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  1. And also: Whatever you are chasing is chasing you
  2. We can consider detachment as static and dynamic; as if in balance. Both types requires different practices. If you just retrieve and meditate, it reminds me of a practice for static balance. Life is ongoing interactions with everything, internal and external. If we cut off one thing, that's good, sometimes that is what's necessary, but I think we also need to learn to be detached on the very moments of the interactions. Then we can peacefully let the things be, I think..
  4. Yup! I completely agree! One of the quick fixes is humor, always carries you to a better place than where you start and laughing at the things is an excellent cure for life. Here is what I chose for you, 0:27 in.. You'll like it๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿ’š
  6. @Emerald Thank you.
  7. Very well said @Emerald , thank you for putting it into a better approach. I appreciate your work, and I respect your efforts a lot. I've just watched your shadow video and I found it very helpful and efficient. I have this question for you, these guys have a Emerald to reach and to be educated & cured by. What about the ones they interacted thus most likely they damaged? For example, what would you do when you see your kids tending to harm others?
  8. I recommend you guys to read this thread as "the other one" who is being talked about. Very heart breaking. Very much so. Interestingly people who are talking too much about unconditional love, are mostly the ones who is being the most discriminative and judgemental, and incapable of loving. If you hurt the other one's feelings, how in the earth, you'll experience love? How? Oh this girl that I'm hanging out with is kind of a piece of shit, but should I really keep it on the side?/ oh that reaction he/she gave was a total red flag.. you are comfortably judging those ones.. excuse me, so who the fuck do you think you guys are?? Maybe rather than analyzing how you project your parts into the other and 'love' 'your reflections'; practice 'understanding' why and where 'the other one's' reactions come from; because when you start to 'see' and 'understand' background of the other person/people, you cannot do anything but love them. If we consider for a moment why this dame loving the other one would matter; that; I'd like to tell you.. it will because lead you to love 'yourself' fully, so that you'll feel complete and whole, and feel comfortable in your skin. So you won't be so stressed and strict about those 5 other people 'which' will enhance your growth, you'll be worry-free; then you can embrace the whole 'world' or at least what universe brings in front of you. This thread somehow broke my heart into pieces.
  9. www.npr..txt
  10. One last one: "Sometimes it's little bit of both!" @Leo Gura I hope I'm not crossing the line; there was such a dancing energy in it, I couldn't help it. InShot_20171006_214042618.mp4 * if I had better skills for designing such images, I would have liked to make a little dance routine, putting all of these images together, under the title of "the dance of the consciousness"
  11. 1_5098416730594607133.mp4
  12. InShot_20171006_173131877.mp4