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  1. @assx95 Dont be ashamed, she clearly overreacted. These things are messy, no way going around it. Be glad you had the courage to do it.
  2. Came to this thread only to see who would be the one that has posted this exact sentence. Well, time to go now!
  3. @Dima logach Do you often daydream when you are supposed to be mindfull? Have you tried something like labeling or self-inquiry or some other technique? There are multitude of meditation and yoga techniques you can try if your current practise does not seem to give much result.
  4. @ardacigin How much time you are spending on average meditating per week nowadays? I remember reading your older posts where you said you were cloking (to me) crazy hours. Would you say that there is a personal, semi-definite "loss of returns" after some point? Also, nice post Nowadays I just come to the forum to check out what you and Leo are posting and what crazy shit is locked this time lol
  5. @ardacigin Also got TMI inspired by your posts (after few years of meditating with little sense of real progress +1 10-day retreat), now almost on 1 month mark of daily meditations, looking forward to stretch the time of individual sits (currently at 30mins a day)
  6. @SoonHei hehe I do prefer video game analogies though, Im not that civilized
  7. Note your "old sage" projection onto people who are giving advice/insight. No one is putting you down but yourself.
  8. @roar Life does not stop at awakening, rather it STARTS at awakening. The whole consept of life purpose will be radically recontextualized when you find out who you are. Drop your simplistic notions of how life should or should not be lived.
  9. Time is like a book, your dog dies on page 100, you ask your question on page 130. On what page does the book itself exist? Nonsensical question, as the book is not bound by the limitations of the story contained within. You and your dog are in the book, and you will always be in the book at the same time, just not on the same page. The existence of the pages is the now, and that is why you and the dog exist NOW eventhough in the story the dog has died. Further than that, you ARE the book, but right now the book's story is being perceived by the charecter sausagehead that gets born at page 10 and dies at page 500. When you wake up, you realize your bookness and the fact that you cant die, as the real self, the book, has never even born to begin with.
  10. Yes, the unconsciousness is YOU! You are god but you are unconscious of that, so in that way there is a duality to god's consciousness of itself. That is, in a way, the non-absolute. When you transcend that, you discover the real absolute, where there is no counter part to it's absoluteness. Watch leos video on dualism, it's a pretty good explanation.
  11. And thats exactly right. Have you become conscious of your tru nature? If you have, how would you phrase this better? Leos style can be off putting to some, especially people who havent followed him from the start and seen the whole of his growth.
  12. Just because he does not phrase it that way does not mean ultimately they don't agree. Leo continually dresses non-duality on provocative and radical clothes, it's a teaching style thing. "Imaginary cardboard cutouts" starts to smell like solipsism for me, has leo used that exact phrase somewhere?
  13. Well put. I can't get over that tie, though.
  14. Are you conscious if consciousness is in the brain or not? Do you REALLY know? I would be careful approaching this work with too much certainty, if I'm not really sure to the guts-level. Surely Richard Dawkins is not merely an example of flawed thinking. That DNA-tie is quite a statement Reminds me of Christians wearing cross-neclases. It is evident before 10-minute mark how utterly clueless he is about spirituality though(trying to fit punishing-the-body spiritual practises into some biological models).
  15. Imo the biggest hole in solipsism is that it does not reveal what you are. You are you all the time, so it must be possible to know what you are, but solipsism does not address this. Even if you believe in solipsism, you can still inquire on what you are, and if you are lucky the truth can be revealed to you, and at that instant the notion of solipsism dies. Until it is picked up by the ego again