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  1. @Leo Gura I think for your next topic maybe you should talk about the same things Dr. Joe Dispenza is talking about. He seems to be onto something here. Healing yourself by the power of thought alone. Letting go of past negativity.
  2. I do it for about 10 minutes hardly feel anything but, I get the urges to yawn and stretch often.
  3. Leo himself tells you not to trust him and to do your own research. Seems pretty legit to me.
  4. I got the same exact problem I hate small talk. I found this article that I can relate to a lot.
  5. This post is for @Leo Gura and anyone else who has read the authentic happiness book. I just got it Today any major chapters that I should be seeking specific attention to?
  6. Interesting. My main goal is not to suffer things.
  7. @Leo Gura which part of the game did you work on?
  8. So I was thinking ego sucks because ego gives you expectations and when those expectations aren't met you feel some suffering. The thing is thought that even when Leo said he had an enlightenment experience (at least came close) he said that even after that there were still things that "peeved" him. That's what bothers me what's the point of getting enlightened if you can still feel the emotions of pain, suffering, and hurt. That kind of sucks. Also what's the difference between ego loss and Alzheimer disease like losing your memory. If you lost all your memory forgot your name and everything you went through in life is that also like ego loss or is that different. Without an ego too isn't a life purpose also attached to an ego or are the two mutually exclusive?
  9. To anyone like me who struggles with negative thought loops. This video seems like it's a great help and explanation of how to get out.
  10. I'm talking about autism not being a problem. The problem is societies attitudes towards autism.
  11. Can someone autistic still self actualize and become enlightened?
  12. Why aren't more people bringing this up in the public sphere?
  13. @Leo Gura I'm in Los Angeles near the Century City shopping mall. It'd be pretty cool to hang out with you.
  14. @Joseph Maynor On the other hand some regret going because precious time was wasted. Of course never just quit without a plan.