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  1. Who is having fun pretending it does not know itself?
  2. @Joseph Maynor how is your leveling up to stage coral going?
  3. A reply and and the core message of the video requested in one sentence. Efficient af.
  4. @MM1988 This is but another field where one can apply the principles of mastery.
  5. How was it? Im going to do a 10 day vipassana retreat somewhere in thailand early next year, so recommendations are much appreciated!
  6. I guess the rule of thumb is, get worried when the voices tell you what to do
  7. The results make you feel good, the practise itself often times doesn't. Same with sports i guess
  8. Yes, that sentence is a product of the course. The trouble is, I cant quit my job and throw myself at it as there is no money in it. The best guys who make similiar stuff than I do in fact, have other professions as well. And these guys tour the world. At least I would be looking at a long transitioning phase, that requires many years of work outside my strict purpose. So in order to fulfill that sentence, I must do a lot of supportive work, to have money to live basically. Nowhere in that sentence is adressed my pull towards traveling, exploring, embracing nature and becoming financially independend. So im not having that "ah! I will become a writer and help the world like this and that" moment. Im having a "im the best when im making music, but i have all these other things I really want to do, that I cant do due to finances if I do JUST music" So Im unsure if I already established a life purpose, or a plan to transition into something that eventually will crystalize into a life purpose. Im unsure about a lot of stuff
  9. @NoSelfSelf awareness. Even if I never got enlightened, having a high level of awareness troughout my life is the most usefull and fulfilling thing there is
  10. @NoSelfSelf awareness enlightenment creating awesome, higher-self music excellence and perfection freedom and independence nature and traveling mindfucks understanding and learning
  11. "TOO LONG DID NOT READ SUMMARY" in the end of this post! So I'm nearing the end of the life purpose course, and although I have had lots of insights about my life and what it should be about, I could not form an authentic and more importantly, a clear life purpose that feels very motivating and empowering. The trouble lies in that, my interests and visions of what do I want to do in life don't connect. Main things that are happening in my life at the moment are: working on enlightenment not looking forward to joining an ashram or living in a cave, I'm connecting regular life and enlightenment work together I'm very passionate and interested in this, there is REALLY nothing else to do in life learning web-development I'm looking to master this field, as it can offer great possibilities, and it can fuel 2 of my big goals and passions: working for myself (freedom of location, hours and workload), traveling a lot and connecting with nature (as webdev paychecks will fund my expeditions) . I like coding and I get much satisfaction from it, but it's not something I would REALLY do if I had to pay to do it. It's neither my zone of genious, it's something I will be very good at if I keep working at it. My mind is geared towards this kind of work also, so in a sense it feels natural. Three of my big goals and values are hinging on this, so I would be very very reluctant to throw it away for something else entirely. working on my music I have a music project I'm very passionate about. This is also the direction the life purpose course really drove me towards: ambinet music and sound design. My zone of genius lies here, and it is: "converting my inner mental state, perspective and awareness into unique kind of music that turns others inwards and makes them ponder the big things in life" I love making music and that is something I would pay to do. The issue here is that, I don't find it a good strategy to completely ditch web development and just surrender to my music. Also, if everything went just PERFECTLY, it would take years and years to make a living out of this project. That would mean sacrificing traveling and connecting with nature, as realisticly I would have to whore a big chunk of my time in working some mind numbing wage job, to support my basic living costs so I can focus on this fully on my free time. I absolutely dread that option, so it's not an option. Working on self-actualization. Mastery, mastering my psychology, awareness, learning and all that jazz Also: I'm a pretty good drummer and I feel awesome when I play. Something I definitely wan't to keep in my life I love working out and I feel awesome when I'm doing it, something I would also spend time working on I love researching various fields, learning about the world and forming an holistic picture of the world I'm really into metaphysics and marveling the mindfuck of existence So basically, as of my life purpose, everything is quite vague and not interlinked. Music and enlightenment have nothing to do with enlightenment and vice versa. Music has nothing to do with web development and vice versa. I do know that I want to impact the world in a way that turns people inwards, but I also have all these other wants and itches that really need a good scratching (like traveling) that do not fit into that. I just cant form a single solid life purpose direction. However, I