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  1. just party until you get tired of it, you'll find it won't ultimately satisfy you, only relatively to the mundane boredom you might be experiencing. Try to acquire a taste for festivals/concerts, you will quickly realize how most of the popular ones are waste of time and money, underground is where it's at. Or maybe partying is your life purpose, I couldn't know. Maybe you will be the most legendary party animal there ever was
  2. soul = heart. When you act against your heart, it costs you. Care to guess who is on the other end holding the chip reader?
  3. three words: Don't do it. If you truly knew who you are and who you mom is, this would not be an issue at all
  4. Why should anyone pursue this?
  5. If you dont resonate with it, don't so it. I was in exactly in your position, so I quit my daily vipassana and switched to the mind illuminated instructions, which I can recommend for someone familiar with vipassana.
  6. Are you sure you can derive truths like that from books and then just be done? What if the books are wrong? What if their best interprations of the Buddhas teachings are wrong? How could yoy know?
  7. @Leo Gura Yes you have said that many times in many contexts, i get that. You didn't actually reply to anything I said or shamaanitar said. Why? Riddle me these: Nah... women will always downplay their numbers because it increases your value. Your friend who fucked 55 dudes will never tell that to her future husband. ...and how would you know that? How much time are you actually spending time talking to women about these things? Where are your sources? From which cultural background are the women, with whom you have actually talked about this? Keep in mind that you use the term "women" and that literally mean EVERY woman out there. It is a HUGE thing to generalization ALL women like that, but you seem to always do this willy nilly when discussing dating. What you really want is a player who will fall head over heels in love with only you. And I want to bang a new supermodel every night. The difference is, I understand the selfishness of my position. You are wilfully projecting your mind to every one on the globe and in doing so, creating this neat shield for your projection: if someone were to deny this, you can just say "well you only think so because you are not as conscious as me!". Once again: to which cultures are you applying this? Which stages of the spiral? You're right, I would not believe it because you ladies love to not count all the guys you sleep with. You ain't fooling Leo with your coyness. I know how dirty you are inside. I bet you've opened it to some unworthy. It's okay. I won't judge. Like shamaanitar said, if you said this to a person, they could literally sue you for sexual harasment and probably win. Is this some odd humour? I can't tell. If this is not some odd joke: projection projection projection, how do you not see this? Yes, you could whisper that to some girls ear in a nightclub setting and get away with it, but I don't think that you are keeping you high opinions of women to yourself, these ARE your opinions on women. With all due respect: I don't know you, no one of your viewers really do, so it's impossible to tell what you mean with these types of comments, but I believe that you are capable of communicating about these things much more eloquently and skilfully, but for some reason you decide no to. Just my speculation.
  8. @Leo Gura would like to hear your reply to @shamaanitars comment. Personally I find it very difficult sometimes to believe that this guy who preaches about love and consciousness also holds these views of dating/sexuality/women that you seemingly do.
  9. I have completely exhausted the zen/concentration/self-inquiry/meditation/just-do-it path for myself, and my emotional well being is lacking behind by miles. By exhaustion I mean: I won't be able to have a break-trough continuing with these old paradigms of approaching my life and emotions, I don't want to live the foolish seekers life who posits basic happiness to somewhere behind this HUGE achievement called awakening. I want to be happy now, I want to tread this path with curiosity, sense of exploration and generally, a more light heart. I'm tired of seeking the end of my suffering, I want to feel good in the relative world, just being a human. I just want to be happy, 10 years of beating myself up starts to be.. enough. I need a teaching/teacher who can guide topics like self-love self acceptance feeling good in the body workaholism shadow tantra childhood trauma general emotional intelligence dealing with fears Any teacher/book/course/technique recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  10. Text book case of a stage thinking it is above a stage when it is actually below it. Progression is seen as regression (explicitly stated in the title) and regression as progression. Also you can pretty much play stage-blue-vocabulary bingo with this one I love the fact that he uses the phrase "swing the pendulum" in the beginning, just like Leo often does in SD-videos
  11. @General 2 @yolosmoothie Sure both of you bastards pm It's not easy to get friends as someone who does not study or work locally
  12. Me and gf live in Amsterdam! If you would like a meetup, pm me we are both in a similar situation, with close to 0 friends to talk about these things with.