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  1. Art (as self-expression) is greatly related to self-actualization. Make creating art part of your practice.
  2. Accept the resistance? Accept that it's gonna take a little longer, and just watch all of it? (Not sure if that's the best answer out there, but that's what I would do.)
  3. I'd be surprised that he isn't telling us upfront though...
  4. She might be interested in you or not (wanting a relationship or just a supportive friend), we don't know and maybe she doesn't know herself. Most likely, she just wants someone kind to be with for now. If you're interested in her, but the breakup is recent, you may want to wait till her thinking is a little clear. Some (most?) girls go from relationship to relationship, but the partner-choices made in the middle of breakup grieving don't tend to be the best ones - meaning if you go too close too fast, you're likely to end up being the one she breaks up with a few months later.
  5. The attraction/passion/fire/limerence we feel ... I know two theories. One is, that we're being attracted to our shadow, to the sides we want to integrate more. The other is, that we love people who can offer similar "love" to what our parents offered one when we were little - which absolutely need not be a healthy adult kind of love. Both of these theories are a little scary. It does seem your radar is off. I'm not sure how that is solved. Get aware. Maybe you'll have to find some kind of compromise between what's attractive to you and what's you "ideal relationship" now.
  6. @LoveandPurpose Sorry to disappoint you, I haven't found a working approach to anxiety yet I'm totally sitting on the forum because I'm nervous about an exam. Feel it and move forward with it, or distract yourself, or focus on positive outcome, or calm youself down (with breathing, a hot bath or whatever), whatever works best for you right now.
  7. I just said she's open about these motivations (to paint a fuller picture). I saw her directly commenting on her need for admiration in one of her recent videos. Now I can't find it though. In my eyes it helps that she can comment on her more shallow motivations. She's decided to act them out, but as long as she's aware, she keeps some distance.
  8. I'm not sure there is scientific consensus on whether there is a difference or not That's my point. (I remember some holotropic breathwork advocate claiming that the way of breathing deeply and consciously is actually different from shallow hyperventillation that happens under stress etc.. But I haven't been very thorough with my research. You'll have to look into it. )
  9. You're doing the Wim Hof method basically. I think there's some research about that suggesting positive outcomes. I don't know the details. Hyperventilation is known to be harmful under certain conditions. So... there's a bit of a conflict.
  10. Can you elaborate?
  11. This is a very comprehensive video (I've seen it before), convincing in a lot of matters, and making Teal's motivations quite understandable. However, I don't feel she does justice to the plagiarism issue. (1:12:09) Here's someone who did some research on the similarities with Michael Brown https://amoraobscura.wordpress.com/2016/09/11/tealandthepresenceprocess/ ... it could still be mostly fashion/coincidence (after all, the completion process isn't really special in the aspect of being present), but it does seem massively inspired. Here are entire paragraphs from other webpages and people's blogs https://tealswanblog.wordpress.com/plagiarism/ (I haven't verified.)It's quite understandable that Teal would take information about Kambo or endometriosis from websites on Kambo and endometriosis. (The Steve Pavlina paragraph is quite worrisome though.) It's also clear a lot of her psychological insights are not hers, but main-stream therapy knowledge. Every teacher always builds on the shoulders of others. However, Teal NEVER cites her sources -- which is imho a real problem. After all, admitting that some idea is the work of someone else just points people to another good source. And if you're taking a whole paragraph... damn, it's just unfair to the original author not to mention her. (btw. I posted my comment under that video, I'm curious if they're gonna delete it)
  12. ... and is open about these motivations. @Emerald do you believe in her "extrasensory abilities"?
  13. @LoveandPurpose I agree. If you dare, being personal and authentic could really do the trick. Why and how did YOU get into spirituality? Tell them. Do you have a favourite meditation technique? Give it 5 minutes. Don't go blatantly against the rationalist's paradigm, just take their attention to their sensual and emotional experience. I think "how am I feeling in this moment" is way more relatable then "what is reality". You don't have to take them all the way up to talking about enlightenment ... or do you wont to do that? You 'just' need to spark their curiosity, have them talk to you later one on one, maybe check out a teacher. Regardless of the result, I think you are being very brave.