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  1. A person with depression is a PERSON like any other. Usual communication conventions apply with the caveat that they might have a difficult time relating to your happiness or humor, and advice like "DO something .." often doesn't apply because they just don't have the emotional bandwidth to do it, their will tends to be drained by the most common tasks. (However, there's nothing in your post that indicates that she's currently in this deeply tired and inactive state. ) They will also probably have one or more topics where their defence mechanisms are very active - the topics most severely contributing to their mental health problems. A difficulty changing can't be really attributed to medication, rather to the broken parts of the psyche itself. What's your intention with this women, what would you like to talk about?
  2. I understand it as him not knowing what happened to you when you didn't come to the date without an explanation. If you fear your partner's life, or at least a breakup, it's a good reason to freak out. Drinking is not the best reaction, but some people do it. I'm not saying continue dating him or not, just please acknowledge that you gave him a reason by going unresponsive suddenly.
  3. @NormanN It also depends on the teacher's preferences. Giving a lecture vs. one on one individual work are very different experiences. Teachers are also allowed to choose their style of work. Edit: Sorry, I didn't read the thread. It has been said already.
  4. Hi, maybe you could take the position, considering it temporary, and continue to design your mission? Btw. if I'm guessing your country right (which I most likely am) drop me a pm and lets go for tea
  5. Gender reversed, there's a lot of advantages to a manly shoulder that isn't just skin and bones, trust me
  6. That's not negligible, so I'd say stay on your purpose. Vacations are also important though. Can you derive the same level of satisfaction you'd have with the van from travelling by train, hiking, sleeping under a tent or under the sky? That's the European low-cost way Try imagining some other amazing vacations in nature, maybe it helps.
  7. How much would buying the van delay your LP? I'm not sure if 7000 for a used van is cheap, you must know (taking into account it might need service more than a newer one).
  8. @petar8p I agree that the green color kinda influences who we notice on the forum. The hierarchy seems on purpose. Leo is a firm believer in developmental stages, and in there being noticeably different levels of consciousness. He chooses his mods, meaning he chooses whom to trust with the power that comes with moderation rights, so as to have a group of helpers who are reasonably developed and resonating with his vision for the forum. The hierarchy is necessary since moderation is necessary. Marking mods highlighted is a choice that has pros and cons. A lack of transparency would cause ample problems. Like this, you almost can't help noticing a mod anytime he writes something, even if they just express their very subjective opinions, however, they are also very self-aware of what they say, because they know they'll be watched more closely. However, sometimes I also find the green names distracting. I'd prefer if the mods had a way to mark certain posts where they exercise their moderation power - like locking a thread or issuing a warning to the debating parties - and otherwise wouldn't stand out that much.
  9. Should I really do techniques that bring up stuff? Does "shadow work" ever end? I'm mostly happy with my path, but sometimes I've also wondered how much it destabilizes me and if it's worth it. Kinda the "dark side of meditation/psychedelics/breathwork" question.
  10. @VeganAwake Good luck and thank you!
  11. Thank you for trying, but these are only words for me, they miss the mark. I know that's how Fred talks about nonduality, but mostly it was his meditations and pointers ... sometimes ... got me into the right mindset (?) for direct inquiry, reading isn't doing the same for me. You wanted to know if anyone had insight from Fred's material, so I gave you my experience, that's all. I'm curious how your one on one session turns out
  12. What do you mean you can approach once every 6 months? Is that because of social anxiety? Or you just take any potential relationship very seriously, so you take your time to gather your courage, and then a rejection hurts you so much? What might help you is reframing what you're doing and why you're doing it. Don't approach girls to have a life-long relationship with them. Just talk to people and try to see what healthy relating might look like for you. If you can have a short conversation that's pleasant for both sides, well, success! If you do some hobby and you can speak to the person next to you, and the next time you meet they say hi happily, great! If you go out for tea and get to know someone better, achievement unlocked! Don't count the rejections, just count pleasant moments as a contribution to your growing well of relationship experience. I have no idea if you can relate to what I'm saying, please tell me.
  13. I watched some (well, quite a lot) of Freds video's and no, I'm not awake... but some of them send chills down my spine, which I take as the ego defending itself.
  14. I see. I'm thinking about what your group can offer. Discussion of topics and feedback, sure. But these will be very different depending on the level, as you say, advanced people don't want to form a group with beginners only. Therefore I would say you need people of about the same level - driven beginners (to intermediates) eager to get into the field. If that's your companions, maybe making goal-setting and accountability one of the main points on schedule is not a bad idea. You learn together and within a year your beginner group can advance to intermediate. It depends though what your personal needs are from this group. If you need to speak to someone advanced, asking for mentoring may be more appropriate.