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  1. In other words I have become my own best friend and mentor. Before I stumbled on the and @Leo Gura's community heck even years after. I was always looking for someone out there to understand me, mentor me, and care about my growth. I wanted to combine forces with some one or even some thing that had all the answers that would make life better and heck I'll even admit it easier for me. This lead me to habits of people pleasing, having to share my opinion everywhere, caring about what other people thought of my opinion etc. I needed to be known and seen on social media and by big shots in influential spheres. I needed to have my opinions validated by big shots for them to know my life story and I imagined a day just like one of those actors in the academy awards to share a being obscure and unknown to being rich and famous story. This was very bad it was like a sickness and a poison for my body and soul. I didn't leave the house. Not only in terms of not having a job but, in terms of just living my life behind screens in general. Even though I didn't have a job that's not the only way I didn't live life. I didn't go out to shop, eat, and be around friends etc. It would be of upmost importance for me to share my opinion and have it validated and people to know about who I was and what I wanted to do. I wanted to "change the world" and "get everyone on the same page". I wanted to make a big important speech in front of crowds of millions. I had a lot of childhood trauma and I was very mad at a young age for sending out so many job applications and not hearing anything back I wanted to "show them". This lead to a rabbit hole of online gurus who were mostly cheaters and scammers and a ton of depression. This was before I was in the community and a bit after. Yet even as part of this community then this community became the way I would live my life I wouldn't actually go out I'd tried to get "recognition for my intellect in here". I'm happy to report to everyone here that I don't live that kind of life anymore. I have transcended to "yearn" for all of those things. I've realized that these yearnings came from my childhood trauma and the impact that it had on me. The turning point in my life was when I quit a toxic job that I couldn't stand anymore and the people pleaser in me and the "yearning" person in me started to vansih. I realized I have all the power inside me to live the life that I want and I don't have to wait for a guru, a boss, and/or a family member to "see me and recognize me to live my best life". I always knew when I was a kid I loved being around airplanes and seeing airplanes (or anything that flies in general). I found another job with Applied behavioral analysis with kids with behavioural issues but, quickly realized the job wasn't for me. I quit that job after 3 short months. Then I said to myself how about working on myself before I go out into the world. I started by LITERALLY cleaning up my room. Removing all of the junk I never use, getting rid of all of the dust, and going into the closet I hadn't gone in years and removing all the old crap that I never use. It felt LIBERATING then on a whim I booked a cruise to Alaska. I had so much fun I took a helicopter to a glacier and while I did that I felt like this inner child that died inside of me because I neglected to enjoy life and burn through my karma was suddenly reborn and happy. When I was on that glacier I wasn't thinking of this master plan I had to influence people and "become somebody" I was just enjoying the present moment and I was guniunely happy in it. Then when I came back home I randomly decided to go to the airports near me. I went to LAX, Santa Monica Airport, and Van Nuys airport for no particular reason that just to be around planes. Then I googled airport jobs on google and a company came up with the name of CLEAR so I applied for the job got a call back AND I got the job. I was so happy I got a job around the planes that I always wanted to be around and see them taking off and landing. It was honestly like I manifested this. That was it I didn't need to wait for some online program, make a post on this forum, or go ask anyone if applying for the job was a good idea or not. I just told myself what the fuck was wrong with me waiting on fucking random people on the internet to give me a green light for my own fucking life! I think it's all the propaganda we grow up with in school that tells us not to actually do something until we researched it a million times over. Whether it's that or not it doesn't matter a new me is born a me that doesn't seek validation or seek a handshake or a shout out from some big shot whether it's a celebrity, politician, and/or online influencer. It's a me that's happy to understand himself and work on himself and understand that I know myself best of all and I don't need some kind of influential person to spoon feed me for the rest of my life about my own path. I'm the king of me master of my own destiny. That about sums it up. I'm not saying I'm infallible and all knowing far from it. What I am saying is that I have the power to create and figure things out for myself and be a fully autonomous independant human being who doesn't count on things outside himself to bring himself a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and or fulfillment. If this whole community collapsed Tomorrow and @Leo Gura disappeared from my life never to be heard from again that would be OK because I am no longer "yearning for the answer". I am LIVING MY LIFE!
  2. Same. He never even mentions October 7th and how Hamas's goal is world wide Jewish genocide. Isreal also doesn't deliberately target civilians but, Hamas definitely does.
  3. Very powerful speech by the wise Mosab Hassan Yousef
  4. The responses to this post isn't what I was hoping for. Off topic. Oh well. I guess ya there's just existence existing.
