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  1. @uriel You say almost nothing about the relationship. That's unusual for a "I'm considering breakup" post. Just saying. Take a vacation alone. See if you miss her.
  2. You're probably a bit sensitive, but yeah, 100 is more than enough for the first time. You don't describe visuals. Either you're a person that doesn't get them, or the dose wasn't all that high.
  3. @melodydanielluna Reading what Yarco and other users have written .... trust your own judgement, it'll know best
  4. Thanks, well worded.
  5. Can you make your own living while studying in Turkey? It's not a terrible country, there's no death penalty, right? Would your family put you in danger aside from stopping your monetary support? If you can get a visa, it would be much better to come to Europe as a student than as a refugee. I imagine refugee camps are no fun.
  6. I certainly went too far, too fast over here I thought I could actually learn the technique properly at the retreat, but there was little tuition except on the "proper postures" used by this particular group. I forced myself to do long hours of meditation in a way that didn't suit me. Was in conflict with myself. Got an actual emotionally triggered asthma attack. Left after two days. Took me two years until the memory lost a "trauma" flavor to it. I've got a mostly regular meditation practice now, even a bit of self-inquiry has started to be interesting to me, but I don't go hardcore.
  7. @StarStruck Check out this book https://www.amazon.com/Therapy-Substance-Psycholytic-Psychotherapy-Twenty-first/dp/1908995122
  8. That would be an amazing improvement!
  9. It's not the same as if you actually try and fail.
  10. It may be ok to have more than one day gap between your trip and the therapy. Depends if you already want to conceptualize so soon.
  11. Thanks. Actually, it wasn't my point to suggest Leo should share more of himself on youtube, that could backfire, and it's his right to share as much as he feels up to. My point was, I hope Leo does have both close personal relationships (for the joy they bring - I'm coming from a place of care) and constructive critique/collaboration on the political topics he speaks about (for the quality of his content). But I also enjoy relatable personal stories. Like the intro to the old "Ultimate model of human knowledge" video. It's a good video, one that I recommend a lot if I want to introduce someone to Leo's work.
  12. This is super interesting and captivating, lots of valuable comments in this thread. I'm deeply sorry for the family of the deceased! Also, sending Leo some basic human compassion - he seems to be handling the fallout and evaluating responsibility just fine, but I imagine it must be emotionally difficult too. I'm one of the people coming into spirituality from a place of depression (though not suicidal level) and anxiety, my core interests in personal development have been emotions, relationships, trauma healing. I'm greatful to Leo for introducing me to some philosophy and spirituality too . My progress is slow, I've been following since forever (2016), and awakening is still over my head. It would never occur to me to take Leo's teachings as promoting suicide. For me, they are fascinating! But I understand that spiritual concepts and experience can lead to confusion in some people. I've never personally experienced much of it just from listening - ideas on their own aren't very threatening to me. Experience is a different thing and can be deeply unsettling. In terms of dealing with the dangers of spiritual teachings, I'm happy and grateful to have people around me who have been part of i.e. the holotropic breathwork community. They are my guide as much as Leo is, and they help me balance some of Leo's bias. As for grievances, I've expressed my opinion on several topics in the past - the old relationship videos, the pick-up line of the forum, the repeated bashing of science and religion (which I'm sick and tired off) and other unnecessary repetition, the political commentary. Some videos on Leo's side-interests or newly developing interests just don't have the quality of his core spiritual and philosophical content. (On the other hand, from my area of expertise, I very much appreciate the quantum mechanics series! ) I've also recently expressed concern whether Leo has enough feedback from (or rather, shared investigation with) high-quality intellectuals in the social/politics domain, and I've been called insane Leo, this may be a false impression, but it often seems from your videos like you don't talk about your insights and your journey to anyone at all. I'm just always so happy to hear you mention being at a retreat and talking to the teacher, or similar. We may be all imaginary or all one (I don't know what I'm talking about here), but in the relative domain, people need to relate to people as close to their level as possible. I don't think the forum is enough feedback for you. If there was some distinction between content for newbies and content for long-time viewers in the future, I would appreciate it. Lastly, I'm organizing a students' personal development group at my faculty. I've struggled with my conscience on whether I can recommend actualized.org as a source of advice. So far I decided I can't. I'm not actually sure it would have a net positive effect on the students' lives if they started to dive into spirituality and psychedelics. It's a hard decision though, between authenticity and caution (coupled with fear).
  13. @Leo Gura Well do you have ANY people to discuss your ideas with before you make them public? JP may not be a good one. Yet everyone needs a quality discussion now and then. And, since you're going political now, you can't avoid strawmen unless you actually check in with the other person. Anyway, I liked the integrity video a lot. The gender video is not a bad attempt at going popular either. Haven't finished watching the JP video yet.
  14. I also think you should talk to JP about the SD model your critiques, Leo. Not necessarily publicly. You are also a well-known intellectual, would he decline a debate?
  15. Ah, one more thing: You called your thread "career change" and "crisis". You don't have a career yet, aka a series of jobs in the same field, or a lonterm business aspiration. You just have something that you are trying out to make some money and see what you like and dislike about it. You may consider not calling this a crisis either. Leo says people who do business fail many times before they find their thing... So you're on track. You just had one idea that didn't work out. Don't think of your situation as a crisis, just a place of uncertainty.