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  1. @bejapuskas only if you don`t induce fear - if fear arises you can teach them about letting go of that fear or how to maybe face it in a soft way. if you overdo it you are only inducing fear that might be not there in the first place. there is a lot of fear that will come up during the process of growing up already, i wouldn`t overstretch their learning ability by teaching them fear. there are a lot of other methods to teach them a healthy relationship to their surrounding, explanations about dynamics can help if they ask questions. there are a lot of great children books that have fear as content to solve fear in a creative way. children live in a magical world, they need to coap with reality, their fears are often of purple nature. i would not experiment on it heavily as they could also develop trauma if you do it on an existential level especially if you are a parent better coap with your own fears first, they learn more by you being a good example.
  2. @Vido in some sense you need to look at both to see what really is light, awakening to what you think is reality might be part of the matrix as well so if you choose one side you can`t move in the matrix. it`s far more important to know how a spoon bends than to choose the right pill as you can only discern which is the way out by knowing which one is the way out.
  3. just a question to get closer to the problem. i know that feeling in a less intense form and somehow it disappeared over time, so i`m interested in how it is about seeing yourself in the mirror, what does it feel like? any strange experiences with looking into the mirror? it`s a question about your relationship to yourself. maybe you can start to observe your emotions and voices by looking into the mirror, staring is not the right way to start - maybe on an advanced level...because that might even knock you out. so be careful to not get to emersed in the dialog with yourself, just observe it. how does looking into a mirror usually take place? also notice every positive feeling that arises! (another question is if you smoke weed?)
  4. no red pills? understand the matrix first before you take a pill, if you don`t you might wake up on the wrong side, as you don`t know, the colours might have changed.
  5. @orpheos it`s in a sense sad that he isn`t able to teach you as he introduced you to sexuality and expects you to be experienced obviously more than him as someone who probably has more experience than you have. it almost never works out with the first guy, so take it as a chance to experiment on him what you think would turn you on - if it doesn`t work with him you can give the same compliment back to him and find someone who is a better teacher. maybe you can even teach him to be - but be careful could be that he won`t like that kind of truth. he is maybe the one who is insecure as he expects you to give better feedback to what he is doing.ask him to guide your hands or try to change position first, it`s a good starting point. it`s not only about him, it`s also about what you would like. if you don`t like cucumber you can put that on your face with a smile. you start with what you feel comfortable doing.
  6. @Truth Addict if you zoom in there is only a commata which devides, there is no zero. but then you didn`s say in what direction and zero is a point in infinity you have to define first. but it is beyond definition and above it at the same time.
  7. @Templesign that`s exactly the same, it`s also F.R.A.T but with avoidance in the relaxation part. i wonder if discipline could help in that aspect, too...or at least a lot of people then start to work against that feeling by trying to work on their physiognomy, sometimes overexeccively, to get positive feedback first... but in general it`s a tension problem, doesn`t matter how it was inflicted, by others who polished their egos or if it is about self critique and underestimation of the own potential it`s self fulfilling prophesy.
  8. recently i discovered a method in a book that explains a simple method on how to get a lot of things done by a method called D.R.A.T what means discipline, relaxation, attention, transformation. watching the last video i found out why the letting go of fear method doesn`t work for me. as i am in denial/avoidance of blue structures, what means i try to avoid structures that are stiff, normative, rigid, bureaucratic, over regulating and dogmatic. so in a sense i am in denial and avoidance of fear as these structures work or are installed to regulate basic fears. so in a sense i can`t work with the fear method what has some parallels to that method in how it works, let`s call it F.R.A.T fear, relaxation, attention, transformation because i`m in avoidance of blue discipline. somehow i wonder if it is a fear of using fear to solve problems as i`m not in fear of the basic survival stuff, so i`m more in lack of fear than having too much of it. so i was wondering if there are other methods to attain discipline instead of fear to then work with F.R.A.T on discipline. it`s really a little bit upside down. life purpose is not enough to overcome it, creativity is not fast enough to overcome it, fear seems to be a good regulator for discipline. also working with applying fear to what i am in denial about doesn`t really work because the avoidance/fear of discipline is bigger than the avoidance/fear of the survival issue. in that sense what to do if we already have let go of fear, through relaxation about it without being more attentive about it when the A in F.R.A.T becomes avoidance instead of attention? just realized, it`s a R.R.A.T problem or maybe an A.R.A.T problem (attention, relaxation, avoidance, transformation) even C.R.A.T (confrontation, relaxation, attention, transformation) is not enough to get to the root of the problem.
