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What I Learned From Taking Cold Showers Daily For 2 Years [practical Results]

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Hello, all!

“I train myself to do the hard thing first thing in the day.”

Tony Robbins


I started taking cold showers in 2015. I was living for the first time by myself in a foreign country. I had just started college. It was so much pressure that I was pretty depressed. I mean, EXTREMELY depressed. It was so crazy. I could not move my ass. I was very paralyzed.

Anyway, I started to read about NoFap. The insights people have in this movement are very juicy. One of the practices that they use to prevent relapses  is taking a cold shower right before you are about to do jerk off (which is an addiction to them).

The first few times were very difficult. 


The Technique

Here is my technique: I put on 100% cold and I jump into the shower. I MOVE and SHAKE my body A LOT so that all the stagnated energy is released.

Do not put off the hardest part, face it HEAD ON! What am I talking about? Your back. This is the hardest part. If you're able to face it right off the bat, the rest is relatively easy.

Yes, it is uncomfortable, but after several cold showers, you begin to appreciate that discomfort, which really is a purification.

There is no need to be mindful while taking the cold shower. You just move your body as much as you can. And BAM! It becomes 10x easier.

The trick is: do not think. The practice here is of not-thinking. Or, as Ralph Smart says, stepping into radical action.



1- “Oh… but what if it’s winter, dude! Are you fucking crazy? I’m gonna get sick!!”

That’s bullshit. Cold showers actually help you generate heat in your body. It forces your body to produce that inner heat.

On the other hand, hot showers lower the temperature of your body. I am going to tell you a secret to never feel like you’re boiling in the summer: take a hot shower. Yes, you got it right. You’re doing the complete opposite of what yields the best results.


Hot shower = Makes your body cold

Cold shower = Makes your body hot

(it is not immediately, ok? You will likely shiver after the shower, but it is a sign that the body is generating that beautiful heat).


2- “Oh… I am not gonna take as a thorough shower.”

Another benefit to cold shower is that you save up water. When you take that cozy hot shower, you simply do not want to leave it. That right there is a perfect example of instant gratification. On the other hand, cold showers speed up the process.

Attention: Breathing deeply helps a lot to soften the discomfort. Exaggerate on the breath, and you’ll be fine.


3- Oh… it will be horrible, so I am just gonna start with my feet then move to the other parts of my body…”

BIG MISTAKE! This will only make you suffer. Immerse your body into that cold water. 


4- Wow! I can really feel the benefits. Let me commit to other practices such as NoFap, mediatation, exercising, socializing, more work etc etc 

Another trap. Yes, you will feel much better and you might feel this urge to commit to more practices, but really this will not work. You do not need that. Just be fucking patient. Keep doing it everyday, and the rest will change by itself. Do not be a over-controlling boss. Your subconscious will do the rest of the work for you. 

Be a big picture thinker


There are countless examples of emotional bullshit that your mind loves to create. Remember: there is always an excuse. And I am guaranteeing you: this practice alone pulled me out of depression. 


Practical Results

So you want to hear about the results, don’t you (you self-development junkie…)? :P


> Light a Fire Under my Butt.

Cold showers get you moving. Cold showers make you do things that requires courage. Cold showers are the embodiment of delayed gratification (which is the key for success). 

If you're feeling stuck, cold showers is the solution. Why? Because it builds internal heat and make you run. :P


> Build Momentum

You do not have to anything after you take the cold shower. Your body (also known as subconscious mind) will the heavy work for you. Seriously, next thing you know you’re meditating, having more sex, and doing things that are totally out of your comfort zone -- all of which makes life feel rewarding once again.

And you will not have to work really hard to get those things. They will come to you.

In fact, the freer you allow yourself to be (instead of putting more weight on your shoulders with tons of different practices), the more creative, authentic, and happier you will be. 

Do not commit yourself to many practices. Have you seen the video "40 signs that you are neurotic"? RememberI commit myself to gradual self-improvement. 


> Kick Out Depression

In 2016, I was going through a massive ego backlash. My body was aching all the time; I was getting very overweight; and I was very low on energy. Weak spirit, you might say.

In essence, I didn’t want to live. But… every time I summoned the courage to just do it. BAM! Something nice would happen later in that day. I would naturally be pulled towards higher consciousness. You simply become a fresh new person again. It is that simple…



> Open Up Your Chakras

Do you feel tired all the time? Well, this is NOT natural. You should be feeling like you have unlimited energy. And cold showers help you open your energy centers (i.e., chakras) so the energy can circulate and flow freely like a river. 


> More Sex-Drive

Instead of fapping all day, you will begin to actually have the genuine desire to touch real human beings. 


> Less Emotional BS 

I guesstimate cold showers alone removed 80% of my emotional BS. 


> More Confidence in Relationships (Dating, Family, and Friends)

I was extremely paralyzed in terms of relationship. But now I know that it is just a matter of getting a little bit uncomfortable, and bam! You're heading for success in this area.

Sometimes you need to tell something to your mom, but you have never summoned the courage to do so. Cold showers can help you with that.


