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  1. Would he be a Happyguru after that?
  2. I can definitely agree with that. Any other way and you'll burn out + be miserable.
  3. Agreed. Especially if we're not arrogant people and actually want to learn. If we're more respected we're more willing to learn from the leader, teacher, etc. if we're just spoken down to it just shows that it's not a good leader, teacher, etc. I think Leo's latest video acknowledges that though (although the way he acted on this forum kind of went against it) I think it's a work in progress.
  4. Fair enough. People can only offend you and make you angry if you give them permission too. Also one of the things you learn in life.
  5. @Leo Gura I'm saying this to you as a friend and someone who enjoys your content. @AuroraDream was never claiming to be awake I think she or he (I don't know) was saying what's wrong with being loved and enjoying life even when one is not awake your level of awakeness does not equal how much love and respect you should get as a human being. You made a wonderful video about how you want to evolve to be more kind and loving instead of arrogant and scolding so practice what you preach! I know what @AuroraDream could've triggered some kind of righteous indignation with in you and your last post looked extremely passive aggressive instead of addressing the points that the person was making. Not to mention you never addressed or added anything to what I said but, that's beside the point. Just imagine how silly you would sound if we replaced the word awake with cool. "Never be arrogant enough to think you're cool. You don't know the meaning of cool, you'll never reach my level of coolness" we'd sound like middle schoolers on a playground. I know cool and awake are not the same but, bear with me here I'm making a point. Think of all those mentally ill people you talked about during your last video some of them may never awake. Question is that is the person who doesn't awake doomed to live an unfulfilled life and when they reach the end of it end up in a profound misery? All I can say is your last video made me happy but, here on the forum you seem to play to the audience you have that enjoys it when you're a stage orange self rightoues dick. Remember it feeds on itself. You enjoy their validation when you act like a stage orange dick and they enjoy when you act like one and it's a positive feedback loop. I'm just saying this as an observer. Different strokes for different folks right. Try playing to the audience that wants you to be more humble and kind. That's my challenge to you @Leo Gura now the only question remains is will you accept that challenge. I think if you do you'd be a better person for it. Any way keep making videos of yourself evolving and realizing the things about yourself in the past that made you cringe. I've done a lot of things in my past that made me cringe as well.
  6. I don't know if this comment is sarcastic or not but, regardless I will respond. Regular Twitter or what I like to call text twitter can be very toxic just like Facebook. How ever Twitter Spaces is social audio that means whoever host the room gets the ability to choose who gets to speak, who gets to listen, and who even gets to be in the room. Depending on the host these rooms can be toxic themselves a toxic host will get you a toxic room. There's a whole nother dimention in hearing a person rather than just seeing them as a profile pic with a bunch of text next to it. I've met so many amazing people on these spaces where I have helped them and they have helped me. Social audio is evolving the social media game in a good way. When I run a space and I pick who speaks and who doesn't I always keep my rooms on topic and talk about deep profound things and it's a lot of regulars who appear in my room and really admire and respect my ability to bring up topics and moderate them the way I do. That's what a Twitter space is all about. Hope that answered your question.
  7. I think he's realizing this though (I hope)
  8. The job in my opinion of the people who are at the top or close to it is to help others reach where they are and/or even help those people surpass them with loving kindness and not with ego and judgement. In fact if teachings are steeped in ego and judgement I have trouble believing that those whose teaching style revolves around ego, arrogance, and judgement can actually be anywhere near the top at all and have deluded themselves into believing they are there or close to there. Just my 2 cents.
  9. That's your exprience I think it's different strokes for different folks. For some people that energy will help and for other's it'll drive them away and vice versa.
  10. Well he's working on it (if he's honest about his last video).
  11. Are you talking about me or @Leo Gura
  12. Nice catch I've been noticing that stuff too.
  13. Thanks appreciate your support and your comments. I'll keep you updated.