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  1. “Human beings are members of a whole In creation of one essence and soul If one member is afflicted with pain Other members uneasy will remain If you have no sympathy for human pain The name of human you cannot retain” Saadi Persian Poet
  2. @Hellspeed
  3. Are you a god of lights and cameras too?
  4. @K VIL That is moralizing but, he also says we're the devil. Also we could be a very lazy god lol.
  5. Leggo my ego
  6. If they didn't have balls would he squeeze em by the pussy? Seriously though he'd tried that shit with me I'd have kick his ass so hard he'd be pooping out his mouth.
  7. Fair enough.
  8. @Leo Gura OK I'm a bit confused. Is the calling your viewers lazy the act or the actual stuff we need to be inquiring on the act? Since I don't know if you were responding to Joseph or me. Although I like sarcasm I can't really tell if that was it at this point
  9. @Leo Gura The whole worlds a stage . Good to know because that's the entire reason fundamentalist religion disgusts me.
  10. @Nahm to each their own I guess. Still if 99.999% of people aren't even watching his videos I'm thinking there should be more of an encouraging community instead of a person just assuming his viewers are lazy, although yes there is a point that when the work isn't being done a person has every right to get frustrated. In fact I feel his pain. I also put content out there on Facebook and YouTube and I want people to actually think long and hard about it although these days you'll be lucky that people even remember anything profound that they've seen or heard a day after. I remember being so annoyed that I'd expect people to have long conversations and stay in touch to really think deeply about what I said and get active. These people being so lazy and feckless they don't even leave comments just likes...
  11. I don't know didn't seem he had that attitude back in the day. Also not everyone likes the being called a pussy stuff. Leo talks about getting in touch with your feminine side too even if you're a man. Some people like the being an jerk/asshole style and some don't I think he should play to both and not exclude a style.
  12. Recently I've noticed that in the new videos @Leo Gura is always talking about how we are too lazy and dumb to actually go out there and do the work. Granted I do get lazy sometimes although not all the time. Also he's assuming a lot of things about a whole lot of people. When he talks about how the traditional education system is basically just as totalitarian and flawed as the Islamic education systems in the Middle East he's basically preaching to the choir. At a very young age I was very skeptical about the education system and all of my thoughts when I was thinking it was flawed and wouldn't help me when I got older turned out to be correct. I know that sometimes people need a kick in the ass to wake them up yet I think if every video is just going to assume we're a bunch of lazy good for nothings that aren't going anywhere because that's just who we are I don't think that kind of attitude is headed in the right direction.
  13. @Emerald what did you teach?
  14. You got me all wrong. I'm not saying the people there are rich douche bags I'm saying the people who created the curriculum are. Open your eyes why do you think so many kids are only prepared to do factory jobs that don't exists yet and most things in school are about route memorization and not actually finding solutions to complicated problems. Have you ever seen what Albert Einstein had to say about schools. Some students even get unlucky enough to end up with teachers who hate their jobs and don't help at all and the students don't have any right to change them and do anything about it. That doesn't even prepare students for a democracy it prepares them more for a totalitarian dictatorship. Also innovative good teachers are kept in a web of bureaucratic bullshit because of the incredibly stupid system they are under. I don't mean to offend either but, so many people think that just because they are a teacher that makes them some sort of expert on how kids function and what they need. Every individual is different and kids aren't just some amorphous grey blob just waiting to be indoctrinated. Every kid has their own journey in life and different circumstances at home and yet these idiot schools have a one size fits all attitude. Throughout all your time as a teacher how many kids did you actually have a genuine connection with and actually knew what was going on deep in their psyche. Like what they wanted to learn about the world and why also what was going on in their home lives that would have a gigantic impact on how they are performing at school. If a kid is being abused physically and or emotionally at home their family is crazy or parents are going through a divorce believe me rigorous school work is going to be the last things on their minds. Now I want you to read this and tell me what you think. I'm also wondering if you actually had the time to read my blog post and think about it.