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  1. Oh my god he really has an actual book! Ahah! And he apes Leo Ahahah
  2. We need to make sure that Leo includes his book, in the book list:) He has one 'vision board' episode: "..see I had this vision board 10 years ago and I still have it! "
  3. Don't try to convince her, just speak into her reality which she can grasp: tell her Jesus is already always with you and her, even if you don't go to church; and because of her prayers and beautiful heart, you'll be always protected. It'll calm her motherly heart, and her ease will help you out.
  4. Great article. Thanks.
  5. Message received Thanks for enlightening this subtlety. So true.
  6. @BjarkeT thanks a lot! If I give you my inner stubbornly-pushing-self's dial up number, could you tell it not to snap?since I'm generally in a rodeo ride with it, maybe it'll listen you better I really appreciate to refresh this fact thought seriously, thank you.
  7. @Shane597 Sweetheart, it's just you are very young and at the very beginning of your journey. That's okay, that's normal. Please just work on yourself: mature up by doing the work: learn about life, learn about yourself: by reading, by willingly joining life: trying physically anything that matters to you, that makes you interested and curious: go check them out, taste them: then sit and evaluate and get closer to know yourself better: not in a spiritual way; in a simple practical way: your likes, dislikes, what cheers you up etc. So use your young energy this way: a constructive way towards your life: 'your way' of living thus mature up your psyche. You will see some other voyagers on that way: some will be your friends; some will be more than friends; and there will be very resonating ones... but. Put your attention, put your heart, put your focus on to be on the path to be yourself, to find yourself, to understand yourself and mature yourself.. then the female energy -in any vital, necessary form to your being- will gonna do the follow through. But you need to learn how to take the lead first. As its nature, female energy won't lead: if you chase after that, it won't get you anywhere. Don't waste your energy trying to figure out where to find the females, the ones you want in your life, that'll only exhaust you. Get into the life the way you wanna partake, the way you wanna exist, do the things you wanna do, try the things you wanna try, they will show up on that road. I really hope what I wrote somehow makes sense and resonates with you. Wishing you all the best dear! ❤
  8. You are very thoughtful thank you❤
  9. Oh you too?! You should talk to @Ray @Martin123 what's weeb forum Martin? I mean, I apologize that I got off topic.. (your subject -anime- caught me off-guard)
  10. @nahtanoj 😊 let her be..
  11. No, I meant, without meditation and self-inquiry, without doing the work and prep; just eating them won't really fully satisfy the urge which our real essence is craving for to reunite. I mean, of course there is this undeniable function of the mushrooms but if the mind and body is not prepared yet deservedly for the experience to grasp, it might just pass 'you' by... yes it is also said that it can inherently happen in an instant to a person but what could be the the chances for that really? That depends on the cartoon we're talking😊 That's the enthusiasm I'm talking about😃 what about a mushroom challenge?😉@Martin123 😄 Do not that ego, LOVES to blur the mind, ALL THE TIME?!
  12. Ahah! No short cuts please:)
  13. Wow.. this is so beautiful! so beautiful.. thanks for sharing this💓 🌸
  14. @Epiphany_Inspired no quite the opposite, this is a different angle which enriched my sight! This is very kind of you, thank you very much indeed❤
  15. Couple of weeks ago I was talking to my father, helping him out on some of his issues.. he really found the conversation helpful and then said to me that after I started watching that guy I became wiser this response surprised me but I got a little annoyed that all the credit went to Leo