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  1. By the way, the last video is one of the most inspiring things I have ever came across with in my life... I couldn't wait to write this as a comment under the vid.
  2. Very well said @Leo Gura But interestingly, even in his close consciousness it's easy to see that there is that deep desire within him that makes the guy willing to go beyond those limits; but:) who's gonna take those existential risks? Then of course you get uncomfortable with the ones who do. It really makes me curious: what exactly makes a human brave enough to go beyond that line? Sure, there is good amount of people who's willing; but what exactly the thing makes them take the actual action/actual path? Actually I think quite opposite. With deep videos yes people might feel very scared, or might have difficulty to understand or relate to them, but it's ever depressive or dark. They surely might not get it, but human nature is inherently on the look for finding and deeply (re)-connecting with what really it is.. it just is.. the magnificent design orders it, there is no other way around actually:D so that whatever they might experience at the surface layer of their consciousness, deep down they are the most motivated ones: I know this in my bones, more than than I know my existential reality:D Actually I was about to write just the opposite in the comments of the vid. I haven't watched the second one yet, but: in the first video, the content is presented in such a very well organized and so easy to understand manner, even for someone who's quite unrelated to such topics. I really did think this way, right in the first quarter of it while watching.
  3. Very nicely said @RunningWater
  4. 3h 40mins?? What have you done @Leo Gura? I'm really curious right now. Ahhahahah sit and contemplate on your sins tonight then what did you do wrong and god gave you this punishment AND LET US KNOW
  5. @Key Elements that's a really nice share! Thank you. @Shin yeah, me too! Actually I started to loose it from the get go but that was the moment of no return Naa.. c'mon. It's just counterintuitive evidence to our expectation.
  6. @Sri Ramana Maharshi no worries, don't be hard on yourself. Wisdom cannot happen without faults and falling into traps. Sometimes even your wrong-doings can cause greater improvements on others, you don't know. When you realize those faults, just understand your main need behind it and feed it as best as you can. It's all about it basically. Yeah, when someone becomes well-known by the society, that's kind of what happens; meaning there will be a 'caricaturization' so to speak of the real person, like a little summarization of their contribution. Not easy of course to carry it but the ones whose gonna understand them, will do so; the ones who cannot get it, will remain position no matter what.
  7. Okay guys @Shin @John Iverson I really can explain what you're gonna watch! It's a modern dance routine with a cajon performer. I teach flamenco and I play cajon A little bit too, okay.. this is how I came across with the vid, I want to clarify that I don't watch the talent vids at all, this one poped up while searching upbeat music w cajon. Okay?! Allons-y:
  8. @Rinne that's interesting, thank you for sharing. It's been now almost 6 months that I wake up without alarm clock. I used the alarm just 2 or 3 times in this period but even then I didn't need it to wake up. I have an accountable partner from the forum that we share our goals together; this sleep cycle and waking up without alarm clock was an important goal for me, but alone I hadn't been making progress about it, then now by the help this partnership I've been focusing on it much more easily so now it settled so well. It's a really long way to solve it, but observing what you do, what you want and need then organizing your habits accordingly is a really great way. An accountable partner is so helpful. For example today, now I'm late to sleep but because I set the habit nicely my body compensates such cases so well now. And I know how much flexibility/play room I have to keep the habit in the right place.
  9. In my opinion you had attracted this partner to your life because of the mindset you had been having. Since this is a very rare case scenario. If we look at how you form the situation: there is this bed, there is this girl and there is you as a pleaser. You are the responsible one to create enough sex and you are the responsible one to please and satisfy her. Where there is this society of two people; who have common interests and desires. While growing up if you see your mother or your female care taker unfulfilled, dissatisfied, unhappy so that had the strong desire to change that fact; to make her happy and satisfied etc., but then surely you were a small child and most expectedly while she was having her difficulties she inherently never took you seriously on that since you are the kid. So you were not the right match to the duty. But a male mind wires it as 'I am not enough to please her' because 'I am ... this or that ...' Our first relationship with the other gender magnifies itself to the whole other gender itself. Then, you might have been looking for something small that caused you to not to be able to satisfy and shift the situation for the better. In fact, the ability to enjoy life, the capacity of receiving pleasure is a very very personal skill.. you have nothing to do with other people's ability to do so. All you can do is explore yourself and your way of enjoying life at large and getting rid of the inner inhibitions for that. How much pleasure she's gonna give you? How is she gonna please you? How are you gonna receive and appreciate it? How open are you to be pleased and served? How are you gonna enjoy your own sexuality and your sexual life? How are you gonna clean out the barriers you have? How are you gonna convince yourself that you really are deserving it?
  10. That's so amazing and beautiful @Key Elements thank you very much❤