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2 hours ago, d0ornokey said:

@CreamCat hm whats so wrong with profanity? Is it a blue cultural phenomena? There are much worse things in our everyday speech than profanity that hurt our children 

The moderators also deleted possibly duplicate threads without notifying me.

They seemed very eager to censor every little harmless thing they didn't like.

I stopped using their forums.

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On 4/21/2019 at 9:37 AM, ThomasT said:

The host struck me as stage orange and not green. He sort of falls in the bucket of anti-religious/hyper rational people who like to make fun of stage blue folks. 

What makes you say he's green? 

Kyle is Orange/Green.

His politics is very Green. His metaphysical worldview is very materialist rationalist.

Early stage Green can still have a very materialist anti-religious worldview.

"Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself." -- Rumi

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I think blue could easily be manipulated by red because they still follow the herd blindly.

I think for her healing process and ppl like her, it's a good idea to evolve out of blue. We have a natural tendency for evolution through SD. However, some of us try to convince ourselves to stay in the herd without looking into other groups or having an open mind on new ideas/info and approaching them carefully. This is not just for stage blue; it's for all stages.

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