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  1. ...and it’s colour is i wonder what colour getting stuck develops into. in the most cases probably blue and then after a while the inflexibility might turn red. however magical one god might be - that’s why christianity is also split into many christianity’s finding one true christianity is like finding the special in the general the content in the concept and then people think they found the new in the old or vice versa. i‘m sure there are a lot of religions that could use some reformation. so maybe if the dice have fallen and the choice is made, the question is more how much of the religion is corrupted and how corrupted i am then by following it. by making a choice we get corrupted much faster in the most cases. i guess what ikon‘s can teach us foremostly is that it’s not the picture, if we get stuck on the picture we get stuck on the magical tool. the biggest lie and corruption of religions is that they use magic for power but deny magic exists. so the ultimate question is not if you understand what the elephant man stands for, it is if you understand the dance. the question is if bobby decives himself or if he decives others or if he does both or neither of it. it might be not paradigm lock but powergod lock, or it is not powergod lock but paradigm lock.
  2. do you realize that you yourself can’t separate the chicken from the egg anymore, and that’s why you have to realize that you are basically talking to yourself. there is no separation between you and the egg, the egg seems to be stuck there, neither chicken nor egg. itself stuck in itself.
  3. @Gneh Onebar i read ther was a study in france where they got really good results in treating fshd with anti oxidants. i don’t know which ones - but it seems to be an antioxidants mix. so i would probably try to start researching there and try some antioxidants maybe even different or stronger ones than they tried in the study. i would read if there are already any recommendations or also test if you feel any better with a vegan diet, or if it is counterproductive. it’s very difficult if your illness has no secure indicators on which you could measure it on a day to day basis. but usually if inflammatory processes are being part of it, either way a vegan diet would reduce inflammatory processes in the body.
  4. let’s say there are people and people and more people - and some people like it more to play the cake in the sandbox than others.
  5. @Bno i‘m not speculating about anything, just pointing out basic dualities about intelligence. maybe i watched to many intelligent movies.
  6. there is one little twist in what you write there. just because russian intelligence is intelligent enough to not leave traces does not mean trump is intelligent enough to not leave traces. to not leave traces might be a matter of coalition not a matter of non matter. or you could also say just because russia is intelligent enough to not leave any traces does not mean usa is intelligent enough to find any traces...
  7. the end of the world is always to be expected, never to be reached.
  8. one of the options you could try to relief yourself from your suffering is relieving it by relieving most animals from suffering and trying veganism. and i mean take it on for both reasons! i know that some fibromyalgia is wrongly diagnosed serum negative rheumatoid arthritis. but whatever it is i would start with nutrition. go raw vegan for some weeks until you feel a betterment of your condition (can take from three weeks to three months) - then only after you can feel that your condition improved, slowly try single kinds of food like dairy products and register how and if your condition changes in the course of 24 hours. try processed foods like soy milk, meat, wheats, eggs, but not all together only one at a time, taking notes, at least at the beginning returning to your raw vegan afterwards. if there are stronger pains inbetween try to figure out how much that could be linked to foods. this is a longterm project for around four to six months until you have figured out what you can eat. if you can afford it do a panchakarma. before or after your little spring challenge - i don’t know a better way to get rid of toxins from the tissues. i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis because i didn’t let them send me away from the start, until they found inflammatory processes. then i found out to get symptom free through veganism even though everyone says it’s the fat i found out it’s the proteins, and the more people i talk to with diabetes and other autoimmune diseases the more i realize that almost all who live with their condition and don’t have to take medication anymore turned vegan. make this spiritual travel, you will leave much baggage behind. i‘m not sure how much fibromyalgia profits from veganism but i‘m almost sure it will. if not you will at least have spiritual insights. maybe you would even want to stay raw even though vegan would be sufficient. one clue is never giving in to what doctors say and finding out the truth for yourself. if your body shows signs of deformation it is NOT FIBROMYALGIA but rheumatoid arthritis and you need completely different medication. also don’t assume that there is no healing method, that would mean giving in before you even really tried (although i took medication until there were significant signs of betterment - until you can walk without it sometimes pharmaceuticals are still needed) it’s worth trying even though it seems like a rehab - it is like one, you will feel cravings and have times were you make exceptions (but if you do also notice what happens). but for the possibility that you might even forget that you are ill - yes it’s totally worth it. it will change your life dramatically.
  9. @electroBeam then it’s better to decide for yourself, i guess she somehow drew the line where she had to - if you both see it, it’s probably better for you. there are situations in life where it seems like we have to choose, although it might be that we made our choice already long before - what then happens is just a consequence of that choice. be sure it’s a real choice. and even if no choice is also a choice - sometimes it’s better with a mindset choice.
