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  1. My life purpose is along the lines of becoming an internationally renowned world speaker. So I made this speech about how we can empower young people to go after their dreams.
  2. It's a factor of a lot of things.
  3. Right
  4. @XYZ Yes very scarcity minded.
  5. @XYZ I agree on that. We can start with our stupid education system that doesn't teach about money at all. Have you ever wondered why our stupid system is set up in a way that doesn't even prepare us for the future. Why we grow up learning a whole bunch of irrelevant crap that doesn't do anything for us once we're outside the education system?
  6. @XYZ You're mainly looking at the stage orange level of abundance. I'm not just talking about an abundance of resources I'm talking about an abundance of fulfillment. If you look at the lifestyles of some rich and famous people they have their abundance of resources yet not the fulfillment as you look at the recent trends of celebrity deaths. The schools in my opinion if they don't concentrate on fulfillment at all and just make us mindless cogs in a heartless machine that should be paid attention to. You may have an abundance of money as a doctor or lawyer yet feel empty inside and burnt out because of the structure of the work or it's something that your parents and teachers pushed you into but, it was never something you wanted to do. So when thinking of this abundance we must think of it at the green and yellow stages as well and go to the turquoise level with it.
  7. So after watching Leo's last video I see it's important to actually do the work. I want to ask any of you if you're doing self inquiry what works for you standing, sitting, staring at your finger, closing your eyes or keeping them open.
  8. Again that's where spiritual abundance comes in. I agree with you on that and I even have a part in my manifesto where I talk about it. The West has an education system that does that. When people find their purpose and their passion then they plug themselves into it they don't feel (or at least I didn't) feel that sense of emptiness. Unfortunately our stage orange education system is shit. It keeps people in bondage and sometimes people come out with even less than what they started with. If we were given the chance to find out what our purpose is and what we truly value instead of all these tests, essays, and homework assignment on random subjects I'm sure the situation would change for the better.
  9. @BjarkeT point taken. With out the dark we wouldn't know what the light is. Feel free to look at the manifesto though. If you're up for a challenge of changing the world.
  10. @BjarkeT I think you're missing the point. The reason I made the manifesto is so we should avoid disaster. Scarcity means a scarcity of resources spiritual and physical so if you really embraced pain why don't you right now give everything you own to charity and start from scratch. It'll be a painful journey to do something like that and outside of your comfort zone. There's a difference between going outside of your comfort zone and embracing pain which I do agree with you it helps. What I'm talking about here is true suffering that leads nations on the brink of war and people on the brink of suicide. I think if we avoided this we'd be living in a better world. I don't know what your history is yet I saw when someone asked if working 24/7 is manageable and you said that you doubt it and your body needs sleep. In a world of scarcity let's say if we got rid of all labor laws and a person had to work 24/7 and sleep was considered a luxury we'd all be suffering for it for no reason. This scenario would usually happen in a scarcity world as opposed to an abundance world. If pain is your thing in an abundance world you'd have the chance to buy a ticket to go climb mount Everest that would most likely push you out of your comfort zone and grow you. In a scarcity world just to survive if you needed to be a wage slave it wouldn't exactly be painful it would just be boring and mind numbing yet if you didn't do this job you'd run out of money and your survival needs. Do you understand it's not about pain and pleasure it's about creating a sustainable system that sustains physical and spiritual growth. It's about not being a mindless cog in a heartless machine.
  11. @BjarkeT Well unnecessary pain just for its own sake is dumb. You wouldn't bash your head against the wall to grow stronger? Or smack yourself in the face. Anyway this is more about removing the scarcity and inviting the abundance. When you live in the abundance you can still have a gym membership and hire the toughest coach on the planet instead of living in a post apocalyptic world that's been nuked by an argument between sociopaths.
  12. @purerogue The problem that lies with in each of us is the problem that lies within all of us. There are two modes of thinking that I talk about in the manifesto there is heat of the moment thinking and big picture thinking. Now I want you to imagine that you are a Jew in Nazi Germany at the time of the Holocaust and you are in a concentration camp. That's not exactly the optimal setting to be working on yourself is it? You don't know where your next meal is coming from and if you're going to die with in the next hour. On the other hand you are a person with millions of dollars and you never have to worry where your next paycheck is coming from. All your physical and mental needs are met and you're not in survival mode and you have more time to contemplate and self inquiry with out having to worry about surviving. Obviously these conditions aren't created out of nowhere and they have to do with the collective consciousness. Before there was Nazi Germany there was the Wiemar Republic and that was the scarcity. That scarcity paved the path for Nazism because people had heat of the moment thinking instead of big picture thinking. What I'm saying is that we can't take conditions for granted and ignore them. You can be working on yourself all you want yet if there are Political leaders who are about to nuke each others countries you can sit there meditating or doing Yoga yet once the bombs drop the bombs will drop. I'm saying as responsible human beings we can't just pretend anymore that conditions have nothing to do with us and everything is up to us. I'm not saying that I have a perfect solution yet the more we concentrate on these problems and the solutions to them the more we can create better conditions in the world so more people can look at a bigger picture and not have to constantly worry about survival needs. Just imagine if @Leo Gura somehow had his house hit by a tornado and lost all the money in his bank account with no way of making more money, and didn't have enough to buy another compute with internet access. Do you not think that conditions have something to do with the way we can develop ourselves and go with in ourselves?
  13. @purerogue did you read the entire thing? Or are you just assuming what my thoughts are?
  14. @CreamCat What I wrote in my manifesto goes way way beyond that! Not to take away from what you're saying though. I dissect this problem at all levels not just about options and companies.
  15. @Aakash That's why I like posting here people on are a higher conscious level so that means if something didn't entertain them for the first 30 seconds they still take a look . @Jeff Zhang Yes I did write it and thank you for noticing it's elegance I try to make my work refined. @purerogue You are free to disagree and I even address that in the manifesto.