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  1. I recently attended a weekend Rupert Spira session. This topic came up, and he said he has never talked about non-duality to his son for the sole reason that he has never asked about it. Something to think about
  2. How are you going to communicate about anything if you aren't speaking like either of the charecters? Brilliant video btw. +1 for permasticky
  3. @Privet Well, I was thinking something like high quality studio headphones, studio setting and a pure sinewave to produce the frequencies. Even if the test was done with instruments (in a studio setting), I suppose those who claim to resonate with 432hz should be able to tell the 432hz one, if it really was such an unique and special frequency? I mean, if the recognition of 432 is so hard that the conditions need to be just right, couldn't we conclude that the whole phenomenon only works when it's made easy: a comparison with just 440hz and 432hz? Then we would be again in the realm of "the phenomena of preference of a lower tone to a higher one vs. Its much more, its a spiritual and a more pure tone" Those who claimed they feel 432hz deeper/more in the heart, what kind of study you would design, that you think would be fair to both sides of this issue, and could potentially reveal wich side is right? Is it even possible? Is this topic too far beyond scienece to be made/reduced into science?
  4. If it truly was a more spiritual tone, a closer to heart tone, would you guys be able to tell 432hz apart from other frequencies in a series of tests. What if there was a test where we started from a random frequency, and played several frequencies and one or two of them was 432hz, would you be able to tell? Surely the tone would survive not only a comparion to 440hz?
  5. @pluto im not going to argue against your own experience, but you did not counter any of adam neelys points, wich for me seem to be quite solid. Can you post your studies/data?
  6. @ivankiss I recommend the same video for you as well (aimblacks post, adam neely video). Not here to play the "debunker", rather im interested in this as a case of placebo. I reseaeched into this a few years back and I could swear I heard and felt the difference, until further research changed my perception entirely.
  7. @pluto Have you watched the video Aimblack posted? This topic gets destroyed in that video as reason and rationality goes, but hey, beyond that if you really feel the results and power of either frequency, who is anyone to naysay it.
  8. @Leo Gura Sex cult? Where do I sign up??
  9. I would be very suspicious of the one who is finding ways/justifications to avoid the pain of sitting still for a long time. What happens if you put that one on pan and fry it for a bit?
  10. Good points and replies. I would like to add this: keep in mind that (english) text only is a very handicapped form of communication. You literally cant pick up all the subtle and not so subtle energies that are present in f2f, and one needs to be a good writer to compensate for that. That, plus the amount of non native english speakers often amount to denser, more information packed posts. Informational text leads inevitably to a masculine tone. I find this is very hard to tell for sure, the disconnect between the actual person and what is written is too great. Some regular and unregular posters sometimes swear by how self developed they are and how much they work, but it does not show in the tone and way they WRITE. They might be, or they might not be.
  11. Religious = missionary only Enlightened = missionary AND doggystyle Pretty simple actually
  12. @kieranperez thats still a huge over-generalization. Of course people chase experiences with drugs and candyflips, thats a no brainer but this matter is not that black and white. I have witnessed only one candy flip (non party setting) and that lead to a genuine non-dual insight. That experience/candyflip did not ask anyones opinion on is it an optimal choise of drugs to awaken or not. Could that be replicated, like 5-meo-dmt awakening sort of can be? No! Thats not the point. My point is to not be so dismissive. There is a distinction between a drug and the people who use and do whatever under the influence of said drug. By your criteria of "just chasing experiences" no other drug than 5-meo (and similar drugs im not familiar with) is sufficiently "pure" to be regarded as a true tool for spiritual growth. You would candyflip in a heartbeat if I could promise it to perma enlighten you, you could not care less if it would have wonky fuzzy warm euphoric titiliating effects. I have not candyflipped ever btw, and am not interested in it. Regular classic psychedelics are powerfull enough and are in my opinion, more reliable and safer than combinations.
  13. Throw your conceptualizations to the trash and answer me this: who are you? Focus on finding that out, and everything will clear out. Dont mix "I understand" with "it makes sense to me". You dont understand, and thats why you are confused.