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  1. Don't assume other ppl's experience. The real question is, do you focus on others' journeys more or on yourself? You're not going to be able to see or walk others' journeys no matter what. If someone has walked most of his or her journey, the person who has only walked let's say 25% will not be able to see the big picture. This goes with anything in life. Could you please tell us, why are you still bothered with what others are doing for a living or if they choose to have a family? Or, even if they're living in a house, apartment, or mansion? These are realm features. They have nothing to do with enlightenment.
  2. You're still looking at life from a realm's point of view. You could go about your daily life and look at it as if you're the pure consciousness. If you actually "physically die," and you are one with pure consciousness, and yet there is still a realm, you will just be observing it. You will no longer be part of it or participating in it. It's just like you observing ants. Do you feel bad when other animals eat them? Of course not. It's part of nature--the food chain. A swarm of ants can also engulf and devour an animal carcass. It keeps the environment clean. You're totally detached from that. This is how insignificant life is to a pure consciousness. You will be observing a human war like an ant war.
  3. Yes, correct. There are always at least two sides to the same coin. Within our lifetime, why not do both (or as many methods as you can) to pass on the profound message of the deepest awakening? For example, in the Himalayas, I heard that there is a type of plant that grows there that will not die, as long as you don't pick it. It will last till the end of the earth's life. (I forgot the name of the plant.) If you write something down on its leaves, your message will be there as long as the earth lives, and as long as there are humans to read whatever you wrote. Many visitors who have journeyed to the Himalayas have wrote on the leaves, but of course, I have doubts that they wrote down the deepest awakening. This is at least a "stage green way" of passing on the message. It may not be effective. A more efficient way of passing on the message is to make your own product that includes the message of the deepest awakening. You're going to have to get creative on the content of how it's going to be presented. The content of the product could be your profession, and in there somewhere is the deepest awakening presented in a cunning way. It follows this quote: Most ppl won't get the message (which includes Riding the Ox Backwards) because they didn't become it and transform back to their egos. They will only see the pretty relative truths that you speak of, or they will translate it into relative truths in their own minds. Only those who are ready to hear it will hear it correctly. It doesn't matter how many times you say it. They will only understand the relative truths, unless they become it. Sometimes I think telling them what an awakening actually is in a very straight forward manner ruins it for a person. They will not go on their journeys to discover it for themselves. They will just accept beliefs and relative truths and stay in their own backyards. It's like spoiling the ending of the movie for them. I think it's best to encourage their journeys first. I do picture the product made with a team effort. I like different creative skills combined. If you want your product not to pollute the environment, it could be in the form of an app, e-book, etc., so it doesn't have to be thrown away after use.
  4. Everything is already said and done. It's time to write your own story.
  5. Yes, I totally agree here. What ppl underestimate here is that large corporations could scale in both directions--up & down, not just up. Scaling only up is a hype. When the trend changes, when other B2Bs and customers are not interested in working with the corporation anymore because they did not keep up with the technology and/or trend, there can be massive layoffs and M&As. So, there goes a person's job, 401K, other benefits, and everything. These corporations are capable of taking off and develop in developing countries with a snap of a finger (the Movers and Shakers). They adjust to the foreign country's whole new system just like that. Yes, it's time to get creative before this happens to you.
  6. @Aakash Ok then, that's what I thought. Thanks. I'll just have to try it and see how it goes.
  7. Wait, I wasn't talking about making billions. I was talking about putting together a team to make the product.
  8. @Aakash Ok, you might be right--that devilry creates money and not healthy (in our time). But, here's what I'm trying to say. I am trying to discover and create a healthy educational product. You mean to say, there are no healthy investors? I don't know about that. I have yet to discover that. I think there are healthy investors. I met a teacher once who teaches in a poor public school district. He loves helping disadvantaged teens. However, he's wealthy and retired real estate owner.
  9. @Aakash Yeah, I said something to Leo here, just now.
  10. Yeah, I agree with this. But, a win-win situation doesn't have to be corrupt. I am planning a small home business online. At the same time, I'm planning a quality product to scale. Why does a scaling product have to be corrupt?
  11. Do you think using investors is wrong (or something)? Because I don't believe all investors are corrupt. Are they? Ppl are ppl. You have to watch out for the corrupt ones. It will be nice to have a great presentation of a well designed product. This takes a team effort, not an individual effort. You can't be all the professions.
  12. This is a pretty serious topic for me. I want to do this right. I don't want to screw myself or others.
  13. @Aakash Lazy way? What lazy way? I think you've never done it before, and you don't know what's up ahead. Once you retire young, it's a different journey. I was trying to tell you this in a different thread. Go and do some work that will benefit others in positive ways after retirement. "An idle mind is devil's workshop." You will find this quote out the hard way if you remain idle or spoil your children with money. But first, you're not even independent from your parents. Don't remain idle. Yeah, and I never said "grossing" products--whatever that means. I'm talking about high quality products.
  14. @Leo Gura Yes, correct. We evolved to include corporations. I do realize that orange society like ours control the population of humans without talking about it. It's very expensive to live in a heavily dominant corporate society esp if you have kids. The best schools are in the most expensive neighborhoods. The biggest problem here is the long working hours. Ok, the solution: if you want better income, make a high quality product to scale in a ready-made corporation. You need investors for this. You have to be careful building your own system, esp in the food industry. It's already saturated. (Hmm...unless, you cook for other ppl. Eg. Food truck, home catering business.)