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  1. doesn’t matter what someone calls someone. they all sing: „i‘m glad that nobody knows that i‘m called rumpelstilzkin.“ „that’s what the devil has told you!“ answers the ego. i won’t let them call me anything as long as i know i’m actually spinning gold. there are also a lot of other people who managed to heal to a point. at least to an extend its possible to talk about it. also wish you good luck on your journey!
  2. thanks to you i was finally able to get my brains together again - inbetween i thought i was the only one ever being in conflict about toxic sexuality sometimes and how this has to do with cultural and individual suppression. the thing is this is not a projection because i was raised as if there were no differences, the difference therefore is not me projecting , its a projection of the world on me. we are the difference we make of ourselves or the difference someone projects into us, but we are all born naked by a woman, that’s a fact.
  3. yes, i‘m going to write a book on how to breastfeed with avocado milk when your silikone has popped. how in the future you can get brain implants of silicon, and use the removed brain for dick extensions - sorry, i‘ll remove that again, soon. i‘m frustrated about this forum and realize my creativity might be a waste of time here. even though for some people here and some insights and the feeling of being part of a collective field of consciousness it was totally worth it. as i said somehow the bubble burst is an awakening to reality, also of this forum. reality exists, and we are in the middle of an adventure to discover that.
  4. 👹 bye mandy, thanks for doing the squirrel dance!
  5. @Anna1 already to late for chaka khan - at a certain level it’s difficult to close sth with style. still trying though.... a spoon full of sugar. i guess we still do some mirror dance - its not really about the intention in dancing but more about the moves.
  6. yes probably quoting some of the most intelligent people who actually live - without saying its quotes, is that even legitimate? or disownment? robots as thought and idea harvesters - your body is not even part of the show because you become the machine who feeds the robot so someone else can have all your lifes thoughts emotions on the side, that’s a waste product. visualized epitome of data harvesting.
  7. if it was not a case of mahasamadhi it was not a case of mahasamadhi – if it was it was – its very simple although in the case of mahasamadhi slandering her death would be indeed like killing her. either sadhguru did or you do - that’s a tough one.
  8. pretty simple, because you do. but you also have a direct connection. its possible because they are a part of you – even though you are not a part of them. but how much would you protect their rituals and ceremonies if it was about a discussion about them. how holy are their sacred ceremonies to you? it already starts with that. it sounds nice and ethnological truths are probably all welcome here - but for example ayahuasca was never meant for the sick it was meant for the healers – good luck telling that to people around here. the more people who want to explore it ethnobotanically the more there will be exploitation. in some sense its good if only shamans learn it there who have the ability to respect the traditions and then create experiences for the average psychonaut. it can’t be close to the same it originally was used for, because its not the same – people use it to find themselves they are not as deeply rooted in nature as these cultures are. themselves does not include these people. they awaken to solipsism. i once watched some video where alan watts talked about how they searched for some kind of mushroom in the i think seventies because they heard of a sacred plant ritual. it was not a respectful approach towards the traditions of the tribes who used these plants since generations. its a jackass approach – and that’s what you will mostly find around here. there will be some who are respectful and others who would behave like the spanish when they discovered paradise.
  9. @UrbanS yes but you don’t even have experience with this forum yet. it sadly turns out to be more selfexploitative than helpful for anyone - if you have anything to give you will be on the loosing end.
  10. this is an internet forum - there is not anything nor is there no thing to expect. @Vladimir you better protect these tribes by not even talking about them. that’s the harsh truth - because what ever methods you try people are egos, in spiritual online forums more so than anywhere else. the need to explore anything knows no respect for traditions, no respect for the fragility of their belief system or way of living or their survival, nor their love – that’s the effect of globalization. its all just about their technology, the rest to be left to rott. @Leo Gura its not becoming anything it has been political from the start without ideology attached, ideology is what you make of it by denying that.
  11. just because you have not looked into pandora’s box yet. its about all of consciousness not just one part - if you enlighten shadow aspects you push other aspects into darkness. might in the end blow out the lights. maybe has already happened regarding the last statement.
  12. trump is also looking out for america’s survival. well and you could say trump is exactly what most americans want. you know i just tried to see it from american perspective.
  13. @gswva i got vaccinated after getting my autoimmune because i had an infection and i didn’t have any worsening effects of the vaccination - it was a vaccination i had to buy, it was not given by my health ensurance because the possibility of it working is very low - but as i tried everything else and the risks of the bacteria getting antibiotics resistant was so high that i took it - if there even will be any vaccination against covid, what is not yet sure! of course everyone hopes/expects they will test it before they use it - it will not be vegan, probably but animal tested... there are multiple factors why i could find a reason why i shouldn’t take it... if the testing will be under high medical standard i would probably take that risk. they also test on antibody cure plasma therapy but that’s medically very difficult and a lot of people would have to donate blood. you would get a blood plasma transfusion for that then from someone who developed antibodies. we also don’t know how long it takes until the effect of that would vanish - its not for the whole world population - a vaccine is much less expensive and faster distributable, if there is any and your body would develope the antibody yourself, which means it probably lasts longer (although that last part is speculation).
  14. @LfcCharlie4 you know i have family. its not just about me. i strongly believe its possible to boost the immune system but a pathogenic germ or virus is outside of the vitality range you can achieve through these methods and people have issues like asthma or pollen allergy which could be problematic. in the case of covid there is not even a vaccine. but i guess if you can streangthen the body with WHM a vaccine should be a walk in the park for your body.
  15. its not about your medical history - its about not finding solutions for general problems without data. dada you know - its sometimes there to find solutions not just for the fun of it.