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  1. Just buy it. Don't worry, the course won't make you decide to follow your passion and be poor - although it is true that it advocates following higher goals than just being rich. What it will make you do, is to have a close look at your authentic values. So if freedom is one of them, you'll understand much better what freedom means to you and how important it is compared to your other values after taking the course.
  2. Yes, mastery and confidence are attractive. I don't know what your field is, but if you speak about something confidently in public, you may as well have a bunch of fan-girls follow you. Let me warn you though that this is quite insufficient as a basis of a relationship. You'll still have to get to know the other person, and they will get to know the real you outside of your domain of mastery, in your greatest vulnerabilities. The rose-coloured glasses a girl gets when she sees someone who's confident in their field - take care to get them off early. Like, first date already, you should be letting her see who you really are aside from that persona. Otherwise, you can end up with some serious incompatibility in your relationship, when she expects that superhero that she saw talking, while you, in fact, very much need someone who's able to love the much more tender parts of yourself.
  3. (Disconnection from the bodies sensations is a prime symptom of trauma.) I'm listening to interviews with rather interesting people in this online event https://collectivetraumasummit.com/ They make the talks available for a limited amount of time - four more days to go. If you're an aspiring therapist or actualizer interested in understanding their own legacy, it's worth listening to some of these, or just going through the list of speakers and googling them. The organizer, Thomas Hübl, seems to teach a bit of spirituality.
  4. I don't know how serious your injury is, but recognize that your body genuinely needs energy to heal, so resting when injured is not a failure of will, it's necessary. Otherwise, please listen to other people, my daily routines suck
  5. What would be the difference from this forum?
  6. @Leo Gura Are you still happy with the content of the life-purpose course, or would you make any major adjustments?
  7. How to have a healthy relationship with my parents as an adult?
  8. How do I decide if I want kids? What if I still "don't feel ready" in my 30ties?
  9. I'm not sure what your opportunity is exactly, but it sounds beautiful (I've got images of dragons growing out of fancy non-specific visuals in my head right now.) People who are into fantasy typically do have a vivid visual imagination and can appreciate a sense of wonder & an appreciation of a good story = the heroes journey. Appeal to their curiosity. Make them intuit there is more behind the curtain. Make them find the courage of a hero and carry it over to their real life, if you can find a way to do that. Can you make it a VR project? Have people walk through your beautiful world and really fight the dragon of their fear? Connect digital art with LARP? All depends on your finances and your audience obviously. No idea. Just brainstorming. Also, found a post about something remotelly similar. https://www.reddit.com/r/askphilosophy/comments/6i71tv/what_video_games_explore_philosophical_topics_well/)
  10. Ask people you do know if they know any entrepreneurs. If they do know someone you might want to talk with, ask them to introduce you, or ask for a contact. Ask your friend's friend, the entrepreneur, if they are willing to sit down with you for a coffee and tell you about their business. They may decline, but a lot of people are willing to help out somebody who's a beginner. They may not become your friends, but they might be willing to spend an hour with you. Before you go talk to them, know what you want to achieve. Have specific questions prepared. If you know what you need to ask them, and can be hopeful about your prospects to succeed as a coach, there's a chance they'll have a pleasant time sharing their experience. Btw., don't just gather experience from those who succeded, also talk to those who didn't and think about how to do better.
  11. Is it possible that it a fear / limiting belief ? Like you think that 20 will be way more difficult then 10, so your mind goes nuts? I'd observe your expectations and subtle fears when you sit down today.
  12. @Byun Sean That's what I also thought. Maybe you can form partnerships with other artists who are more focused on making raw material. You'd have to find some people with a similar "raising consciousness" vision, but since there are artists who want to inspire people or make them aware of global problems. Can you imagine being the tech/IT expert for people making a documentary? (note that I don't understand the industry)
  13. Sometimes I'm not sure. Am I really depressed less often? It's giving me hope, that's for sure, but how much is just a dream I hold on? Then I talk to someone and realize they're having a problem that I've already overcome. What I'm sure is, that what I'm coming to experience and understand are deep answeres to my curiosity.
  14. Do you know how to teach other people safely, or do you only know what works for you? (<-good reason to take a certification for teachers) Showing your customers that you're certified is not a bad thing. If you have the time, I would start the training & start teaching at the same time, or start teaching and get the training soon. You can get more out of the course if you already have some teaching experience, and you don't get demotivated by having to do a training first, if you start teaching right away.