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  1. What are the steps everyone is going to take after watching Leo's Motivational video to live their best life? What I'm going to do is really immerse myself in the new tech job that I have so I can really dive deep into the work and really love the work. I'm going to create more content for my profile on Twitter Spaces to become the public speaker I always wanted to become an facilitate discussions and debates.
  2. I had these people come into my Twitter Space warning about financial and societal collapse because they fed pumped in too much money into the system. Then they started talking about how supply chain breakdowns will lead to hyperinflation and this is why the price of ammo is going up so much. Do these people have some kind of point or do they just have nothing better to do? @Leo Gura you never talk about stuff like this so I'm wondering what your opinion is.
  3. It depends maybe I interrupt someone with out realizing it, ask a too personal question, or even make a joke that doesn't quite land. Most of the times I don't know what it is.
  4. The Taliban would be the Talitubbies?
  5. I've started something like that about a month ago.
  6. I think I'm a little bit of both.
  7. I think some time around high school I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and I think it plays a big role in my life to this day. Asperger's is known as high functioning autism so I'm wondering with this diagnosis have people with autism 1. become self actualized 2. reached enlightenment and 3. fulfilled a life purpose. It seems that all the time I'm getting somewhere with a project and a group of people where it's starting to come together and things are getting good I piss someone off or someone reads something a little off about me and I have to start over from scratch and it's really starting to get to me and bother me.
  8. And plus he's not even from Thailand so his name is a lie.
  9. I've replaced it with trying to create a body of work I'll be remembered by. Yes there was a level of happiness when I played those games but, faded over time.
  10. you'll just be fingering yourself.
  11. Anyway in all honesty the problem I find with video games is this as a big gamer during my teens and twenties. After you beat the final boss or final puzzle or final (fill in the blank) you get a sense of accomplishment and then you go back to your life and nothings changed in it. Then you go back to the game and you finish it 100% collecting everything doing all the side quests, getting the collectibles, finding and beating the secret bosses etc. then... you go right back to that feeling of OK what else??? Then you pick up a new one same process. Although it is fun in some of them where they have a god mode or you totally maxed out everything and you go back to level one to experiment and play around... then you go right back to that OK NEXT sort of feeling. It's a very empty feeling after that... That empty feeling SUCKS! That's from personal experience. I myself am building a body of work on cyberspace of philosophy, science, and human psychology I want to be proud of and people can remember me for. That's part of my life purpose. It's fulfilling too.
  12. Well technically out of his mind into his fingers
  13. What do you "learn" when jerking off about strategy and how to use all your skills in a way you progress?
  14. ? What does this mean?
  15. Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer Program it's all here.