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  1. Why aren't more people bringing this up in the public sphere?
  2. @Leo Gura I'm in Los Angeles near the Century City shopping mall. It'd be pretty cool to hang out with you.
  3. @Joseph Maynor On the other hand some regret going because precious time was wasted. Of course never just quit without a plan.
  4. @Leo Gura life and you don't exist for the failure to happen or you to fail in it.
  5. Or one can call death eternal life when looking at it from a perspective of non-duality
  6. Like the answer in the quora question
  7. I was afraid that would be the answer. Although I did kind of allude to it in my original post. In that case how do we overcome the fear of death? So it appears that Necron was right... "All life bears death from birth. Life fears death but, lives only to die. It Starts with Anxiety. Anxiety becomes fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. The only cure for the fear is total destruction (not saying I agree with Necron here). In a world of nothing fear does not exist. This is a world that all life desires." Anyway... I guess enlightenment is death with out actually dying? Instead of suicide I guess it's killing all of your desires with out the desires there is nothing to cling on to and nothing to cause you suffering when you don't have it. Including friends and family. Including parts of your body and any ideas you hold on to as "facts" and "truths". The thing is that we as humanity are trying so hard to avoid the void. Instead of avoiding the void why not get comfortable with the void and embrace the void. I guess a way of not avoiding the void is meditation. At a young age I always thought that death means eternal darkness. I had this idea of death in my head as blackness that I am staring at and it's just my thoughts surrounded by this darkness for the rest of eternity and that scared me a lot. Then again that can't be true because these thoughts would have to be coming from somewhere. Well in one video you said we don't spend a lot of time contemplating and we are trying to manipulate things around us. Well in this instance I am not doing that and genuinely trying to understand this "void" so I can get comfortable and accept it. I'm also wondering if there is anything to be learned from Near Death Experiences So the more time we spend alone doing absolutely nothing I'm wondering if that is the best chance we have to not fear death as much as we do (or at least I do).
  8. OK that's fine anyway that's not my main concern. My main concern is the ending suffering part of the post
  9. @Leo Gura Any citations or references for that?
  10. Let's get one thing straight I am not my father and I didn't say that I thought life was all about suffering. I'm just thinking of ways people can come up with to end suffering. I myself am very disappointed in my father for a number of reasons. He made a lot of promises to me that he ended up breaking and lives life like a robot just going through the motions. I remember as a kid that I had hopes and dreams and in one moment in my life I was in a very dark and displeasing place. I was going through some severe depression but, I got over it. The question is though how do I make sure something like that doesn't happen again if I could help it. Some things our out of our control like tornadoes and earthquakes. Although the things that are in our control like raising children sometimes people do a really terrible job that leads to extremely terrible outcomes. You need to ask those questions on why my dad put me into this world to him not to me. I don't plan on having any children myself in fact if anything I am planning on adopting and becoming a voice for people who are suffering and people who need help. Of course there are many amazing and interesting things to do in this world where we find happiness and bliss but, I don't think it gives people the right to neglect people who are suffering. Case and point I'm sure that when all the Jews were suffering in the concentration camps the Nazis and their collaborators were having a good time. I'm sure that while some people live in their mega mansions and use up all the worlds resources they are as happy as can be while other people starve. I'm not saying I have a solution I'm just saying I ponder these things from time to time. Speaking of the world blowing up it has happened before in Japan and all it takes is one psycho to end the lives of unsuspecting people especially when they are in bliss and having a good time like that shooter in Las Vegas who killed those concert goers. The way you responded to my post shows a lot of strong emotions. I think a better idea is instead to really think about what I said and think about this in a more non-egoic and non-emotional way. I am currently studying a book called Political Ponerology that talks about the origins of psychopathy and such. It talks about how people who have no conscience get into positions of power and from there they mess everyone else's psyche up as well and cause irreparable amounts of suffering to thousands and in some cases millions of people. I think that humanities best bet is to stop these psychopathic people as best we can to create a society with less suffering. Immunize ourselves from these psychos.
  11. @nick96 I know how that feels. Feel free to message me about anything on your mind. As they say 2 heads are better than one. You are not alone
  12. My father said that if life was fair it wouldn't have started with crying. It's like somehow babies know that existence is going to suck somehow. Existence itself as crazy as it is (and after watching a lot of videos) seems like a scam. I don't remember my non-existence and I don't remember myself suffering in my non-existence. I think there are different kinds of suffering that affect you in different sorts of ways. The first suffering I think we experience is the suffering of pain because at young enough of an age we don't really know or understand relationships. This suffering is I think the easiest to understand physical pain comes from getting hurt. Other than physical pain the only other suffering I can think of is the one Buddha talked about. Having some kind of relationship to something whether it's a person, animal, idea, dogma, and/or material and losing that relationship for example losing the material, the idea that you based the way of living your life being false, and losing the relationship to that person or animal whether they decided to run away, end the relationship, or they died. @Leo Gura Could you possibly know that the only way to end this suffering. Is it only through death and/or enlightenment (I say and/or because you said in one of your videos enlightened masters are already dead). You know it kinda reminds me of video games. Long time ago when I was in 5th grade I played a game Final Fantasy 9 and in this game there was a crystal that gave life/existence to the Universe the villain of the game found out that he was not immortal and was going to die at any time. In his narcissism he wanted to destroy the crystal and end all of life because if he didn't exist he didn't want anything else to exist either. His destroying of the crystal gave birth to an entity who's purpose was to end all existence. This entity told the hero's of the game his theory. Basically he thought he was a noble entity and without any life and everything being returned to the "zero world" there would be no more suffering so returning the Universe to the "zero world" was noble. In the end of the game the hero's managed to defeat the entity and life went on. Although I couldn't help but, thinking what that entity said rang true in some sense. In another video game which you may all know Halo, in that game the flood is the scourge of the Universe it's some disgusting parasite that takes over planets. The only way to stop it is to activate Halo but, activating Halo means the destruction of the Universe. Sometimes even the fear of death may be much more suffering than death itself. My poor uncle had cancer and knew he was going to pass away but, didn't know when and his suffering caused me suffering because I didn't want him to suffer. I'm looking at it in a different way though how about if death is like a hair cut. I don't know if you people can understand this but, your hair is attached to your body and you think that anything attached to your body when you cause harm to it it's painful. Although when you clip your nails and you cut your hair the pain isn't there but, when you clip your finger or cut out a piece of your scalp you will feel pain. So I can only hope that death is like that hair cut and not like getting your teeth drilled by a dentist. I'm wondering if some people have managed to end their suffering for good and if so what steps did they take and what practices did they implement. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve this result. I know it's not going to be easy but, I do know it'll be a worthy investment.
  13. The way the average man is educated from K through College already kind of makes them a boring mindless drone as well. From my experience at least.
  14. Don't you mean copyright infringement?
  15. oh ok that's even easier