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  1. No one should have to go through this situation. What will Bernie's policies do to address Jessica's situation?
  2. How a person who is actually on welfare feels.
  3. OK that's cool. The problem is that now this incestuous corruption is protection itself from candidates like Bernie and Yang because it sees those two as a threat to its survival. Now it's up to the people.
  4. Did you check out any of these? Does Bernie have anything similar to this?
  5. So why aren't we just doing that now? Probably because of people like Mitch McConjob.
  6. @Leo Gura I'm on the same page pal. Yang is just saying that the giant corporations are slippery buggers they lube themselves and slide away from the taxes with their loopholes attorneys etc. They implemented a wealth tax in the European countries and it didn't work. I'm just wondering they should just get rid of income taxes all together and tax wealth where people just get the money sitting on their asses and contributing nothing to society.
  7. Also @Leo Gura let's do a though experiment. Let's say if in this country 80% of people's benefits from welfare was equal to or less than $500 a month with very stringent requirements they could lose at any time then you'd have another 10% of people's welfare benefits were higher than $1000 a month but, they had to jump through all sorts of hoops before getting them and once they got a job they'd lose all of it. Then the worst of the worst which are 10% people who are in need yet see $0 benefits and they are struggling to survive. Would you sacrifice the 90% getting less than $1000 just so those 10% of people can have more than that $1000 and so people who are ultra wealthy don't see the $1000 at all? If that's the case I think it's very short sighted and not holistic.
  8. I agree with you there. Something is better than nothing though. The only reason to not do that is to ease people into this. If we did something like that it's kind of like turning up the heat too fast and the frog jumps out of the water. We have to do it slowly. Everyone gets the same dividend in Alaska every year and things have improved for everyone over all. Also rich people will pay way more into the system than what they get out of it. If Jeff Bezo's rocket to mars is 10 million dollars that's 1 million into the UBI system with the VAT tax that's tailored through luxury goods. This way what the person who gets a billion a year will be paying millions into the UBI system when they buy their jets, islands, and skyscrapers etc. That seems more fair when you look at it that way no?
  9. Well she really didn't do a decent job on this
  10. The ugly side of deep orange
  11. I used to look at that stuff and get frustrated. Now I just laugh.
  12. @Leo Gura Is this is the epitome of Toxic stage Orange and @Ferdi Le this is one of Dan Lok's mentors
  13. Bernie actually likes Yang.
  14. I just thought I'd add a little levity to this