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  1. That's awesome. Love counts. And, so far, this link that talks about love makes the most sense to me. I'm summing up all the talks we've had on the forum. He mentions love at the very end and talks in a metaphoric way. It's the love that we give that counts the most.
  2. @zoey101 I'm happy for you. Life path:
  3. Ok. I understand. There are other areas in life to consider than just to focus strongly on this area. Yes, life has to be balanced. @Lorcan do you realize that you might be allowing others to label you as "ugly/average?" Wrong labels have effects on your self-esteem, right? And, those "popular" groups in high school, ask yourself: are they really sending out the right message? Are they going to be there for you after high school? Why would they even care? Have you thought of it this way?
  4. Imo, it looks like the more indirect you are the better: What this means is, if you discovered your spiritual path, and you saw and became the no-self, and you decided to tell ppl about it, it's best to be creative and tell it indirectly in some way. Ppl who are not ready for it may misinterpret your information. Everyone walks a different spiritual path. We are all unique. You cannot discover your own spiritual path by trying to walk on someone else's.
  5. @Prabhaker I like his speech here. He's very direct, straightforward, and to the point. It makes sense to me.
  6. Why? Enlightenment and the spiritual path are about love and detachment, not about hating others for no reason. I guess it's how you interpret this quote. Jesus must be describing some very dysfunctional families during his time. That's why they need to be more detached from each other. We don't live in the same time as Jesus.
  7. Good question and good points. The next step is to become an entrepreneur guru, like Baba Ramdev or Sai Baba, without being corrupt. I'm not sure how open Sadhguru is to that and if it's going to work out like that. And then, he could start speaking differently, and not in stage blue glory. It's hard to get past the corrupt orange corporation. Society cannot be orange otherwise the orange ppl appointed will run the show. It's best to promote true spirituality, which has to be done in a very tactful way to uplift society. Which is why, if you realize this, it starts with you. Probably, they don't realize. Even Baba Ramdev may not realize because he keeps emphasizing that he likes his "mother tongue." Nothing wrong with speaking any language, but he keeps emphasizing. Heck, I even saw Baba Ramdev and Sadhguru speaking together, and Ramdev seems like he's feeling proud saying this. The question is, how can I earn, support myself and my family, and promote true spirituality? Monk/guru/sage may not be your niche. That's why one has to find the niche and promote through that way. That's why they call it your calling (life purpose), with startup to entrepreneurship features.
  8. This is a very interesting and a very complex clip. I'd like to comment on it. I agree with the first half of the clip. It basically relates to the saying, "Those who fail to understand history are bound to repeat it." In other words, it's important to understand history without judging it too much and make wise choices. The second half I don't agree with. Of course, if you take away the police from big cities like New York, within 3 hrs, lots of crime will happen. It's obvious. The same is true for big cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. Crimes are very high there, esp. New Delhi. It's not a good comparison. It's very, very complicated to compare cities and countries across the world. You could read many books on it and watch as many videos on it, and you still won't get it. Imo, the best thing to do is to travel there, live there for decades, become Indian, and transend both cultures. Then, you'll understand. Don't be afraid to step outside of your own backyard. If you remove all the police from Hopkinsville, KY, for example, it's not the same as removing them from LA.
  9. I'm just going to be a little bold and express some thoughts here that came up after going through this thread. It's easy to find stage blue environments anywhere in the world. It's like going to a party where the ppl are not really enjoying the party but come up to you and small talk with you about your "religion" or your "race" or even ask you about your "caste." They have 20 "nosy/curious" questions to ask, and expect you to have an answer. It's like you have to belong to some group, right? They expect that to be your identity, and they think they know you based on that. How does this make you feel? Uncomfortable, right? No? Then, maybe you're partly stage blue? Some ppl in the world do choose their friends like this and even their spouses. In other words, if a guru preaches nationalism or even cracks nationalistic jokes, seekers who blindly follow him will also do the same. He may even do this in subtle ways and many seekers may mimic him. If you go to his temple, monestary, or ashram, you will probably encounter this type of "party" environment if you don't fit the stereotypical, "nationalistic" profile. Here's an example. In India, if you have a "Christian" name, like "John," many ppl in stage blue will automatically assume you're a Christian. This is mainly an internal assumption. Same goes for Hindus and Muslims. I'm talking about stage blue ppl and environments. If you want to see and experience stage yellow, good luck. It's rare. The thing to do is become at least stage yellow and make friends in at least stage yellow.
  10. @John Iverson I think we're getting off-topic. I already shared everything I know. I'm not into any one guru. For me, if the message of enlightenment, for example, gets passed on, and the person understands it with the experience, that's it; then it's time for a profound life purpose. Personally, that friend who I had lunch with is someone I have to trust, in business. So, whatever he said does have some impact. However, that's a personal matter. I don't want to get into it.
  11. Then, good, you could continue to learn with him. Who's stopping you? I think Shanmugam has a valid point too. He doesn't have to remain silent. I know that sometimes India has been effected and scammed by fake gurus historically and just because the guru is nice and famous, doesn't mean someone has to keep silence. Like I said, I don't know much about Sadhguru. I didn't check him out much yet, but I do wonder why that friend said that. To me, that friend is smart and politically involved, and very much aware. Ok. I already said to you what I have to say. I made myself clear. I'm not going to elaborate on this anymore because it will only get out of context.