> Ego Death

Cold showers are a shock therapy. It is like a thunder that for a moment kills your ego. Have you noticed that you become for an instant 100% aware when you hear a big fucking thunder?

Every cold shower = small death of the ego.

You know that voice that says, "I do not want to do that. It will be horrible!!!" This is a part of you that has to die and that knows it is about to die.

A lot of what we call "emotional, spiritual, or mental problems are actually physical. The mind and the body act full force to maintain homeostasis. They co-opt. Why? Because the old pattern (which is a system) wants to survive.

If you want to know more about this topic, check out the video: "How to Stop Backsliding."

The excuses your mind comes up with are like a cancer that does not want to leave the body. Yes, it is that crazy. 

And remember: water dripping day by day wears the hardest stone away. 


> Resistant Towards Discomfort.

You will become a savage. Haha.

In chaotic situations, people will be scared out of their mind, but you will be able to put up with that stress and actually take action.


> You Will Become the Most Energized of Your Circle of Friends

Examples: You will naturally want to wash the dishes, help others, and be enthusiastic with children (which is the greatest gift you can give to a child).

In essence, you will do things that nobody wants to do. People will say, "Oh... you're so kind and considerate." But deep down you know that you yourself are the one that benefits from doing the uncomfortable.

Why will you be able to do awesome shit? Because you trained yourself daily in small doses to be more tolerant. 


> Ban Physical Pain

Instead of feeling tired and aching all the time, cold showers get you out of that state. It purges that pain out of your body.


> Strong Mind (Useful for Psychonauts) 

Westerners have in general a very rotten mind. This is why people freak out on psychedelics.

Psychedelics can produce crazy-ass shit (visuals, body sensations, emotions). But actually all this shit is the FERTILIZER! When you have that in mind, your trips will become so much smoother.

If you go to trip in shamanic ceremonies, people around you might be suffering their ass-off, and you will be in heaven. Haha. Because you know how true pleasure is generated.

With every inhale you welcome heaven. With every exhale you say Goodbye to hell. 

(Again: Hell is actually a fertilizer.)


Commit to the Practice! 

There is obviously more benefits (IT'S INFINITE!!! :P), but I will stop here.

Are you able to take a cold shower now??? If you're feeling shitty, I guarantee that it will make you feel better. All you need is that 3 seconds of courage, and BAM! You get acclimated into higher consciousness once again. 

People around you will call you crazy. Why? Because they are in homeostasis. They think you're torturing yourself. But it is a good type of torture. =P 



If you are interested in this practice, then I recommend a 21-day-challenge. You take a cold shower first thing in the day no excuses. 

If, on the other hand, you feel extra aversed to cold showers, then I recommend a 30-day-challenge. (Haha. Kidding.)

But really do whatever the fuck you want. I am just telling you that it did wonders for me.

Btw - I myself always take 100% cold no matter what. It is just a matter of mindset. But you might build your way up. However, it is actually easier if you just do it "cold turkey". 


Just bear that discomfort and stop bitching about it :P


Even though cold showers have instantaneous benefits, the REAL benefits come in the long term.  The challenges are so you rip some of the initial benefits.

to have a glimpse of how powerful this practice is.


Here’s me after a cold shower in the winter:


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Man, this got me inspired! Actually took a cold ass shower the moment I read your post. And man, what a terrible experience.. took me 5 minutes to get out, lol. My whole body starter shaking. Tried all the superpower - mindfull - breathing excersises.

But somehow it felt great challenging the ego. I will be doing this more in the future for sure, many thanks!

The art is to look without looking 

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I've done it.  I'm going to start doing it again.

Here's how I do it.  Turn the heat up to pretty hot, then turn the water down all the way to cold.  And stay under the water for 20 seconds.  I would spin around under the shower-head so that water went all over my body, face, head, arms, back, etc.  

It was a good practice.  Then I would go work-out after that.  That was a good little routine I had.

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@Vitamine Water Hahaha! Great! The first time is always the hardest. Today, after 2 years, I feel pretty experienced. Some days are easier than others, but I always know deep down that I feel amazing afterwards. Sometimes I even take "half-ass" showers just to motivate myself to actually do it. Hehe, but then I always end up taking the full shower when I am actually IN it. 

@Afonso Hahaha! YES! It is a lifestyle. Not what most people crave for, but what gives true pleasure

@Joseph Maynor Awesome! Keep on keeping on! Cold showers are especially good to motivate yourself in days that you simply do not want to do shit. It lights that fire under your ass and get you moving! 

@Maine Hahaha! Thank you! That's very sweet! Just by you saying I feel it. Hehe, thanks for being awesome ;) 

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@Gabriel Antonio

I'm on the cold shower band wagon as well. Everyday it's a chance to face those old conditioned patterns and do what is right anyway. You're taking back your power.

I'm curious what was your experience that led you to believe that committing to other practices was a trap. Was it simply too much all at once?




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@Captain Flint i sometimes do that. i start with a hot shower then i switch to cold, James Bond sort of thing. But generally I just take cold showers and that's it. what I have found that helps is just the initial shock that the cold shower produces. so in a way, you can experiment taking a warm shower afterwards. the real important thing is those 3 seconds that you just do it. 

