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  1. YES. START WORKING ON YOUR PURPOSE NOW. The course builds the back bone of your life. How much would you pay for such a cure?
  2. @UDT I'm gonna write you again, I realized I need more time to write the things I want to write orderly, I'll say 'see you' for now..
  3. It's when the reality gets absolutely naked before your non-existing eyes; then all of a sudden, unexpectedly the strings of your heart start to sing the song of infinity and create new universes out of no-where... @Shin 💖
  4. @Ryan_047 of course you deserve to be happy and loved, it's as simple as that:) and most probably more than most of the other folks.. but seems like you are so hard on yourself, and not appreciating your efforts.. why not though? Giving a little breather, a bit of self-appreciation? Looks like you need yourself more than anything else but somehow you are behaving mean to yourself by not being with yourself.. it's really not necessary, stop punishing yourself like that, you are a beautiful creature.
  5. @Ryan_047 look this pretty girl has a message for you :
  6. @UDT Yes, I assumed so. I'm happy that you took your time to answer it. Likewise, I'll write you soon, I've just read it, I also need some time to gather my thoughts. 🌼💐
  7. @Wes Thoughts as far as I understand it, yes. This energy awakens within by itself as a response to the (semi)/conscious desire for awakening; so it might cause awakening. What I see in general, is, the conditionings are the major blocks which claim our proximity to our awakening.
  8. @Epiphany_Inspired let it be than for a while..eventually you'll get where you wanna be💙
  9. @Wes Thoughts yes it is something experienceable. It's a gradual process. I haven't experienced anything bad, or anything scary about it. The desire to know ourselves -what we are- is a very natural and pure desire. This is just one of the ways to explore our true nature.
  10. @UDT yes, this is a hard case; but it is not hopeless either, first of all we should start from that point. I completely understand that. This post requires a gradual collaborative dialogues rather than one simple answer. First of all, we need to stop labeling her situation as she is behaving like a victim. It's not helping you or her. Sometimes life is much more complicated than that. The important next thing is the gender difference. You are a young man doing pd, she is a woman in pain; a deep pain. The first -maybe the major- thing a woman needs in that circumstances is to have acknowledgement from her supporters. To see those who care for her are acknowledging that what happened to her was and still is, unfair. Till she sees that she'll keep insisting on and defending her position. Generally what happens is, when humans witness something clearly heart breaking happening around them it gets even more heavier to witness it so it evokes their defense mechanism to protect themselves from the unbearable pain they feel. So they turn a blind eye or ignore partials of the case. But 'this' is generally the cause which keeps the situation and the pain alive and on going. The defensive mode of the witness is quite normal, that's what happens. But generally it's good to start the healing (in male's language: to solve the knots) from that point. If you like we can go step by step together with you. But for now this is enough to write about it. And if you can give me info/ your observations about: Also if you can take your time to write: Without any self-sensoring, or judging your wishes as a child. That would open some doors for us to shine some light into the case. Lastly, if you want, send me her full Birthday date, place of birth and the hour she born, I can have a look at her chart, maybe able to give you some practical pointers that you can use to improve the situation. Best of luck dear💓
  11. I've listened one of the books about evolution, yes it sounds pretty interesting; also the background of the writer made me much more curious too, that probably supports him to bring a different angle to the subject.
  12. You're right. I mean all this context already clearly follows Leo's style. This much of similarities can not be coincidental. The guy might have been inspired by it. I mean, it's not a bad thing, on contrary it's is a very smart idea to go about it obviously.
  13. Yeah.. he seems good for foundational lay out for this work.. hope is maybe the major key to anything in life I totally agree.. but they are not comparable to Leo's work at all.
  14. @Epiphany_Inspired one of the psychiatrists, I watched, in an interview mentions that, he has his patients journal their dreams-nightmares; and he says he observes a noticeable healing simply from this exercise. And for nightmares, there is this technique that you write new endings to them. Preferably, one nice ending to your favor:) -expectedly:) To remember a dream, as@see_on_see said, the very first thing when you wake up, stay gently calm and try not to move your attention to 'reality':) right away, let the dream make its point for a second. It really helps. If you don't remember a thing and you want to do so, sometimes interestingly what works is this: say (-you don't need to believe it-) "thanks, I remembered my dream" and don't try to remember anything. Just say the sentences and move on. Anything related to your day or your consciousness' needs, will pop up. And what might work is to put some bay leafs under your pillow or your bed. Like 4-5 leafs. It might give you a crystal clear memory and they generally help dream nicely. And if you can let me know if any of those works or not, I'll be very happy to hear your experiences:)) sweet dreams tonight:)) I'll send some enchanted shinny clovers to your dream tonight:)) try to find them;)) it's really fun:))
  15. Thanks for the share. A very nice one. Yes, the presentation and the content are really neat. But I can't pass without writing it.. although I kind of appreciate the information they produce, I don't support any tests with animals.