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  1. Before the pandemic started I lost a job at Best Buy I really enjoyed, then I also lost an online sales job that dealt with over the phone selling, then I gave back my car with out buying another one, and last but not least the fridge we had broke and didn't work anymore and we kept having to put food in an ice box. I not only felt broken as in purposelessness but, broken financially too. I got so sad and pissed off that I was being judged. I was thinking to myself will people have enough empathy for me because a lot of people with jobs don't understand that a lot of jobless people are not jobless by choice they are jobless by circumstances. Then all of a sudden the pandemic hits and it's like the world is all in this together and suddenly I don't feel so bad about just staying home and not being able to do anything because the entire world is in the same situation and feeling the same thing. Then the stimulus check hits and extended unemployment benefits and I start feeling better. I decide to do something I was thinking about doing and that thing was buying a drone on Amazon. I buy the drone with tons of money to spare. I start having a lot of fun with it. Now I'm deciding to be a drone pilot professionally that's going to be hard but, I'm going to enjoy the process. It's really strange that a world wide health crises pulled me out of misery and sadness but, I guess the world works in mysterious ways. I'm hoping to get my drone business off the ground and enjoy the process as well.
  2. Don't know if this belongs in orange or blue but, here it is.
  3. I'll take a look at that.
  4. Stage Orange taken to it's maximum.
  5. Since I found out that the process of Self-Actualization and enlightenment are never ending it's important for us to realize that it can be enjoyed. Not just those things but, working toward something in general.
  6. I wouldn't say Jesse is healthy anything at all
  7. Seems like stage Yellow thinking.
  8. @Leo Gura I heard he's a PIMP for neoliberalism.
  9. @Leo Gura I watched your video on Requisite Variety on your blog and it really struck a nerve with me because I've had a creative brain for most of my childhood following me into adulthood. I watched so many cartoons and played so many video games that I actually combined it with some of my ideas and creativity and created a whole idea for some kind of imaginary land I produced in my head where I was the hero. I dreamed that I was this super scientist where I had the ability to do whatever the hell I wanted with the power of science and technology. For instance here was a wacky invention I would have these plugs on my head 4 of them and they'd be my hair. The would extend and help me reach things, they could also be used as a weapon to electrocute my enemies, and then the really cool concept was that these plugs can even be used as helicopter rotors to let me fly. These plugs would be inside of this crown and in the middle on the crown on top of my head is an Erlenmeyer flask with magic chemicals in it that help me fight bad guys. Then I had a cape too and the head of the cape was like an open venus fly trap. Then the cape would also have wings on it which could let me fly like a jet and shoot missiles and when I was in flight mode I could get the stuff on top of my head which were the plugs and flask and turn them into a special gun that could fire lasers from the plugs and corrosive chemicals from the flask. I also created a special shield that could bounce off all incoming projectiles and send them back to the one who threw them. Then I could also cloak myself in it turn into matter and then uncloak and turn into human form again. The other thing that would be cool is that I'd have the power to develop immunities to all chemicals and elements and manipulate them to my advantage that meant I could go swimming in the lava in the volcano and it'll be OK because this scientifically and mechanically constructed cape could handle it and give me those powers. Then there was also my scepter but, instead of a regular one the top of it would have an eyeball and this eyeball could manipulate and distort reality in interesting ways. Then of course my planet that I created by myself a planet with a giant lab on top of it that was my living space and it was a big volcano. This volcano would have levels and each level was a different part of the lab also a giant eyeball on top of a big mechanical pole protruding out of the top of the volcano's crater. The labs is where I would manufacture my galactic army. The volcano would be surrounded by a moat of lava. In this lab my foot soldier army would consist of skeletal people (that could fly) and also robots that could fly as well the things about the robots was that if they ever got hit and broke to pieces they could put themselves together with electromagnetism. Then I would have three big main monsters in my army. T-Rexs that could run pretty fast and have big arms they would represent the element of electricity and could should electricity from their mouth and arms they represent land. Lava/fire Monsters with hands like that of crabs that could extend them and they would represent underground, and Giant eyeballs 2/3rds the size of those T-Rexs that had wings and they could shoot out ice from their pupils and they'd represent the sky. The eyeballs though that could fly and the giant one sticking on the pole on the top of my volcano lab were different though (the eye on the top of the lab could extend with the pole and identify people coming close to the moat) if they were allowed to come in the lab the drawbridge would come down and the giant doors would open. These 3 monsters all had the power to fly and turn into their pure elemental forms yet, the T-Rex and Lava Monsters have reduced ability in the air. Then I also had UFO's that where spherical flying things and autonomous and they also had those venus fly trap designs on the top of them and the venus fly traps could blast energy balls out of them. Also there was the master mother ship which was basically a flat bed with a rounded bottom that could sail the galaxies with the UFO's the in this case the venus fly traps where pointing outward on the sides of the flatbed one on the front and one on the back. They could rotate and they could shoot energy streams down on the ground in addition to actually taking off to chase enemies and other aircraft while coming back to the mother ship. My lab also produced wormhole rips in the space time continuum that would make it easier to transport anything I needed. My cape also had mini wormholes inside of it that lead to an area in my lab that had all the flasks and when these flasks were thrown could produce things like tornadoes and earthquakes. Now I also had an ultimate form at first in my imagination I was thinking of it as a dragon but, I scrapped that idea and actually made it just a gigantic version of myself. The way I would reach it I'd go into a part of the galaxy and I'd use the cape wings to spin into a tornado. The tornado would attract ice, fire, and electricity. After the accumulation my regular form would be in the middle but, I'd be an empire building sized humanoid with the left side being fire, the right being ice, and the middle being electricity, Fire could be thrown with the left hand, ice thrown on the right hand, and electricity fired through opening the mouth. This form would also have the power to shape shift. The form could also have the power to separate out as in be turned into mini versions of myself in those elements and then come together to form the super humanoid. This form could also wear the mother ship as a hat. OK so what's the story line here well I'm thinking me and my galactic army go across space and liberate different planets from their own dictatorships. I get my robots, skeletons, and the three elemental forces and fight against oppressive planets exploiting their people. How that looks like I don't know but, that's what we do. Then we have fun in the lab experimenting with different things and ideas. We spread our technological and scientific advancements to different planets and different lifeforms. We go around calling ourselves something like the ULF the Universe Liberation Force. The mission of the ULF is that no living organism in the galaxy deserves to be exploited or enslaved and deserves to fulfill their potential. The creatures of the Universe who yearn to be free and to explore and have fun shall have the right to do that and ULF will expand scientific and technological methods to increase happiness and fulfillment across the cosmos this is what we fight for and will stop at nothing. What am I missing. Oh yeah and I could also get that flask on top of my head put the corrosive acid in my mouth gargle with it and spit super hot fire chemicals that could melt through metal and iron. Also When I took out my cutlass I'd spew the fire on the cutlass to make it more effective. My enemies wouldn't stand a chance because when I hit my chemical cutlass to their sword their sword would just dissolve and burn their fingers. Anyway I always had these crazy and wild ideas in my head about these creative worlds, creative ideas, and wild and wacky story lines but, I didn't know what practical value they'd have in the real world and who the fuck was I ever going to share this with? Even right now it's kind of thinking if people think I'm weird or strange but, at least it's here and it didn't follow me to my grave.
  10. @Leo Gura's experience in a nutshell or should I say a strange loop
  11. The epitome of stage orange religion