comfort and short term. Anything long lasting and fulfilling will not be comfortable at all.
  10. LP. Why? A great relationship can last a lifetime, but in the end, the ego (body) dies for real, and you may be left alone by yourself. If you did LP/entrepreneurship, you could retire young. LP could include the whole Maslow. It's also used as a foundation to support your relationships.
  11. One thing I have to make clear of what I said. I'm not labeling the plant, The Brahma Kamal Flower, as a religion or a race. That's ridiculous! It's a plant--a flower, native to the Himalayan region of India. At first, I thought nothing of it. Everyone I knew there told me it's an auspicious flower. I was like, "Okay, cool." That was it--nothing more. But then, to my surprise, it turned out to be a pointer for me. Now, I doubt that the only pointers in life are man-made objects. It could go beyond stuff written in books, lectures, art, life purpose, etc. Another thing, yes, it does work differently there. I never said that one country is better than the other. Again, that's ridiculous. Something working differently, like culture or a system doesn't mean one is better than the other. I'm talking about how does it work. And that's another thing. It's almost impossible to communicate what's going on with someone who has not traveled and stayed--"always comfortable in my own little well," says the frog living in fairy tale land hoping a princess will come and kiss him. It really does help to know how does complex systems / societies work rather than just assuming you know just cause you read a few books. The plant has a Christian name--Star of Bethlehem, if you prefer to call it that. I'm not 100% sure. But, for me, it doesn't bother me what religious name it's called, whether or not it's Hindu or Christian.
  12. @Goutam nimmakayala Most often it takes travelling, migration, and living for years in two very different parts of the world to fully understand things in life. Spiral Dynamics is one of them. Imagine applying it there and in the US. Unfortunately, most ppl, the vast majority, don't want to step outside their comfort zone. I heard there are only 60K ppl living in India from the US. They had the guts to stay there for yrs. They already know that India is the "biggest democracy in the world," and how that works. And, that's at a very, very, very basic level of understanding. Prime minister instead of president. Chief minister instead of governor. Networking for entrepreneurship and life purpose is awesome. Even PM Modi encourages it. Because of this, it's easier to get a white collar profession there. More affordable standard of living. So, it can be easier to go from middle to upper class there. Very recent currency change and a new state has formed -- Telegana. As for spirituality/non-duality... Sometimes, for example, what you're looking for in life to help you understand life and beyond isn't a teacher. At first, you may be looking for a teacher, but along the journey, a plant, for instance, may have turned out to be the biggest indication and pointer to something significant in your life.
  13. @CreamCat @Michael569 thanks!