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  2. What about the people who's jobs were automated away and they don't have addiction issues. So you'll let the honest hard working people suffer just because some people have addiction issues?
  3. @RichardY I have to learn about how all of that would work because the stupid school system never explains how resources and having land even works.
  4. Stage Yellow observing a deep orange person
  5. If he really dove head first into the coins he'd most likely die
  6. @RichardY I'm not sure I follow. I'd rather have money than land because if I don't have a buyer for the resources I have what good will that do me to just have those resources. Money can be transferred into anything it's more fluid where as land and resources are more concrete.
  7. @Keyhole You're welcome. Here's some info for you to start looking at
  8. Just do some more research on it. Look at it from an objective point of view and try your best not to let ego get in the way. Good luck.
  9. How our view of reality is warped by media.
  10. @Serotoninluv You're preaching to the choir man. Where are you from?
  11. The UBI communities get will create work because if people don't have work they wont have the money to spend. The job creators stuff is bullshit that's trickle down garbage. Work is created by customers not bosses if there is no demand there is no work when people get the money there will be demand and there will be work. You're thinking about this the wrong way.
  12. The finger doesn't have the ability to point at itself
  13. @Bodigger I'm going to be honest with you. I sarcastically made fun of him and insulted him here and there too but, I deleted those comments because they seemed in bad taste and I was trying to deescalate the situation. These people are so entrenched in their "live free or die" paradigm that they go berserk when you challenge it. I'm glad that you're letting go of your ego and shedding your skin. I see the same kind of opinions that you have that are similar to the opinions these people have. On the other hand at least you're not the same person you were two years ago and if people are really growing no one should be the same person they were two years ago. So are you saying not to forget as in remember that what you did wasn't good and use that as a reference? I also got this guy to take a minute and to self reflect in a private chat.
  14. This is progress you're open to discussing it... In my previous post where I talked about Anarchy being a clusterfuck look at the ego backlash on this guy when the entire community didn't like the idea of it and I didn't even want to talk to him anymore. Then he apologized for going off the rails.