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  1. @Preety_India I just want to let you know that you could start your networking and entrepreneurship journey now. What I mean is, approach this in a therapeutic way. Breathe and enjoy the scenery as you go along. Yes, it can be a fun healing process if you look at it this way. This can help you to take your mind off of him. There's a saying, "There are bigger fishes to fry in this life (than a relationship)." This is it. This has been one of the most memorable times in my life when I was in Hyderabad. It was opposite of GVK-1 mall there. I was sitting in a cafe. This cafe was actually a donated house from a philanthropist that was converted into a cafe. Oh yes, it's better than the Starbucks in GVK-1. They served homemade dishes, and best of all, their tasty samosas were only 5 rs/samosa. They were the best I've ever tasted. Free entrepreneur networking events took place there in the big backyard. You could sit down and listen to free entrepreneur events there. You meet new ppl there. If you live in a major city, they probably have events like this. If you want to further prepare for an event like this, think of what you want to do in your life. Be ready with business cards. I referred you to a link in this thread which goes into further details.
  2. @Preety_India yeah, cool! Yeah, I'm talking about *you* becoming an NRI and exploring things that other NRIs didn't explore, such as networking and entrepreneurship in other countries. To me, these are stepping stones before non-duality. You know, there's a saying, "you won the battle but didn't win the war."
  3. @Preety_India I was just wondering if you've ever thought of it this way before. Have you considered becoming a NRI and getting to know NRIs gradually? From what I know, there is a difference between being local and being NRI, and of course, it goes beyond that. I noticed that even life experiences cannot be passed on through words. (I mean, we're not even talking about non-duality here. ) The individual has to experience it herself and eventually embody it.
  4. I just want to share something here because this topic reminds me of some ppl in my past that I used to hang out with. I thought they were nice and friendly, and I thought they were good friends. But, one day, by mistake, I told them that I was moving to Country B. They called me all kinds of funny names including "Slum Dweller," for a whole month because by mistake, I told them a month early before I moved. I tried to explain that nothing bad was going to happen to me, and I've been there many times before, but they thought that I was only glorifying the place. In the end, I blocked them off of all social media. The point of why I said this is because, to me, I think that sometimes we get into relationships too quickly without knowing them very well. I'm not just talking about friendships; I'm also talking about intimate relationships. I want to say to just be friends for a while and not rush into a relationship. Don't let the other person pressure you into a relationship. It's worth the wait, for both friendships and intimate relationships. Maybe just be good acquaintances and ask them questions and communicate with them to understand them better. It's better to be single than get into the wrong relationships. Let their true colors show first. Let your true colors show first. Learn to be authentic, and learn to understand them authentically.
  5. Sorry to hear this. I would just detach from him. Do my own thing and work on my life purpose. I would give it maybe a week without contacting him and see how he responds during that week. If he is obsessed and pissed, I would not respond with much. I would just say something like, "I'm busy. I don't have time to talk like that." The two of you don't live together, right? If not, this makes it easier. If this misunderstanding persists, you may want to eventually let him go.
  6. @Elisabeth most ppl will not even bother with SD if you explain it to them. A lot of ppl are orange. So, for example, if you conduct a scientific experiment of their topic in science, they will understand. If you go above that, like how can science help the environment, they may lose interest. Maybe their goal in life at the moment is just to get a career at Genentech and possibly win a Nobel Peace Prize in science. You may want to try to find a way to reach out by finding a way to let science help the environment, for example. Or, you could do both--healthy orange (majority), healthy green (minority), and the percentages go lower in tier 2.
  7. Let's say you wanted to incorporate your career, entrepreneurship, and non-duality in your life purpose. (You know that it is possible to do this, right?) And, you're a teacher by profession. If someone asks you, "what do you do for a living?" You don't have to say, "I'm planning to become an entrepreneur," and explain the full details. This will sound woo-woo for most ppl. Just say that you're planning to become a teacher. Let them respond first. If they ask you further questions, just say that you might do it online, and wait to see their reactions. Don't reveal everything at once.
  8. @Nivsch here's a simple way of putting it: if a person is with multi-perspectives, this person will want to learn something new. He/she will think before responding and ask questions before responding when presented with something new. A person with one-sided or very few perspectives cannot detect what the other person is saying. He/she just use limited views to defend himself/herself.
  9. @BlessedLion ok. So, be the man you want to be. No problem. Just remember, even alpha monkeys will not be alphas forever. They will one day be defeated by another stronger, younger, better looking alpha monkey. At least for human beings, we have more options than monkeys. Why not explore those options now rather than wait till you're older? Why learn the hard way like a monkey? Yes, I'm talking about improving and living a better life your way, but taking into account the consequences and responsibilities along the way.
  10. Are you sure about these? If a baby is born, you know that it's a 24/7 job, right? If no one wants to help out, then are you ready to become a housewife?
  11. You're welcome. ✌️👍