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  1. So either everything is imaginary and everything is at the same level of unimportance or everything is real and levels of importance are real things?
  2. @LucyKid Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. What you are observing is ignorance. He might be your biggest obstacle, but he is also your biggest challenge. He is in a way a reminder why you do spirituality, but spirituality is not about creating divisions. You are no lower or higher than him. Big part of his personality is in your shadow (look up Carl Jung). You can learn so much from observing. Try your best to not suck his energy, try your best to not rise your voice even if no one can hear what you are saying. In the end, he will be sorry and he probably wont ever admit it outloud. Truth is a powerfull force and it has a way to finds it way to the surface. Also, move out asap
  3. Complexity can vary of course, your love for your dog is more complex than its love for you. One way to describe reality itself would be to say that it's an infinite stack of different complexities. Ultimately, complexity is a relative term you just made up. It's also the nature of language to personify living systems, I bet that the cancer cells don't have eloquent opinions on current affairs, they are really not "doers" or "lovers" in the way language makes it seem. The question you are originally asking is the classic "If God is a loving God, why would he allow such misery and unjustice in the world". Classic objection to christianity. Both the question and the answer cut very deep, it's not so simple to formulate an answer because the answer is utterly paradigm shattering.
  4. First, you must observe. It is really the only thing you can do at first. Observe, and you will cultivate awareness. You will start to notice your behavior patterns more easily, and then you can struggle against it. I recommend works of P. D. Ouspensky. Look up leos video: the staggering depth of your unawareness.
  5. @Shaun Very sorry to hear about your woof. I hope she/he gets better. If not: remember, all dogs go to heaven, even the messy ones. But notice how egocentric your perspective is. It's not even about your dogs suffering, it is really about how you feel when you see your dog suffer. You cant approach love from the perspective that it must suit everyone, its way deeper than that. It would be easier to believe everything is love if all your life everything had happened just the way you wanted, and same for everyone you ever knew and cared for, yes? The cancer in your dog loves what its doing. Its expanding, pulsating of life force. It loves your dog, from its perspective everything is going just perfect. So wich is it, is the situation happening out of love or not? Is the situation miserable or not? The cancer originated from the dog itself, its own love for itself to keep living and growing. It loved to eat and play, to produce more cells and keep the organism going. The organism just did not do what YOU want it to do. The cells of your dog did not act according to your wishes. The rest of the world wont go according to your wishes either, in fact every time you feel it did it was out of pure accident, you didnt have a say in any of that. It's part of the illusion of being a you, a person. Best wishes for you and your dog. You can cultivate much spiritual and personal growth out of your hardship. You did know all along your dog would die eventually, so it just might be this cancer that does it. Act according your own wisdom, face what you already knew was to come.
  6. So you are finally experimenting with N,N? "Leo Becomes A Machine Elf: Humanity Finally Transcended" next sunday, yeh?
  7. A wise man once told me that peace that can be lost is not peace worth pursuing. Start by letting go of the need to feel peacefull all the time, and counterintuitively you just might find something...
  8. I had something similar once. What helped me was to "watch" myself struggle with it without identifying. Being aware of struggling and trying to relax when its happening. Thanks to who ever who suggested this on the forums for me
  9. Carefull with that distinction, natural vs. non-natural
  10. Webdev here. I actually have an idea for an app/service that would push people from blue onwards. I want to learn a bit more about database solutions before I start building it. But yeah, coming up with a solid idea can be hard. Remember, there is a whole lotta spiral before the good old sittin-down-on-a-pillow gets relevant.
  11. Why NOT? I never understood this stance. The body is a mere temporary mortal vessel for infinite godhood. I feel like it's almost a bit poetic to make something permanent to an inpermanent thing.
  12. Buddha or Christ? I have not studied his stuff much, what makes you think so?
  13. Well, if you are playing hide and seek it would be awfully dull if you had a map where every one is pinpointed readily available, I guess