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  1. Don't know I'm still in training. They seem really interested in me and excited to have me though.
  2. I made this poem in honor of quitting my toxic job and securing a better higher paying one in 2 days: I've faced the challenges that came my way, And learned from the hardships day by day. It may seem surprising, but it's true, I'm young but wise, and I've got things to do. People may have doubted me in the past, But now I'm standing tall, and they can kiss my sass. I've learned to bless my wounds and make them my strength, And I'll keep pushing forward, no matter the length. So watch out world, here I come, I'll face any challenge and never succumb. I am proud of who I am today, And I'll continue to grow in every way.
  3. I followed him and all he did for 3 years until finally in a twitter space I got a chance to talk to him.
  4. So I have Andrew Yang's personal cell number and suggested that he do a talk with Sam Altman about open AI and ChatGPT and it's effect on the workforce and the future. I even told him we can get Elon Musk involved and he just went "oh ya that's cool let's do it." I asked him if he still had an in with Altman and said "yup". This is exciting and it seems if I can put it together for WPKN he's be interested. It looks like it'll be really cool. Wish me luck this could be some kind of big break for me.
  5. I like this kind of family feel. Like you can call your cousin, nephew, and uncle a schmuck from time to time but, still make jokes with them and not hate them and them not hate you after you did that.
  6. I'm glad we can criticize him and he does admit to his faults. If that didn't happen then we would be a cult. So yes it's a very good thing we're not.
  7. I thought you said 6 fingers as in chicken fingers or something . Anyway I made the same joke once with salary. I thought it was celery. I said who the hell would enjoy getting paid with those. I guess they're pretty though
  8. Well to each their own. I'm happy that you are starting to realize some of your own arrogant behaviors and making amends. A lot of other teachers would just deny, project, and call their audience ungrateful and undeserving so you're definitely not that type of person and that's a good thing. Just remember that you're not doing it for the Lowest Common Denominator. Just because a few kids in class are screaming, yelling, being clowns, and not taking the class seriously you still have those students who are the opposite of that and actually do appreciate what's going on and doing the work. Teach for those students not the rotten ones and you'll be fine. I really appreciated your latest video on Andrew Taint. The humor in it was fantastic and the only people you were talking down to was him and the people who admired him. I felt no direspect arrogance and ego in that video on your part. (Well to be fair some people may have but, since I'm nothing like those people I was cracking up after all those jokes after that hour mark). Keep fighting the good fight @Leo Gura and do know that for every 1000 people who don't appreciate it maybe 1 out of that thousand does. So if you do the math and know you have over a million subscribers that's still a lot of people. Do it for them
  9. Hit the nail on the head.
  10. Bingo!
  11. No I think you're wrong. @ivankiss has a point.
  12. So ever since 2019 I've been following Andrew Yang and his message of Universal Basic Income (UBI). I was out there campaigning for him spreading his name message etc. After he suspended his campaign I got a bit depressed. The good news is that I joined his Forward Party. I was in some Twitter spaces he was in and I also recruited a whole bunch of people to his cause. I told him in a twitter space since we both follow each other on twitter than I wanted to have a private conversation with him and got out of the room. I shared my personal cell with him through a Twitter message and lo and behold he calls me back! I think this is a big milestone in my life. It shows you the power of persistence despite resistance.
  13. I just thought it's appropiate to post this video of my experience with an online scam because @Leo Gura put up the Andrew Tate video. Mind you this was a financial scam not a dating scam but, a scam non the less. I go into intricate detail on how it works and the manipulations and tricks they use.