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  1. Yes, you missed my point. It's getting nowhere.
  2. @Truth Addict I'm saying, you're not capable of helping certain ppl on a forum. It takes special/team efforts. Too bad you lack experience to understand what I'm saying.
  3. I have. And, maybe you should because you're the one who said that you cared. If you actually helped someone in these areas, you will understand that it takes more than just a forum to help them. It's a very serious situation, and you assuming about them is not the answer.
  4. Just sharing thoughts to the OP especially. I'm glad that you said that you care for others when it comes to suicidal thoughts (and maybe perhaps mental illnesses). But, here's a question. Have you ever tried to help anyone in real life with a severe mental illness? Because if you have, that's a whole different thing. It gets very serious when their meds are not working anymore. It takes more than just a forum to help them. Real awakenings/enlightenment doesn't trigger suicidal thoughts or anything like that.
  5. Great topic question. Plan ahead everyday, even if it means something little. All the baby steps will add up. You won't regret it. I experienced something today that made of think of this: I love the idea of a home-on-the-go. The rent is so expensive here in CA. If you have to be somewhere else, checking into a hotel room for a month or two is expensive. If you try to rent, there's a six months lease. Be prepared. The problem with this idea is, I don't like diesel fuel. Pollution. I dream of converting this into a Tesla. Someone who knows cars better told me to buy it used. It's more pollution if you buy it new. I just don't like the idea of a used toilet in a RV. Oh well...anyway... Discover your life purpose sooner. Try to. Leo's life purpose clip always touches me:
  6. I brought up something different in this thread. You might have not noticed. Leo said it's mindreading. It's not. I'm not talking about paranormal abilities. There is a difference between being blessed with the Truth for a moment and actually having paranormal abilities.
  7. You said this already. To me, it's not anything new. When you are God, you don't think any of this is unusual. It's normal. When you embody back into your ego and create the world/universe at the same time, you think this is amazing/grandiose--because now you're back into an ego and your ego think so. Leo, unless the other teachers tell you in full details, you really don't know what the other teachers experienced. They could be summing the whole thing up and calling it, "Riding the Ox Backwards," as a metaphor.
  8. Ok...I wasn't talking about devilry. I wasn't even talking about paranormal abilities. So, that alchemist example is out of the picture. I was talking about an ego being blessed with Truth for a moment.
  9. Ok. So? That's cool, but as a human being (embodied ego), what are you going to do with that knowledge if you actually know how to do this? Bring Albert Einstein back to life?
  10. Yes, I understand that, but an ego won't remember all that. If you're in your human form, you won't remember that. Only God can.
  11. @Rilles @Leo Gura @ajasatya yes, I get what you all are saying, and to me, that's the obvious answer, but I don't mean it that way. I meant, for example, someone was trying to hide his/her "deepest, darkest secret," and this person isn't telling you what it is because this person feels uncomfortable. But, you cannot help this person if you don't know. Then, all of a sudden, you got the insight in full details without this person telling you, and you're able to help this person. (Long story short.)
  12. What about all-knowing? You know, you heard of the saying, "God is all-knowing." Have you experienced that?
  13. Ok. This topic is very important to me. It's not just about 5meo and other strong methods.
  14. Why do you think I'm fighting with him? Is it not ok to point out something?
  15. The bottom line is, it's your choice to do this. You know your path more than anyone else. But, it seems more complex than this. It's just as complex as Spiral Dynamics. For example, if you did not go through stage orange properly, you'll be stuck at green. If you hold onto certain aspects of orange, you'll be stuck at orange. In this case, if you get rid of your "ego" too quickly, you may miss out on something. In my case, for example, hypothetically speaking, if I learned about the 10 Ox Herding Pics, knew exactly what it is, and took 5meo right after that just because someone said it or encouraged me, I think I would have never thought about what is my life purpose path. I wouldn't know the exact components to it. It's not that simple.