do have A direction in life. I have a 10 year'ish plan, summarized here: bust my ass learning my web development niche, so that I have opportunities for lots of sweet gigs of creative and technical thinking with a good pay with this pay I will spend time abroad and see as much of the world as I can. While I'm doing this, I'm working towards becoming a web freelancer. when I become one, I can choose when, to whom, how many hours and at what rate I work. Big goal fulfilled. While I'm traveling and working on my profession, I will also work on my music and develop it into a huge live spectacle and eventually start booking gigs. Big passion right there. While I'm doing all of the above, I strategically work towards enlightenment. Yoga, meditation, contemplation, psychedelics, retreats etc. So in this 10 year plan, I'm slowly building my life's infrastructure in way that enables me to over time dig into these interests an wants. I'm not completely throwing myself at some specific, super passionate thing, as the life purpose course is trying to lead me to. There is no clear zone of genius + impact statement guiding my life. I'm not lost in life, I'm lost in my life purpose. My 10 year plan is quite egoic and it's not really making a difference in the world. My 10 year plan is a decent plan, but it's lacking a real heroes journey and the profound direction and drive of a real life purpose. I am not able to do the "bringing it all together" excercise as I just don't know the REAL answers to the questions asked. Or I do if I just copy my notes, but the answers create no clear direction. What is my lifes work? No fricking idea. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Redo the course? I have no idea except to work on my 10 year plan. My top 10 values in order of importance are: Awareness Wisdom Self-Actualization Relationships Travel and nature Creativity Health Independence Spontaneity Mastery TOO LONG DID NOT READ SUMMARY: My skills, egoic wants and aspirations do not support each other and don't feed into each other very much at all. My zone of genius is really really REALLY specific in a very particular medium, that is not supported by the rest of my life. I have lot's of bucketlist-kinda things I wan't to do and values (travel and nature, independence, mastery) that are greatly supported by a profession I'm working towards, but that profession is not in my zone of genius or a huge passion. I have a 10 year plan that feels motivating, but it's lacking a real deep purpose and contribution. What should I do? Redo the course? All help and comments greatly appreciated. Also looking forward to getting roasted by @Leo Gura
  12. Physicality is created by rapidly shifting awareness from my memories to my predictions. Im not sure if I understood that. Personally I dont find this to be the case. To have awareness of a memory, it needs to be known as in known as a thought story, mental image or both. Same with a prediction as a projection, if that is what you mean. The propeller metaphor does not make sense to me, as I dont experience remembering (or certainly cross referencing) as such a fast process. I feel like I dont need to construct physical reality, I just exist in a dream space where it naturally spurs out of nothingness and I feel Im in it. Its not just the mind with enforcing stories, its also the general awareness/unawareness of my body that together form this very convincing belief. From my self-inquiry/contemplation practises: You never get to ask the real "who am I?" question. Ever. The "person" you are REALLY looking for, is the asker of the question, not the "I" concept that something is asking about. "who is asking who am I?" falls into the same ordeal, as the asker of THAT question goes also un inquired. So actual inquiry into the asker is impossible, as language is structured that way. The question floats in and out from the ether of mindstuff, but never really adresses it's origin. But it came from somewhere, so there must be a source. That source is only going to be felt, as existence itself and thats what you are.
  13. Right on mayn. I find negating style of self inquiry to be much more worthwhile than trying to come up with what you are.
  14. "In the moment" is an idea of the mind, and the you or the I that you believe you are is "trying" to pursue this idea. In actuality, you can never escape or leave the now as that is what you essentially, existentially are. You cannot exit yourself, but you CAN imagine that you are something else than what you actually are. That enables a movement of the mind, that conceptualizes "the now" very poorly, as it cannot be conceptualized. That concept is based in clock-time (past, present, future), which is also an idea. There is only eternity and that's it. The idea of "be in the now", practiced as "oh I'm thinking about the future again! oh, now the past god damn it!" is a shallow level of that teaching, yet a necessary one. If you try to be (your idea of) present long enough, you will realize eventually that you are always in the moment, and no thought about clock-time can touch it. The idea of past or future, is always happening now. So keep practicing. In general, every time you notice you are confused about such things as this, you have the opportunity to return to yourself, and be... present! There are no problems, there is only a mind that is trying it's best. That is it's job, so no problems there.