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  1. It's ok to need professional help. Find both a psychiatrist and a therapist you feel comfortable with. The psychiatrist can prescribe medication, which will get you out of the worst into a state of mind where you can actually do effective therapy and self-help again. The therapist will not only guide you through techniques. A big part of every therapy is the trusting relationship that you form with him or her. Any emotionally expressive techniques actually do work better, if you have someone nearby who keeps calm when you are not and helps name and mirror back to you whatever it is you are experiencing.
  2. Hear, hear. I must reiterate. The boundary between health and illness, especially mental health and illness, is so fuzzy. At some levels at least, there's no distinction between "healing" and "personal development".
  3. I'd be worried about actualised.org getting more easily banned/censored in some parts of the world.
  4. So I've been having chronic pain in my right tonsil, accompanied by tiredness, for at least half a year now, ended by two proper streptococcus tonsillitis with fewer and all last week and a month ago. I got penicillin for these and I'm on some kind of long-term penicillin antibiotic treatment now, but the tonsil doesn't seems to be cured, it has just receded into that kind of chronically painful/ inflamed? state. I'm gargling salvea, I've got oral probiotics too. The doctors seem inclined to remove my tonsils, which I'd obviously rather avoid. I'm unfortunatelly susceptible to other respiratory tract infections too, I'm afraid what else might get inflamed istead of the tonsils. Has anyone experience healing chronic tonsil problems in a less invasive way?
  5. 1) What is the impulse for writing this post? What is it you need from us? 2) Is there anyone you can go see in real life?
  6. Sorry about my sarcasm. I'm being emotional because I just recently got an ultimatum, and it made me not want to have anything in common with the people issuing the ultimatum. I don't doubt it's possible to rehabilitate a murderer. Easier for some, harder for others, depending on many factors. My point #1 is, it can't be proven. It's completely up to society to believe a murderer's personality change, or not. How is it ethical or helpful to their development to have them live in fear of a lethal injection for X years, completely at the mercy of the judge deciding if their life has become "useful" and "loving" enough? If you wanna give them a chance, have them complete a punishment, give them the resources to rehab themselves, and trust they can do it. You're putting society in some danger, but so are you if you give them the ultimatum. You can still kill them if they do more crime, but don't make it a Damocles' sword ready to fall at an artificial 10year mark, just make it a new trial for that new transgression.
  7. Yeah, because It makes sense to love and obey the norms of a society that threatens you death unless you prove something that cannot be proven
  8. @Javfly33 It's a core part of identity/ego, I give you that. Why would a LGBTQ person get triggered when people say they are sick/sinnful/traumatized? ...... You have a point though, gotta work on some more shame.
  9. I hear your experience and refuse to generalize it. My bdsm preference isn't a symptom of self-hate and harmful beliefs. I am NOT inclined to do bdsm when I hate myself. There might be some early-on attachment trauma going on, I seem to have that, but I didn't make any direct link to my kinks yet. I refuse to look at something that has given me genuine happiness as an indicator of "being broken". IF ever my bdsm preferences disappear completely as a result of shadow work, then I'll be able to say they stemmed from trauma. Until then, it's better to treat them as human variation. Some people like sports, although it gives them physical pain, or exactly because it causes the body to cope with that stress through endorphines. Some people meditate through incredible suffering. Neither is considered a result of trauma, it's considered healthy. Why is someone who enjoys working through suffering and reaching an endorphin high through spanking or rope, while also enjoying intimacy with their partner, seen as more traumatized than the average population? Think about it. It makes no sense. So I'd say bdsm prefereces and submission fantasies certainly CAN indicate trauma, but they don't necessarily need to. Enjoy your exploration!
  10. What literature. How ignorant. From my tantric education (admittedly limited, though I've had a year of weekly training), tantra values saying yes to experience, including consciously living through desires. From my (much broader) bdsm experience, if you're into it, bdsm touches the very core of your being, your sexual energy and your will to live through challenges. There's no contradiction. Do bdsm desires fall away as you walk the spiritual or the tantric path? Personally, I think that besides psychological conditioning, there's a deep bodily-spiritual component that's hard-wired into the layer where personal identity meats biology, so as long as you're in a body and have a personality to come back to, some bdsm preference may stay. So you may as well be ok with having them and include them in your spiritual living as a part of your body's wishes instead of labeling them dark and trying to transcend them as fast as possible.
  11. Sorry about your bloodpressure trouble. Obviously, consider all medical treatment offered. Also, psychedelics make you more emotionally sensitive, and bring up unconscious stuff. So I wonder. Could it be an emotion that is accessed more easily after your last trip and makes your heart agitated?
  12. Jump on board, it's day one. Free talks to understand trauma, society, and collective healing for the next week or so. Green/Turqoise. collectivetraumasummit.com
  13. Thanks!
  14. Are you an evil person, or a person who has done one bad deed? Can you see why you did what you did And find compassion? Be kind to yourself and patient with the grieving process
  15. Also, this might be interesting to some - the Finder's course by Jeffery Martin may be a scam. (Didn't take it, but I was compelled to at some point.) https://www.reddit.com/r/streamentry/comments/98e7gd/practice_my_review_of_finders_course_exposing_the/