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  1. If Carrey ever had a genuine awakening, imagine his awe when he realized what the truman show REALLY was
  2. Interesting example. I would say yes, he has a dominating "either you are in my camp or you are out"-attitude. NOT MY TEMPO!!!!
  3. Move as little as possible, accept physical pain. If you swallow saliva naturally, let it happen. The main point is just not to move your limbs intentionally, don't overthink this you can gently adjust you posture, as in if you start with a straight posture and you slough a bit, straighten yourself gently. Focus on the length of the sitting, the intensity is the main point.
  4. @peachboy "Or in other words, there can never be a moment when you're not having an experience" "but what about dreamless sleep!?" Hardest part to explain is that right there, on the otherhand you must deny objective reality, but at the same time you must deny solipsism. It just does not compute at ALL with your regular experience.
  5. It depends. Your ego can also hijack an awakening experience and completely pervert it. Usually there is a milder backlash, but it can get bad also. If you are mature enough to accept the truth and the part of the ONE you call ego is not completely obliterated as it usually is not, your ego will be more whole, more integrated. It will serve you rather than enslave you and you will navigate reality being a being more effortlessly. You see more clearly what the ego actually is, and you will be quicker to see when it's working agains your highest self, which is love.
  6. Where do nothingness and love fall in this analogy?
  7. @AtheisticNonduality Did the guys commit the church torching (and various other crimes by people who are strongly associated in the black metal scene) in the name of black metal or Satan? What is the difference between black metal and satanic worship (or anti-christian acts of criminality if you want to see it that way)? I'm talking about metal purely from the perspective of art here, I couldn't possibly take responsibility for each of my fellow human manifestations who happen to wear a pantera shirt
  8. Didn't you JUST release a video about drawing distinctions? That (+ the horror movie) comparison only shows that you don't understand metal as an distinct art form and how broad of an art form it is. Yes, there is a stage red way of playing, writing, listening and writing metal, but there is also a distinct intellectual and spiritual aspect to it that is not so easily understood by laymen: metal can be BOTH low and high consciousness music. The biggest annual metal festival in Finland pretty much always wins the top spot for the least violent incidents and havoc, while another one, that you would probably also rate as stage red, (rap/hip-hop) wins the top spot for most incidents with drugs, alcohol and violence. Why is that the case if they are both red? Metal is clearly mostly blue if you actually study the music and people who listen to it, while rap is red. I dare you to walk in a dark forest in the middle of winter during the night, and listen some true black metal and tell me you don't connect to nature and God. At best metal is contemplative, value connecting and bond forming music that is both super fun and communal. source: 15 years of listening, performing and writing various genres of music and metal
  9. Can we please lock this thread, what ever the content. Equating physical body suicide with enlightenment is dangerous, as unstable people are known to browse this forum and there have been suicide notes in the past.
  10. It's a story, but who are YOU?
  11. Contemplate why people do "evil" things. Are they truly evil, as in: is evil a real thing? Or might it be, that every evil act was actually a form of love towards something? Did hitler invade Europe because he was an evil guy with evil deeds in his mind, or was it that he saw the suffering of his fellow countrymen, and out of his own limited compassion for them he did what he did. He and the german forces lost because the opposing force's love and intelligence outplayed his love and strategy. World wars, or any war or conflict, can be viewed as a moral question (who was in the right) and that is a valid thing to ask on this level, but if we are dealing with the existential nature of reality, it's much more accurate to say that two opposing forces of love clashed. It's a different thing to say that Hitler did not have the moral right to invade Europe, than to say that everything he did was actually an expression of love towards the german people. Would you deny someone from his love? That is the messiness of life right there: what has YOUR perspective and self-bias got to do with the other persons perspective and self-bias, and what are you going to do about it. The reason he did not become a saint and spend his lifetime helping, serving others and spreading undiscriminating love is for two reasons that intermingle: he did not know and did not understand non-duality, and more importantly: his level of moral and consciousness development was low. His level of consciousness was high enough to care about people around him. That love extended actually far beyond his immediate family or a community, it extended to include all of Germany and all of the people he considered to be true Germans. That is actually in a sense, a decently sized area of concern if you compare that to the most selfish person who only cares for himself. But Germanys borders were the limits of his love. It stops there. Beyond germany: threat, enemy, fear Truth in this sense means that he really did think that his pursue of the 3rd reich was just and True. No one can love a pursuit of a thing he knows for a fact to be false. The trick here is though, he did not have the Truth, he only had his self-bias that he mistook for truth. What is said above is actually not that radical, because it could be considered just as a perspective, not any less true or false than the evil-hitler good-guy-churchill paradigm, any person with a bit higher level of open-mindedness could appreciate that. What is radical though, that what is said above is not a perspective, it is the truth, period. There is ONLY love, nothing else. Truth = Love, Love = Truth. Your love for the truth is the pursuit that will in the end be realised as a snake eating it's own tail: the truth that you were looking for was actually the love that made you look for the truth in the first place. OOOOH! OOOOOOOOH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO * drowns in tears and suffocates on astonishment * and so forth when you get that. You really can't push your old paradigm onto non-duality and try to grasp it that way, a paradigm change is required. There are no degrees of love and hate, there are only degrees of love and lack of love, that is to say: degrees of love vs selfishness. That is the whole game you are playing in this dream, your goal is to live your life in such a way that you become masterful at navigating towards love and not away from it. Rules of that game: You have to play There is no end to the game, you can only amass more game currency as you play and that is: love You can lose your chips if you play poorly You can go in debt if you REALLY lose, that is: you have so little self-love that you are actually un-capable to love anything. You must first rise your level of self-love to "0" and then you can start to spread that love in your environment You can try to awaken in the game to see that it is actually a game, but even if you do that: you still have to continue playing. The more you are conscious that it is a game, the better you play it and the happier you will grow to be.
  12. @Verdesbird that sounds wild. Can you tell which ones you mean? Btw 17 years as a buddhist monk and it boils down to "at least I have a purpose"? There must be more to him than that.
  13. Sorry but this is not at all how it works. That is not what awakening entails.
  14. There are other noteworthy points of critique than the bathtub issue, I suggest watching the whole thing
  15. Listen to it and continue with your life. You will naturally contemplate the subject and intentionally also. There are so many more important things to do than try to squeeze every last drop out of leos videos. Rather, squeeze every drop out from your OWN practise, research and contemplation. Leos videos were never ment to be the steak and potatoes of your practise, it's more like complimentary. After all, the age old question (that leo never gets tired of reminding you) remains: how can you trust anything leo says? Focus your energy into the work that either validates or diqualifies Leos teaching, not the teaching itself. I find that stuff sometimes clicks long after the initial watch. It's all about what is relevant to you at any given moment.