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  1. @iamme your answer is invalid as you didn't answer the trial question. NEXT!
  2. @Fortunate Son I deliberately undercut your question, because it's premise is that there is such thing as too much this and too little that. It's all subjective and depends on the person, situation, level of developement and many other factors. Im not spiritually bypassing here, helping others and sharing love is great and necessary for growth. For me example, I have worked at a nursing home for a few weeks some years ago (summer job, so I got paid) but if I were to go volunteer there right now, it would come from a really artificial and unauthentic place. Also, self developement is a billion dollar business, and what people demand, the business supplies and right now the demand is not so much on how to love and share love, but other things. Thats not a problem, its a systematic feature of the self developement scene, and that scene is a part of a larger system. Good thread
  3. But in order to tell the noobs from the advanced guys, there must be a trial! How else can you know that the answer comes from a deep, ultra spirtual place? I'll save you some trouble and initiate the trial here. In order to answer OPs questions, first answer this question: "what is the sound of one hand clapping?" And only THEN, post no need to thank me @MarkusSweden
  4. Look at your post, then look at your life and there is your answer. I'm assuming you don't do all the things you listed as examples, but that assumption is as accurate as your assumption that people live the kind of isolated, inwards turned unbalanced life you are suggesting here. Not judging either : )
  5. Good point, I'm not too emotional of a person But yeah, thats just my perspective
  6. @Dream, the most advanced troll on this forum.
  7. @Mikael89 But why, really? All he could say is "Hi guys, my path is pulling me away from, also as an advice, don't blindly believe everything Leo says okay bye" Completely understandable. All this ranting...
  8. So I guess the question is, how do you find the courage to surrender your ego when you’re at this point? What do you do when you’ve reached the edge of this cliff and are too afraid to jump into the void? Is there a person on here who can realate? Has anyone delivered the fatal blow to their ego? What ever your true self is, it's charecteristics must be these: being it must be more effortless than anything you have ever done, anything beyond it requires effort It must be the most simplest thing there is (you dont have to struggle your way into existence right now, do you?) It must be the first thing there is to you Even if you insist there is an enlightenment to be had, I ask you this: why you insist there is this leap that is so difficult to make? What are you trying to gain? is all about giving you the tools to find out and they have their place, but also ask: what happens if I put all these tools away? What is left? What question is unanswered? What is here? (notice how what I just described is another tool ) Walk the path, but remember to undercut the whole path itself. It's a tasty paradox. I know Im walking the path of the great fool, and sometimes I can hear faint laughter in the distance, though sometimes it eerily feels like Im the one laughing. Whats up with that
  9. Less thinking about it, more pursuing of an direct experience of it. Your mind cant grasp it, yet it will try and that is the source of that "neurosis". Your ideas are not IT. Cat is cat. That is that.
  10. Hold on there. Are the suicides actually confirmed? Is the only proof the posts that those users posted?
  11. INTERMITTENT FASTING is the shit when it comes to stubborn fat. Ive used is very succesfully: lost all the fat annoying ive carried for years while going to the gym and kept most of my strenght and muscle, took only a couple of months. No hunger, lots of energy. Research it, try it. Even a moderate fast cycle like 14/10 or 16/8 works wonders. I just could not lose that fat with regular dieting, I was so hungry all the time. Tri IF
  12. 1) My advice: after you get off work, do what ever you feel like doing, like watch youtube videos aallll night long, but dont neglect the necessery things (eating, washing etc) do this a while and your higher conscious intuition and desire will gradually guide you to more authentic activities. Sometimes there is so much stuff going on that you need to "reset" your habits to rediscover what is most meaningfull, and then you will naturally gravitate towards them from a much better place than before B) ouch, thats a mean comment. Most people are completely unaware of their projections and how they interract with other people, and dont know consepts like higher and lower self, and thusly they just say what ever pops in their mind. Other people might be completely absorbed in the game, you have the upper hand to participate in the game while being aware its a game, so you dont judge judging or yourself or others. Easier said than done ofc.