  10. hope a lot of girls read this and start to educate on cock blocker squads! in some sense it’s really counterproductive as that’s exactly what is already the problem not what will really make anyone happy - i guess you need both genders to evaluate a guy on their spiral status, guys seem to overestimate themselfs sometimes af.
  11. it’s the turning of the wheel... usually people make their choices. and get more or less stuck, it’s a difference if you choose or if it is part of your being from the start - sometimes we don’t choose the image, but the image chooses us. some call it karma. in some sense the most important lesson is returning to the center and whatever you‘ll find there is the true form. i hope it’s a -ness of some form and if it’s the loch-ness. but sometimes the elephant man is the better dancer.
  12. @electroBeam mhh there are more than one possibility what it could be, and she might not even be aware about what it is herself:‘s in a sense a test, she likes you but misses the romantic caring part, which she describes as same interest, because that’s what she identifies with - what she really says is: you are not interested in me. and maybe it’s also a test if you would fight for her. you would have to find a way showing that you are interested in her in a different way. or be interested in one of her interests or combine what she likes in a new way, with something you are good at or like, so you both find a shared space of energy. 2.she likes you but she has a dream from her past, she wants to be fulfilled. classical cultural fairytale problem. the relationship in a sense is not that crisp anymore and she confuses the change from fresh lovers to lovers for a wear of or a change to partnership what in a ongoing relationship would only happen after a lot more time. 3.she is ambitious and calculating or already playing with the thought to change something majorly about her life, maybe moving on to another city or back home, or changing career - your relationship would not fit into the picture or the cliches. really has turned from love into friendship with some kind of benefits for her. 5.none of the above is correct. after what you told it’s kind of difficult to say what it is - but whatever it is for her, i would try to answer number one. if you also manage to spice it up a little and make yourself more rare at the same time... but ask yourself if you want that, if it would be simply a game for you or if you even would like to play it if it is. would you maybe move to another country with her? and be able to adapt to her lifestyle instead of asking her to adapt to yours completely, are you able to compromise? is she someone you would like to marry? because that’s obviously what she wants to do in a two years time frame.... if she’s from south america... maybe that’s the answer. (don’t get me wrong but i know some latinas and i guess it could be mostly about that part) i would not say it’s disfunctional but maybe you both are not able to find a shared space of energy anymore or are you? sometimes it means to create that.
  13. for me self love has a lot to do with loving truth - it’s sometimes difficult to love truth and one self at the same time as sometimes a feeling of guilt or a feeling of responsibility or shame or simple denial (where i still cannot look sometimes) is disgust and fear, blocks us from looking exactly - it doesn’t always mean looking at the content, if the content is cruelty itself. love as the upper case SELF-LOVE for me means either way, still seeing and learning and forgiving one self (sometimes it means to do that for others first, sometimes it means to do that for oneself first) in some sense it means SELF-CARE it also means acting upon it. doing what needs to be done. for you it also would mean entering your sensitive space which is connected to your inner child, and listen to your intuition. allowing yourself to be kind to yourself allowing others to be kind to you and allowing yourself to be kind to others whatever the situation, even though the first intend is to pull back. and sometimes it means you can’t stay kind because the situation asks of you to do what no one else is willing to do. that can also be an act of SELF-LOVE.
  14. so you make the exception a rule? and use the dalai lama as spiritual reference to justify meat eating? how twisted is that? maybe you could consider contemplating the difference between the rule and the exception...that’s one of my favorite lessons yet to come also if baking is in our dna... some foods are better to be processed (peeled,cooked,baked) because of biochemical reasons, but we can also eat a lot of them as micro greens. or bake wholegrain at low temperature. (don’t have a raw diet - but i‘m sure it would be better - although there has to be something to work towards)
  15. @Leo Gura although they „survived“ their diet is not based on meat alone but also eat grains and roots, except for the inuit who ate fish and whales and so on but even with the strictly meat eaters they ate the whole of the animal not just the muscle peaces. and they are not the most populated people in the world. tibetans are an interesting case as their leaders and monks are actually not eating meat so spiritually the people you mention developed vegetarianism. the people of the andes survived because they had amaranth and maca. yes as time changed humans adapted, in the ice age and without other methods they had to live on meat. but if we would adapt’s the contrary of ice age and we have other methods. surviving means surviving. changing diet to survive means also going down with meat consumption. the high cultures all developed systems to survive - they developed higher because they had to prepare and plan and organize and store, not because they were eating meat.