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  1. @Leo Gura Well do you have ANY people to discuss your ideas with before you make them public? JP may not be a good one. Yet everyone needs a quality discussion now and then. And, since you're going political now, you can't avoid strawmen unless you actually check in with the other person. Anyway, I liked the integrity video a lot. The gender video is not a bad attempt at going popular either. Haven't finished watching the JP video yet.
  2. I also think you should talk to JP about the SD model your critiques, Leo. Not necessarily publicly. You are also a well-known intellectual, would he decline a debate?
  3. Ah, one more thing: You called your thread "career change" and "crisis". You don't have a career yet, aka a series of jobs in the same field, or a lonterm business aspiration. You just have something that you are trying out to make some money and see what you like and dislike about it. You may consider not calling this a crisis either. Leo says people who do business fail many times before they find their thing... So you're on track. You just had one idea that didn't work out. Don't think of your situation as a crisis, just a place of uncertainty.
  4. I have zero business skills. So to me, if you can get a product up and running at 15, sound incredibly cool. You'll have money, and you'll know how business works. Plus you may practice some willpower, if there's grinding involved. To me, you do sound at least somewhat passionate - you tried, and you consider trying again. It's not like you're trying to do a thing that's been imposed on you by someone elses expectations. So I'd say go do it if you can, have a business next year. Would be incredible. The LP course, you can do it bit by bit. You can keep looking around if there's something more meaningful that you'd like to take up. Just set aside some time for it on a regular basis.
  5. If that is relevant to any solution you might suggest (is it?), would it be ok to move to pm? loss, rejection, abandonment ... pain, sadness, grey creating ... hell yes or blank acceptance ... sure! acceptance of that particular pain? hell no (more pain)! unity ... blank, no emotional association. Or fear. intimacy, closeness ... hell yes I know you've read my story already. It's evolving slowly. Can it be dropped? Hm...
  6. You know, that's rather hard to say. I've suggested loss, rejection ... abandonment perphaps... some kind of disconnection. They are not bound to trigger the sharp clear aspect of that emotion which I know as pure pain, but they are a huge trigger.
  7. Not quite sure - leaning towards anxious, though not too bad. Been in (long, almost overlapping) relationships all of my adult life.
  8. @Origins Who are you and what's your motivation, are you training to become a therapist? Anyway, try this. For the past ten years or so, I've been working with a pain in my chest (I don't remember feeling it previously in my life, but I don't remember any emotions from that time). I'm sure it's an emotion, but it's so localized it feels almost physical. It appears when I feel loss, rejection, but often without a recognizable trigger. When I feel into myself, most of the time it's there to some degree, and sometimes it's so present it clouds my ability to function or experience any other emotion. It's sometimes dissolved by sexual ecstasy, love, rare experiences of "light". Rarely, it can be let go of by de-focussing attention, but usually, I can't find a way to snap out of pain if it's intense. When I tried self-inquiry meditation, and to my surprise, at one point my usual "I" in my head dissolved, but an identification with the pain in my chest appeared. "I am pain." It decreases my quality of life severely by blocking joy and creativity, yet in some way, it's dear to me. There is resistance or more pain if I try to "let go of it". I think it may be a very young, pre-verbal part of myself.
  9. Often whatever "awareness exercise" you naturally feel like doing is what can move you the most at the moment, because you will be doing it with the most passion. You feel like journaling, or meditation, or drawing, or climbing up a mountain? Start there. Journaling is definitely a great thing to do, if you feel the urge to write. I've done it semi-regularly for years, just to get some thoughts and feelings "out of the system", and it helped my self-awareness. You can't go beyond concepts, as you can with meditation, but you can sort out a lot of your daily hickups. If you have time, definitely do go for the life-purpose course as well. To choose a career, you need vision&experience. The course is about seeking a vision, the experience part, you'll have to do real-life What are you doing during your summer? If you're starting college, that will be a major change in your life, which will give you many opportunities for growth that you don't need to actively look for. You'll have to study more intensely, you'll socialize with new people, and if you're living away from your parents for the first time, you'll also have to learn how to cook and take care of yourself. During the exam period, maintaining healthy habits even under pressure is a major challenge. I'd say just make sure this is a path you want, and then just live through it - don't worry whether you're doing enough of "the work", because unless you are drowning your days in alcohol and porn, you are.
  10. Dear everyone, I'm finishing phd, and I'm not continuing science, so I'm looking for a job. I've been offered data analysis work in a company, which is quite respected for doing pre-election voter surveys and other public polls, but also, they do media analysis (to see which demographics watches what media and when) and sell their results to marketing companies. This means I would do some kind of research with no control over how my results are being used to target advertising. Is that too bad? I've done the life-purpose course, and got something out of it - I'm now running a personal development and sharing group for students at my university, but that's far from becoming a career
  11. Do you intend to finish your high school later? Whilst I can understand a university degree being optional, closing the door on that... when you have no idea... seems too soon. Go sort out your concentration issues, choose a high school and finish that! I say that, because unless it's some kind of sudden mental-health emergency (and even if it is), I don't believe quitting school is gonna help you improve concentration. It's actually sitting through your lectures and doing your best to be attentive, that helps you, providing the necessary practice. Being idle, sitting at home with your computer and wasting your time will make you sink deeper and deeper into your hole, whatever it is. Sorry for seeming a bit judgy, take it as an opinion from someone who's had 'concetration issues' throughout all of her university and phd studies... My concentration was always best in periods when I had the most schoolwork to do (measured by go-boardgame tournaments success ). And trust me, it was a hell of a lot easier when my time was structured by lectures. My phd required more self-motivation, and now I have to give up science, cause I was to unconcentrated/lazy to hit the bar. But whatever. If you can sit through 5 hours of practice in annimation and drawing techniques a day, or learn a language with similar intensity, go for that. If you can't? Please do yourself a favor, stop fooling yourself and go back to school.
  12. What are your life circumstances? Are you still in high-school? Language-related careers could include translating (what I hear, doesn't usually pay so well on its own), simultaneous translation (a very different discipline, because you need to be very flexible), linguistics (with all the perils of trying to succeed in academia), diplomacy, international business relations, or simply using your language skills to work abroad or work for a foreign company. I don't know about animation. You could off course try to pursue a career in movie-making. Or, you could go on studying languages, and keep animation as a hobby on the side. Who knows, maybe you'll create a second phd comics and get famous. Here's a locally successful linguistic comics too https://www.knihydobrovsky.cz/kniha/opraski-sceski-historje-596035 . Watch the video about making small bets. What's the next small project you'd like to take up? Draw something? Or something language related?
  13. Say you are happy and content. What do you want to do next? I suggest, you might want to create something. Start small. Draw a picture? (That's what I do now.)
  14. @bejapuskas What's new?
  15. Thanks for being back, Leo.