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  1. yes, how to know if someone is a jerk? how to know if someone is shallow? how do you know if these women were shallow or if he was? he only knows that himself. some women also get like that if they feel the guy doesn’t respond to their signs of wanting some distance. if guys overstep that without being jerks, women sometimes don’t feel like responding, as they miss response - so the only thing you really know about this situation is actually that ghosting happens. saying the women are shallow is an easy scapegoat out. (it also means though women need to learn to say if they are not interested much earlier - although that would mean being direct and sometimes hurting) even if wyatt might be fair and square - a lot of people who read this might not be.
  2. same goes for men though - see the problem in that thinking? it’s all self feeding - starts by making it a no go in your own gender influence circle. don’t treat her like a princess but don’t treat her like shit as she’s a queen. it all comes back in a loop.
  3. make ghosting a coolness „no go“ for both sides! respect and response is a dubble bind - be honest about what you want and be honest about no matches. fast sex and relationship are not really a match.
  4. you are going to hell if you are expecting perfection and you go to hell if you don’t - question always is: what is perfection? if you can’t answer it you have never seen it, nor are you somewhere near reaching it.
  5. @maarten you will probably not loose your mind here... what you might loose though, is compassion, trust in love heartfelt empathy and some other senses of what you were, getting some holes pulled in your soul costume (it’s not much different than anywhere else). what you will gain is a lot of ego, a lot - that’s what you can find mostly here! you will not loose your mind, you will just ask yourself if mind ever existed, if consciousness ever existed. and then you also might find all of that here. but not in this thread probably - only a tiny little bit... mostly not. you are probably better off, off - you have an immune system for a reason. trust in yourself, you are perfectly sane. for madness though, here you are perfectly safe, you can cry out as loud as you want to - no one will listen.
  6. how long were you texting each other before? what was the conversation? what was your expectation? how much were you attentive about her? maybe just liking you and don`t want to disappoint you so still showing attention? or then missing the real interrest from your side? or then realizing it`s getting more serious. i`m not very familiar with ghosting in general, but i guess guys do it as well or at least they oftentimes do it after sexual intercourse - maybe there is some correlation - women use to chicken out before, guys after. although ghosting got probably worse, since fast sex apps. it spoils the food market in general. in some sense it might be even that guys get back what other guys messed up because of their assholines. alpha... my ass, chiao.
  7. some years ago i had a talk with a doctor about heavy metal detox, and he also said chelates are very important, although he warned me about chemical chelates. usually they are used in cases of heavy heavy metal intoxications, like really heavy ones. he also said if you have a mild intoxication, you don`t want to put that chemical into your body, it will do more harm than good! following that i researched other chelate building substances. recently i researched dsma because it was showing up from time to time in the forum in relation to heavy metal detox. i guess to test once on heavy metals it`s not that bad, to find out if you have that problem, (although there might be different possibilities) they said then to test the release on the third day - but i wonder what kind of chemical this is when heavy metals get released through it just by sniffing it. also if you have multiple sclerosis it makes you have an epeleptic attack. you can develope alergies and you also will release all good minerals, what can make your body weak, as you then have to rebuild on that. i would not put that stuff inside my body on a whim - not without some longterm studies about what it is doing to the body.
  8. all i ask myself right now, why do they have to be women? isn´t that just another attempt to disembody and scapegoat males problems unto women? i mean of course these traits often are connected to female appearance in men`s lifes but they are not it... just a thought i had about these personifications in the shape of females. the devil in skirts so to say.
  9. without now, past & future wouldn`t exist. it´s the endless now like on a rollercoaster noooooooooooooooooooow and nooooooooooow and nooooooojuhuoooooow and wooooooooooooow now i`m dizzy. @Alex bAlex hahaha hypnotized we`re tired what hype...and it becomes blue.
  10. about the cancer medicine as i said i would only try that if i had some time or if it was without hope. but well these areas are gray areas and i can`t say anything about their methods, i was highly critical of that if you want to read further up. we agree on that even though i don`t have the knowledge, should be some logical precaution to stay suspicious and go with what is scientiffically proven to work in a significant percentage of cases.
  11. sometimes adequate evidence is only the testimonial. if i wouldn`t have crossread a lot of "inadequate" evidence i would never have been able to become a pain free person without allopathic medicine. of course what plays into the half knowledge is that i profit a lot of the half knowledge of others. but yes there are worse people around than dr morse. the kidney has lymphs. if these lymphs contamine the whole system it`s probably not the best situation to start with.
  12. even though i don`t know enough about morse, i grew up in a health business for preventive medicine, much of it still alopathic because of the health system and i developed some understanding about different approaches so i also see how self biased you are. i`ve seen people heal better because of food changes than of anything else. and i have my own experience with going vegan and raw food because of allopathic medicin that made me more sick. for me it`s significant, that`s why i say even though of course staying sceptical and not buying into everything but rather testing it (i`m a testimonial of testimonials in that sense, of course for you that is no argument as you can`t prove my reliability because i`m a quack). also there is maybe not a difference in the vitamin and mineral quality of conventional vs organic food (except for the extra how mandy described it so accurately) but there is a massive difference between heated (processed) and non heated foods, there are growth substances in plants you don`t even know how and if the body absorbs it, because it`s not mesurable - except maybe if you compare someone who gets their vitamins fresh to someone who gets all their vitamins out of a jar, there are also substances in food that are not measured in your quality test like secondary plant compounds, probably. but of course these maybe don`t have anything to do with organic or non organic - except that organic sometimes chooses old plant strains which contain different ones. also the quantity of any vitamin doesn`t say anything about its quality. so even your arguments are creating suspicion, because you are a quack as well with not enough experience. i don`t say organic is always clean and everything is fine with it and yes of course you can find glyphosat in organic food if the neighbor uses it - but i guess the neighbors food contains much more of it then, and usually they don`t write it next to the description of what you buy if glyphosat was used on it or not. i prefer the less contaminated before the one that is likely to be more contaminated. doesn`t mean that organic producers should look into alternatives if there are unhealthy substances in their bug control repertoir.
  13. no that`s the christian believe or maybe even old testament. it`s not that direct. karma just means you will have to solve certain challenges in your life. it`s not in that sense that you get punished - if you punish yourself that`s probably karma too though. sometimes a little self punishment is not the badest karma as that sometimes makes us learn, if we would not at all sometimes self punish we would probably not learn how to not be. but selfpunishment can have some toxic aspects if it goes to far, that`s karma, too. karma is there for us to learn.
  14. in germany we didn`t have an organic label for a long time and then we got one and it`s a really good one, although the european organic label is compared to that really not that good because it allows up to 30% non organic ingredients - therefore we have some really good alternative organisation like demeter who are even going a step deeper in the biodynamic production. and there are producers who are known for their strict rule alignment. so for the us it`s all a matter of how producers connect and organize themselfs. for example a supermarket can control what kind of products they want to provide and they could also set up rules if they are in enough power to do so. there could be year plans to eliminate certain factors from the soil or to only dry fruit under certain temperature etc. in fife years the whole product line would look completely different. although it is a lot of work to then really controll what the producers are doing and if the quality is sufficient. detoxing soil sometimes means eliminating soil from the surface, growing special plants on the soil that take out some toxins etc. what to do wit these plants then, well i don`t know yet, maybe burning and then compressing it and storing it somewhere deep down in the earth to be found again in centuries - whatever.