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  1. Yes this is one of my favourites in modern dance.. It teaches you a lot about spirituality unexpectedly.. It's interesting that you found it.. it's something among the modern dancers most of the time..
  2. @CreamCat I definitely suggest to buy that. It's not about career or external success; it's about discovering who you are and your current values about life. Naturally a career path will be strongly attached to who you are and what you wanna do with your existence; but obviously it's a byproduct. Maybe you are gonna be following deeper inner work as your priority; and without getting into that journey by putting your conscious effort into it, you will not know. Generally most of the people are trying to figure out a career path in life first before asking important big questions about their existence and existence at large; but without knowing yourself and your core values basically you are sailing with no destination.. It can go anywhere and everywhere; but.. which is it? Course is about finding a true purpose: your own purpose; to be capable of celebrating each day of your life and having a strong reason to carry on, on those unbearable moments. Like very nicely said in his 'money psychology' episode, it's about growing that tree nicely, which eventually is gonna give its fruits. And he is just sharing his journey with people, he is not trying to impose any approach or ideology, on the contrary he gives his best effort to be at the same distance from every possible thing which creates room to question everything thus radical open-mindedness. That is an essential ground to stand to raise one's consciousness. As humans we want certainty, which is perfectly understandable but his all concept is all about embracing the paradox of life at every level basically.
  3. An analysis of marriage and relationships from a divorce lawyer. It summarizes the major aspects of the relationships well.
  4. To get into thoughtless awareness. But without applying this method, you cannot understand the difference of this one from the one you acquire from deep meditation. This is a slightly altered state, nothing to be scared of, you don't loose your control/consciousness or anything, but your perception shifts a bit. In Indian supermarkets there is this butter called gee, it's butter. You can use that. If you won't do it i will not write details. Opening of Sahasrara Chakra is equal to self realisation; for that the last step is related to previous chakra: Hamsa Chakra: the deities of this chakra is Jesus and Mother Mary and the quality is forgiveness. Long story short, ego and super ego meets at this chakra and implies pressure here. Thinking so much or even having the thought forms disturbs this intersection. To cure it, there are several ways. It's not like oh I'm gonna meditate and stop this thinking process. So you do some several work to cure the chakra. The more you think the more your liver gets heated, since it is part of the production of the energy (related sugar form in the body) that brain uses to support the thinking process... Well this stuff is pretty comlicated and interrelated.. That I need to write almost every day to make sense but.. Basically it. @7thLetter
  5. @SFRL thank you🌼 I'm sorry @7thLetter , nice to hear that you'll give it a try. I still recomend the butter. Yes I do it in a regular basis.
  6. Okay. The more you do the further apart "it" will fall from you. And the more frustrated you're gonna get. Instead of purifying your attention, you keep distracting it with thoughts and analysis and judgments, and you're narrowing down your own gate into your enlightenment, if not closing. Stop talking. And stop posting at least a day or two. For the sake of continuation of your business you keep dividing your attention and you are disturbing your attention. Stop for maybe just for a day. Forum will survive. Don't do this to yourself. Put ice on your liver every two hours for about 15 mins and pour melted butter into your nostrils; hopefully it'll cure a bit of this nonsense. @7thLetter
  7. @7thLetter I do a deep work with kundalini on a daily basis; and because I fell into right channel and I got really irritated, I'm writing this now.. what I would have loved to acquire, was to be able to stay in the witness position.. BUT!! ELAS!! I would be so so so willing to share the staff that I do... But more and more I see this is not the platform for it. I have to stop being in this forum. Talking and talking and talking about enlightenment. Really?? Really?? I can't believe myself I'm now writing.. But guess what if I keep hanging around withright channels what else is gonna happen?? Right?? "I" "do" "learning" ; "I" "do" "yoogaa" "I" "meditated" "A LOT!!!" "Like, the other day 'I' meditated like """8""" hours!!" "WOw" You know @7thLetter I distance myself from people too; especially when I feel there isn't any room to share the staff that I do; for a regular meditator, those things will gonna sound like absurd.. And you being judgemental like this, there is no question your friend distant himself. Who are you to judge someone else's growth?? You say you grow a lot, well hello to your ego, since your judgemental defence mechanism up there; maybe you're just kidding yourself, who knows?? How are we gonna measure?? Should we send the sizes of our dicks too? With the pictures of them for the proof?? It would be very convenient.
  8. Hi💚 You still can, free from (whatever happened and still is) 💚 Sun always shines after every rain, after every tornado, after every storm; always. 🌄🌼 You can talk to me You're doing great:) ❤
  9. what happened to the civil Gura? Cops were called to close his thread down so they fulfilled their duty so well ahahah.. See Leo, modern times.. people are not allowed to speculate even in their own sites!! Ahahaahhahha!! Good times Being naughty like a kid and just fuck around in your own website could be a fun feeling
  10. This was pretty interesting! Thank you for the share @pluto!
  11. Yes, although it might not be the right timing but I totally agree with this. Also the important thing is without acknowledging the fact that what the other party has been through, our own healing won't happen either. To feel right is helpful for the ego to recover for sure which is also essential and necessary, but without letting go of it at some point when one is ready; the real shift of the frequencies you live in for the better, will delay also.
  12. @zoey101 My heart goes to you. I can relate to your situation, I'm under a big stress too recently, i also ended up in an emergency room this morning. Mindfulness and long-term planning are the greatest tools in these cases i believe.. Focus on the good, plan your way out from the bad stuff, sure it's easier said than done but it's not like there is another way around or short cut.
  13. @Dan Behm inspirational. thanks for sharing.