13 hours ago, aurum said:

I'm curious what was your experience that led you to believe that committing to other practices was a trap. Was it simply too much all at once?

Yes. This is a huge trap. I get all excited and next thing I know I have 20 different habits hahaha. It is just a matter of being patient and consistent. I love Leo's video about Proper Expectations. You ain't gonna turn into Tony Robbins in two days, that's my point. The change is very very slow. But it fucking works. You can even have a huge progress in a short time, but... easy come, easy go. You simply won't be able to sustain that. 

That's why committing to implementing only one habit at a time is key for success. 

@MsNobody I started in California. But now I take them in Brazil, obviously. I always take in the morning because really it is no comfort zone challenge taking a cold shower when it is 100 degrees hahaha. In those cases, I take hot showers. 

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I have a lot of pains and tensions in the body and for me a warm shower is one of the best ways to relax and release those. 
I spend like 40 minutes or so in the shower. I treat it like a full body massage.
So I don't know if this is for me. 
Talk me out of it though. I'm open to the idea. ^_^ 

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Now that's what I call a lot of personal wisdom in one post :) Also, you seem to have the same background education on "everything", so to say, just like me. Haven't met such a person.

I have 1 question though as I didn't understand: Do you take cold showers throughout the whole year or only in the winter? 

2 years ago, during the summer, I did cold showers after workouts and I didn't feel the cold that much. When winter came that year, I swear I could walk with a shirt on if I wanted. 

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@Gabriel Antonio Shame on me, I was gonna make up excuses cause I'm in California haha day 2 and I'm alive! The feeling after the shower today it was the same feeling I get after exercising, maybe because I was dancing and jumping to keep my body warm during the shower, really interesting it's new energy and sensations

thanks for sharing Gabriel, in the 21st day I'll hit you up to talk more about it, for now I don't have experience enough to discuss. 


"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare


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@MsNobody Hahahaha! I was in San Francisco when I first started. Then, I got really good in Santa Rosa (1 hour North of SF). I thought I was gonna die hahahaha. But turned out only the true part survived. It is CRAZY! Hahaha! Combining cold showers with psychedelics is AMAZING!!! 

You are GOD ;D 

@DoubleYou try it out! it is a shock therapy! the power of electicity!

@cosmicrayshere is the thing: i take hot showers in the summer. i forgot to mention that hahaha. it is like you do the opposite of what feels comfortable. :P it is what leo refer as the most emotional difficult thing as a lifestyle for "acing life."


"Don't give up. You are not the only one." 
Peter Gabriel 

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@Gabriel Antonio haha, yes, I'm always going against my intuiton :( I can't sense or choose to ignore it unconsciously. 

But yea you're right. I typed my comment after taking a hot shower and I was feeling fantastic. Today I took a cold shower and needless to say it's not as good as yesterday :D 

Thank you! 

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Love it@Gabriel Antonio !  The TED talk and this forum got me really into the cold showers for quite a while...the main benefit for me was building tolerance of discomfort/ courage...but there are so many other amazing qualities, as you mentioned...anyway....when i did some backsliding a little while ago, my hydrotherapy also went out the window....then few weeks ago, I was on a boat telling a friend the awesome benefits of it, and how I would like to begin to do it myself again....guess what happened when I got home from that trip? My hot water tank was completely broken!!! It manifested...or was a fucking crazy coincidence...anyway...I warm up water on the stove for my daughter's baths....she's only 4...and get all the cold showers my heart desires...and with no option for hot water...there is no struggle or resistance! it's great! ....of course, I still prefer waterfalls....

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@Gabriel Antonio So I tried it twice now. And especially in the morning after I wake up I'm having a hard time with it. Which is a good thing. It's fun to face these agitations head on. It's like you force yourself through this wall that otherwise would have been there all day long.

My only problem is that after taking a cold shower my whole body starts to itch like crazy! Is this normal when you start out? I never have this with a regular shower. Hope that goes away, cause it's rather annoying.

Will try it daily for one month and then I'll decide if I go on with this. For now, so far so good! 

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@Gabriel Antonio Ohh cold showers are so awesome, I can't believe Leo didn't make a video of it yet. It is so extremely powerful yet simple and extremely practical once you get over the initial barrier.

I've been doing them for 4 years now. Had a few breaks from it in the first few years but now it's just natural. Cold showers are just natural to me. It's the best way to start the day. The benefits are indeed infinite.

Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.

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@cosmicrays of course, it doesn't feel fantastic. tell me: does a salad taste like a hamburger? 

@Epiphany_Inspired hehehe, the Universe knows what it is doing 

@DoubleYou i am not a doctor. 

@krazzer yes, after a while, it becomes the natural, as you said it. but, sure, it is perfectly fine to take hot showers. it is just that... cold showers feel better when you acquire the taste. 

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I just want to say thanks because you put me back on track. I was taking it every day for 3 months, started at first for a month as a challenge then continued as I saw benefits but then I just convinced myself to go back to comfort. This post actually reminded me why I started in the first place and motivated me! Cheers mate! :D

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