  9. @bmcnicho should be a sign for you, beware of all the projections of toxic relationships in this thread. it’s in a sense interesting of how all the scapegoating works, should show where toxicity in relationships sometimes is completely pushed towards one of both parts. if you have a connection to her and feel attracted to her, maybe it’s a sign that exactly there is an issue you can grow on and work on yourself or you let it play out toxic, denying your denial in the end. i‘d trust in my belly feeling, if you can not handle it you will probably withdraw anyways if you don’t the alarm bells should at least ring afterwards. but to drop it because some guys who walk around with an alarm bell on their heads tell you, would be the fast easy and scapegoating way. will not grow you on your emotions - i‘d figure out what it really is that draws you to her and if it works with you both or not - if it doesn’t fit, of course, why invest energy?
  10. before you can feel material you certainly must learn to feel material. if you can feel matter, then you will certainly not call it plank leangth - as rationality is not materiality.
  11. @whoareyou yes, everything is an illusion and it is also not. the question is what you are channeling? you are channeling alone by talking to me, i am an illusion, too. you don’t know if i speak from ego and what entity i am channeling as i only speak to you. maybe i channel a little bit of spiral dynamics, too. what i‘m referring to is that without trying to understand it intellectually you also get lost in the ego game. there is a possibility to channel oneself into madness, and also to channel others into madness, too. so i believe i understand what you are talking about. but i also see how channeling is a technique to understand ones relationship to existence and also to what is seen by many people as madness and irrationality in a more healthy way. channeling is something that exists for a reason. understanding what is speaking in us and others besides our egos and egos shadow demands an understanding of the mechanisms of how channeling works, which is not possible without going into it deeper and exploring it in a sense. a radio sender can play good or shitty music. irrationality is onesided when there is absolutely no experience of rationality to it. rationality about it is onesided if there is no irrationality to it. a sender can only channel what it percived in the first place.
  12. @whoareyou whatever a person is channeling it is an entity aspect of consciousness or the sublime and probably has some ego to it. of course the ego can come in through the backdoor of course entities use ego and sometimes ego uses entities. that’s why every „channeling“ is something that needs preparation and also needs to be worked on afterwards. channeling is not just for amateurs. it’s something shamans did for centuries and the hows are not just learned through a onetime experience.
  13. most of the time i would say morals can be healthy, but what will you do if someone breaks your morals? i would rather work on a code of conduct than on morals although there is not much separation between them - morals have a blue note to them. if you internalize them and understand them though as understanding deeply why they where formulated by others like they are and also are able to see deeply into double standards in morals, you will also grow on a code of conduct, it will sometimes be really tough because it`s like willingly not doing even though an opportunity might show to act outside of your code. of course all of this can be misinterpreted and lead you towards the wrong direction, as there is not really a direction. but there is a psychopathology called the dark triad, even though dark triad sounds cool it`s probably about the unleashed uncontrolled toxic dark triad with no code of moral conduct or one that is extremely twisted, but there is also a triangle called the light triad, and even though it is also only an orientation point, you maybe can find some truth in it. at some point you will transcend your code of conduct with life. just saying as some people might really struggle with dark triad problems...even though most people are somewhere inbetween or somewhere further up. be aware that it might be difficult to konfront a machiavellianist with faith in humanity alone, what`s more important is the humanistic and kantianianistic perspective. there are other posibilities like reading the manual of the warrior of light, of paulo cohello, i always liked his code.
  14. probably it depends also a little on the content, but we already can see the effects in children who where too much confronted with tv`s in early age, it robs children a little bit of their own phantasy, can also lead to adhd and will mess up their future metaphysics if it is not balanced with more pedagogic age relevant analog games and selfexploration of their sourrounding world. even the reaction of somehow changing your mind as it is convenient for the parents and convenient for the people in a train is the same mechanism. maybe you can see how they don`t have to tend to the real needs of the child for solving conflicts and how this builds up a low frustration tolerance, it`s the same as feeding suggar or worse other drugs to them feeding the little ego that at one point will be a grown up ego, fast success but longterm effects. there was a time when children in the age of two where using a binky to calm their nerves. two is to early, i would try to keep it hidden as long as possible, it`s enough if they start at the age of five. if you once started, it`s over - like with chocolate or icecream. i know it`s tougher for the parents on the first impression. but i wouldn`t experiment with the psyche of my child in such a way, with all we already know if we just read a little bit about early child development. and seeing how people here in the forum struggling with gaming addiction, they want to get rid of.
  15. @cle103 first find out that i`m not a dude and you don`t speak with respect to me, and you seriously are getting entangled in your own false beliefs as you obviously enjoy it to be accused as your soul gave the consent to it, so i don`t have any reason to treat you with any respect and you maybe wanted to hear the other part of the story. if you don`t get your metaphysics straight life will definitively be not easy for you. i hope you love your mom. not in that brutal twisted way. the way you treat others is just the way you treat yourself. you can`t even face it how brutal this trip is selfjustifying what men society projects onto women. because you already started running. you can`t even keep the claim for a second, not if the devil hunts you cuts off your dick and serves it to the dogs.