  5. I'm happy about it too. He finally found a low horse
  6. I actually re-read that blog post and started laughing. It all depends on your lens and perspective. The raw insults are kinda funny and I'm not a buddhist or a person in the post he's addressing so I don't take offense to it.
  7. To start this off I'll say that my childhood experiences when I was turning 12 started to turn sour. My parents divorced and school was becoming a nightmare and a little too hard for me to take. Mind you at this stage in my life despite this happening I was one of the most agreeable people you could ever meet and I wasn't mean, doing the "wrong things", and hanging out with the wrong crowd in fact I was a bit of the loner type. I started being triangulated in my parents fights with both sides saying bad things about the other. I had no idea how to guide myself through life so I latched on to my dysfunctional school and family system for that. With all that being said I started to develop yearnings and redemptions fantasies. Most of my fantasies were about giving speeches that were so amazing and eloquent that they made me rich and famous and everyone would know my name and what I'm trying to do. I yearned to fly planes and helicopters and to travel the world do amazing things with science and such. I hated pop culture and sports things like that. I lived in Bel Air a place inaccessible by anything other than driving and had to rely on my mother for rides and ironically I didn't have a car or really learn to drive until my mid-twenties. Eventually I started doing better in school and eventually University. By the time I went job hunting though I got rejection after rejection after rejection that killed my confidence and I looked at those big dreams I had while being rejected for very simple jobs. I grew bitter and resentful at my family, my schooling, and my entire city. The bitterness and resentment just kept growing and growing and growing inside of me. I started posting things online about my life and how much it sucked. I had this rescue fantasy that I would be rescued and I looked at my family and my schooling and constantly complained about it online and with other people. Thinking this stupid school family and society owes me these MFers. That was the old me and this is the new me. The new me came into being after the pandemic when the first job I applied to I got, then the second and at that second job I quit it because it was toxic and unaligned with my goals. I started to question the lenses and the frames of my past and thin anew. I walked by a high rise building and the old me would think nothing much of it. I asked a question in my head what if I just wanted to look at a room in there I went in with confidence and was given a chance to see a room on the top floor and I loved the view and recoding it. For years I'd avoid Downtown LA because I just remember being there and being bored with my dad's Jewelry store I went back there with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective and got to meet someone in the airline industry and said I was interested in maybe a job and I got his contact information just in case. Last but, not least this just happened Yesterday I thought to myself how powerful it would be since I loved airplanes to just go to LAX for no other reason than just being around that area. I went to In N Out burger and watched the planes landing on the runway it was pretty cool. Then I did something pretty courageous having my car parked there I walked all the way to the airport wondering if there was pedestrian access and there was. Then I just went a big mall in Culver City and decided to buy my friends mom a gift. I know it may not seem like much to maybe someone who reads this but, for me I am breaking out of these old frames of my past and living my life more spontaneously and open to opportunites. My mind isn't latched on to "my family" or "my school" betraying me or I am owed something for all those past events etc. I dropped all of that in favor of being the master of my own destiny, the captain of my own ship, and the pilot of my own plane. I am no longer bound by all this negative thinking patterns that tell me I can't do something or something has to be put together in a perfect way before I do it. Life is more uplifting and exciting in this new mind frame. My confidence and happiness is really going up and I take more calculated risks instead of just shrinking into a corner with resentment and frustration. My vibe is also attracting my tribe. Thanks for reading this and I am excited for what the future holds.
