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  1. @Not me just be careful, if there is a stress level related to physical exercises (like achieve a physical goal in a set time frame) that can be tricky, you need to challenge the body in a very gentle manner, otherwise it can cause more damage than improvement, or at least it puts you out of training longer than you expect. Rest well please, rather than lack of stretch, it sounded to me like, you forced your body more than needed. Be gentle to your body.
  2. Oh.. timing of the video! After performing all Sunday long, all night vomiting then I coached all of the students & staff members of another studio the day after..wish I did such a thing on last Saturday... and I would like to invent a soup to even out the emotions.. that was an interesting self-inquiry: who is really this strong and positive? I'm 100% positive, that was 'not me'
  3. How did you find out that was an inflamed nerve? How do know that is due to weight lifting?
  4. @Annetta @Annetta @Annetta That's been always a part of my life, but particularly this way has started at my college years.
  5. @Dragallur oh.. that's nice at least two of us were in! Thanks
  6. Happy Birthday Leo❤ Last year on this time, I didn't know that there is such a person alive in the world.. I remember the moment that one of your videos poped in on my screen: my life has changed forever.. You are such a truthful hardworking man who sincerely puts his effort into life and also who is being so generous in that... My only wish for you is; I hope the universe treats you the way you deserve. I love you❤ sevi
  7. So? No-one meditated today? @Dragallur ? I was experimenting meditation during the event almost all day long, so no one was in? Oh boy! Whatever, mine was interesting, I it became an enjoyable inner game to call myself back to experimenting meditation -and I was assuming some of you guys were in too- while performing with students it was impossible, I was just present with them, but throughout the event that was really enjoyable process... Yeah... let's check on the perseverance may be
  8. In that sense yes, we can say truth is limited, that's something obvious and clear; but the expressions of it especially through our way of experiencing it can be limitless, especially if we care to look for it and can be brave to grasp. Not even getting too deep about life matters, but just when we are capable of opening ourselves to different or unexpected 'occurrings', the things we learn or discover about ourselves and life can be quite surprising, for me actually it's 'magical' in that sense. This reminded me a memory of mine, Years ago, back in my country one day I was in a different city for an event, that morning I woke up and said to myself out of nowhere "magic is our power -as a human being- to transform" then I laughed at my 'out of nowhere morning philosophy', then somehow I ended up in a supermarket a short while later, then found this book right away 'Sorcerer's Crossing' by Taisha Abelar.. the title in my language was a little different.. I had known Caslos Castaneda's books back then, but I never knew, Don Juan's American-Indian group of friends: 'sorcerers', this book was very similar teachings for women. The preface was written by Carlos Castaneda where he says that, that had been an unwritten rule not to talk about these group of people under Don Juan's protection... so he was mentioning the related truth about them right in the preface after that lady wrote the book. That day was one of the days in my life, that I felt something 'magical' and had felt a bit like 'invited' and kind of 'initiated'... that's actually a really good sensation in life to look forward to... thanks for reminding it:) So you took the picture.. with a intuitive urge.. that's interesting, there is something in it, I like it. Thanks for taking me to some place different, for this little while!
  9. Sometimes?? Oh, you are such an optimist
  10. He might be in one of the meditation retreats or be working on one of his projects Or After seeing some terrible posts, he might be contemplating and re-evaluating what he did by establishing this forum! "Oh Good God! what I just did?!" I hope he is fine, just before his birthday...🌼
  11. @Progress I found this topic quite fascinating too, this was a very exciting read. If someone else would be also able to bring something out from you, what would you like that thing to be? because it seems that you're good at that; like being a doctor and able to heal others; but if you had a chance to find another doctor, what would be your thing that you'd wanted to come about so that you'd enjoy the result or appreciate the process? Does this mean seeing the major/real motive of that action? And I wondered what is the relevance that you thought, between your subject and the picture? Is it like, knowing people inside out well, but yet not using your power in a corrupted way? Using your ability to protect more than attack? I wondered
  12. @Dodoster sounds calming and beautiful!
  13. let us know about the urge time ahead if you can, maybe we can howl as a chorus! Yeah, tomorrow, let's see if I'll be able to meditate throughout the motion...
  14. I'm the first one to finish today I believe. But this one went so smooth! I could got soaked in into oneness like right away! It's chilly out today so I was indoors.. I'm enjoying this a lot guys! Thank you all, being part of this now for me it's time to prep tomorrow's stuff... I wonder, how did yours go people? Much love, 🌼
  15. 4 mins to go... I'm in. Love you all.