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  1. So true. In private people are seething or depressed and in public they act as if life is the best ever.
  2. yes
  3. Does @Leo Gura believe Derek Chauvin and the rest of the cops didn't do anything wrong and that Floyd was the one who was acting up. I think I remember something like that from him. Here is clear evidence though that he was suffocated
  4. Indeed. It's a collaborative effort. (Eventually it's just you though but, you are everything).
  5. Does this apply to you too @Leo Gura
  6. Everyone is fallible especially Leo lol. Seriously though he's in a learning process just like we are.
  7. Exactly this is what disgusts me so much about a culture that's all based on views, subscribers, and clout. Accountability flies out the window.
  8. I'll have to look into that.
  9. Stage Orange is always known for being insatiable when it comes to material things
  10. Ya but, we're talking about blatant sexual assault and gas lighting. It's one thing to not clean your room or forget to tip your waiter and a whole other thing to gas light people and use power imbalances against them.
  12. Is there a finish line or is it just a forever process? @Leo Gura is saying he's just 15/100 in his spiritual development in his new blog video which is interesting. He's also saying that he's going to leave a bread crumb trail to the black hole of infinite love or something like that. So in that black hole do problems, depression, and frustration still exist because they are infinity and infinity is love and vice versa and therefore things like depression and suffering can't be separate from love and infinity? It's funny when I think about this I think about video games. When I finish a video game it's always a bitter sweet moment because I feel accomplished but, at the same time I crave for what's next. Then I turn into a completionist that means I back track my steps and try to get 100% clearing in the game then when that happens I feel that bitter sweet moment again because I'm looking for the next thing/adventure. When it comes to really tough parts of the video game it can feel like bashing your head against the wall to get through a certain segment then when you get the hang of it you wonder why you were stuck before and it seemed so confusing and complicated when you look back on it. At the same token there's a really hard boss at the end of the game then you go back into the side quests and you keep leveling up and you face that same boss again and beating them is like blowing the petals off a dandelion. Then you wonder ok that's the hardest challenge I wonder if there's anything harder? Your mind keeps asking what the next challenge/adventure is. Ironically in some video games when you get to the end and do the last challenge whether it's a boss or an obstacle you get the same game over screen as the screen that comes in when you used up all your lives. All that being said they say that cancer is just uncontrolled growth. Is that the curse of having a mind and/or attitude that only looks to grow? Is there a "the end" and/or a "game over" and ironically are we already there and looking to get to the same place we already are? Now that I look back on all this seems like it's more appropriate I put this in the strange loop section. Well whatever the hell or heaven this existence is I just want to look back and laugh at it. I like laughing.
  13. Other than the dirty picture what else is it supposed to be a man flipping a pizza?
  14. *you're