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  1. @kieranperez watch "Amazing Grace" It's a true story, a biography. This guy (William Wilberforce), "maneuvers his way" through Parliament, to end the slave trade, in 18th century in Britain.
  2. Oh! I missed this so badly! Wish I checked the forum on Saturday..
  3. My best advice is burn your boats and never ever turn back. That's the best way to move forward in such cases. And the things @Huginn said else than that. Even if the things goes the worst, you'll always be better than what and where you are right now.
  4. I think you are a very honest person, it's clear to see it from your post. What I could say is that you are a honest person who is getting more and more uncomfortable with a tool used for managing the circumstances. It's understandable because your actual self doesn't resonate with with the surviving/managing skill. Start with respecting the good it did for you, probably it supplied some flexibility and reach out. Then being an ordinary person is good enough, being so harsh with so called wrong actions won't do any good. The thing I think, you are so yearning to be accepted and welcomed as just your actual identity but it didn't happen for a while so there is this risk of not to be loved or accepted. Guess what love means? Or acceptance? It's different being all unaware person who tries every way out on the expense of other's security or there is this someone who tries his best to deal with his issues. If someone is incapable of understanding such struggles they are not in any journey yet, they'll love you later, but the other ones will be like 'what took you this long silly ' just to be yourself Accept and love yourself with your lies:) we already do;) you are the only one who is harshly criticizing ❤
  5. I'll give my next lesson in a meditative mood then!
  6. And who appreciates Leo, are not just homo-sapiens anymore
  7. I wouldn't call them as weaknesses. A rational minded woman is a rare thing, and personally I find feminine qualities in a male mind quite attractive. You have a potential to master the complexity of intricate qualities within you. But it takes time. I think you are just young. Sometimes 'less needy' looking people might make you doubt yourself. Honestly, there is no one on earth who is 'not needy' and no one is really confident. Just everyone has their own ways to deal with their needs and life; and you learn along the way which ends up being your 'confidence'. But of course this fact shouldn't be a reason not to work on yourself and to understand your needs and your deep desires; to trace your root causes and heal them, that's one of the major reasons of existence actually.. most of the time those hurtful relationships or experiences in life are just nice causes to put you on a journey to yourself.
  8. I appreciate your effort. ❤ @username
  9. @NicAndStuff it's just the opposite: you do personal development because it helps you to accomplish in life. And as a bonus, on your way, you understand the real meaning of what an accomplishment is. It's worth it. There is nothing to be afraid of. It's the right and proven strategy.
  10. Years ago, one of the sitcoms that I played -one of the ones that I loved the most- was opening the curtains with this music.. with the first 26 sec intro of this song: Today I started the day with the forum, and I'm ending the day with forum:) okay:) good night everyone!
  11. Some images/ideas/visualizations shift something deep inside you. We generally recognize those moments so clearly. It's like all of a sudden something gives life to something; that something lights up a flame in you.. those moments are so breathtakingly inspirational, your body and your inner being reacts to that.. those are the moments we create 'the life' 'the project' 'the whatever the whole thing is'.. I think the moment any single vision you are seeing from your soul's window -from within- out to your mind-eye, which creates that effect on your being is exactly the moment that thing is created into starts to breathe right on. I think that sensation is the key, other than that, that will rest as a linear mental project without the 3rd dimension.
  12. Hahah! Right?! I like the way they wrap up their little fingers around a finger:) it's like transference of pure life force:)
  13. I'm really happy for that @Max_V Yeah, himself Mr. @Shin is funny too, especially when he is not Hhumming..