  8. So anyway I'd like to start by saying ever since I was young I was the "good boy trying to do the right thing." I didn't get involved with drugs, alcohol, the wrong crowd, and doing rowdy things in general. I must admit the only "bad habit" I had was from time to time spending too much time playing video games mostly Nintendo. I had some trouble in school because of ADHD and/or Aspergers but, eventually in high school my grades started going up and I was a mostly A and B student. I always had this thing in my head that I would wait to do things in my life that made me happy after I earned my money fair and square. I had a very one track mind in my youth stretching all the way to my late twenties. I just burried my head in College and studying and the job world and didn't do much else. I didn't go to movies, I didn't even play much video games, I didn't go to the park, I didn't go to returaunts, I didn't do a sport, I went on vacations very sparingly, I didn't spend much money at all, I didn't plan outings with friends, all the fun interesting things in life I did very few and very far between. I was thinking put those things on hold and later there was a fame and fortune point I was constantly holding out for. Until one day I fell into depression that after all that time I wasn't close to that ultimate illusive goal and that all this holding out and "being the good boy" as in doing favors for other people, saying yes to them, building good will, and depriving myself of fun was going to "pay off". I was feeling like I was such a fool for believing that. All of a sudden coronavirus comes around the extended unemployment money and the stimulus checks. I used a lot of that money to just do things for fun. I bought myself a drone and started flying it around some parts of Los Angeles, I went on car trips just for fun with my best friend, and I did things I normally deprived myself of during that time. Now I have a ton of extra money in my bank account because of what happened. The job market is as open as it's ever been before. The interesting news is this that I am naturually not interested in going to the club, finding a girlfriend, and going to loud noisy places etc. I do however like helicopter rides, cruises, vacations etc. I've had this idea that wrecklessly spending money when you don't have any coming in is just wrong but, I changed my ideas on some of that. I have a network that's big and robust now and I never thought I'd find myself in this space and I'm enjoying it. So what I'm thinking is that since I've never been on a cruise before to plan one and go and do a whole bunch of fun exciting interesting stuff with my life and not wait for that one ultimate moment when the dream job will come that'll make me go viral or known to everyone. I will burn through some of this karma in my own unique way. For all I'm concerned this feeling of not deserving it and having to do some big feat before I earn it has gone away. I want to be a lone wolf free spirit that goes on adventures even if it means sacrificing some kind of safety net and not waiting for some elusive perfect moment to do it. I earned it now for all I'm concerned and I will have a good time.
  9. @ivankiss Don't worry I see what you see a lot. I learned to understand it and not let it trigger me.
  10. But, when I told it to create it into an AI poem it's usually spot on: In the realm of intellect, where minds collide, There dwell those who often confound and divide. Smart, yet stubborn, they proudly stand, With knowledge vast, yet lacking heart's command. Their wisdom gleams in scholarly domains, But fails to light the path where kindness reigns. In learning's embrace, they find their solace, But falter when empathy needs a place. Quoting facts and figures, they proudly boast, Yet seldom ponder truths that matter most. Original thoughts, they rarely possess, Preferring echoes of others' success. With heads high, they argue, facts in tow, But fail to grasp the beauty they forego. For life's tapestry is woven with care, Not just logic, but compassion's share. They gobble up knowledge, untested and blind, Unaware of the treasures they might find. Disconnected from feeling, emotions gone astray, The paradox of intelligence on display. Yet let us remember, not all are the same, Within this group, exceptions bear no blame. For intelligence, like any gift bestowed, Can flourish with warmth and compassion's ode. So let us seek balance, a harmony to find, Between brilliance of mind and heart intertwined. For in understanding, empathy's art, Smart people may transcend their stubborn part.
  11. Lol I gave ChatGPT OPs writing and it came back with a content policy violation Anyway the answer it gave was kind of boring and lack luster.
  12. The prompt I put in was this: I hope #Trump becomes irrelevant and we can all heal. I'm tired of extremes on both sides making the entire world revolve around him whether they love him or hate him. We have to get PAST him WAY PAST him! Make a rap about that The response I got: Verse 1: It's time to move on, it's time to heal The world's been spinning 'round him, it's time to reveal We're tired of the drama, tired of the hate Let's find some common ground and make it great Chorus: We gotta get past him, way past him It's time to focus on the future and not on him Let's come together and build a better world A world where love and kindness are unfurled Verse 2: The extremes on both sides, they've had their say It's time for us to find a new way A way that's based on unity and respect A way that leaves behind the chaos and neglect Chorus: We gotta get past him, way past him It's time to focus on the future and not on him Let's come together and build a better world A world where love and kindness are unfurled Bridge: We can't change the past, but we can shape the future Let's leave behind the hate and the rumors Let's focus on what we can do today To make a world that's better in every way Chorus: We gotta get past him, way past him It's time to focus on the future and not on him Let's come together and build a better world A world where love and kindness are unfurled Outro: It's time to move on, it's time to let go We can't change the past, but we can grow Let's focus on love, let's focus on hope And leave behind the chaos and the dope.
  13. Generated by ChatGPT: Trump's been indicted, that's no lie But watching him run's the real high In his skivvies, he's quite a sight A spectacle for day and night Prosecutors chase him, but they're slow He's got moves like Jagger, don't you know? Through the streets of New York he'll roam In his tighty whities, far from home The crowds are cheering, loud and clear As Trump keeps running, full of fear He's left his dignity behind But we're too busy having a good time The end is near, he's out of steam As justice catches up with his scheme But we'll always have this memory Of Trump's skivvies for eternity.
  14. Pretty cool huh
  15. BTW the poem was AI generated.